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  1. L4 L5 spinal fusion
  2. Best therapies for osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, bulging discs
  3. Chronic thoracic back pain!
  4. trial stimulator
  5. three discectomies within a year and sciatica returns!
  6. Please Help Me Understand MRI Report
  7. Microsurgical lumbar laminoplasty? Or open? Seeking opinions
  8. Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF) L5-S1 8 months Post-Op
  9. Post ALIF walking and right leg GAVE OUT!
  10. Help with MRI Lumbar Spine -Report
  11. Using a walker post discectomy, mobility issues
  12. Suggest any home remidies for back pain.
  13. ALIF 2 weeks ago leg still hurts
  14. Need Help Please Understanding MRI Report!!
  15. XLIF Surgery in 2 weeks, I'm 31 and scared!
  16. Bulging, desiccating L5-S1 disc in teen male
  17. 9mm protusion at my L5-S1
  18. Piriformis Syndrome or something else causing back pain?
  19. If its not a herniated disc, then what it is?!
  20. Post-op pain for Posterior Cervical Laminectomy & Foraminotomy
  21. New here- bedridden week 7!
  22. Extreme pain in upper butt
  23. I'm back and worse. Now scared!!
  24. Marrow signal abnormality in lumbar MRI results, please help me to understand?
  25. L5-S1 Discectomy Surgery??
  26. lots of pain in back and lower extremeties for 3 months
  27. herniated disc/sciatica
  28. can someone explain my MRI results please
  29. Mri ??
  30. Please help me understand my MRI report
  31. Synovial cyst in spinal canal
  32. spinal lesions
  33. scar tissue, saline injection?
  34. 3 weeks after micro discectomy and pain at night
  35. Looking for info for husband's back injury
  36. c1 c2 fusion headaches normal?
  37. nerves in legs flutter
  38. L4/5 botched discectomy - who to believe??
  39. C1 c2 cervical Fusion - recovering
  40. MRI Advise and Help...
  41. hemi laminectomy recovery and golf
  42. Disc bulges at l1-l2 and l4-l5 with constant back pain.
  43. L5/S1 Disc injury
  44. ALIF surgery 4 weeks post op
  45. Has Anyone Tried the Egoscue Exercises
  46. T3 T4 injury with fusion in C4 C5
  47. Please help me understand my MRI results
  48. Mri Done and Confused About Results. Can anyone help?
  49. diffuse disk bulge, moderate to severe spinal canal stenosis
  50. The Pain
  51. Need help understanding MRI results
  52. L5S1 with no back pain, but pain in my lower right leg
  53. L5 bilateral discectomy in 2 weeks, nervous
  54. Sciatic recovery and back pain
  55. recovery time for minimally invasive TLIF
  56. Best c1 c2 fusion surgeons? Desperate!
  57. Just been diagnosed Grade 1 spondylolisthesis L5-S1 - back brace and physio?
  58. When does BMP finish growing or fusing?
  59. Forteo and BMP to fuse c1 c2?
  60. L5/S1 Herniation/Injections/Numbness Question
  61. Rhizolysis
  62. Mild Epidural Fibrosis "ABUT" s1 nerve
  63. Trying to find out what all this means;
  64. Hi - Question about Lidoderm Patches
  65. Pain under right side rib cage
  66. herniated disc L5 S1
  67. Pain after Microdisectomy? Any help appreciated!
  68. Bone spurs
  69. ischium pain
  70. furniture after fusion?
  71. Mid back pain
  72. Still in pain
  73. Golf After Fusion?
  74. Undiagnosed Back Pain... Please Help
  75. to be microdiscectomied or not to be?
  76. Minimally invasive lumbar spine surgery?
  77. help deciphering mri and ct readings
  78. L5-S1 root compression or gluteus maximus tear?
  79. Synovial Cyst
  80. terribly annoyed
  81. Rfa injections... do not have!!!
  82. Dr. John Liu, Cedars-Sinai
  83. upper buttock, groin pain - psoas tendon, SI?
  84. Martial arts after a lumbar spinal fusion l5/s1
  85. MRI advice
  86. 1 yr today was my fusion.... hardware removal just scheduled :(
  87. My first MRI for lumbar region, please help me to understand
  88. MRI results on Lower Lumbar of spine
  89. Advice on S1/L5 & L5/L4
  90. Help...
  91. Upper back pain from cough... I think?
  92. UGH please help understanding my MRI!!!!!
  93. MRI results. Need help understanding!
  94. Tricyclic antidepressants for radiculopathy?
  95. Increased pain after hardware removal
  96. steroid injection in si joint
  97. please help in understanding these xray results `
  98. SI Joint Rhizotomy
  99. 2wks post spinal fusion with Aspen Device
  100. Disc's Protrusion's and Congenital Fusion
  101. Leg and back pain 7 months after microdiscectomy
  102. t4 t5 t7 compression and what exercise I can do
  103. X-rays or MRI for Kyphosis Diagnosis?
  104. ACDF C4/C5 8/2011-screws loose year later
  105. Explanation of MRI results
  106. Buzzing sensation along back spinal muscles
  107. What next when pain is bad, doctor says disc not that bad
  108. Pedicle Screws Problems
  109. 13 days post-op & feeling great
  110. can i go back to work after surgery
  111. Microdiscectomy 3 weeks ago and pain just got worse! Help.
  112. Sciatic type pain - no back pain?
  113. Two back surgeries can i return to work as a cop.
  114. MRI Results - Feedback Wanted, Please!
  115. MRI Results after fall & coccyx fracture.
  116. spinal fusion
  117. front of leg above ankle area - cramping
  118. Disc hernia , buzzing
  119. Problems with pain in the butt
  120. Military Neck/Back??
  121. Post-Op Numbness in Leg & Foot
  122. Painful spot on spine and stiff dull burning pain middle of back
  123. side of lower leg/ankle cramping
  124. New here and having Lumbar Laminectomy next week
  125. A long story but maybe someone can give advice...
  126. Scar tissue and drop foot
  127. denied ssi and need help with mri report
  128. 7 weeks post op /questions
  129. small posterior bulge of L5-S1 disc indenting anterior epidural fat
  130. Just got my MRI report back and I don't know what it means ?
  131. 3-week post discectomy questions
  132. what to do when epidurals don't work
  133. MRI Results**URGENT anyone know what this means?
  134. walker or cane post op ?
  135. Pain in leg and weakness and numbness and some tremors, I need help and suggestions.
  136. Bursts of severe pain in foot as nerve regenerates?
  137. Killing nerves to eliminate back pain
  138. Pain Pump: Notice a Diff. During 'Bridge Bolus' Time?
  139. Sex after ALIF fusion
  140. Ive been in pain and I think my doctor minimizes my suffering and he keeps doing it!
  141. anyone emotional after fusion?
  142. hip labrum tears and back pain
  143. Can sciatica pain travel upwards?
  144. Tens unit and spinal cord stimulation implant....Questions
  145. Severe DDD L5-S1
  146. Piriformis Syndrome?
  147. Is moderately severe spinal stenosis dangerous?
  148. Bent after ALIF back fusion
  149. later listhesis of L2 ON L3.
  150. C1-C7 Neck Fusion Surgery
  151. My CT report, will surgery help?
  152. Vertebrae not repairing/growing back
  153. Back pain/annular tear
  154. New here- Question: Fibro vs. back pain? MRI report attached (LONG)Thoughts Pls?
  155. leg pain after lumbar fusion??
  156. Freaking out.
  157. List of Meds Used in Pain Pumps?
  158. 2-level ALIF 6 week post surgery pain
  159. High blood pressure following Epidural Spinal Steroid Shots
  160. L4 - L5 herniation 1.cm help
  161. Help!! Explain my MRI please!... So much pain.
  162. Can someone read my MRI scan
  163. Spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, sciatica, advice needed
  164. treatment for large annular tear in disc?
  165. Undiagnosed upper and lower back pain
  166. MRI findings... Why am I so miserable!
  167. DDD, Osteoarthritis & Spinal Stenosis
  168. Upper Back Pain While Turning Head...
  169. MRI Results
  170. Can't sit, can't stand, confused post ALIF
  171. Back Surgery Recovery time? L5-S1 Fusion
  172. 1 week post L5-S1 ALIF, no back pain, but leg pain
  173. Severe lower back pain a year after surgery
  174. Sciatic nerve or hip issues? Trouble walking and sitting..
  175. HELP Me Please l4 l5 discectomy Active Military
  176. Back muscle knots/posture correction ???
  177. 3 Weeks post op from microdiscectomy L4-L5
  178. SOS/MUA Manipulation Under Anesthesia
  179. For teteri66 AND other SI joint sufferers
  180. I am having a XLIF and a PLIF Compo
  181. Tell me what Im in for!
  182. 3 level ACDF 7/11/12, then lumbar fusion
  183. spinal stenosis and right foot pain
  184. Having a Total Hysterectomy and taking out ovaries which is making my nerve pain craz
  185. lower back pain that radiates down front of right leg
  186. ALIF Spine Surgery
  187. SI joint pain
  188. New to this what should I do
  189. Sciatica in Right Leg
  190. Spinal cord fusion of L4-5 and L5-S1
  191. 4 days after L 4-5 L5-S1 microdiscectomy
  192. Slippage between the vertebrae? Help!
  193. TPI and ESI's... Who had them and does it work, any side effects?
  194. HLA-B*27 positive. Ankylosing Spondylitis???
  195. 4 months post surgery, nightmare returns
  196. Please help me!
  197. advice please/flare up vs reherniation
  198. M6-C disc replacement
  199. Spinal Bleeding?
  200. l5/s1 microdisectomy and lyrica
  201. Cervical Spinal Stenosis, Herniations & 2 MRI's stating different opinions???
  202. 7 Weeks Post MIS TLIF
  203. Back pain MRI result questions
  204. newbie surgery in a week help!!
  205. Pain In/Running Down Left Leg When Standing
  206. How often are your "flare ups" and how long do they typically last?
  207. Worried and need advice
  208. anyone have these symptoms going nuts with leg weakness
  209. plane flight after transforaminal injection
  210. MRI Results showing Lumbar Spinal Stenosis??
  211. Questions about Back MRI what next?
  212. MRI explanation of herniated discs
  213. EMG Results
  214. Don't understand the results of my MRI...Please help!!!
  215. Sports after Lumbar Fusion?
  216. 27 year old /w back pain when bending forward/backward
  217. Lump on Back
  218. Numbness above kneecap (cause ??)
  219. Ouch my Back!
  220. Help with MRI interpretation
  221. Hip and groin pain after discectomy
  222. post lumbar nerve radiofrequency ablation pain
  223. Right middle back pain, pain under right rib cage
  224. Cervical disc herniations (3)
  225. Post-surgery Low Level Laser Treatment?
  226. Cortisone in Tailbone (coccyx)
  227. microscopic lumbar discectomy L5 S1
  228. T11 T12 Thecal Sac compression
  229. saddle numbness and disfunction but not diagnosed CES
  230. Another MRI translation...
  231. Anyone else have returned symptoms after Discectomy?
  232. Numbness of Leg after Slipped Disc Op
  233. SI Joint Pain, Sciatica and Sacrowedgy
  234. Backache - Cephalexin
  235. Plain English MRI explanation
  236. Pain 6 months post microdiscectomy
  237. Mri interpretation please... lumbar spine
  238. insomnia 6 weeks post op l4/5 l5/s1 fusion
  239. Acupuncture, ultrasound, laser therapy, micro current therapy...
  240. S1-L4 spinal fusion
  241. 3rd discectomy or should I just go for a Fusion?
  242. Post op discectomy pain
  243. Anterior Cervical Fusion W/ Bone Graft (installed Atalanti Plate System)
  244. Radiofrequency Ablation
  245. Just had an Anterior Interbody Lumbar Fusion
  246. C4-T4 Fusion: From Bad to Worse-Now What?
  247. Air Pocket in Spinal Cord
  248. help with a MRI reading
  249. I can't sit
  250. L3/L4 Spinal Stenosis-Systemic OA-severe facet arthritis