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  1. Swaying while standing and imbalance in walking
  2. Small tonsils but chronic tonsillitis?
  3. Bilateral vocal fold paralysis
  4. Throat tightness but no pain - help!?
  5. Strange hoarseness for a month and a half
  6. big trouble after using "neti pot"
  7. Terrible recovery from tonsillectomy
  8. twitching in eardrum
  9. HELP! Possible Tonsil Stones...
  10. tonsillectomy hell
  11. HELP! Blood threads in phlegm for 3 days!
  12. Need help. Ongoing ETD problem...can't work.
  13. Need help. Long term ETD problem. Can't work. Any docs out there?
  14. Lump on upper left side of throat - tonsillitis ?
  15. Coblation tonsillectomy or other options? Any good surgeons in SF Bay Area?
  16. Tonsillectomy tomorrow!
  17. plugged ear
  18. Bone spur on my septum
  19. Tonsillectomy & Uvuloplasty & Nasal Turbanates Surgery!
  20. Myringotomy Incision only muffled sound
  21. swimmy head
  22. Enlarged Submandibular Lymph Nodes
  23. connection between two nostrils?
  24. Possible Glue Ear? (Otitis media with effusion) Persistant for 7 months!
  25. Need help with crackling/popping/clicking ears.
  26. Tonsillectomy and the bathroom
  27. Question about a ruptured eardrum
  28. Clogged ear when laying on left side
  29. acute otitis media
  30. Sore under tongue
  31. Lump in cheek
  32. Cochlear Meniere's/Hydrops
  33. Iv'e been getting charlie horses in my throat for over a year, then the lumps came.
  34. Mucus, throat, nose, help. :(
  35. depressurizing one's ear
  36. Can't live my life like this
  37. recurrent ear infections in adults
  38. Tonsillitis
  39. Help needed with Otitis Externa
  40. Asymmetrical Tonsils - Had Removal awaiting results
  41. clogged eustation tube almost deaf in one ear
  42. Constant mucus in throat
  43. Tonsillectomy
  44. ETD / tinnitus success?
  45. Problems with equalibryum and running?
  46. Nose leaks after injury...
  47. Sore throat, congestion, and nose bleed when waking up
  48. My fiance is coughing up pink like hard tissue matter
  49. Years Of Suffering... Looking For Answers
  50. Tonsillectomy~Day 14 relapse of pain
  51. Zenker's Diverticulum
  52. Blood tinged fluid coming out of ear
  53. Swallowing gulps of air
  54. whooshing sound in ear
  55. Headaches and pressure in head
  56. Scabs in nose- remedy
  57. Care after adult tonsillectomy?
  58. Please help CT Scan Showed Polyp in Sphenoid Sinus
  59. Can one be congested without feeling congested?
  60. Restoration of hearing after sneezing
  61. Tonsilectomy scabs
  62. Day 6 of Tonsillectomy/Adnoidectomy
  63. Need some advice on Eustachian tube dysfunction.
  64. congested nose + eye pressure
  65. swollen lymph nodes/neck shoulder pain. please help.
  66. tingling mouth, tongue and throat - help!
  67. As I get older, my nose gets more and more crooked. Any idea what this is?
  68. Possible throat/tonsil growth?
  69. Ear Popping/clicking/Autophony PET?
  70. My Tonsillectomy
  71. Strange tap/click in ears (not TMJ)
  72. Something in throat causing food, pills, etc.. to get stuck. Saw an ENT.
  73. Sensitivity to Whistling
  74. Questions for people who had Tonsillectomy
  75. A question about dizziness and sinus pressure. Ongoing mystery problem. Need help.
  76. Ear Fungus and Pain
  77. Weird! Ear Sensitivity/Pain Caused by Music
  78. Nose piercing: always swelling up
  79. Dizzy, Fleeting Headaches, and Forehead Pressure
  80. Tonsillectomy and sleep question
  81. Tonsil remnants!
  82. Best treatment for lots of mucus in the throat?
  83. very odd symptoms, please help
  84. Blood while removing tonsil stone
  85. Stuffy Winter Nose
  86. uvula damaged during tubal ligation
  87. sick for 4 months and counting, help please!
  88. Tonsillectomy helping nasal congestion?
  89. Child Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy & Ear Tubes
  90. Tonsil stones, bad breath, get em' out!
  91. sinus problem and ruptured eardrum
  92. Lump in Throat
  93. red throat(inside),white tongue,firm lymph nodes under neck?
  94. Swollen tonsils, painful to touch.
  95. What's causing this buzzing sound in my ear?
  96. Post nasal drip, bad sore throat
  97. Lump in throat sensation?
  98. Regarding torn tonsils
  99. White lump in throat
  100. Eustachian tube dysfunction caused tinnitus
  101. Dealing with Adult Tonsillectomy - hacking up weird tasting gloop?
  102. vibrating ears.
  103. 2 turbinate reduction surgeries
  104. Pain in front neck - pulled muscle?
  105. Worse after septoplasty
  106. Flying after stapedectomy?
  107. after effects of bppv, ringing, sensitive ears.
  108. Strep or not? Need a second opinion...
  109. Vocal Cord damage by a respirator
  110. 6 year old with feeling of lump in throat
  111. choking on phlegm after coughing, traumatized
  112. Post-Tonsillectomy Questions
  113. Adenoidectomy Results
  114. How long after my surgery can I smoke a cigarette?
  115. My right tonsil has been killing me for 3 nights
  116. muscle spasm under jaw, left side
  117. runny nose causes blistering
  118. MAthis Inflation Bulb
  119. Ear noise throat tension Anxiety
  120. Blocked nose when I sleep at new home
  121. tonsil issues--blood blister?
  122. Ear fullness and pain behind ear
  123. Hacking cough and tonsil stones
  124. Nasal sutures want to pick it!
  125. New here.. Strep infection in ear, ruptured ear drum
  126. Thyroidectomy
  127. cant swallow after 2 scopes done and dialations feeling lump in throat,no swallow fee
  128. ear vibration
  129. Strange noises in left ear
  130. Glue Ear?
  131. Son's nose always sounds blocked
  132. Nasal Polyps causeing blurred vision
  133. Clogged ears after diving?
  134. I can only pop one ear drum!
  135. Strep + Swollen Uvula = pain & fear
  136. orange bumps in throat.
  137. Adult Coblation Tonsillectomy tomorrow...
  138. Enlarged Eardrum? Unsure of issue
  139. Countdown to Tonsillectomy
  140. HELP! Constant ear pressure ear clogging ear fullness after rhinoplasty / nose job
  141. Sudden choking, air out but not in
  142. Chronic irritation of throat and nasal passage
  143. Something moving in my ear?
  144. Question about ear tubes
  145. Ear feels clogged, tinnitus
  146. Pain on bridge of nose
  147. Change in voice tone from thin to hard
  148. Attacks of itchy throat, nose, and ears on one side
  149. why does my adams apple click when i move it
  150. leaking clear fluid from nose
  151. Tonsillectomy/Adenoidectomy 2 days ago
  152. Voice box problems
  153. Has anyone here ever had vocal polyp removed with surgery ?
  154. why do people get cramps in the throat neck area?
  155. Vocal Cords Polyp/Hoarseness/Can Anyone Help Me Please...
  156. TMJ question and Eustachian tube
  157. Clear fluid dripping from nose, impossible to sleep
  158. white painful bump on tonsil.
  159. ear/throat
  160. Fullness in Ear
  161. Post nasal drip after tooth extraction
  162. Getting a Tonsillectomy; Having some worries..
  163. tinnitus flare... need advice PLEASE
  164. The infamous "cigarettes after tonsillectomy" question
  165. When I bend over ear pressure changes
  166. How long after my tonsillectomy until I can sing again?
  167. Sloppy Tonsillectomy?
  168. Tonsillectomy: Not so bad afterall
  169. four incidents of sore throat in 2 months.. help!
  170. ENT wants to take my tonsils out now...I want a sleep study first...
  171. Swollen Right Tonsil - Very Worried
  172. when i bite down my ear hurts
  173. Swollen Lymph Node
  174. Tonsillectomy in 2009, experience new prob
  175. fluttering in right ear
  176. Constant Cloudy vision, and dizzieness for 6 months now..HELP PLEASE
  177. white circle around ear piercing
  178. hole in the inner ear
  179. Throat feels swollen
  180. why cough after tonsilectomy
  181. Large Lump on jaw
  182. Flo naise
  183. Constant Ringing in Left Ear.
  184. Pain after tonsillectomy
  185. Inner Ear Infection
  186. New here.. Scheduled for Tonsillectomy
  187. Noises in ear during sleep, what causes that?
  188. Clogged Left Ear / Ringing
  189. Enlargement and bumps (lumps) on Tonsils and on pharynx
  190. Choking on nothing
  191. Nasal congestion on one side?
  192. My Nose Bleeds, But It Doesn't Gush
  193. Turbinate laser reduction - re deviated septum
  194. Post OP Adult Tonsillectomy
  195. red spot on tongue
  196. That feeling of something stuck in throat
  197. Repeated Blood in Phlegm?
  198. Swollen lymph nodes on my right side of neck
  199. watery fluid dripping from ear
  200. Tonsillectomy MADE EASY! ;)
  201. I hate Tonsil Stones
  202. I hear my own breathing and voice loud as if I am in a tunnel
  203. white streaks in back of throat and uvula is pale
  204. If not Meniere's then what?
  205. Ear noise
  206. Sore in back of throat. Hurts... what is it?
  207. tonsil stones? im anxious..
  208. Post Nasal Drip won't stop after a cold - help
  209. Vocal Polyp Surgery Necessary?
  210. Doctor said its Acute pharyngitis
  211. Extreme surge of pain surrounding my ear
  212. when i yawn my neck cramps
  213. Nasal Splints Removal???
  214. ear blockage from inside due to cold
  215. Advice re pearly white lesion on ear
  216. Swaying and Imbalance
  217. Protruding bulge in pharynx
  218. Feels like something is kind of stuck in my throat after tonsil removal?/? HELP
  219. Swollen tonsil for over 3 months
  220. Palatal Myoclonus (Ticking noise in ear)
  221. Itchy ears, using ear plugs
  222. My not horrible Tonsillectomy experience
  223. Stopped up Ear
  224. Sore tongue - in back - near tonsils
  225. Sore Throat for 1+ year
  226. Tonsil stones, more like tonsil gunk
  227. Humming through one nostril
  228. Eustachian tube dysfunction and flying.
  229. problems after tonsillectomy
  230. mouth strings
  231. Thick excessive mucus causes me to gag/choke until I pass out.
  232. Canker sore on Tonsil and allergy shots related?
  233. My right tonsil is larger then my left - is this normal?
  234. Why prednisone?
  235. blocked ears from PND
  236. Adult Tonsillectomy
  237. salty taste and taste loss after adult tonsillectomy
  238. Annual Tonsil Infection - Remarkable Pattern
  239. Unsteadiness, disequilibrium, walking on trampolines : My story and How I'm coping
  240. Ear pressure/ringing 2 weeks, please help
  241. Tonsillectomy Recovery - 21 yrs, F
  242. Noise in ear when chewing
  243. What is going on with my throat?
  244. Post-tonsillectomy tongue numbness
  245. Ear Pain Dental Work
  246. Permanent stuffy nose
  247. Pressure on left side of throat (8 months)
  248. Help w/vetigo/possible mienear's disease
  249. Mucus after Tonsillectomy
  250. Whats the best thing to use to get rid of phlegm in throat?