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  1. Father in law with Hypodense Lesions of Liver
  2. Pancreatic cancer
  3. Liver lesion
  4. Lab results and indicators of PC
  5. Pancreatic cancer and twitching
  6. Husband with dilated bile ducts
  7. These symptoms before your PC diagnosis? EUS tomorrow
  8. Incidental liver lesion on contrast CT. Invisible on ultrasound.
  9. Terrified!
  10. Could it be pancreatic cancer?
  11. Getting a little worried
  12. liver pain?
  13. Strange symptoms
  14. What were your symptoms before being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer?
  15. Pancreatitis - possible misdiagnosis?
  16. Pancreatic concerns
  17. So Scared !!
  18. Worried
  19. Unwell,Worried and no insurance,
  20. 27 year old Help! Worried about Pancreatic Cancer
  21. Husband with stage 4 pancreatic is throwing up dark bile
  22. Liver and pancreatic cancer and diabetic
  23. HELP!!! 20 year old Male
  24. Pancreatic cancer in the tail
  25. Pancreatic Cancer Fear - Please calm my nerves ...
  26. 6 months of pain and weight loss = no diagnosis
  27. Internal Bleeding and High Lipase Levels
  28. My dad lives alone with stage 4 pancreatic cancer
  29. Could it be Pancreatic Cancer?
  30. advice needed
  31. Gallbladder fossa? High anxiety.
  32. Husband's symptoms/ stomach pain
  33. Liver Lesion ... Indeterminate mass of 1.5 cms!
  34. hypochondria or not? scared - my doctors does not help
  35. Precancerous common bile duct cyst + pancreas IPMNs - HELP
  36. Support and questions
  37. Diabetes》Pancreatic cancer?
  38. Pancreatic cancer, huge concern. Please help
  39. why am i being referred to a specialist?
  40. Wait 6 months for another MRI??
  41. Effient
  42. How successful is tumor surgery?
  43. Left side or right side?
  44. Crazy or just concerned?
  45. Primary Liver Cancer Clinical Trial
  46. Many symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer and
  47. Pancreatic cancer - help
  48. Back Pain
  49. Itchy skin - liver and gallbladder tests are fine. Pancreas??
  50. Mrcp
  51. So scared it might be cancer...
  52. very worried wife
  53. Symptoms are back again...
  54. Symptoms in 86yr old mother
  55. Could diagnosis be wrong?
  56. Literally Playing with MY LIFE, And IT'S OVER NOW, Thanks, mom
  57. I believe I have pancreatic cancer..
  58. Off & on severe upper abdominal pain, constant burping, swollen liver. is it cancer?
  59. Could this be pancreatic cancer - (very anxious)?
  60. Is my lipase level of 182 high? Or is this normal? constant pain under right rib area
  61. Not sure what to do
  62. pancreatic cancer?
  63. Bile Duct Cancer
  64. My Mom
  65. Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer - Question
  66. Where is pancreatic pain felt at
  67. Is it Chirrosis? Liver Cancer? other? Help!
  68. Am I already beyond hope?
  69. stage 4 pancriatic cancer
  70. PC symptom?
  71. I need advice please... what to do next?
  72. scared A CTScan 4 months ago missed Pancreatic Cancer
  73. help understanding please
  74. Stage 4 and counting
  75. new member
  76. Opinions Please
  77. Help!! I'm so confused. Possible cancer?
  78. multiple giant liver hemangiomas
  79. My dad is in hospice care
  80. Do my hands look healthy?
  81. Hi everyone! Introducing myself...
  82. After a Whipple for pancreatic cancer
  83. My Oncologist found an 8mm spot in my liver
  84. Hiccup on pancreatic cancer
  85. Liver Cancer
  86. Scared about liver cancer.
  87. Could this be pancreatic cancer?
  88. Aftermath of pancreatic surgery
  89. Update
  90. Cancer of pancreas or Bile duct?? help
  91. Diagnosed Pancreatic Mass
  92. Pancreatic Cancer
  93. Is Radiation after Chemo. needed w/no tumor found ?
  94. Can someone tell me about fistula's?
  95. Concerned about having pc
  96. Concerned about Liver Spots
  97. Pancreatitis or Pancreatic Cancer?
  98. Is Pancreatic cancer hereditary?
  99. Ultrasound?
  100. plz help
  101. 5cm hard immovable lump in groin and pain down leg
  102. Questions about pancreatic cancer
  103. Pancreatic Cancer and Escozul
  104. my mama has breast cancer spread to her liver
  105. What is this pain!
  106. My Mom had Whipple 3 months ago
  107. Pancreatic pain?
  108. Liver lesions after Pancreatic Cancer with Whipple surgery, Chemo & Radiation- HELP
  109. help with mri report
  110. just diagnosed I'm an 8 and it's weird and I'm freaked
  111. just diagnosed I'm an 8 and it's weird and I'm freaked
  112. Liver MRI
  113. pancreatic cancer???.please help
  114. Possible pancreas or spleen problems?
  115. I'm worried
  116. Pancreatic Cancer
  117. Liver Lesion question?
  118. worried that i have pancrease cancer
  119. Pancreatic cancer?
  120. My dad has pancreatic cancer
  121. Frightened its Pancreatic Cancer
  122. liver cancer
  123. Pancreatic tumor
  124. Liver masses found
  125. Father diagnosed with Liver Cancer this week with only 2 weeks to live.
  126. 20 yr old worried about (FHC) liver cancer
  127. Possible Liver Cancer
  128. 17 year old fear of pancreas cancer
  129. In hospice: What to expect?
  130. Fatty Liver Disease turning into Liver Cancer?
  131. Complete panic and devastation
  132. do nodules turn into cancer?
  133. Whipple Surgery Complications
  134. mom diag/IV pan mast to liver
  135. A sign from beyond after my dad's passing...
  136. Pancreatic Cancer Survivor
  137. Pancreatic Cancer symptoms?
  138. Could my boyfriend have pancreatic cancer? I'm so worried! PLEASE HELP!
  139. Could my boyfriend have pancreatic cancer? I'm so worried!PLEASE HELP!
  140. Mom's terminal PC - is it the cancer or drugs making her act this way??
  141. Dad has end stage pancreatic cancer with liver mets....is quantity better the quality
  142. Pancreatic cysts
  143. Friend with Pancreatic Cancer
  144. Grandma has pancreatic cancer
  145. How much longer? PC
  146. Pancreatic Cyst-CEA very high
  147. could this be pancreatic related ?
  148. Final Stages Questions ----You all are the best!!
  149. Type 1 Diabetes & Pancreatic Cancer
  150. problems after whipple's surgery
  151. Pancreatic cancer
  152. husband in end-stage pancreatic cancer
  153. So worried about my mom
  154. When to seek hospice care
  155. I have secondary liver cancer...
  156. Pancreatic C stage 4 but doing well?
  157. Terminal Liver cancer- what are the signs it's nearly over?
  158. HELP ME! 17-year old worried about pancreatic cancer!
  159. 77 Year Old with Pancreatic Cancer
  160. Looking for help...
  161. average life expectancy
  162. Stage 2/3 pancreatic cancer
  163. Liver Cancer
  164. Terminal Pancreatic Cancer
  165. Unusual symptoms after liver resection
  166. Advice/Spots on Liver and Pancreas
  167. Removed my pancreas, spleen & other organs
  168. dying from liver cancer
  169. Pancreatic Cancer / Adenocarcinoma
  170. liver cancer... where are we?
  171. pancreatic cancer what to expect
  172. Pancreatic Cancer worry? Any advice.
  173. Liver cancer - 6 months to live
  174. pancreatic cancer
  175. 77 Year old Mother diagnosed with 14mm tumor in Pancreas.
  176. What are the Final stages of pancreatic cancer??
  177. Questions about Pancreatic Cancer
  178. final stage of pancreatic cancer
  179. EXTREMELY scared my mom may have pancreatic cancer...
  180. Advice on pancreatic cancer life expectancy please
  181. death from colon or liver cancer
  182. Mother PC stage III not operable
  183. Liver Cancer....
  184. how long does a person with pancreatic cancer live
  185. Dying from liver cancer
  186. paqncreatic cancer/high bilirubin levels
  187. Friend's Liver Cancer Diagnosis
  188. Pancreatic Cancer Final Stages
  189. I'm dying from lung and liver cancer
  190. I have Lung and Liver cancer
  191. Can advance liver cancer be cured???
  192. pancreatic cancer how long to live
  193. Mother into fourth month of pancreatic cancer
  194. Mother into fourth month of pancreatic cancer
  195. how long u could live with pancreatic cancer
  196. Pancreatic Cancer?
  197. Was my mom at the end of liver cancer
  198. Was my mom at the end of liver cancer
  199. pancreas cancer/escozul???
  200. Can chemothrapy aid in stage 4 pancreatic cancer?
  201. 17 month survivor of lung, and liver cancer... ?
  202. Pancreatic cancer
  203. pancreatic cancer question
  204. Is it liver cancer ???
  205. final stage of liver cancer
  206. My brother may have liver cancer, does doctor have to tell him?
  207. End Stage Liver Cancer
  208. pancreatic cancer
  209. Pancreatic cancer boyfriend has shut me out completely
  210. pancreatic cancer and blood clots??
  211. end stage pancreatic cancer what to expect
  212. how long will you live with pancreatic cancer
  213. Possibility of Pancreatic Cancer (Please help)
  214. Liver Cancer
  215. pancreatic cancer yes or no
  216. pancreatic cancer
  217. Looking for a Diagnois. Could it be panc or liver cancer?
  218. pancreatic cancer end stage what to expect
  219. diabetes & pancreatic cancer
  220. do children get pancreatic cancer
  221. Secondary liver cancer, no primary found.
  222. my friends mum has just been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer, what can I do to help?
  223. end stages of pancreatic cancer
  224. Re: pancreatic cancer
  225. need information and support (pancreatic cancer)
  226. terminal liver cancer
  227. Questions about Pancreatic Cancer
  228. Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer
  229. End stage liver cancer
  230. test for pancreatic cancer
  231. End Stage Pancreatic cancer, What to expect
  232. Feedback needed re:pancreatic cancer
  233. Pancreatic cancer stage 4
  234. Best Hospitals for Pancreatic Cancer?
  235. Pancreatic Cancer and Diabetes
  236. Pancreatic Cancer
  237. Terminal Liver cancer
  238. My grandpop was just given 3 weeks to live..Liver cancer...
  239. how long can you live with pancreatic cancer
  240. End stage liver cancer
  241. Liver Cancer
  242. pancreatic cancer
  243. Liver cancer calcified???
  244. questions about liver cancer
  245. how long does one have to live with pancreatic cancer
  246. pancreatic cancer
  247. Is it even POSSIBLE for a teenager to get pancreatic cancer?
  248. Can a 14 year old have pancreatic cancer???
  249. Do Teens Get Pancreatic Cancer?
  250. Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms?