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  1. Does swollen turbinates cause puffy cheeks?
  2. Anyone ever heard of this unusual symptom??
  3. Tonsillectomy "Review"!
  4. Having U3P surgery this week, 12/16/09
  5. Weird feeling when swallowing??
  6. Stapedectomy 12 weeks ago
  7. Post nasal drip/Mucus just won't stop! Help!
  8. Possibly Another Swollen Saliva Gland
  9. Adult Tonsillectomy Questions
  10. Post op nasal packing - terrified!
  11. When should the scabs fall off after a tonsillectomy?
  12. Pulled Muscle In Throat? Lump In Throat? Pain When Swallowing?
  13. Nose clogged, white hard substance....
  14. Swollen taste buds & white stuff on tongue
  15. fluid in ears
  16. Hearing heartbeat in one or both ears.
  17. Septoplasty - Feeling Nervous!
  18. the dizzy's etc...
  19. food taste so bitter it makes me nauseous
  20. feeling of blocked ears
  21. What irritants can cause postnasal drip/blood?
  22. PET + myringotomy = nightmare
  23. Help, ALL FOODS post-tonsillectomy taste SWEET
  24. Terrible disorientation after flying for 3 weeks
  25. headache and clogged ears
  26. Swelling under chin
  27. urgent turbinate reduction question
  28. how to breathe after septoplasty surgery?
  29. California Doc Reccomendations For Stapedectomy??
  30. what are some soft foods i can eat after tonsillectomy
  31. still have BLOOD in throat! PLEASE HELP!
  32. I have had "lump in throat" sensation for a YEAR! I now believe i have "tonsil...
  33. Meniere's syndrome?
  34. Vomit smell when I blow my nose
  35. Tinnitus / Plugged Ears. Has anyone tried Coning?
  36. Earache
  37. Is it normal to wake up with one nostril congested?
  38. HELP! Used Afrin and bleeding now..
  39. Chronic ear and head pressure with fatigue
  40. Ear and throat problems
  41. how to make it easier to swallow after having tonsillectomy
  42. Professional singer rattle in my voice
  43. patulous eustachian tube after a flight
  44. Motion Sickness developed as an adult
  45. Bleeding after tonsillectomy
  46. Blood/Clots back of throat HELP!
  47. Constant humming noise in ear
  48. ? about Septoplasty
  49. bronchitis
  50. Going nutso & Seeking advice with throat issues.
  51. Nasal congestion - allergies? - dry climate
  52. does putting hydrogen perx. in the ear clear it...
  53. Bleeding 3 moths after tonsillectomy
  54. Day 3 post Tonsillectomy- So far, so good!
  55. feel dizzy when i close my eyes
  56. Stapedectomy recovery
  57. Gurgling ears - Driving me crazy!
  58. Stapedectomy
  59. Crackling Noises When Swallowing
  60. Sore left ear no infection HELP
  61. plugged ear
  62. Tonsillectomy 12/23/09
  63. finnally i might have the answer to my problem. alergic rhinitis + vasomotor rhinits
  64. Dry mouth and nose at night
  65. Nerve Like Pain When Touching Eye Socket & Brow Bone
  66. one nostril constantly blocked
  67. Small white projection on Soft Palate
  68. UNSOLVABLE -- Swollen lymph node, Insomnia etc.
  69. Ear plug pain
  70. Antihistamines after Turbinate Reduction?
  71. leftside deviated nasal septum and right side concha bullosa
  72. Overuse of Afrin Nasal Spray
  73. Laura's tonsillectomy diary
  74. Blood when blowing nose
  75. after effects of oral thrush?
  76. post-op tonsillectomy questions
  77. steroid inhalers for deviated septum
  78. Coblation Turbinate Reduction
  79. Severe Sore Throat with Tooth Problems
  80. hard lump jawline of cheek
  81. White blebs won't go...
  82. Pressure on soft palate?
  83. Left side of throat numb
  84. excessive swallowing/salvia, throat issue?
  85. just had septoplasty
  86. My 7 yr old son was diagnosed with Cholesteatoma.. I am so scared...
  87. my ears are sore and inflamed
  88. Sneeze, ringing ear, painful, hold nose
  89. throat rawness and pain after endoscopy
  90. Right Ear Clogged
  91. dizziness
  92. Tonsillectomy in Ontario
  93. Things they don't tell you.. Tonsillectomy recovery.
  94. Crazy Tonsils!
  95. Larynx getting stuck??
  96. lump in tonsil area right side
  97. Fluid trapped behind ear drum
  98. Turbinate Reduction-How long does the bleeding last?
  99. Damaged throat lining
  100. Pressure in head when laying down
  101. Recovery time for Tonsil "Shaving" vs. complete removal?
  102. post nasal drip causing burping
  103. My adult tonsillectomy story.
  104. feel a small ball in my neck stuck there,feeling
  105. white spot on tip of uvula
  106. Some Words of Encouragement
  107. Questions about upcoming septoplasty
  108. Constant clearing of throat, coughing, hoarseness, hell and more HELP!!!
  109. Reasons to have adenoids removed
  110. Itchy inner ear, itchy throat, clogged ears and post nasal drip
  111. Can you break a nerve by yawning?
  112. Hoarseness, sore throat, + PND, Oh my!
  113. black hair-like string-like substance in phlegm
  114. Pulsatile tinnitus & headache???
  115. tonsillectomy because of HPV???
  116. Fluid Build Up in Ear
  117. perforated eardrum and tinnitus
  118. something stuck in my throat
  119. Curious About Pain in my tongue?
  120. still problems with my nose really need some help
  121. Jaw, ear pain, BAD headache!
  122. Schatzki Ring
  123. Tonsil stones... can't take them anymore! Plz help!
  124. Deviated Septum cause Eustachian Tube Dysfunction?
  125. Hoarse voice for 2 years
  126. highly rated ENT Specialist - Toronto
  127. deviated spectum / Septoplasty questions
  128. I am unclear on my eustachian tube diagnosis?
  129. Frequent choking two months after cervical acdf fusion surgery
  130. Roaring tinnitus - Patulous eustachian tube?
  131. Runny nose and sneezing for now apparent reason
  132. Sudden ear infection (or instant tinnitus)?
  133. Post-Thyroid Surgery ---> Vocal Nerve Issues
  134. No Tonsillectomy, I'm a singer! :-(
  135. Tonsillectomy 8 Days after, ADVICE NEEDED
  136. how long until you can smoke after you get your tonsils out?
  137. How do you find/get into an ENT or allergist?
  138. Day 5; Tonsillectomy.
  139. Itchy ear and pain
  140. Doc keeps saying it's just some virus
  141. Does a a turbinate reduction and corrected deviated septum help sleep apnea?
  142. Ear pain that comes and goes....help!
  143. dry mouth, throat, and coated tongue
  144. LPR: How To Deal, Explained
  145. pain after an adult tonsillectomy
  146. Strange symptoms - Any ideas ?
  147. how long is viral pharyngitis contagious?
  148. Severe Congestion-HELP!
  149. Thick, sticky, bloody mucus.. Please HELP!
  150. headaches everyday with ETD?
  151. ringing in the ears and dizzines
  152. nose bleeds multiple times a day?
  153. Ongoing problem with ears, throat, neck.
  154. Cure for clogged ear?
  155. ENLARGED TONSILS - Dark Circles???
  156. plaque buildup on tongue
  157. 6 lumps in tonsils
  158. Snoring, remove tonsils... ?
  159. Tonsillectomy recovery
  160. inner ear pressure both ears
  161. Strange mucus build up in my nose
  162. Head & Ear Pressure
  163. vertical lines on ears
  164. neck cramps when yawning
  165. Sore throat with weird taste/smell
  166. Acoustic Neuroma Query
  167. second tonsillectomy...PLEASE HELP ME!!
  168. otrivin nasal spray
  169. broken nose "crackles" a 1 1/2 years after accident
  170. choking feeling in throat
  171. Ear clogged problem ?
  172. Tonsillectomy and Wisdom Teeth Removal
  173. Cut in nostril possibly infected - help!
  174. Constant blocked nose and Sudafed spray usage!
  175. why does my ear drain a wierd liquid
  176. how do i get swelling down after tonsilectomy
  177. ear feels blocked and sound is muffled
  178. Glossitis
  179. Something is wrong with my throat/mouth :(
  180. Tonsil stones??
  181. do taste buds return?
  182. Need help-swollen lymphnodes for months
  183. Sore Throat, Head Aches, ear ache, Little help
  184. Strange yawning problem
  185. Loud noises in head, ears blocked. Help
  186. confused
  187. ear infection/hearing loss
  188. Absolutely Desperate!!! ear problem
  189. larynx pain
  190. intracapsular tonsillectomy?
  191. Blood blister like spot on side of cheek and right side of throat hurts
  192. Keep gagging randomly
  193. is there a pump or suction to get rid of mucus in the head
  194. Can not eat, feels like am swallowing air
  195. Anosmia (loss of smell)
  196. Sore Throat - 3 Months On and Off
  197. Intense, sharp earache
  198. tonsil removal in a 4 year old
  199. Is this normal - please advise
  200. Could someone PLEASE help?!? Swollen lymph node, headaches, eye tension, ear & nose
  201. Should I get a tonsillectomy?
  202. White area in the back of my throat, but no sore throat
  203. Can the effects of motion sickness last for days?
  204. what does it means when I lay my head down on the right side I get dizzy and the roo
  205. black tongue and other symtoms
  206. white patch on tonsil
  207. Discoloration of the uvula
  208. Does anyone know what this means?
  209. Advice on bifocals with meniere's?
  210. What would happen if you got a bit of shampoo in your ear?
  211. frequent muscle/nerve aches from everyday noises
  212. White spots in throat
  213. possible link - tonsil stones and GERD / acid reflux / LPR / stomach problems?
  214. Dealing with Hearing Loss and Meniere's Disease
  215. what to eat after tonsillectomy
  216. Mino's Tonsillectomy Thread
  217. Tympanoplasty post op help !!
  218. white spots in throat
  219. What is the cause of having a hard time swallowing and getting food down
  220. Nasal polyps
  221. ..READ that guide on here about tonsillectomy
  222. Ear Ringing
  223. When I eat I feel like I have a rock in the back of my throat
  224. Very concerned: lump in throat, ear/jaw pain
  225. Still cant swallow!!!
  226. Cyst on jawline?
  227. Adult Tonsillectomy/Uvula/Turbinates
  228. Itching nasal passage
  229. cholesteatoma surgery
  230. Low rumbling in left ear + watery eyes
  231. do and don'ts tonsillectomy
  232. my head always feels like its stopped up...
  233. muffled swooshing sound in an ear
  234. tube like growth on back of tongue
  235. Chronic tonsilitis and extreme tiredness
  236. Sore bump in throat
  237. Sore bump in throat
  238. Vocal Nodules
  239. mastoid process
  240. Balloon Sinuplasty
  241. Tonsils, Uvula and Turbinates
  242. pea size lump on left jawline- can't sleep
  243. why do you lose your taste buds after tonsilectomy
  244. Epiglottis problems?
  245. Smelling things that aren't there??
  246. i hear my footsteps or voice very loud in my ear
  247. Retracted eardrum with fluid
  248. My strange pains: I can't open my eyes!
  249. pain in left side of throat when swallowing
  250. how much weight will you gain from 1 mg of prednisone a day