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  1. Constipation and Mucus
  2. Abdominal Pain for 8 months 24/7/365. Many Tests with no conclusion.
  3. undiagnosed diverticulitis
  4. What is wrong with me?
  5. Bowel Resection post-op question
  6. Clostridium difficile question
  7. "Normal" anus
  8. What are the syptoms of hemmroids?
  9. doc says i got Inflamed intestines
  10. Chronic constipation and sleepy bowel
  11. Help- Doc visits and no diagonsis
  12. Strange bowel movements - mucus?
  13. Help! Hemroid surgery in a week
  14. Bowel movement after colonoscopy?
  15. Normal Bowel Movement?
  16. Well here it goes.. need some help and encouragment !!!
  17. Stapled hemorroidopexy...the aftermath
  18. I Survived Sphincteroplasty Part 7
  19. Miralax
  20. running & other exercises--how it affects my bum
  21. Protruding Hemorrhoid
  22. green bowel movement???
  23. Hemorrhoidectomy Healing Time (Hemorrhoidectomy Alumni)
  24. can't pass a rock hard bowel - need help!
  25. Stapled hemorrhoidopexy - PPH - Stapled hemorrhoidectomy
  26. Constipation and a high fibre diet.
  27. Experience/knowledge of Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation Operation (HALO)?
  28. Passed Huge Stool...Now I Have a Problem
  29. Stomach pains, and Intestinal noises.....
  30. Bowel pain is severe, any ideas?
  31. 35 and diagnosed with Diverticulitis last week
  32. Going home after colonoscopy
  33. Abdominal Pain at waist right side...
  34. Black stools?
  35. Help! Is it sever constipation or worse: fecal impaction?
  36. Vital Signs During Colonoscopy
  37. My experience with anal skin tag, fissure, hemorrhoidectomy
  38. Chronic Constipation
  39. childrens bowel disorders
  40. Anal fissure and childbirth
  41. colon resection and back to work
  42. Anal Boil?
  43. Bowel resection and pregnancy
  44. Anal skin tag surgery- is it as bad as hemorrhoid surgery?
  45. my six yearold is very constipated help
  46. anusitis, fissure, or anal prolapse
  47. 3+ Months Post Sigmoid Colon Resection ???s
  48. Proctitis?
  49. Sphincterotomy didn't work the 1st time
  50. What to do now?! Capsule Endoscopy advice and support
  51. Itchy rectum after bowel movment.
  52. Surgery for Diverticulitis
  53. Soft Stool and Constipation
  54. Anal Fissure and Employment...Any Help?
  55. Bleeding after colonoscopy...
  56. Fecal impaction !!
  57. passing mucus with stool mixed in it!!!
  58. severely constipated and dr doesn't seem to care.
  59. recent colon resection and need help!!!
  60. Pilonidal Cyst -- Post-Surgery Question
  61. Rectal Prolapse-not for the squeamish/long
  62. when to see dr., possible diverticulitis attack?
  63. Diverticulitis Pain Too Severe to Take Please Advise
  64. Issues With My Bowel Movements
  65. What is best chance to cure hemmies?
  66. Anal spasm - itch
  67. How old were you when you had a perforation in the colon due to diverticulitis?
  68. Fever and lower abdominal pain
  69. Small intestine series... barium swallow for Chrons?!
  70. Anyone have an ileus?
  71. Colon Hydrotherapy
  72. Back pain and abdominal gurgling with Chron's. Please help!
  73. Chron's disease plus constipation caused from pain meds???
  74. Chron's disease in the small intestine! Questions
  75. blood, diarrhea, no diagnoses
  76. Totally Discouraged after resection
  77. colonoscopy prep questions
  78. Anyone have acid reflux after bowel resection?
  79. I think that my symptoms are caused from ANUSITIS
  80. Pain meds after bowel resection
  81. Diverticulitis occurs on 1st day of menstrual cycle & Same Time of Year
  82. proctalgia fugax
  83. Hemorrhoid near vagina?
  84. 6 months and counting pain after bowel resection how much longer
  85. 6 months abd counting pain after bowel resection how much longer
  86. Anyone experience adverse effects from pelvic radiation for rectal ca?
  87. Diverticulitis, fistulas and surgery, oh my
  88. husband had colon resection 8 months ago can it be diverticulitis again?
  89. what the heck is this??
  90. Bowel Resection: four days post op
  91. constipation and frequent urination
  92. Celiac symptoms + wheat "allergy" & low b12/d
  93. Thanks for the advice - glad I had a CT
  94. Meals thread for bowel health -anusitis
  95. Newly diagnosed with diverticulitis
  96. Lump in lower abdomin due to Constipation ?
  97. Large Bowel Obstruction - Anyone know anything about this?
  98. Mucus in Stool
  99. stool concerns/diarrhea
  100. Constipation & Stool Withholding in Children
  101. Need advice for fissures 6 weeks after Hemorrhoidectomy!!
  102. Why is it after i eat i poop?
  103. upcoming colon resection
  104. Having diarrhea more frequently...usually at night
  105. Bloated problems........help???
  106. Constipated and frustrated
  107. Tenderness Lower Abdomen And Cramping
  108. Black Stool
  109. internal perineum pain - post-op sigmoid colon resection
  110. Have you tried to go Gluten free?
  111. stool/blood issue
  112. Can Someone Give Me Some Insight
  113. Hard Time Going Poop
  114. Monkey here again!
  115. Mucus around feces
  116. how sitz-bath helps in anal fissure
  117. Help, Please. Not too sure what is going on....
  118. Did You Have Stomach Cramps/Pains After Colonoscopy And Endoscopy?
  119. Bowel problems
  120. H Pylori- stomach bacteria- just diagnosed- help
  121. doctor for IBS
  122. fluid around bowel
  123. Diarrhea and antibiotics??
  124. Post-op Bowel Resection Surgery
  125. Inflammatory Bowel Disease....
  126. Question about Post Resection Bowel Movemements
  127. Is loose bowels and thyroid problems related?
  128. descending perineum syndrome
  129. Bowel issues
  130. bowel disorder
  131. anal abscess with black spot
  132. Strange Stomach Problems
  133. Urgency to go to the bathroom!
  134. Leaky butt? Don't know how else to describe it...
  135. is this diverticular?
  136. pain in the bum with odd pooing
  137. diverticulosis
  138. Why do I have a constant feeling of having to defecate after some constipation?
  139. Excessive flatulence AFTER going to the washroom
  140. Sulphur Burp/Vomiting Getting Worse
  141. Soft Stool for as long as I can remember Help Please
  142. Explosive bowel movements!!!!!!
  143. sigmoid resection
  144. Anal fistula
  145. Why does my stomach always hurt
  146. Anyone here have tortuous colon?
  147. New Member and Help with a Bowel Problem...
  148. Bowel Problems Post Appendectomy
  149. Perforated bowel?
  150. Impending PPH Surgery - not fixing the fissures at the same time
  151. bowel resection post-op instructions?
  152. Virtual Colonoscopy?
  153. I have a bubble on my anus today which is scary!
  154. nervous diarrhoea
  155. diarrhea for 7 days now
  156. what is wrong when my poop comes out clear
  157. Hemorrhoidectomy aftercare questions
  158. Concerned over potential hereditary bowel cancer
  159. Skinny loose stools
  160. Had banding done for hemroids yesterday 19-02-08.
  161. whats wrong when you poop blood
  162. Quite Frankly--scared
  163. H Pylori to Acid Reflux to Stomach cramps. Taking Protonix and Reglan.
  164. my doctor order a bone scan for sacroiliitis
  165. What does diverticulitis feel like?
  166. grinding stomach
  167. More Colon-Resection Related Questions
  168. anal fissure...... any advice?
  169. Pain in upper left leg next to anus
  170. Pale colored stool? Please help!
  171. Need someone with you 1st nite after colon resection?
  172. What's causing her bloody stools?
  173. Bloated for hours after small meal.
  174. Ok to take ibuprofen before colon resection??
  175. colon resection constipation
  176. Colon Resection: ScaredyCat needs help/has ??s
  177. Colon Resection: ScaredyCat needs help/has ??s
  178. Help and advise needed please
  179. Brown mucus after bowel movement - Concerned!
  180. Can the Flu cause Bowel movement problems?
  181. Anal Exam2
  182. Probiotics?
  183. Constant diarrhea
  184. Divertilitis
  185. Short Bowel Syndrome
  186. anal fissure surgery soon, cost?
  187. hemmorroidectomy pain help!!
  188. HELP!Does anyone have bowel "attacks"?
  189. pus in my stools
  190. LOTS of blood with bowel movements for past week-scared
  191. Small bowel obstruction?
  192. Sudden onset diarrhea :(
  193. Thrombosed hemorrhoid surgery
  194. what effect will diarrhea have on a medication absorbed in the small intestine
  195. should i use ice AND sitz baths for thrombosed hemorrhoids?
  196. Anal fissure help/advice urgently needed
  197. Abnormal Bowel Movements
  198. Rectal Fissure and Fistula HELP!!!!!!
  199. On/Off Severe Pain, Nausea, Anxiety(ish)
  200. Giardia infection
  201. Bowel Help... Hemorrhoids?
  202. Stapling Hemroid Surgery Vs. Hemorrhoidectomy - Experiences? Worried...
  203. My Colon Re-section Surgery details!
  204. Cramping, gripes 8 hrs. after eating a meal
  205. mysterious serious bowel symptoms
  206. Help! No bowel control ruining my life!
  207. lower back pain
  208. what causes constant diarrhea
  209. Recovering from hemorhoid surgery.
  210. Questions about Barium enema. Really Scared
  211. Surgery for Fissure
  212. 1st colonoscopy
  213. Upcoming Sphincteroplasty
  214. colon resection
  215. feel like i want to poo but cant
  216. Hemorrhoid, Rubber Band Ligation. Have A Few Questions.
  217. Barium enema & IBS???
  218. Bowel Resection Friday the 25th.Any advice?
  219. hemorrhoids (sp?) after reversal?
  220. How many days after a colonoscopy b4 you had a BM?
  221. I have a hemorrhoid that appears to have a blood blister on it!
  222. Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy (PPH) and prolonged diarrhea
  223. Rectal Cancer Survivor, resection July 2004; bowel symptoms today
  224. How long do external hemorrhoids last?
  225. strange sensation when sitting. Flat stool
  226. frequent small hard bowel movments
  227. Blood in/on stool...no insurance..please give me advice :(
  228. Anyone have any experience with Diverticulitis?
  229. do doctors ever stitch anal tears
  230. nonspecific colitis?
  231. 5 to 7 Bowel Movements per day, I am a hostage
  232. Am I too Young?
  233. Clear slimy discharge
  234. how long can i go with a thrombosis hemorrhoid
  235. the mystery of my bowels.
  236. Rectal Itching
  237. Bowel Perforation
  238. Seton for rectal fistula
  239. intestinal pain and nausea, malaise for a month? docs useless!
  240. 6days post-op hemorrhoidectomy and I thank the members of this site
  241. Frequent bowel movements
  242. Anal Exam
  243. Gas pains for 2 weeks, Minor cramps, and Ribbon like stool. Still no solution
  244. Red bump on inner cheek
  245. "Rapid Gastric Emptying" without surgery
  246. lumpy stool with white thick thread in it
  247. Anal fissure
  248. Getting nervous..... lot's of blood in the toilet bowl
  249. Recovery After Hemmorrhoids And Polyp Removel
  250. Slow Transit Constipation