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  1. Cosytrophin cortisol test question
  2. I have Low T use clomiphene
  3. Possible exogenous cushing's syndrome
  4. Pill to Reduce Size of Tumor
  5. 2 Adenomas
  6. I dont know what my body is doing.
  7. Please help
  8. Help Understanding Thyroid Labs
  9. looking for parathyroid surgery
  10. Failure to Thrive?
  11. Predicting adult height based on bone age
  12. Addisions,hypothyroid, possibly diabetes.
  13. Fluctuating hormone levels - Dr confused
  14. Can Someone Explain The Physiology of This?
  15. help with urinary hormone test results/Lef
  16. Possible pineal gland involvement in sleep disorder?
  17. Question about cortisol labs
  18. Klinefelter Syndrome Query
  19. What are foods you should not eat if you have hypothyroidism?
  20. Hypothyroidism??
  21. Struggling with endocrine problems
  22. CT Scan Contrast Injection
  23. Male Body Development
  24. New to Hashimoto's and pregnant
  25. Both TSH and T4 high, plus low vitamin D and high phosphorus
  26. Help! Dr faxed me FNB results but
  27. CK labs and hypothyroid
  28. Testogel testosterone replacement age 20
  29. Should I cancel the abdominal CT and order a thyroid function test instead?
  30. Help with results - undiagnosed tachycardic
  31. Radioactive Iodide Uptake Risk?
  32. Thyroid toxicity
  33. I need answers
  34. All Symptoms, No Causes - At My Wits End
  35. Pituitary tumour?
  36. Vancouver Island
  37. Contradicting Cortisol Levels
  38. Calcium Issues
  39. Cortisol lecels
  40. ATCH stimulation test
  41. More than a thyroid problem?
  42. Multiple endocrine neoplasia? All signs point to it
  43. Prolactin question
  44. familial hyperparathyroidism (MEN?) would explain SO MUCH
  45. Lab Result Question
  46. Incidental Adrenal Adenoma
  47. Abdominal pain, ketones and back pain
  48. need help with mixed hyper/hypo results
  49. What can I do to be less of an endocrine system mess
  50. Could it be endocrine related?
  51. Parathyroid
  52. parathyroid question
  53. At Wits End ... Many Symptoms ... Advice Appreciated
  54. High LH, high Testeosterone ???
  55. Me possible to have diabetic disorder
  56. Recovering from hyperparathyroidism
  57. Diagnosed hyperparathyroidism. Now test show pth in the normal range?
  58. Virilization
  59. Please help do i have parathyroidism?
  60. Low blood pressure - syncope, severe fatigue
  61. Need guidance....
  62. Oh please help me decipher these values?
  63. what tests needed for painful erections?
  64. High calcium, low PTH
  65. Help! Does this sound familiar?
  66. Do I have another Endocrine Disorder?
  67. CAH or what is this?
  68. costant pain under right rib on right side. worse when I lay down.
  69. HELP: levothyroxine is not helping
  70. I keep thinking I am crazy, but maybe I am not?
  71. What could be causing low estrogen & progesterone in 26 year old woman?
  72. First appt - questions to ask?
  73. diebetes and kidney stones
  74. Suspected Cushings Syndrome but results are false
  75. I am completely unsure what is wrong with me.
  76. Parathyroid problems? Or no? Help!
  77. 5 yr old with central precocious puberty
  78. What do you think of this mess?
  79. What is going on?
  80. Diagnosed with hypothyroidism, now test labs show hyperthyroidism and very high IGF-1
  81. Hyperthyroid with Multi Nodule Goiter.
  82. Lab work - what are your thoughts
  83. Low test post testicular cancer
  84. Sub sternal goiter ? Help
  85. Still no answers, Thyroid, Iodine, Blood Disorder
  86. Adrenal fatigue? Or pituitary weirdness?
  87. very less facial hair and no chest hair... Testosterone is 489. I m 25 years old
  88. Feeling hopeless - what other tests should I be asking for?
  89. adrenal fatigue
  90. Recent onset heavy sweating - thoughts?
  91. What can cause excessive body heat?
  92. Cushings?
  93. Sister in Critical Condition-Please help
  94. Parathyroid surgery needed or not ???
  95. Low FSH and LH and normal Estradiol
  96. Imsomnia - pituitary cyst?! Body shutdown ***
  97. (PLEASE HELP) About My Weird Blood Sugar Test
  98. Thoughts???
  99. adrenal insuffiecency question
  100. Low testosterone
  101. About 3 Simple Test For Adrenal Fatigue?
  102. New! Please Help!!
  103. High testosterone
  104. Most Common Hormone Disorder?
  105. Insulin Resistance
  106. Endocrine Anomoly :D
  107. Confused about Parathyroidism
  108. calcium
  109. Hungry bone syndrome
  110. How long after parathyroid surgery before bone pain stopped
  111. Low estrogen/High testosterone
  112. diabetes and hypoglycemia
  113. Bad Bone Pain Today
  114. Hyper Parathyroid
  115. Hyper Parathyroid
  116. Chronic pancreatitis or something else
  117. Severe Primary IGFD- anyone???
  118. Multiple Symptoms
  119. Constant fatigue... I've had it.
  120. Low saturation level ?
  121. Parathyroid and Negative Ultrasound, Help!
  122. Pth high calcium normal????
  123. Endo appt. today :(
  124. What is making me so hot?
  125. Please can you help me with my test results thankyou
  126. my results - any opinions?
  127. Low testosterone, trouble increasing T-Total
  128. High PTH, Normal calcium, vitamin D low
  129. Low tsh, low free t4, low prolactin!
  130. Bloodwork, symptoms queries. Hyper
  131. High cortisol but can't find the source - pls help
  132. Water retention??
  133. pituitary microadenoma
  134. Nervously waiting on Diagnoses
  135. Low PTH, High calcium?
  136. Swelloned Thymas gland
  137. Possible Cushings Disease?
  138. simultaneous hyperthyroid and hyperparathyroid
  139. what is the relation between low TSH and high PTH?
  140. Desperate
  141. What AILS me?! The big family PUZZLE. You game?
  142. Cushings? Pseudo Cushings? Please help
  143. Endocronology
  144. Low Testosterone & Hypothyroidism
  145. Many symptoms but no diagnosis yet...
  146. My Significant Other's experience with HPT and Surgery
  147. Hyperparathyroidism and PCOS link?
  148. 7 Endocrinologists, No Diagnosis
  149. Frequent Extreme Hunger and Severe Mood Changes When Hungry. What's going on?
  150. Lab results? Anyone else with similar symptoms?
  151. Fat atrophy all over with Nuro issues
  152. high levels of aldosteron
  153. Fatigue, but nothing conclusive
  154. I want to back off Metoprolol and Amlodipine
  155. ultrasound of the thyroid
  156. GH Value - Normal or Low? Confused.
  157. Confusing Hyperparathyroidism Lab Results - Help!
  158. thyroid or not?
  159. Parathyroid history
  160. Low Cortisol 1.60
  161. jack5151
  162. hormonal imbalance, hydronephrosis, polydactyly
  163. What in the world... is this?!?!?
  164. 23, high systolic blood pressure, rapid heart rate, anxiety
  165. Help me get DIAGNOSED PLS! I CAN'T DIE YET :'(
  166. Mayo clinic for Parathyroid surgery???
  167. Hyperparathyroid in Wisconsin
  168. Hypothyroid Symptoms---having a hard time finding a good doctor
  169. Thyroid Fluctuations
  170. Symptoms of an endocrine disorder?
  171. high liver count - extremely worried, please help!
  172. High Cortisol--Any advice?
  173. help - 24 yr. old daughter, poss. Cushings
  174. Looking for anyone who can input on my thyroid unltrasound
  175. So confused...
  176. Why am I so hot all the time?
  177. My cortisol seems...backwards
  178. hyperparathyroid dr. appt
  179. post op parathyroid
  180. abnormal blood tests and health problems,
  181. New PCP needed - GirlySoGroovy?
  182. Having parathyroid surgery next week...question
  183. Parathyroid diagnosis/Dr Los Angeles?
  184. Testosterone low low lh high fsh
  185. low cortisol
  186. Elevated Sedimentation Rate
  187. question about my daughter...
  188. Question about Cushing's Synd. test
  189. hypoparathyroid????
  190. Slow Growth in 15 Year Old Boy
  191. Cortisol tests - 24hr urine/blood/saliva/dexamethazone suppression?
  192. Possible Endocrine Disorder, Strange Symptoms, Dr.'s Confused
  193. Mri
  194. Endo - Blood work
  195. Cushings syndrome??
  196. Fasting for Plasma Cortisol???
  197. Help with test blood results, Testosterone at 135
  198. Testosterone Low
  199. hyperparathyroidism with low PTH?
  200. Need parathyroid surgeon in Texas
  201. Profuse sweating
  202. sharp pain in upper right pain
  203. Pituitary functions - Tumor?
  204. endocrine issue?
  205. High Prolactin levels
  206. Hypothyroid, Just tested for Hashimotos
  207. Parathyroid Surgery
  208. Need Help--Questions
  209. Has anyone ever had a low calcium level, and a elevated PTH level?
  210. possible hyperparathyroidism
  211. Type 1 Diabetes ( low sugar despite not on Insulin )
  212. 2yr old with one kidney and high Thyroid levels
  213. Thyriod Antibodies Negative but TSH is 9.7
  214. MIRP surgeon for hyperparathyroidism
  215. Hyperparathyroidism, Kaiser & MIRP
  216. How bad does it get?
  217. Hyperparathyroid
  218. Cytomel and blood sugar spikes
  219. Pancreas oddness
  220. Potassium / Sodium Levels
  221. What is the best lab to check adrenals?
  222. What is wrong with me?
  223. Soldier in need of help!
  224. About to lose my mind!
  225. Good doctor for hyperparathyroid in MA/NY region?
  226. elevated PTH, normal calcium -- need answers
  227. normal ultrasound, swollen thyroid
  228. I can't help but think these are all related somehow??
  229. Low D and low PTH
  230. multinodular goitres 2rd surgery risks
  231. Wide Range of Symptoms
  232. Test results
  233. First Endocrinologist Appt. What shld I expect?
  234. Is than an endocrine disorder? Please help!
  235. possible cause of hot flashes
  236. Not sure whats going on?
  237. Hypothyroid now hyperthyroid--HELP!!!
  238. What should I do next?
  239. Help with diagnosis?
  240. Blood test
  241. Low hearth rate, and BP 130/60
  242. can low D cause hyperparathyroid symptoms?
  243. i want to grow taller
  244. Adrenaline surges when falling asleep
  245. Waiting for Diagnosis
  246. Need Thyroid Biopsy
  247. Pheochromocytoma / Adrenal tumor?
  248. Can anyone help?
  249. Stumped by Biopsy Report... HELP!!!
  250. I have a Parathyroid Question. My 3rd one is going out, will be 3rd surgery.