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  1. sheumerman's kyphosis in 15 year old.
  2. Hyperreflexia ?
  3. Disappointed and totally frustrated
  4. Numbing of toes and fingers...any advice?
  5. What Is A Lesion
  6. 15 yr old soccer player recently diagnosed with Spondy - help
  7. "Charlie Horse" or groin pain after PLIF
  8. Axialif Procedure/Trans 1 procedure
  9. grade 2 anterolisthesis
  10. walked for 28 minutes !!!!
  11. Slipped and fell, hurts weeks later...
  12. Nerve pains while walking or sitting too long
  13. Weakness in legs? Will this get better?
  14. Recliner chairs ???? after fusion w/ hardware surgery????
  15. Facet Joint Injections AFTER failed Rhizotomy?
  16. Four months post-op -does sciatica last forever?
  17. 2nd Laminectomy causing severe pain! HELP!
  18. Swollen Feet?
  19. Anyone with lower back pain use an Elliptical machine?
  20. Expectations for spinal cord stimulation recovery
  21. Hurts to walk, sit, lay down
  22. Bilateral Pars fracture - Vertebroplasty or ?
  23. Lumbar Microdiscectomy and Miserable????
  24. feels like i got "kicked" in the lower back??
  25. Avoid Back Surgery by having Bariatric Surgery Instead?
  26. Questions About "Radiofrequency Ablation" ????
  27. Possible Nerve Pain Referred to Knee
  28. Anyone Had a T5 to L5 Fusion?
  29. Lidoderm Patches....TENS unit
  30. Hardware Removal yesterday!
  31. Ladybug - I'm back - my back is still on vacation though...
  32. XLIF info needed
  33. 16 weeks of lower back pain!
  34. Bulging disc VS nerve pain??
  35. Disc Buldge/ nerve pain treatment..
  36. Can you help me read my cervical CT scan, please?
  37. what is neuroforaminal narrowing of the spine related to uncovertebral joint hypertro
  38. Upcoming PLIF fusion surgery L5-S1
  39. spinepak II bone growth stimulator
  40. spondolothesis
  41. Am I the only one that has been told they had a tethered spine
  42. shrinking disc L5S1 but still have pain why?
  43. Advice needed on considering Coflex (study) vs. Fusion
  44. Hello all
  45. Bulging disc
  46. post steroid injection for S1 area....lots of pain, views please
  47. Cymbalta....
  48. pelvic bone removal for my fusion " o u c h "
  49. I fainted and fell into a wall - thoughts?
  50. How Long After Spinal Fusion Can You Drive
  51. Muscles soreness after a microendoscopic Dysectomy
  52. Best hospital in US for degenerative disc pain
  53. Thorasic spinal stenosis, nerve root damage, stroke and blood clot
  54. Why does my spine crack, pop and hurt all the time?
  55. Low-grade fevers, with heart trouble!
  56. more important questions about hardware removal
  57. Lower Back Pain with trouble standing upright
  58. Pepper: Reclining Laptop Desk
  59. Pain like being stuck with a pin in lower back???
  60. Any Ideas: Hip/Buttocks/Lowerback Pain
  61. Crushing pain in my upper back
  62. SI Joint Injection at New PM Dr.
  63. A question a/b annular tear
  64. Spinal Fluid Leak? Abcess? 7 mos. post fusion +long+
  65. can you tie my shoes for me please?
  66. More Frequent and Spreading Spasms/Cramps Again
  67. Can buldging discs cause arm pain and numbness
  68. Pain after fusion
  69. Stinging Sensations on Backs of Thighs
  70. back pain
  71. Severe Chest Pain after Thoracic Fusion
  72. SI JOINT Pain
  73. Leg aches after spinal fusion
  74. retrolisthesis
  75. Need advice on handling L4-L5 spinal fusion with Type 1 diabetes
  76. Office Work vs Labour intensive work
  77. 4 days post op and still pain in my leg
  78. back problem and intestinal area
  79. Strange Question Re:Sciatic Nerve Pain
  80. Post-IDET Update
  81. Nerve pain post surgery
  82. lumbar back fusion at l4/l5 , l5/s1 levels on 2.20.08
  83. Mylogram/ have u had one?
  84. Buldging disc
  85. hole in back
  86. Spinal cord injury from spinal instrumentation after car accident.
  87. post lumbar discectomy foot pain
  88. florida doctors for piriformis syndrome
  89. 7 weeks post micro -d L5-s1 , still having trouble
  90. I'm Back! Can someone read my MRI results?
  91. inflammation when you had discectomy
  92. Nuvasive XLITF
  93. Having MRI Monday to diagnosis numb toes
  94. Messed Up Spine
  95. Severe Leg cramps
  96. Leg pain after L5/S1 fusion
  97. Prolotherapy
  98. Much greater pain following a lumbar nerve block......
  99. ALIf Vs PLIF Do you still get nerve pain with Anterior approach too?
  100. Turn head - upper right back hurts
  101. scoliosis and pain?
  102. Disc between L4 and L5 seems to have disappeared
  103. Persistent left lumbar radiculopathy with large disc fragment L4 L5?
  104. why is it so long to recover from a back fusion?
  105. Newbie - Just had IDET
  106. Where's the pain at when it's cold outside?
  107. Cymbalta withdrawal
  108. Hip pain radiating down back of thigh to back of calf.
  109. fingers in left hand acting funny
  110. thorasic pain and rigid spine in mornings~HELP!
  111. deb53...update
  112. Negative Discogram
  113. what does narrowing and encroachment of the cervical spine mean?
  114. Spinal Decompression DRX-9000?
  115. T5 Burst Fracture - Surgery: 7-Level Thoracic Fusion (T2-T8) - Can You Relate???
  116. Big Toe/Lower Back Pain
  117. why does my right thigh get numb when I walk?
  118. Dose anyone know about the alternative treatment with metal discs? Not ADR.
  119. burning toes
  120. Woke up in severe pain
  121. Laminectomy/Discectomy Update - left leg pain after surgery
  122. severe calf and top of ankle/foot pain ??
  123. What Causes Annular Tears In The Disc Spaces At L4-5 And L5-s1
  124. neck pain and headache
  125. MRI of lumbar spine results please explain
  126. i have an mri report can someone interpret what it means
  127. Severe pain on my middle back area....
  128. sciatica on left side (arg)
  129. wondering about payout
  130. Stopping cymbalta...
  131. leg pain after lumbar fusion
  132. Help!! Straightening of the cervical spine
  133. Anyone know anything about hemangiomas of the spine?
  134. Need Help Reading my MRI
  135. Fall off horse
  136. prognosis when 3 cervical discks are fused
  137. The Chiropractic neck manipulation??????
  138. what causes pain in ilium
  139. Can someone tell me how much pain your spinal fusion was -- really?
  140. Upper Age Limit for Lumbar Fusion with Cage and BMP
  141. Laminectomy and Foraminotomy
  142. life after spinal cord stimulator surgery
  143. back pain caused by prolapse
  144. Help! In alot of pain, don't know where to go anymore
  145. intestinal issues after muscle relaxant drug
  146. Spinal Tumor?
  147. fell about 10ft and back hurts
  148. Update! 10 weeks post-TLIF
  149. Radio frequency ablation and meds
  150. Please can someone HELP!!! My aching back...
  151. Thoracic/Neck weird pain?!?!
  152. L5 back injury causing S1 nerve damage
  153. DDD options?
  154. Tired Of Pain
  155. Epidural Steroid Injection Problem :-(
  156. Compression Fracture at T7... Must I wear a brace?
  157. can anyone help me?
  158. strange one...good/bad/or nothing at all...
  159. baclofen
  160. question about L5-S1 ruptured disc
  161. Cymbalta and Percoet 7.5
  162. Fusion and Snow Skiing
  163. Failed Back Syndrome........
  164. Muscle twitching and little stabby pains in legs?
  165. Chiropractor Screwed Me Up!!
  166. back pain from truckdriving any suggestions?
  167. Pins/needles sensation.. Can back problems cause nerve problems?
  168. Upper Back Pain When Swallowing
  169. How long to heal from a Spinal fusion
  170. Pain in feet????
  171. What's the deal with broken screws??
  172. Cervical/Atlas issues
  173. Back to the Nuro
  174. Joint and nerve pain, pins/needles, numbness,
  175. Update and Topamax question
  176. Has anyone had side effects from taking Lyrica
  177. Degenerative disk disorder an I'm only 27. Is my life over??????
  178. Falling
  179. How long does it take for cervical tissue to heal?
  180. what to take for headaches prior to surgery??
  181. Burning and Tingling left shoulder and left side of face
  182. Has anyone had any type of surgery for torn discs?
  183. Arachnoid Cyst on Spine
  184. long term effects of Neurontin
  185. 1 month post microdiscetomy-Relapse Please Help
  186. 5th time spraining lower back, help?
  187. Something's not right. Complication from injection?
  188. question about post op nerve pain
  189. What causes the sciatica to come and go frequently?
  190. Fracture of T11,T10 and coccyx, and bulging disc at L4 and L5, any advice?
  191. Is sacroiliac belt a good idea?
  192. Artificial disc replacement issues
  193. Pins and needles also sharp pain on spinal area
  194. New Here! Fainted from pain today.
  195. Numbness in legs due to bulging disk:
  196. strained lower back, now seeing a chiro..is this what I should do? more pain now...
  197. Great, Now I am Terrified Of Cauda Equina Syndrome, What to Do???
  198. chronic low back pain
  199. pinched nerve in right hip
  200. Stretching back causes prolonged pins/needles and numbness in fingers
  201. Cortisone shot in back, pain worse!
  202. New foot pain. What's going on?
  203. Cold weather back pain
  204. severe spondylosis
  205. Moderate Bilateral Facet Osteoarthritis
  206. MRI Results...Please help!
  207. I was diagnosed with L4 Spondylolysis - does surgery help?
  208. Bending post fusion?
  209. have abdomnal pain after spinal fusion anybody else
  210. Help! Taking Lyrica and feeling loopy
  211. Can anyone interpret this?
  212. Has anyone taken Lyrica for nerve pain after back surgery?
  213. Lower Back, Lumps or ridges...
  214. Results from Sympathetic nerve block
  215. Question:3 Weeks After L5/S1 Foraminotomy
  216. vascular nerve pain?????????? arachnoiditis??
  217. Update - 5 wks after laminectomy/discectomy
  218. What's the best chair for back sufferers?
  219. Back Pain, How To Pinpoint?
  220. Can you ice after surgery? Please help.
  221. Nerve Pain.....Bad Mood
  222. unbearable lower back pain after fall down a flight of stairs
  223. Bone Density and Fusion Question
  224. Topamax Question
  225. Upper back pain and chest tightness
  226. Epidural Steroid Injections-Male Perspective
  227. hemangiaomas of spine
  228. Sharp pains in back while moving head.
  229. Post op Fusion L 5 and S1, and dynamic stabilization L 4 and 5
  230. what is a conjoined S1 nerve root
  231. Prednisone problems and questions
  232. Feeling worthless
  233. degenerative disc
  234. Pepper - Well Wishes for Your Surgery
  235. Post-Surgical Neuritis? What's up with that?
  236. 2 toes on different feet have gone numb permanently-Help
  237. Doc didn't explain Leg Numbness from back arthritis
  238. slipped disk
  239. How to cure dextroscoliosis
  240. Question on my pain 3 days after laminotomy
  241. Morning upper back pain and hard time breathing
  242. What could be causing my 15 year old's back pain?
  243. hardware removal and arachnoiditis
  244. Pedicle Screws for L5 S1
  245. What causes nonunion?
  246. Left Side Back Pain Over Lower Ribs Inflammation HELP!!!
  247. causes of pars defect
  248. how to unpinch nerves
  249. Help...exercise after spinal fusion
  250. Disc bulge