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  1. sore nose
  2. having middle meatus antrostomies ethmoidectomy on tuesday, bit worried advice please
  3. Chronic Fluid Build-up in Ear
  4. swallowing
  5. Does vibration itself damage the ear drum / ear?
  6. swallowing
  7. Dry feeling at the back of my tongue/throat?
  8. blood in mucous everyday
  9. Bleeding from nostril
  10. Please help!
  11. Meniere's/Trying to Conceive
  12. psudomonus
  13. pain day 10 post op tonsillectomy
  14. Golf ball sized lump in neck-- NEED HELP!
  15. Lymph infection, penicillin and mouth numbness
  16. mucus keeps forming in my nose?
  17. Allergy medicine after septoplasty?
  18. I get a lot of mucus or phlegm in my throat from laughing...
  19. Chronic ear cartlidge Infection
  20. what is it when at night your throat hurts when you swallow and you need to cough and
  21. Is this strep or just a sore throat?
  22. Someone please HELP me???
  23. Tinnitus
  24. Itchy Throat
  25. coblation tonsillectomy
  26. rash with tonsilitus
  27. Problem with ears
  28. habitual Sinex user
  29. throat that hurts even more when I yawn
  30. how to unblock the eustachian tube
  31. Tonsils out, but odd symptoms
  32. right side of my throat and ears hurt when I swallow or yawn
  33. Troubling Nasal Issue
  34. irritated
  35. Ear Leaking
  36. What's wrong with my ears?!
  37. Thyroid
  38. discomfort in throat
  39. feeling of choking
  40. blocked ear..HELP PLEASE
  41. Loud Music
  42. Green mucus - always infection needing antibiotics?
  43. sore adams apple
  44. sore throat, red dots
  45. sore throat (red dots)
  46. eyes + dizziness
  47. Ear Pain, Hurts to swallow, Headaches
  48. Husband just had his tonsils out - swollen uvula?
  49. blister?
  50. vocal cord paralysis
  51. Worriedddddd
  52. fullness and pressure in ear
  53. why do you get polyps on tongue?
  54. Dizziness
  55. Accidental Post
  56. thank god people with the same kinds of problems!!!plz help
  57. Pain in throat and neck
  58. Anybody in post op Recovery Tonsillectomy
  59. Kid put chip crumb in my ear while taking nap, should I worry?
  60. do's and don'ts post tonsillectomy
  61. Tonsillectomy/Septum repair
  62. tonsil stones
  63. Chronic Cough
  64. sore throat-Please Help
  65. how to treat phlegm on esophagus
  66. uncomfortable feeling in throat
  67. My ears hurt so bad with this headcold
  68. how to get rid of mucus behind ear
  69. Nose like dripping tap
  70. CONSTANT DIZZINESS - 3 years
  71. Constant Phlegm & cough 4ever!
  72. toulula
  73. Clogged ear ?
  74. Ear keeps clogging but Dr. sees no fluid?
  75. ear drainage at home
  76. Ear, then throat, now in chest. Worried.
  77. what to do about ear pain after tonsillectomy
  78. Cancer /
  79. Humidity question
  80. blocked tube/otosclerosis
  81. what to do with pressure on the ear caused by allergies
  82. Tonsiladenoidectomy today~Anyone Else??
  83. Tonsillectomy: Dr. says liquids ONLY for 10 days
  84. Constant Mucus in throat
  85. does having swollen tonsils always hurt
  86. Deviated septum, post op 12yrs...
  87. Can phlegm be swallowed?
  88. On going issue
  89. losing the depth of my voice
  90. Oral and nasal decongestants?
  91. Regrowth of tonsils and adenoids in preschooler
  92. Tinnitus after ear infections?
  93. Acid Blockers & oral thrush?
  94. Tonsillectomy question
  95. Constant blocked nose
  96. Tickling in my right ear?????
  97. what to do about a clogged ear
  98. pain and noise in the ear
  99. Clicking noise when I breathe?
  100. lump on the right side of throat be
  101. Surgery for Superior Semi Circular Canal Dehiscence
  102. Nerve problem?
  103. Tonsil Stones
  104. i have a stiff neck hurts when i swollow
  105. bad taste in mouth after tonsillectomy
  106. how to treat thick phlegm in the throat
  107. Second set of tubes for 2 1/2 year old
  108. how to get a piece of apple that is stuck in throat to go down
  109. headpressure
  110. tonsillectomy.
  111. Will re-piercing an ear lobe make scar go away?
  112. ear canal pain
  113. what will do if viral throat not go away?
  114. lock jaw after tonsillectomy
  115. Husbands Assymectrical Tonsil, newbie post
  116. Thermal Welding Tonsillectomy--Experience or Info?
  117. does one lose their taste buds after tonsillectomy?
  118. Did i puncture my eardrum or push wax farther in?
  119. Day 9 after tonsilectomy
  120. Odd Noise in Left Ear
  121. pressure
  122. punctured ear drum
  123. Ear still stuffy post-irrigation?
  124. Strange small lump on the side of my throat
  125. Mom & son w/low platelet count scheduled to have tonsillectomies
  126. psudomonus
  127. pill lodged in throat
  128. is it ok for your ear to bleed when you have ear infection
  129. Ear
  130. Pain around larynx
  131. Ear tone
  132. i have bloody flem only when i wake up
  133. Tympanoplasty - Anyone else? What should I expect?
  134. Tonsillectomy 29/1/2009
  135. Labyrinthis or something else?
  136. My throat doesnt hurt and i dont have a fever but my tonsils look swollen?
  137. Brandt-Daroff Maneuvers
  138. Looking for any help, Thanks!
  139. What causes recurrent ear infections in adults?
  140. gfs tonsillectomy and bleeding day 6
  141. what is wrong with me ?
  142. Nasal Irrigation worth a shot before taking antibiobics?
  143. swollen clear bump/blister in throat
  144. sore throat, yellow mucus, headache
  145. sore throat??
  146. 3 weeks after tonsillectomy and food still tastes awful
  147. help
  148. adnoids
  149. Noise near my ear
  150. How much time off for a Tonsillectomy?
  151. Chronic sore throat
  152. nose closed problem
  153. throat pain
  154. Dizzy Spells
  155. tonsil stone
  156. Ear tubes taken out...hard time hearing
  157. mucus in throat
  158. sound inside of my ears
  159. Lump below ear during ear infection
  160. asymmetrical tonsil swelling/ unilateral ear pain
  161. Throat
  162. Tonsillectomy tomorrow - anyone else this week? Cont
  163. Ear and Throat problems
  164. Throat clearing starting to become very bothersome
  165. i feel like there is something hung in my throat what could it be
  166. Fluid and pressure in ear
  167. The Never Ending Ear Problems
  168. Tonsil Stones, oh goody
  169. Bending over and looking down cause certain death from the larynx
  170. tinitus suffering
  171. clean out ears
  172. brown saliva and mucus in the morning
  173. tonsillectomy
  174. Please help. What is this pain from?
  175. ear echo
  176. Something bothering me in my throat
  177. Pulsating in left ear
  178. what if food is getting stuck in my esophagus
  179. Ruptured Eardrum
  180. Dizzies
  181. everything turns upside down
  182. Polyp near vocal cord?
  183. Tintinitus
  184. popcorn on the back of my throat
  185. Severe ear pain, enlarged lymph nodes, neck pain, sometimes headaches
  186. Throat and Bone
  187. what is blood stained in dried mucus
  188. after tonsillectomy
  189. swollen epiglottis
  190. I saw ENT last week, advice please.
  191. Please help me out I Just Need Suggestions
  192. does thyroid problems have anything to do with nose stuffiness
  193. Stuffiness in ear
  194. Why is a sore throat worse at night/morning?
  195. why does the right side of my neck hurt in the front
  196. Is this tonsillitis?
  197. what does 3+ tonsil size mean?
  198. Halitosis
  199. How long to avoid crowds after having an adult tonsillectomy
  200. tinnitus
  201. ear pressure when exercising
  202. Bacterial Infection in the Throat
  203. how to treat a swollen tongue after a tonsillectomy
  204. Chest and Throat Cramps
  205. Hearing loss after cold - can you help me?
  206. swollen neck and large tonsils - why?
  207. stuck in throat feeling
  208. tonsilloths
  209. Throat Question (Problem)
  210. Ear Crackling/Clicking Noise when I move my jaw
  211. Ear & Throat Problems
  212. Swollen Throat for 4 weeks
  213. What meds for tonsillectomy?
  214. I've dealt with it for years.
  215. toddlers voice following tonsils, adenoid, ear tube removal surgery
  216. chronic coughing and phlegm/mucus
  217. why is there blood in my mucous
  218. Looking for Vocal Cord Specialist NYC or NJ?
  219. 22/ May have Oral Thrush, and Lukoplakia!!
  220. tonsillectomy... I don't understand
  221. When will the smell go away after my tonsillectomy?
  222. how to get rid of tonsil stones
  223. high pitched sounds in ear
  224. Internal basel cell
  225. can anybody tell me what i have?????
  226. Prilosec vs aciphex
  227. vocal cord doctors in ny
  228. chronic throat problems
  229. Post Tonsillectomy: coughing, hiccups, severe ear pain!! HELP!
  230. Possible Nasal Polyps, perhaps anyone can tell me if it is?
  231. Reoccuring sore throat
  232. Bump on my nose as a result of an operation to correct my deviated septum
  233. Please help me
  234. hoarse voice
  235. Continual virus spreading
  236. i have polyps need some information and advice please
  237. lot of saliva and a very dry throat
  238. what could cause you to have only one side of your throat hurt when you swallow
  239. Tonsillectomy Wednesday. (1/14/09)
  240. Itchy ear problem
  241. I feel like something is dripping in my thoart
  242. Tonsillectomy Help?
  243. Help! My eyes ALWAYS feel sore like I haven't slept.!
  244. loud noises
  245. I had my tonsillectomy this morning.
  246. How to clean plugged ears
  247. what is tympanomastoidectomy
  248. Flaky skin in ear (crumbs)?
  249. larynx pain
  250. ear problems