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  1. Post Discectomy
  2. muscle tension in lower back, left side; corresponding pain in bottom of foot
  3. Surgery was a success and no pain but still walking with a limp
  4. Car ride after microdiscectomy
  5. Anyone been tested for immunological/genetic disease causing your back problems?
  6. 26 female in need of surgery and desperate for advice.
  7. Anyone in there 20's or younger and had surgery?
  8. can't stand up straight
  9. What does sciatica pain feel like?
  10. Pain in the butt!
  11. What does a mylogram show that an MRI can't?
  12. nerve block at emergency room?
  13. Is Cauda Equina Syndrome treatable?
  14. what type of doctor to see
  15. 16 years old and suffering from "chronic back pain" and other back issues...
  16. EMG found 2 pinched nerves - questions re: that and epidural inj.
  17. people, i cannot shave my legs or clip my toe nails again, it is too painful
  18. Radicular Pain & Topamax?
  19. MRI v.close...worried woman question.Reply soon please!
  20. lower back pain
  21. Feet going numb, L-5 problem
  22. Any L5 Pars Fractures out there?
  23. Returning to sports - pars fracture
  24. Nerve pain vs arthritis?
  25. ADR on July 5th plus bone spurs / question about spurs
  26. How to find a spine specialist in your area
  27. Stabbing nerve pain You?
  28. Question about a myelogram
  29. ruptured disk l4 l5 no leg pain just back pain HELP!!!
  30. MedX Problem
  31. small lump under incision?
  32. Great Microdiscectomy!
  33. Walking after microdiscectomy
  34. Post microdiscectomy sleeping
  35. Pins and needles still after microdiscectomy
  36. Neurontin effect on EMG and nerve conduction study
  37. whats the diffrence b/w a regular sterioid epidural injection in the lumbar and a...
  38. DDD->SI->Hip pain?
  39. Transforaminal Lumbar Epidural Steriod Injections
  40. dislocated disk in neck
  41. All knotted up..
  42. vitamin B2 injections?
  43. SSD hearing//I think they're nuts!
  44. Bulging discs?
  45. severe hip and buttocks pain after a year of back pain
  46. Permanent Nerve Pain
  47. Muscle wasting at SI joint
  48. Metal Screws & MRI
  49. what did you DO while recovering?
  50. Scheuerann's (shermans) kyphosis help
  51. I need different opinons on how to deal with Sciatica Pain!
  52. Follow up on epidural Q..Is extreme electrical pain, concentrated on shin/ankle/foot
  53. walking after surgery...
  54. face feels thick
  55. Skin Sensitivity in Feet after Back Fusion Surgery?
  56. Interesting fact about the lumbar spine
  57. Sciatica and itchy foot???
  58. Spinal Cord stimulator and stenosis
  59. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction - numbness in toes/feet?
  60. partial foot drop?
  61. Getting an epidural for two rupturing discs in lumbar , what should i expect? TY
  62. How long do you have incision pain after microdiscectomy?
  63. vicoden OR darvocet (?)
  64. Recovery time after car accident
  65. help painful lump! PLEASE!
  66. Laying down pain
  67. xray results (narrowing of spine) what does this mean?
  68. Back pain years after spinal fusion
  69. SOMEONE? ANYONE? large lump in back
  70. Can Mri Detect Si Joint Problems?
  71. failed fusion anyone not re do it?
  72. Jacuzzi For Back Pain Or Not
  73. Will they postpone surgery if you are sick?
  74. I HATE my numb butt...help!
  75. Anyone else have excruciating pain upon waking every morning?
  76. Foot Drop
  77. Found A Pretty Good Alternative to Medical Insurance!!
  78. Can a pinched nerve "unpinch" itself or does it only get worse?
  79. Epidural or MicroDiscectomy.....?
  80. Any Info On Drop Foot
  81. Help with MRI results??
  82. TLIF surgery
  83. Good Days & Bad Days?? Any Advice...
  84. When COBRA runs out and others wont cover pre-existing condition, What do you do!?!?!
  85. L4/L5 L5/S1 problems
  86. Nursing possible after laminectomy/discectomy?
  87. Failed fusion quesions
  88. Scar tissue following back surgery
  89. 15 weeks after l5 s1 fusion question
  90. Decompressive Laminectomy w/ modified Gill procedure L4-5
  91. What is Laminectomy ?
  92. Orthopedic corset
  93. Topamax and depression
  94. lower back pain, SI discomfort, muscle spasm, l4l5 buldge...who knows???
  95. awful backpain effecting my life :-( long but I need your help!
  96. Vicodin Vs. Ultraset?
  97. unexplained lower back pain? :(
  98. Upper back pain is worsening over time...why?
  99. Help, pain is moving around
  100. Tell me about your microdiscectomy-recovery, etc.
  101. Anyone know any good neurosurgeons in Cleveland/Pittsburgh area please?
  102. Straight Leg Test Vs Femoral Test
  103. SI joint issues - advice please...
  104. Ultrasound to "shatter" bone spurs?
  105. Burning sensation front of hips
  107. How long after microdiscectomy do you have to wear a back brace?
  108. Is the MRI the definitive test?
  109. Dr. Jho-thoracic
  110. Please Help...Burning foot has me in tears
  111. Restrictions after surgery
  112. Is a lot of walking OK 1 1/2 weeks after microdiscectomy?
  113. Third Discectomy...Will it last?
  114. spasms rollercoaster
  115. Cervical MRI report and need help undestanding it.
  116. Posture Fixers
  117. ortho vs neuro?
  118. Fracture Following Spinal Fusion
  119. Weird symptoms/pain
  120. Inflammation following surgery....
  121. Post Surgery Stories .. Life AFTER Fusion (or ANY back procedure)
  122. Any Info On Broken Back Screws ?
  123. Low Low chronic back pain - all scans negative - HELP
  124. Back and lower right quadrant pain
  125. Can sneezing mess things up after surgery?
  126. Tens Unit
  127. Caring for a loved one in pain... the spouse of the chronic pain patient.
  128. Steroid Injections For Scar Tissue???
  129. Buzzing sensation on tip of penis
  130. I NEED HELP...anyone know about 10 level fusions?
  131. Is it OK to wear my back brace laying down?
  132. SI joint block injection today
  133. Back pain(verylow)radiating to buttocks and hips
  134. Can only wear old shoes. New shoes cause back pain
  135. Is there any way to determine a pinched nerve besides MRI?
  136. Fusion or Discectomy??
  137. Ortho Spine Doctor Visit
  138. How claustrophobic is an MRI, really?
  139. tingling in foot
  140. Snowball effect??
  141. Sweating from pain meds
  142. Leg Cramps Bad at Night
  143. Strange Smells?
  144. Post ACDF surgery are Tempurpedic beds good?
  145. Clicking Back Rib
  146. How Long Does It Take For Muscle To Heal After Surgery???
  147. Red line on skin on spine area?????
  148. Leg and foot feel dead.
  149. Muscle spasms after microdiscectomy?
  150. misread MRI?
  151. 3 weeks post -op now and still feeling good?!
  152. After microdiscectomy cutting toenails
  153. Broken pedical screws anyone ?
  154. Wearing a corset after microdiscectomy.
  155. Have you had Endoscopic Discectomy? Microdiscectomy?
  156. Smoking and microdiscectomy soon
  157. Post-surgery microdiscectomy tips please
  158. cortisone for tailbone update
  159. Anyone Here Ever Done McKenzie Therapy?
  160. going to the bathroom a lot?
  161. Muscle spasms - Suggestions???
  162. Post op sciatica pain
  163. How long can a nerve be pinched before there is permanent damage?
  164. Burning pain in left shoulder blade, anyone else??
  165. Disco Results {finally}
  166. sciatica or something else?
  167. Got Fired Today
  168. HELP........Calf Pain/Cramps 1 week after surgery
  169. Harrington Rod 1969
  170. Vicodin, Neurontin, Muscle Relaxer, Prednisone, Injections...
  171. Pain on my left side - please help!
  172. back stiffness?
  173. Help Me!!! I Can Barely Walk !!!!!
  174. General tightness in upper back
  175. 6 Months After Accident- Having lots of Problems!!
  176. Will any Dr. perform surgery on scar tissue?
  177. How Fast Does Scar Tissue Form?
  178. Riding a bike?
  179. Maybe a silly question but... enema???
  180. Question for SEVERE BACK PAIN sufferers/please help
  181. Bulge disk...what is usual treatment?
  182. Something for breakthrough pain
  183. neck/back pain Drs can't find cause
  184. Attorney In Toronto for WSIB
  185. Piece of disc broken off?
  186. Tailbone pain is definately caused by L5-S1 disc protrusion
  187. Question about "collapsed discs?"
  188. Help with reading MRI and....
  189. Drx9000
  190. How many on Topamax?
  191. MedX ????
  192. Neuro Called w/ MRI results-Not So Good, Fusion Time...
  193. Osteophytes, Bone Spurs & Bony Tubercles
  194. Help! ESI injections and headaches!
  195. Nerve Root Block Injection Too concerned..?
  196. laminectomy and discectomy ????
  197. It's been awhile and I need advise!!!
  198. Have horrible pain and EMG showed nothing! Please HELP!
  199. Does anyone know anything about curved spines?
  200. Sciatica - next step
  201. I am getting worse. Pain is now on the right side!!!
  202. Posture support brace
  203. Oh!!! How I Hate Neurontin!!!
  204. 25/female with Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis and other."Sorely" need advice on treatment
  205. For females with problems at L3
  206. Need some info on epidural injections
  207. If not Sciatica....then what?
  208. Does anyone else have numb areas on feet?
  209. Terribly severe foot pain.... Anyone else have it??
  210. Nerve Pain Post-Microdiscectomy
  211. Posterior Annular Tear
  212. Can taking pressure off of the nerve cause muscle spasms?
  213. I think the chiropractor made me worse.
  214. compression fractures - help - advice
  215. Does anyone crack their back?
  216. How long before nerves are badly damaged?
  217. Has anyone heard of Dr Edward Heres new procedure
  218. Two questions: ADR / Pain symptoms
  219. swim without arching back?
  220. Back turning for the worse.
  221. Myelogram side effects
  222. Questions on Topamax and neurontin
  223. cortisone shot for tail bone
  224. Dr. Jho
  225. Lesion on T10
  226. Help I was called for JURY DUTY -
  227. ongoing pain
  228. upper back and neck pain with pressure headaches
  229. Depression from pain, what helps you?
  230. Recliner/Hospital Bed and Sitting
  231. Lower Back Lump - Hot to touch
  232. will it ever go away?
  233. botox injection in butt?
  234. How long does epidural pain relief last for everyone?
  235. forget the doc's i need your help and opinion
  236. How long before you began to feel better after fusion??
  237. Clamshell Brace
  238. Had my appointment today in pgh pa
  239. Thoratic spine prolapse
  240. Anyone taking Robaxin(methocarbamol) as a muscle relaxant?
  241. Tight neck and shoulder muscles causing dizziness
  242. fusion hardware and airport security
  243. Possible Tailbone (coccyx) injury
  244. Finally have date for surgery!
  245. Posterior Lumbar Fusion W/ Spinal Instrumentation L5/S1
  246. Upper back spasms...help! Doctor have no clue!
  247. ? Total back a mess, what is the future?
  248. Tight hamstrings
  249. my legs keep going out any ideas?
  250. Driving after surgery