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  1. Tonsillectomy in Teenagers (What to Expect)
  2. CT scan what does it mean?
  3. Choking sensation/throat tightness - normal thyroid
  4. Plugged eustachian tube? Help!
  5. tonsils and glands
  6. Excruciating pain behind right ear
  7. "Popping" and pressure shifting in sinuses and extremely painful headaches
  8. Problem with my tongue
  9. Dry, itchy ears with noise problems
  10. Tonsilitis for 5/6 weeks.
  11. Perforated Eardrum ... Can I fly?
  12. Fatigue, ear ringing, stomach discomfort, swollen lymph nodes with twitching.
  13. Pain when Swallowing
  14. esophagus spasms
  15. Throat issues after contrast CT scan
  16. Tonsil bumps
  17. nose dry , hurting when I breath in . Heavy head
  18. Can any one help
  19. Tonsillectomy 7 day recovery
  20. Severe Vocal Cord Dysfunction
  21. Adenoidectomy
  22. Chronic Tonsilitis
  23. White plaques back of throat with picture
  24. Clear fluid from one nose w/headache
  25. Are Earplugs Dangerous for Ears if Disturbed Inside Ear?
  26. Painful throat and white spots/puss
  27. Ear Pulsing terrible
  28. Failed Turbinate reduction - What to do next?
  29. Throat/Neck pain/pressure - please help!
  30. Little elastic lump/ball only on left side of neck
  31. Bridge of nose sinusitis
  32. Recurring strep throat 5th time - rheumatic fever??
  33. Swallowing problem solved
  34. Clicking noise from my nose when I talk
  35. Question
  36. Esophageal spasms ... What are your symptoms like?
  37. Snorting through my nose
  38. Has anyone successfully relieved their post nasal drip?
  39. Day 41 Stapedectomy not working
  40. Sinus CT Scan
  41. Muffled Ear and ringing ...
  42. Terrible throat burning, sensitive esophagus?
  43. Swollen tonsils won't go away? Do you have similar experience?
  44. Microdebrider turbinoplasty in Europe
  45. Could it be my sphenoid sinuses?
  46. Throat burning, please help
  47. Adult Tonsillectomy
  48. Weird question
  49. Interested in submandibular salivary gland issues
  50. Tonsiltomny and halitosis
  51. Room appeared tilted
  52. Post tonsillectomy issues
  53. Need help, something in my throat
  54. After Tonsillectomy
  55. Intracapsular tonsillectomy/laser tonsillectomy/tonsillotomy
  56. Lump behind ear.
  57. Endoscopic nasal & Sinus surgery/Septoplasty
  58. Doctor said I got deviated septum give me flonase and allegra
  59. Adult Adenoidectomy
  60. Throat pain right side since November
  61. Watery ear for about 3 weeks now sign of blood?
  62. Fizzing and burning feeling in the back of my throat
  63. larynx popping in and out of place
  64. What kind of things are good to eat to help a sore throat get better?
  65. Getting tonsils removed in the next few months
  66. I am worried if its oral cancer please help
  67. Constant swelling and deswelling of parotid gland and submandibular gland
  68. has your tonsillectomy cured your bad breath?
  69. Ambien (Zolpidem) & ENT Problems
  70. Bend nose from right inside and tonsils from right
  71. mycatisthegreat
  72. Loud Clicking in Ear
  73. Afraid of cancer
  74. fear of choking/swallowing
  75. Cervical bone spur pressing against oesophagus
  76. Tonsillectomy Recovery
  77. Chronic Sore Throat (windpipe) When Dry
  78. Tonsils. Question.
  79. Tonsils. White fluid, no infection.
  80. Tonsillectomy cure for hallitosis?
  81. Hypernasal after T&A
  82. Sweet taste in mouth
  83. How to make a dry throat go away if even drinking anything doesn't work?
  84. Oral/tonsil cancer ?
  85. Waking up with dried blood in nose
  86. Can't get in to doctor, after ER visit for mastoiditis.
  87. Tonsilectomy recovery at 26 (positive)
  88. allergies or ENT issues?
  89. swollen & painful enlarged lymph node for 5 months
  90. new onset of tinnitus after stapedecotmy
  91. not quite recovered tonsils with pus on them despite antibiotics
  92. How to deal with sore throat pain that won't go away
  93. blood on tongue in the morning?????
  94. Post Lingual Tonsillectomy and still feel terrible!
  95. Periodic thick green mucus throat - ENT or gastro problem?
  96. Sudden hearing loss: Still getting worse at week 5!
  97. My ears are ruining my life
  98. Sinus and Skin problems
  99. clearing throat and hoarseness
  100. Tonsillectomy Tips
  101. Graft tympanoplasty
  102. Throat, glands and nose problems
  103. Hearing loss after ear infection
  104. Lymph nodes
  105. Oxygen level 93
  106. Increased Pressure After PE Tube Insertion
  107. Lump on the roof of my mouth?
  108. Problems for 2 years, not happy with NHS investigations
  109. Constant vertigo/dizziness for 5 years please help
  110. Submandibular gland removal
  111. Very fatigued 9 days after septoplasty.
  112. How can my tongue still be this bad after a tonsillectomy
  113. What is this red stained smelly discharge with white dead skin chunks
  114. Popping/Clicking when trying to sleep.
  115. Scared!! 7 year old getting lymph node biopsy.
  116. CTScan, Ployp
  117. Ct Scan Results What Do They Mean ?
  118. LSN (Chronic Cough)
  119. The VA is jerking me around
  120. burst cyst
  121. question for all suffering from ETD or other ear problems
  122. Tongue rubbing teeth excessively
  123. Sticky Sound in One of my Ears
  124. Would a deviated septum cause obstructive sleep apnea in a mouth breather?
  125. Acid reflux
  126. tonsillectomy
  127. Do I have Chronic Sinusitis? CT Scan Confusing.
  128. Sore Throat With Fever for the Past Four Days, Not Strep
  129. Could I have something else wrong with me?
  130. Throat Problem for over a month, HELP!
  131. Advice Needed: PE tube removed after 3 years, hearing loss
  132. Cannot swallow tablets
  133. Broke my nose in a fight (nose is crooked)
  134. Peritonsillar Abscess
  135. pain in upper right nasal just below corner of my right eye
  136. Small hard bumps on left side of face
  137. Bumps on pharynx wall
  138. Swallowing trouble: physical or OCD-related?
  139. My ears crackle after/during a strength workout ... why?
  140. Tonsil Issue - Post Nasal Drip?
  141. My tonsils?
  142. Neck pain from ear infection 4 weeks ago
  143. 6 weeks post Rhino/Septo/Turbinate
  144. need advice before surgery
  145. Sinus septal surgery tonsillectomy
  146. Anxiety, MS, Meineres?? HELP!!!!
  147. Eagle syndrome anyone!??!?!
  148. Day ~8 of sore throat (tonsilitis)
  149. Possible Ruptured Eardrum???????
  150. Treating Possible Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  151. Excrescence above tonsil
  152. Positive Tonsillectomy Story
  153. concern for my throat
  154. Ruptured Eardrum?
  155. Tinnitus is getting louder
  156. To jenni9033
  157. Weird looking tonsil
  158. Trying to figure out what is wrong
  159. Peritonsillar abscess
  160. Burning Mouth Syndrome
  161. externa otitis
  162. Pain in right side of neck
  163. Mucus in the back of my throat JUST when I sleep
  164. Can barely hear out of my left ear, is it "clogged"?
  165. Ear, throat, neck discomfort ... diagnosis?
  166. I have a leak that I can feel coming down the eustachian tube
  167. My Story - From ENT's to CT's
  168. Reoccurring Strep: Beta-hemolytic Streptococcus Not Group A, C or G
  169. swollen submandibular salivary gland and lymph node
  170. Wind Tunnel.
  171. going through hell
  172. A hole in my left eardrum ... what do i do now? ?
  173. A little Help...
  174. Buzzing/Drilling/static sounds in Ear After Tympanoplasty with OCR
  175. Ear pain when drinking alcohol
  176. Numbness in tongue
  177. Struggling post op
  178. New type of tinnitus. Really low pitched rumbling.
  179. My ear
  180. ENT post op
  181. Feel like I have a lump in my throat
  182. Opera Singer/Tonsillectomy
  183. Swollen post auticular gland - please help me
  184. Phlegm, Sinuses, Acid Reflux all related?
  185. Submandibular Salivary Gland
  186. Please help ...
  187. Help please, out of ideas...
  188. So, day 8 post op sucked..
  189. constantly bringing up phlem
  190. Tonsils scabs
  191. When will this be over
  192. Spasms in esophagus
  193. Tonsil removal - what to expect
  194. Can tonsillectomy scabs come off without pain?
  195. Has anyone heard of First Bite Syndrome
  196. Tonsillectomy
  197. Tonsillectomy Journal day 1 from someone who has truly terrified
  198. LARYNX getting stuck
  199. Tonsil stones, not sure what to do!
  200. Likelihood of Quinsey vs. Tonsillitis
  201. Turbinate hypertrophy, TMJ, impacted teeth and pos-nasal drip?
  202. Phlegm/mucus in my throat
  203. ear ache and sour throat
  204. a constant lump of mucous in my throat
  205. Balloon dilation surgery of eustachian tube blockage
  206. post-stapedectomy 1 year 5 mo
  207. Exercise after nasal cauterization
  208. Hello from tonsil stone sufferer
  209. Ear issue or TMD/TMJ?
  210. Sore Mouth
  211. Water drips from nose 2-3 times a day whenever i bent
  212. Should I be worried!
  213. Tonsillectomy with septoplasty turbinate reduction and rhinoplasty HELP.
  214. Anosmia, for someone who loves to cook...
  215. Ears always get water stuck or feel like water constantly stuck in ears...
  216. Please help! Throat and ear pain
  217. Nose congestion since moving into new house!
  218. Tonsillectomy
  219. hypochondriases, Gad Swollen gland
  220. Tonsillectomy at 17!
  221. Tonsillectomy Recovery process at 19
  222. deaf in one ear for years
  223. Can't go swimming
  224. Sinus problems & watery drip??? Please help!
  225. Wacked in the face
  226. Ear Problem
  227. helpppp nose bleeds
  228. 2 weeks post Stapedectomy, ENT
  229. Can I go out on day ten post-op?
  230. Beep in my right ear
  231. Mr Bill
  232. Mild Sore Throat -> Big Ear Pressure Problems
  233. i have a terrible pain in my neck and constant taste of salty liquid in my throat
  234. Constant cough, swollen lymph nodes and tonsil?
  235. question on pressure under eyes
  236. Shouldn't an ENT work w/sterile instruments?
  237. Nostril always full, sometimes left, sometimes right
  238. Help please!!!!!
  239. Chronic (8 Years) Nasal Congestion
  240. flesh colored bump thats translucent
  241. Sinus Issue Need help
  242. Need your help - Sinus Blockage
  243. Painful and Sore Tongue
  244. vocal cord dysfunction
  245. Phlegm in the throat
  246. Ears
  247. Nasal Somnoplasty
  248. Soft red lump on back of throat (Pharynx)
  249. How painful is flexible laryngoscopy?
  250. Odd heaviness in my throat for past 3 years