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  1. Help!
  2. Help! Boyfriend hallucinating on lortab
  3. Is this related to the inner ear?
  4. Hairs on nose
  5. the swelling is so bad, I have a hard tune drinking water
  6. Sudden sharp earache
  7. anybody familiar with TE fistula???
  8. UPPP, Tonsilectomy and Genioglossus for DH- worth it?
  9. mono w/sore throat....help!
  10. i had my tonsils age 6 i have been getting tonsillitis
  11. Ringing in the ears
  12. tonsilitus
  13. March 12 - My tonsillectomy experience.
  14. Strange Nose Problem
  15. diagnosed with mastoiditis
  16. adult tonsillectomy - post-surgical distress @ 3 months out
  17. PLugged up pain
  18. Went to an ENT on Saturday.....
  19. Went to an ENT on Saturday.....
  20. how do you know when the scabs come off?
  21. Pain on one side of throat
  22. wizz or hessy sound in my ear for nearly 2 year
  23. Pus Dainining from EAR
  24. Getting my tonsils out March 19th..
  25. ent appointment
  26. Does anyone have the same symptoms?? Please help!
  27. nose pain after tonsil / adenoid surgery
  28. need help!!
  29. Feeling better after almost 4 years of suffering
  30. i feel like i have a lump in my throat - as if i'm going to cry...
  31. tonsil post op
  32. Odd Distortion of sound
  33. taste problems after tonsil removal
  34. Ear Candling accident
  35. How do I find out if anyone has filed a complaint against a doctor in Indiana
  36. The Strep Throat Woes
  37. Ear pressure/pain after braces
  38. finally, the trouble makers are going!
  39. chronic cough and being hot
  40. Day #4 with strep and still have pain in my throat while on antibiotics...this normal
  41. Tinnitus and Aspertame
  42. bad taste and bad breath
  43. Suffocating Please Help!
  44. Jaw and Ear Pain
  45. Why Does My Chest Hurt When I Sneeze
  46. lumps on tonuge/red tonsils
  47. My throat right at the bottom of my tongue
  48. Is there anything the ENT specialist can do on the NHS?
  49. Frequent nose bleed
  50. Wart in nose??
  51. soft pallet
  52. Occasional Ear problems
  53. Has anyone tried a Neti pot for clogged ears.. read this!
  54. 3/5 go time (tonsillectomy)
  55. strep in bloodstream?
  56. I went back to the ENT consultant today.
  57. please help me understand these test results
  58. Muffled tinnitus and pressure for 2 years! Please help
  59. Painkillers After Tonsillectomy
  60. upcoming adult tonsillectomy
  61. jaw/ear pain, tonsil stones, feel achy
  62. how to clean out ears when they are plugged
  63. What does your throat look like after sugery?
  64. Acoustic neuroma-(auditory nerve tumor)does anyone else have this
  65. Bump in very back of throat. Irritated throat.
  66. metal tasting mouth/mucus?
  67. blocked ear drums
  68. Need some help with "globus"?
  69. Ear infection help
  70. sleep apnea-Jaw and Throat issues
  71. Sex After Tonsillectomy?
  72. CT results no contrast!
  73. Meneires disease
  74. fluttering/vibrating sound in ear
  75. Ear trouble
  76. Causes of nasal blockage?
  77. sleeping with ear plugs everynight?
  78. Constant ear popping
  79. Anyone have these problems?????
  80. Lump on right side of face
  81. Mucous sound in ear - ughh
  82. It hurts
  83. inner ears itch like CRAZY
  84. Uppp surgery
  85. Nasopure OR Neti Pot? Has Anyone Ever Tried Either Of These Things Out?
  86. Nose Blowing Issues
  87. ent sending me to medical center....help with ct results please?!!
  88. Spots / Lumps in throat - mainly after eating
  89. tonsil
  90. Help
  91. Dizziness
  92. I'm very scared - tonsils and adenoids removed
  93. soar throat
  94. Ear clog situation I've not seen posted about.
  95. Change in sense of smell after recovering from Sinex addiction?
  96. ear humming
  97. ear infection
  98. tonsillectomy patients
  99. Strep throat / Rhuematic fever
  100. Rotten Smell
  101. Blistering in my nose
  102. What is it?
  103. pass on the tonsil
  104. Ringing in ears
  105. Post nasal drip, does anything work?
  106. Ct Scan Results What Do They Mean ?
  107. sore throat, swollen tonsils (mostly on left side, bright red) and ear drums(on and o
  108. Rhinoplasty?
  109. Post-Tonsillectomy Chronic Throat (and now ear!) issues - Please Help!
  110. swollen itchy ears
  111. After having your tonsils removed, how long does it take to heal?
  112. how to get taste buds back after surgery
  113. vocal cord dysfunction
  114. Post nasal drip, any link to deep cough? please help
  115. Paralyzed Vocal Cord-Need Advice
  116. Post Tonsillectomy Question
  117. Ear noises when i take pain pills
  118. Tinnitus (Ears Ringing)
  119. tonsillectomy scheduled for 2-12
  120. how long will my ears bleed after eardrum burst
  121. Hole in Eardrum
  122. Lump appears on R side next to R nostril, nothing out of nose,no drip
  123. Sore throat not going away with antibiotics
  124. Ear problems in an Adult
  125. Tonsils
  126. Thank God for Military Medicine
  127. Zyrtec
  128. Can this cause me to feel lightheaded?
  129. Sore Throat... White stuff
  130. Troat Vocal cord issue
  131. Ear Problems from Flying
  132. How to get rid of ear fluid
  133. White stringy bits in my mouth
  134. anyone help
  135. Could this be cancer?
  136. Tonsil Crevices
  137. Ear Pain Only When Swallowing
  138. Does this sound like I have a polyp
  139. Need help...daughter with severe ear pain going down hills.
  140. constant feeling of something in throat gagging, coughing
  141. ear pain in both ears
  142. Hearing loss, pounding heartbeat, ringing
  143. I am in absolute agony - is this an ear infection ?
  144. help for my mom
  145. Hear pulsing in right ear
  146. Tonsillectomy - Abscess on tonsil
  147. Ear Infection not clearing
  148. Sensation of Food in Throat After Food Poisoning / Vomiting
  149. ear feels pluged up
  150. something in my throat
  151. throat
  152. Eardrum damage
  153. Ent?
  154. 1 Swollen Tonsil
  155. how do i know when to get my tonsiles checked?
  156. Kis86 and anyone else, help me with my voice
  157. Surgery for Collapsed Nasal Valve/Deviated Septum?
  158. how do i get rid of a throat infection?
  159. Recurring sore throat
  160. My throat feels tight and..
  161. sinitis
  162. Narrow throat after tonsillectomy
  163. Get Rid of Inner Fluid/Thumping?
  164. Swelling in my throat, tongue, and lymph nodes
  165. Guys need help.. dont know what happened
  166. sick of being sick
  167. infant blocked nasal passage
  168. Sore in Nostril
  169. pain in my ear when i bite
  170. Septoplasty Long Recovery
  171. anyone help
  172. hi i need help thanks
  173. Having problem with my ears. help please?
  174. stuffed up nose
  175. Lump on Right Side of Throat Way Back
  176. Any help with these symptoms?
  177. Pressure pulse in head
  178. Have any of you ever heard of symptoms like this before?
  179. earache
  180. light headedness numbness fatigue
  181. Orange/flesh colored bumps in throat
  182. Ears still feel clogged...
  183. Good Ear, Nose and throat specialist in toronto?
  184. muscle twiching in ear.
  185. After a Mastoidectomy
  186. Ear problem
  187. how can i unblock my left ear
  188. Bumps in throat after Tonsillectomy
  189. cannot sense odors
  190. Sore Throat Continues after 6 days penicillin
  191. Getting Just Adnoids Taken Out
  192. uvula
  193. 4-1/2 year old tonsillectomy...how to prepare the drama queen?
  194. Please help...
  195. Toncilectomy, adnoidectomy, septum and tubunates
  196. Swollen Nostril
  197. Strep after tonsillectomy
  198. Ct Scan...what For?
  199. what is the large red lump on my tonsil
  200. Tonsils
  201. Regain sense of smell/taste after right basilar skull fracture?
  202. Thick Mucous In My Throat!
  203. Swollen Adnoid Tissue In an Adult What could Cause it?
  204. Upper ear problem?
  205. bad breath, lactose intolerance, post nasal drip
  206. upside down peroxide nasal irrigation
  207. Can Someone Please Give Me Some Info?
  208. Should i go back to ENT
  209. 14th day after Tonsillectomy...bubbles?
  210. lump behind ear...
  211. what to eat after a tonsillectomy
  212. Strange Noise in my Ear.. no one has it except me!
  213. Dry throat
  214. Having Tonsillectomy on Jan. 9 Questions!!!!!
  215. Strange "scraping" throbbing noise
  216. Jordanís Big Guide to Adult Tonsillectomy
  217. Any experience with pharyngeal wall augmentation?
  218. When to call it enough!
  219. Added to Lisa MP's post
  220. tonsils
  221. Pinching nose and blowing won't work at all
  222. a bump underneath my left ear
  223. scar tissue on ear drums
  224. Thin tube of puss from Eustation Tube
  225. Update on my ear.
  226. Tonsillectomy & The Holidays
  227. On day 6 post tonsillectomy
  228. Hard painful spot on neck possible swollen gland?
  229. Sounds like water in my ear...
  230. Will Astelin cure negative ear pressure?
  231. rhinoplasty
  232. why is my ear hurting when my tonsils are swollen
  233. mucus feeling in throat, anyone?
  234. advice need for Ethmoidectomy & Maxillary Antrostomy Surgery
  235. Ear clogged, peroxide not working
  236. Acoustic Nuroma ??
  237. Adult tonsillectomy - my recent experience
  238. Feel lightheaded all the time
  239. Questions
  240. Ear Wax building-up VERY often
  241. tonsillectomy
  242. bleeding
  243. denied antibotic
  244. Clogged ear? Please help.
  245. i have a scratchy throat.... coughing all the time.. need help
  246. keeping ear dry?
  247. Ear Candling
  248. 6 + week ear infection
  249. eustachian tube disorder
  250. what are growths inside of an ear?