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  1. Annoying ticking noise
  2. ANY surgery that can fix nasal drip?
  3. Ear pressure when inhaling through nose
  4. Constantly Swollen Turbinates
  5. Help with post nasal drip & how I was cured from sinusitis
  6. Weird clicking noise when I tilt my head to the right.
  7. Problems after septoplasty
  8. Ear feels blocked when looking down
  9. Constant phlegm/nasopharynx area
  10. Glad I got Otosclerosis Surgery - Stapedectomy
  11. Crooked uvula
  12. Palatal Myoclonus
  13. SCARED!!! upcoming laryngoscopy... numbing question
  14. Uvulectomy
  15. Anyone have enlarged lingual tonsils?
  16. pricking feeling at the back of my tongue
  17. Son can't breathe thru nose-what are some options?
  18. sounds and feels like air is escaping from my ear after I use my voice.
  19. Perilymph Fistula from heavy exercise
  20. nosebleed
  21. Benefits of removing ear wax?
  22. Swollen Lingual Tonsils
  23. Potential Infection? Nothing serious?
  24. inner ear infection remedies
  25. Strep group G of the Throat
  26. My inner ear keeps vibrating/fluttering/pulsing sensation?
  27. Strep Throat vs. Mono
  28. LPR, unresponsive to PPIs, could it be neurological?
  29. Years later Mastoidectomy ear pain
  30. Tonsillectomy Recovery
  31. Ear Wax Removal?
  32. Bumps & Lumps in back of throat
  33. my sons turbinate bone excision after reduction made it infected
  34. Tonsillectomy stinging?
  35. Heartburn from Sinus Infection?
  36. UPPP Advice
  37. ear surgery infection
  38. Surgery mastoid cavity
  39. echo in right ear
  40. 6th excruciating day of tonsillitis, won't go away!
  41. sharp pain in ear immediately after swimming
  42. lump behind ear and sore shoulder
  43. mucus in back of throat and gurgling noise
  44. Tinnitus and Patulous Eustachian Tube??
  45. Submandibular gland swelling and pain
  46. What are the dangers of the Valsalva maneuver - holding nose and blowing
  47. First vocal cord injection a success
  48. Dizziness, low grade fever, weakness, etc
  49. last minute advice for adult tonsillectomy?
  50. Still Sick After Tonsillectomy
  51. Annoying Tonsil!!!!!!!!
  52. Nasal Polyps and allergy shots
  53. Hear pulsing in right ear
  54. Swollen Tonsils After Nose Surgery
  55. Addicted to popping my ears
  56. Blood in spit, coming down from Ears (i think)
  57. Post Tympanoplasty Tear in Eardrum
  58. Lump on tonsil
  59. Stuffy ears/ cracking noise
  60. Vestibular Neuritis or what?!?!?! Please help!
  61. Cloggy ears
  62. Post nasal drip because heat wave???
  63. Lack of energy after septoplasty
  64. One-sided ear fullness/pressure
  65. Help sore throat
  66. How to fix my ear? Please help me.
  67. How do you know the worst is over w/tonsillectomy?
  68. burning/stinging sensation in roof of mouth/throat
  69. Mystery Ear Pain
  70. Recurrent Cholesteatoma
  71. Muffled hearing and pressure in my ears for 6 months
  72. Day 3 of tonsillectomy/septoplasty/turbinate reduction surgery
  73. Day 15 from Tonsillectomy & still a lil pain, help please
  74. Tubes in my ears
  75. Lingual tonsils. How many should I have?
  76. Musty sinus smell
  77. TONSILLECTOMY questions and experiences
  78. Upper Part of Ear Canal Hurts
  79. mouth problem
  80. Tonsillectomy, read if you are scared, its OK,
  81. Adult Adenoid Regrowth
  82. catheter during tonsillectomy?
  83. day by day account of tonsillectomy age 20
  84. beating in my right ear
  85. My tonsillectomy :/ morning of day 6.
  86. Tonsillectomy: Not bad at all!
  87. "popping" sensation in mouth
  88. Ear pain after firecracker incidient! Help please?
  89. Tonsil stones/bad breath/tongue coating
  90. Ear Pain and Pressure for 6 months :(
  91. Enlarged Circumvallate Papillae - HELP!
  92. Turbinate Reduction Options
  93. My Positive Tonsillectomy Adenoidectomy story
  94. Hi newbie here and need your help. Ears Blocked Again !!
  95. Pain / Ache when Speaking or Swallowing
  96. Help, I've had a ear problem for a year
  97. Did I mess up my ears?
  98. Throat problems.
  99. Tinnitus/Hyperacusis sufferer now feeling clogged and dizzy after dog barking
  100. Sublingual immunotherapy - constant blocked sinuses
  101. Fullness of the fossa of Rosenmuller
  102. Had my tonsils and adenoids out on 6/20/12
  103. Extremely Painful Swollen Parotid Gland
  104. Septoplasty after one year
  105. Ear popping and swallowing with tinnitus?
  106. Tonsil Stones have returned nearly 1 year post tonsillectomy
  107. Out of the blue my left nostril has a slight leak ??
  108. Ear Infection & Mycoplasma (walking Pneumonia)
  109. A dry stopped up feeling in nose with significant blood in snot
  110. Tonsillectomy tommorow-I think I'm in trouble.
  111. Strep with fever-when does it become dangerous?
  112. Ringing In Ears After Hearing High Pitched/ High Frequency Noise
  113. Long Term Strange Ear Issues...
  114. Help - stubborn staph infection in nose
  115. Red patchy spots on roof of mouth
  116. Ear and Head fullness
  117. Adult Tonsillectomy with type 2 Diabetes
  118. tonsillectomy dropped palate
  119. lump on tonsil
  120. Ear Damage after Suction Cleaning?
  121. Sneezed my polyps out.
  122. Meniere's Disease: 4-8 week long episodes of vertigo?
  123. Too many ear drops in ear?
  124. strange lump behind earlobe near jaw
  125. leave my tonsils alone
  126. Ear and throat hurt on one side, then changes sides??
  127. tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy, is this normal?
  128. Very sore throat and thick saliva after exercise
  129. staph infection in nose
  130. tonsil swollen/painful swallowing/no other symptoms
  131. squeaky left ear, exagerated low sounds but have grommets (tubes) fitted
  132. Acute/chronic sinusitis and anxiety???
  133. Adults with glue ear
  134. Tickling in right ear
  135. My strange Eustachian tube problem
  136. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction or Patulous Eustachian Tube?
  137. Ear Twitch/Spasm
  138. Pressure/Noise & Unable to pop ears
  139. adult ear tubes
  140. tympanoplasty
  141. Insane pain 2 weeks post op tonsillectomy
  142. Dizziness- blocked eustachian tube
  143. Swollen tongue after tonsillectomy
  144. Squeaky left ear canal, low sounds boom.
  145. Swollen tongue that comes and goes
  146. Thyroplasty for Vocal Cord Paralysis
  147. Edt, tmjd, drymouth etc...
  148. Sudden hearing loss !
  149. Nose Problem -- Never Can Breathe Through One Nostril
  150. Upcoming nose & tonsil surgery
  151. Vibrating deep sound in left ear
  152. Can you have an ear infection in the inner, middle, and outer all at once?
  153. Intermittent sinus headache and mild nausea
  154. Painful throat or glands only at night time.
  155. Eustachian Tube Dilation Surgery
  156. Sore throat, pasty white toungue, ear pain, swollen lymph glands
  157. Tinnitus after ear infection
  158. Tonsil, deviated septum, and sinus surgery recovery.
  159. Unequal cartilage of the nose
  160. My life with ETD
  161. One tonsil swollen for 3 months, no pain
  162. fibration and fluttering in ears
  163. Sinus Surgery Dissolveable Gel did NOT dissolve
  164. Bump back of throat and itchy ears
  165. Laryngospasm
  166. EarPlanes?
  167. turbinate coblation
  168. Mayo Clinic Minnesota Endolymphatic Hydrops
  169. dryness in nostrils,sometimes blood traces in mucous
  170. Sore throat for over two months; have a doc's opinion; didn't help.
  171. Several strange symptoms, lump in throat feeling
  172. Tonsil Stones are driving me absolutely crazy.
  173. Blocked left ear but no pain...
  174. Vestibular problems and spatial disorientation
  175. tonsillectomy
  176. Ear Infection HELP!!!
  177. Eustachian tube dysfunction- I need some help!
  178. Sick, sick, sick.... ALWAYS sick!
  179. Untreated Ear Infection - Brain fog/Weakness
  180. Can post nasal drip cause a red throat?
  181. Post nasal drip after infection (uri)
  182. Noise triggers crackling in ear
  183. Severe coughing, phlegm and trouble swallowing when eating
  184. Fluid build up in ear canal
  185. Strange cold feeling in nose and throat
  186. Tonsil Stones?
  187. headache/earache/&soret throat...left side only
  188. Clogged/Plugged Ears with Constant High Pitched Noise RECTIFIED
  189. Red bumps in throat?
  190. VCD Vocal Cord Dysfunction
  191. Broken Speaker sound in my right ear
  192. Coughing up blood after quinsy
  193. Mononucleosis - Tonsils oozing pus
  194. Has anyone here had a Sialendoscopy?
  195. Nasal staph infection
  196. Sound of the sea in one ear...
  197. the sound of wind blowing in my ear is driving me crazy
  198. Liquid or mucus stuck in ears, sinuses, and eyes. painful!
  199. Can't breathe, Choking, Allergies.
  200. mass behind uvula on wall of throat
  201. ear fullness only when lying down?
  202. I even went to the ER and got NO help :-( will somebody please help me
  203. Throat Tightening
  204. Hole in Right Tonsil. Could it be cancer??? [PICTURES INCLUDED]
  205. Feeling of fullness in right ear
  206. Why do I smell smoke all the time? - ANSWER
  207. Motor Running Sound in one ear
  208. Chronic Mastoiditis
  209. Tonsillitis, strep throat and ears are burning??!!
  210. Patulous Eustachian Tubes - this may help
  211. Lump on jawline under ear lobe
  212. Strange throat and breathing issue
  213. Do I have Nasal Polyps?
  214. Actor in Tonsillectomy Recovery
  215. (help) extremely loud ringing in my ears.
  216. After tonsillectomy story and throat problems not going away.
  217. Feeling of a lump in throat, Above adams apple
  218. Problem after Thyroplasty
  219. Constant Buzzing, Hissing Noise in Head
  220. what are the orange bumps on the back of my throat?
  221. Losing hearing in both ears!
  222. Clogged/Fullness in Ears and Pressure/Vertigo in Head
  223. Fluid Behind Eardrum
  224. Inner Ear Infection 6 months of persistent vertigo
  225. Revision Ossiculoplasty anyone??
  226. White "Stuff"/Pain in one Tonsil
  227. Constant left ear pressure- HELP!!!
  228. Been prescribed large dose of amoxicillin and prednisone I am afraid of that any help
  229. Ears not popping days after flight
  230. tonsil stones after tonsillectomy
  231. My Tonsillectomy
  232. Sharp throat pain
  233. Ongoing Sore throat problems..Help!
  234. burning smell in nose won't go away
  235. chronic throat spasms pain
  236. Adult Tonsillectomy in Maryland Dec 2011- Day One/Surgery
  237. Head Pressure, excessive yawning. Help please!
  238. Usage of Tecta and/or Zantac
  239. Riachol Vs Tyotocin ear drops
  240. SAFE Neti Pot use
  241. Pain on the right side of my face near the ear
  242. Help!Ear Fullness/popping/clicking for almost a year
  243. Felt like my throat was swelling shut
  244. NHS Or Private Care for Nasal Congestion & Eustachian Tube Disorder ?
  245. Pain (bruise sensation) on outside of throat
  246. Scratchy Noise in Ears...
  247. blocked/clogged ears
  248. Self removal of a nasal polyp? Dangers?
  249. Desperate for advice - right ear pain
  250. Chronic motion sickness - diagnosis challenge!!