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  13. Mother.
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  28. physical & sexual abuse
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  31. New here
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  54. Alcoholic husband hit me after 11 years
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  61. my girlfriend was sexually abused as a kid
  62. Is this abuse?
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  67. I gave my husband herpes
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  72. Regarding the subject of Suicide
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  78. Always wondered if my father abused me
  79. verbal abuse
  80. Waking to sexual activity
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  83. suspect Munchausen by Proxy
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  85. I will never forgive myself.
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  97. life after domestic abuse
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  101. How can an aunt help nephew who is being abused at home
  102. Help/Advice neededASAP -Fentanyl detox, pain pat. abused meds will need meds in futre
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