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  1. post sinus surgery pain
  2. Recurring Swollen Throat
  3. Right inferior meatus lesion
  4. ETD Question
  5. Septoplasty/Turbinate Reduction vs Allergy Shots
  6. How should I get my hearing tested?
  7. I'm having some strange symptoms...
  8. Stuffiness in ear after wax removal
  9. Post-Tonsilectomy Taste Issues
  10. Recurring PTA post tonsillectomy
  11. swollen turbinates
  12. Phantosmia?
  13. Problem with tongue
  14. Diarrhea after Tonsillectomy
  15. liquid feeling in ear after head cold
  16. ETD disfunction and ear tubes
  17. Need help
  18. Nasal hemangioma and pregnant ... help!
  19. Grommets/ear tubes insertion and removal – MY NIGHTMARE!!
  20. Blocked, ringing ear
  21. Nodular cystic tissue back left tongue
  22. Ear Infection?
  23. My friend is having swallowing problem
  24. Cauterized Wound (Tonsilectomy)
  25. ear problem
  26. Adults who have ear tubes question
  27. 18 with tinnitus getting worse?
  28. Strep Throat
  29. Blowing out HUGE bloody snot stuff after bloody nose two weeks ago
  30. Fever 19 days after t&a removal... infection?
  31. Exposed to loud noise - now have Tinnitus and pressure
  32. Constant ear pressure after eardrum rupture
  33. Trouble Equalizing Ears
  34. diarrhea after using antibiotic to treat rhinitis.
  35. Swollen lymph nodes??
  36. Constant nose blockages
  37. Pimple type lesion on left tonsil.
  38. Nosebleeds
  39. Re-occurring Throat Infections!?
  40. Right Tonsil Swollen
  41. Persistent ear pressure, occasional pain, not sure of the cause
  42. Tonsil lumps
  43. Bleeding after tonsillectomy and UPPP - please help:(
  44. Swollen muscles in the throat
  45. Chronic cough and geographic tongue after tonsillitis
  46. Hard spot on tonsil
  47. Tonsil stone or something else?
  48. Palatal Myoclonus Botox
  49. Ear infection or something worse?
  50. Nose blocked on 1 side over 1 year
  51. Can Eustachian Tube Disorder present with severe pain and normal hearing?
  52. have headache and nose congestion. need to use correct medicine.
  53. Muffled hearing in Right Ear -- Common Cold
  54. Crackling/popping in ear every time I swallow - who cured from this?
  55. Tubes in ears to solve Ototoxicity related dizziness/pressure?
  56. Painful cramps in front of throat
  57. Throat/"Tonsil" problems
  58. concerned daughter
  59. ears won't pop
  60. Will my tonsils be removed?
  61. Sudden Nasal Deviated Septum.
  62. Size of tonsils and correlation to recovery time?
  63. Nose problems and tear ducts
  64. Tonsillectomy
  65. Water Behind My Ear For Month Need Hope
  66. Tinnitus?
  67. ENT visit
  68. Getting ear tubes as an adult
  69. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction Blocked hearing
  70. Both ear canals closed shut ?
  71. Still hoarse weeks after being sick?
  72. Blocked Eustacian Tube?
  73. Removing tonsils has been hell for me
  74. Tonsillectomy and large pills
  75. Ear/Neck pain, not TMJ and not cervical spine
  76. Physical or phsycological throat issue?
  77. Ct sinus
  78. Deviated septum help?
  79. MRSA caused Post Nasal Drip
  80. Tinnitus and hearing loss in one ear ?
  81. Post-Tonsillectomy Question
  82. Stuffy ears and ringing for 6 months
  83. Swimmers Ear, Muffled Hearing
  84. Couldn't Breath Ever, Alcoholic
  85. Ear pain
  86. Persistent pain in throat on the right side
  87. Persistent halitosis ruining my life
  88. Blocked ears for a year getting worse
  89. Question on the nasal spray XLear
  90. Nose pours clear fluid every time I bend over.
  91. Short, random episodes of my right ear suddenly feeling full.
  92. retracted ear ... (allergist) ... not a retracted ear ... (ENT Dr) ...who to believe?
  93. went to Dr and came out dizzy?
  94. Itchy swollen Nose
  95. Thermal Fusion Tonsillectomy
  96. Tonsil stones and sore throat?
  97. Throat Hurts from Screaming
  98. Sore throat that won't go away?
  99. Hurts to Swallow
  100. Mystery Condition, Calling All Angels ...
  101. Sinus Infection and Extreme Fatigue
  102. Tonsillectomy post op day 7
  103. ENT quick referral, not sure why..
  104. postnasal drip and itchy nose
  105. Sinuplasty
  106. upcoming nasal and throat surgery
  107. Has anyone gotten a very bad sore throat from post-nasal drip?
  108. What could be wrong with my throat?
  109. Post Tonsillectomy
  110. Permanent hearing loss, HELP!
  111. Hearing/Ear Problems Following Recovery from Hardcore Cold
  112. Post nasal drip in throat
  113. Ear wax that needs cleaning
  114. ear problems
  115. Laryngospasm - Waking up unable to breathe?
  116. clogged ear for most of my life!
  117. Had tympanostomy done. Now have diminished hearing, muffled sound,feeling like i am
  118. Persistent Pain When Swallowing
  119. Postnasal drip
  120. Swollen gland, weird symptoms
  121. Bizarre front neck pain/muscle tear?
  122. clogged ear won't pop, so desperate - please help!
  123. white spots on my uvula
  124. Very unusual problem with my throat ...
  125. Unusual problem with my throat...
  126. My Experence at 47
  127. Eustachian tube has been blocked for almost 2 weeks
  128. GLUE ear
  129. Possible Thyroid Cancer?! HELP!
  130. Perforated eardrum with ringing, is this normal?
  131. Adult tonsillectomy - scabs
  132. Ear clicks
  133. Constant Mucus Hacking
  134. i have a scratched esophagus
  135. Septoplasty surgery
  136. Paralyzed vocal cord
  137. Phlegm/Choking PND, lump in throat need serious input
  138. Post-Tonsillectomy Mucus
  139. ear pain in cold weather
  140. Post Tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy long term side effects
  141. Crackling in Ear after a month of ear blocked
  142. nasal problems and dark circles
  143. Throat issues
  144. strange symptom
  145. Bactrim for ear infection ... the outcome
  146. Bitter taste after tonsilectoy
  147. The worst retracted drum my ent says he has ever seen.
  148. One sided swallowing! Please help!
  149. Found weird tight hard skin in throat, it's causing a very tight sensation (pics)
  150. 30 yr old male sore throat with white patches on back of throat
  151. Able to blow air out my left ear after someone screamed loudly in it
  152. Salivary stones?? Need guidance please!
  153. PLF - PAIN & vertigo 4 months post repair ??
  154. My Health Condition because of a tracheotomy in childhood.
  155. Doctor refusing to test to strep throat
  156. Pressure sensation in my right ear
  157. Post Myringotomy Problems.
  158. Esophageal cramping
  159. Odd, but short ear pain
  160. poat nasal drip effects
  161. Feels like air in my ear
  162. I am experiencing ear pain but have no ear infection
  163. Sensitive ear and tingling in lip after more than 10 years
  164. Still issues after 2 months tonsillectomy
  165. bruising ear infections
  166. Swollen tonsils and white patches . Please help I'm desperate
  167. Questions about Ear tubes.
  168. Ear clogged after starting drops (post infection)
  169. Ear leaking, fullness, leaking
  170. Ear tube
  171. Ears won't stop crackling
  172. Painful spot at end of nose
  173. 5 Week Sore throat and swollen lymph node on left side of neck
  174. Adenotonsillectomy ... HELP
  175. Bloody nose-nerve ablation..?? How long do I put off going to ER
  176. Nose bleed 4-6x a day ... since Fri
  177. Sinus and ear pressure
  178. My Tonsillectomy+ Adenoidectomy Survival Tips!
  179. Think I have tonsillitis
  180. Red bumps on the back of my throat ! HELP
  181. Loss Of Taste After Tonsillectomy
  182. Ear pain causes sneezing
  183. Venous hum treatments?
  184. Trouble breathing and smelling- ALL MY LIFE
  185. Corkscrew Esophagus can feel like a heart attack
  186. Tonsillectomy
  187. Scabs on the back of the throat
  188. Tonsillectomy Nightmare
  189. Smell disorder problem
  190. What can I do about runny nose?
  191. Dark coloration on side of tongue
  192. Lumps in my mouth
  193. One sided Nasal Blockage
  194. Ear Problem
  195. tonsilectmy
  196. Tissue Welding tonsillectomy as an adult
  197. Labrynthitis/Sinusitis - HELP!!!! ANXIETY
  198. years later, still ...
  199. Bumps on Pharynx Wall?
  200. Chronic tonsillitis
  201. Ear tickle just morning
  202. Iodine, Hydrogen Peroxide & oils, is this remedy safe & effective?
  203. Throat inflammation
  204. Update
  205. something that is not a tonsil stone
  206. Physical or mental illness?
  207. Post Nasal Drip/Irritated Throat/Ear Ache
  208. Residual effects from Stapedectomy
  209. Good ENT for ETD in NYC?
  210. 2 years of persistent thick mucus back of nose and throat clearing
  211. I'm having problems swallowing
  212. Burst eardrum and impacted earwax Help!
  213. Tonsillectomy for my big,painful tonsil
  214. Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Regeneration
  215. Diarrhea After Tonsillectomy?
  216. Tonsillectomy Post-Op Questions
  217. Tonsillectomy scabs - will it hurt when they fall off?
  218. My tonsils are swollen and covered with white coating all over
  219. Tonsils stinks, but no tonsil stones
  220. Tonsillectomy liquid issues
  221. Swollen nasal passage for last two weeks???
  222. Swollen adenoids in soon to be 12 boy
  223. Afrin - how long can it take to work?
  224. PET scan results - need explanation
  225. Will I ever get an answer!? Swollen neck!
  226. Tonsillectomy Problems
  227. Ear cracking, swallowing issues
  228. Chronically Enlarged Tonsil
  229. Flesh colour lump on left tonsil??
  230. Eustachian tube dysfunction
  231. used prescribed ear drops & ear closed & I lost hearing
  232. Throat twitch/spasm and swallowing discomfort
  233. Ossicular strain question
  234. Left Ear
  235. Nasal blockage?
  236. Weird feeling when swallowing?
  237. Weird Occurrence kind of worried
  238. Bacteria, virus, or allergies?
  239. Nasal polyps
  240. diagnosis issue
  241. ear infection? Is this normal? really worried?
  242. ENT, or Gastro, or crazy?
  243. Sore throat and neck pains
  244. Can this happen when you get ear wax removed?
  245. Feels like I can only swallow down right side of throat
  246. Hair in throat hell
  247. Adult tonsillectomy success story
  248. What is going on with my ears?
  249. I've had slight hearing loss for 6 - 7 weeks with a brown fluid discharge
  250. Constant neck and throat pain