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  1. What to eat during recovery from adult tonsillectomy?
  2. Been having headaches had CT scan I have a polyp in Sphenoid
  3. Doctor cut out my uvula without my permission!! HELP!!
  4. Ear injury after cleaning out
  5. Mystery ear problem, blocked and sore, Has anyone had a similar experience?
  6. Turbinate Reduction - difference between types?
  7. Clogged Ear for 5 months; Meniere's Disease?
  8. Ear messed up after having it cleaned out
  9. Lump Round 2
  10. Off Balance Feeling For Three Months?
  11. my pierced ear
  12. Lose voice by end of day
  13. Teenager with one really swollen tonsil for over a year. Please help!
  14. Lump in cheek
  15. Summer cough and sore throat
  16. Bumps on back and sides of tongue and irritation on roof of mouth for 6 weeks!
  17. Feeling something in nostril, can't find anything
  18. Ear discharge but no pain.
  19. Worried about Fiance.He might have Peritonsillar abscess?
  20. fluttering in ear
  21. Narrow ear canal and ?Cholesteatoma
  22. Is it REALLY Meniere's Disease
  23. what is it supposed to look like when u have a tonsilletomy
  24. Advice needed re Yellow Fluid (Photo included)
  25. Cat Scan causes severe dizziness & headache
  26. Literally, Worst Sore Throat of My Life.
  27. deviated septum
  28. Septoplasty and sinoscopy question
  29. Throat feels fine in morning then tightens or lump feeling as day goes on
  30. Swelling/lump in throat (literally)
  31. pulsatile tinnitus for 1.5 years now
  32. Yellow white hairy tongue
  33. ethmoid mucocele!
  34. Crying for help - Noise Induced Hearing loss
  35. M y 3 year old son has a lump on his neck about the size of a golf ball
  36. Small bubble or blister under tongue
  37. Asymmetric Tonsils, Shortness Of Breath, And A Few Tiny Red Bumps.
  38. pulsating in ears while wearing ear plugs
  39. when i swallow i feel something in my throat
  40. brain fog/dizziness
  41. My Tonsillectomy and Septoplasty Horror Story
  42. Patulous Eustachian Tube and Ear Tubes...Good or Bad Idea?
  43. Phlegm in throat
  44. Tonsillectomy Bleeding at Day 10!! Help!`
  45. Bad post nasal drip after uvula surgery
  46. Weird Tonsil thing
  47. Unknow white coating on Tongue
  48. Any answers to a throat problem??
  49. my epiglottis
  50. flesh colored bump
  51. Is this possible or normal for an Ear Infection??
  52. Help! Feeling like something is stuck in my throat / esophogas
  53. pounding, clogged ears. HELP!
  54. red bump / lump behind ear (in crevice, size of rice grain)
  55. How far down do the tonsils go?
  56. Tonsilectomy 36 hours ago, feel great ;).
  57. Tonsillotomy vs. Tonsillectomy
  58. Lump sensation in the throat - RHS?????
  59. Left ear feels stuffed and 'ringing' sound to it
  60. Pulling sensation behind left ear when i tilt me head right
  61. ruptured eardrum - how to deal with
  62. Pulsating Tinnitus
  63. i inhaled a sunflower seed
  64. Tonsillectomy Scabs
  65. chronic sore throat and cough over a week now!
  66. Tonsil stones...confused, need help pls
  67. Blocked Eustachian Tube?
  68. Post tonsillectomy allergies?
  69. Weird throat symptoms for 4 months. What could this be?
  70. Extreme sharp Pain--Left side of throat
  71. Actual piece of tonsil came off today
  72. white tongue & swollen tonsils
  73. Chronic dry mouth, throat and tongue and feeling of lump in throat
  74. A piece of my tonsil came loose.
  75. Itchy throat wont go away.
  76. Leaking white fluid in my throat
  77. Weight gain and tonsillectomy?
  78. Inner Ear pain triggered by wearing glasses, hat or helmet
  79. twitching vein above right ear
  80. how long about do the scabs come off after tonsillectomy
  81. Normal sound volumes give me pain and make me light headed
  82. Hot, full feeling in left ear
  83. Paralyzed Vocal Chord
  84. Possible food stuck in throat
  85. Swallowing got worse overnight?
  86. laryngocele anyone?
  87. when can you blow your nose after having adenoids out
  88. White spots on lip
  89. Random Ear Pains?
  90. The need to end bad breath !
  91. Broken nose, what should i do?
  92. OMG, what is happening to my nose?
  93. cost of laser tonsil ablation
  94. Does anyone else feel this way?
  95. Tonsillectomy in 2 days..
  96. what does it mean if I have ringing in my ears and the sound becomes muffled?
  97. PLZ PLZ HELP!!!concha bullosa, deviated septum & spur
  98. tonsil stones... please help for natural remedies?
  99. Lump by Tonsil
  100. Throat red bumps
  101. Nose scabs and sores, what to do? Should I try a homeopathic cream? Which one?
  102. swimmy head feelin and very cloudy feeling
  103. Mastoiditis?
  104. Why do I have Dry Mouth, Bitter Taste, Metal Taste, Watery Mouth, Nausea, Loss of App
  105. strange throat pains... some advice pls?
  106. tonsil stones
  107. Tonsil problems and possibly acid reflux?...Needing answers!
  108. Swollen Tonsil - Worried
  109. Food sticking in throat after viral ear infection
  110. Trouble breathing due to LPR - Epi?
  111. trachea pain when yawning
  112. stapedectomy questions
  113. Question on thickening of the neck
  114. what meds can you take for post nasal drip?
  115. why does my voice box move around in my throat
  116. 2 DR's still have sudden hearing loss?!?
  117. What is Radiesse Injection for Vocal cords?
  118. Neck CT soft tissue
  119. Seen ENT but still very scared and confused
  120. lump in the throat/LPR
  121. neti pot?
  122. Ear Pressure/Diminished Hearing = Conflicting Diagnoses
  123. Problems After Ear Infection?
  124. Avelox and Kenalog. Bad Mix. Anyone else ?
  125. Ears Ringing weeks after concert
  126. Need your experience with non-allergic rhinitis...
  127. how long after tonsillectomy will i start getting scabs?
  128. My Tonsillectomy
  129. Why do my ears pop when I swallow??
  130. popping sensation/sounds in bride of nose
  131. Popping Sensation in Outer Ear Cartilage upon Exertion
  132. chronic cryptic tonsillitis?
  133. ear pressure and vibrations
  134. Please read! Mystery of Exercise and Ear Pressure
  135. Problems hearing after middle ear infection
  136. watery throat
  137. Hear Heartbeat in Ear
  138. Oh please help me.....Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus????????
  139. When does the white patches goes away while on antibiotics for strep throat?
  140. always seeing blood when I blow my nose
  141. really worried about inner ear problem.
  142. Can't afford Tonsillectomy! HELP!
  143. hissing in both ears
  144. Sleeping on right side and waking up with ringing in right ear.
  145. loss of taste after tonsillectomy
  146. tonsillectomy tomorrow
  147. Bump on left side of my neck
  148. What wrong with my tonsils?
  149. Food sometimes gets stuck in my throat
  150. Low Hum in Ear
  151. will a dead bug in ear and a perforated ear drum
  152. right side swollen gland, neck and shoulder pain headaches
  153. Throat rawness/pain chest pain after Throat Motility test
  154. Hurts to swallow, but no fever or other cold/flu symptoms
  155. Lump in throat/raspy voice
  156. Loss of Taste - Just received X-Ray results
  157. Going to ENT next week - question
  158. I don't know what's wrong with my voice.. please read my descriptions.
  159. Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy- Ear Pain
  160. choking on phlegm
  161. bloody taste
  162. my ears are blocked . my doc says no....
  163. roaring in left ear
  164. Pain yawning
  165. Can post-nasal drip cause mucus/blood-streaked stools??
  166. I had a tonsillectomy yesterday and feel fine !
  167. submandibular
  168. Small bubble under the tongue
  169. Blocked Nose, tight chest
  170. nose is full of mucus when i sleep and wont come out
  171. black earwax
  172. Patulous Eustachian Tube
  173. Nasal Septal Reconstruction
  174. Old spice body spray swallowed
  175. Metallic taste then loss of taste---please help
  176. nose bleed
  177. do your nose and ears continus to grow your whole life
  178. Neti Pot & Ear Pressure!
  179. Nose & Throat congestion/cough= dry mouth?
  180. Hydrogen Peroxide in ears???
  181. I've Had a Stapedectomy and Now I'm Deaf
  182. knot behind ear lobe on the bone on my neck on the left side.
  183. Painful Bump On Roof Of Mouth!
  184. how to revitalize taste buds after surgery
  185. Constant phlegm/snorting problem - please help
  186. Wind in my ears makes me sick
  187. Tonsillectomy Tips
  188. NSR/Polyp Removal Surgery
  189. Smelling smoke....
  190. Infection making tinnitus worse?
  191. Both ears blocked?
  192. Thick Mucus in Throat, please HELP!
  193. nose blocks and wake up in morning and my nose is full of snot
  194. Anyone had turbinate cauterization??
  195. Tonsillectomy experiences and surgical technique - electrocautery, coblation, scalpel
  196. what could be wrong with me my nose is always blocked with mucus and my inner throat
  197. Caldwell Luc Surgery
  198. Tonsillitis worse after antibiotics
  199. Muscle spasm in adams apple
  200. Tonsillectomy
  201. snoring after tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
  202. Enlarged tonsil on one side - tonsil stones?
  203. Laser Stapedotomy in Ontario?
  204. turbinate reduction via cautery
  205. Crinkling of plastic makes my ears go pop pop pop
  206. myringoplasty failed
  207. Blocked Nose/Nasal congestion
  208. Question about sudden Tinnitus?
  209. Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction Post Surgery ?
  210. Profound hearing loss... and work
  211. tonsil cancer?
  212. what causes pressure and popping sound in the forehead ?
  213. excess mucus in throat/after uvula removed
  214. Swollen Glands and Tonsils - Not Strep?
  215. 4th myringoplasty
  216. ringing in my ear
  217. Oral Squamous Pappilloma
  218. Not Strep Throat But I have White Polka Dots What are they?
  219. Stuffiness in Ear has led to medicinal nightmare!
  220. Persistent runny nose & cough (2 weeks now) will Doxcycline Hyclate help?
  221. peritonsillar abscess won't budge
  222. claustrophobic-fearing deviated septum surgery
  223. Five months later - no diagnosis, more pain
  224. Some blood when blowing the nose
  225. slightly asymmetric tonsils normal?
  226. Ear feels full??
  227. conventional vs laser tonsillectomy
  228. tongue white will not go away?
  229. Should I get a tonsillectomy?
  230. Sound of Breathing in Left ear
  231. Is this Quinsy?
  232. Repeated voice loss/hoarse throat.
  233. Ear has not popped after Stapedectomy
  234. My tonsillectomy story
  235. swollen tonsils, lymph node and pressure in ear
  236. excessive mucus that never ever stops
  237. Ongoing sore throat 7 months
  238. Ears get stuck in a 'popped' state?
  239. Needle in the ear drum for dizziness?
  240. Ear Wax Removal
  241. Uvula removed -- excess mucus in throat
  242. Head Pressure Ear Problem?
  243. My tonsillectomy
  244. Clogged ear
  245. What kind of humidifier for after tonsillectomy?
  246. Chronic Acute Tonsillitis - Advice
  247. Tonsillectomy 12-22-09
  248. tonsillectomy pain...please help
  249. Cholesteotoma
  250. Feeling of lump or something stuck in throat