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  1. Undiagnosed condition: Two+ years in the making. Need advice
  2. Encephalomalacia After Stroke
  3. MRI help needed
  4. amaurosis fugax
  5. Habit
  6. Fast moving thoughts /heavy body feeling
  7. Constantly feeling drunk but am sober
  8. pins and needles
  9. Help me! Undiagnosed symptoms. Losing hope.
  10. Non-stop headaches unlike anything I've experienced before!
  11. Pseudotumor Cerebri(IIH)---Shunts
  12. Brain wave
  13. Nerve problems?
  14. Strange symptoms?
  15. Cannot Sit Down without Migraine Occurring/Extreme Head Pressure
  16. Dizziness insomnia and constant brain fog
  17. Couldn't move thumb or index finger temporarily.
  18. Please help me read my MRI Scan images
  19. MRI Results - 8mm lesions
  20. Considering surgery - my MRI -Your Evaluation-Interpretation
  21. Looking for answers ...
  22. I feel like I don't exist ...
  23. Right side of face feels different
  24. Brain Neurological Disorder Undiagnosed after Many Many Years. Please Help!
  25. Early Dementia Signs at 23-Klonopin or Due to Other Illness?
  26. Anyone here go through nerve/vein burning due to Omnipaque contrast dye injection?
  27. What causes very low blood sodium to very high blood sodium?
  28. ICP (Cranial Pressure)?
  29. Cramps and terrible pain in intestines? in the middle of night
  30. Artane????
  31. Foot burning sensation
  32. HELP!I make a humming sound involuntarily every time I'm about to fall asleep.
  33. Electric shock sensations through body and really loud buzz sound
  34. Spasticity or Dystonia
  35. Is this something or nothing - Feel like I'm going crazy.
  36. Seeking Help with my childs Illness
  37. loss of eyesight
  38. chronic motor tics
  39. Meningitis from contaminated rod/screws in back?
  40. Confused
  41. Arachnoid Cyst Support Group
  42. Brain fog, depression, anxiety, detached feeling.
  43. Sleeping 24 hours after stroke
  44. Alpha rhythm Dyslexia
  45. Im so scared! Can someone please help!
  46. In the process of being diagnosed with Pseudotumor Cerebri
  47. Nerve damage in back, concussion, etc.
  48. Is it Wilsons disease possibly?
  49. Post kidney surgery difficulties with speech and reading comprehension
  50. Question about tics ...
  51. intracranial hypertension, ibs, maybe an endocrine problem?
  52. Tia
  53. Need help to understand my MRI result please
  54. Sister was diagnosed with vestibular neuritis
  55. Problems with health, I need opinions.
  56. Baclofen Sudden Withdrawl, Worried
  57. Tingling left side of head and low BP
  58. What does this MRI say? Do I have MS? I'm going downhill fast.
  59. Need serious help
  60. Hydrocephalus
  61. chronic stomach and chest tightness
  62. Strange kind of trauma after accident
  63. Miserable for 10 years unidentified disease
  64. Brain tests
  65. Rocking/swaying all the time
  66. Weird body
  67. Feeling like I've hit a dead end. Help!
  68. 1 second brain shut down
  69. Dull feeling on the left side of my head
  70. Severe chronic pain
  71. 5 months of hell
  72. Opiod induced leukoencephalopathy
  73. MRI-Microvascular ischemic demyelination
  74. Severe Motion sickness progressively getting worse
  75. Strange and disturbing symptom
  76. Afraid of Alcohol and Cigarette (tobaco) interference with SSRI's
  77. Please Help ... Feeling spaced out, surreal, fatigued, everything seems different
  78. What happened
  79. Dad of two boys needs help
  80. Spasms on the brain
  81. New symptoms
  82. neck pain and headaches
  83. brain fog
  84. Cerebellum Atrophy
  85. left brain stroke
  86. Anxious about Huntington's Disease
  87. Weird symptom - not sure what to do
  88. Looking for a neurologist in So. Calif.
  89. Healthy 34 year old having sudden issues. Doctors clueless.
  90. Multiple focal lesions bilaterally
  91. Trying to get answers, multiple symptoms
  92. major intracranial arterial flow voids appear to be present
  93. Brain disorder, Lyme or something else?
  94. Head pain, ear pain & possible seizures
  95. Medical Imaging Results Help.
  96. Constant 2 Year Brain Fog - Ear Related?
  97. Brain Eating Amoebas
  98. Head pressure as a side effect and brain shakes
  99. Tingling numbness started on left ear
  100. Please read...
  101. Burning feeling in my head
  102. Newbie - Recovering From A Brain Bleed From A Car Accident
  103. Stroke
  104. Feel like I'm stoned - surreal vision
  105. CT-Scan Brain
  106. Near Fainting Due to Vagus Nerve also with Umbilical Hernia
  107. upper lip spasms when blinking.
  108. Numb Leg
  109. Pineal Cyst 1.5 cm
  110. Don't understand my ct results/condition that I have
  111. Eyesight problem
  112. Weird reaction to alcohol. Anyone experienced this before?
  113. Weird, scary, pressure in head; feels like I'm going to lose conscious.
  114. Please help, mum of 4 at the end of the line
  115. question for post chiari decompression patients
  116. Brain Fog, neuropathy, confusion, anxiety
  117. Pounding in brain left side like heart beat
  118. Strange happenings in sleep
  119. Rooibos tea for better sleep
  120. Plegridy
  121. Confusing test results ... please advise.
  122. Brain fog - low heart rate - neck pain - sore eyes
  123. base of head and neurological problems
  124. what could be the cause of these neurological symptoms?
  125. Increased Intracranial Pressure stent and depression?
  126. Prolonged Twitching & Headaches - Please Help
  127. Chiari decompression questions
  128. Itching Brain
  129. Arnold Chiari Malformation
  130. Memory Loss after surgery
  131. To fourth nerve palsy survivors/experts only!
  132. cerebral atrophy of frontal lobe
  133. vibrating inside after eating and sleeping
  134. Head vibrations
  135. Where are my labyrinthitis sufferers?
  136. Labyrinthitis Update!! 8 months in ...
  137. Brain surgery
  138. mri of brain without contrast
  139. Just been diagnosed with Acoustic Neuroma
  140. hydrocephalus
  141. Had my MRI scan this morning
  142. Another mystery illness...
  143. My Brain Has Been Rewired And Turned Off. Please Help Me Recover It.
  144. spot on brain
  145. Mystery illness, docs have no answers :( Any suggestions?
  146. Something i've noticed over these past 2 years.
  147. Desperately needing to see a neurologist for dystonia, no luck
  148. Labyrinthitis - 4 months
  149. Brain fog cognitive impairment
  150. Head pressure/dizziness/head fog
  151. Please somebody help me out (neuro, muscular, bone)
  152. Facial numbness/head pressure
  153. My brain is popping
  154. my brain is shutting down
  155. This is not good at all ... I'm scared
  156. Brain malfunctioning impacts whole body systems
  157. Something very wrong going on
  158. Imbalance with tingling
  159. Absent cavum septum pellucidum
  160. Black holes on brain
  161. vp shunt
  162. noise in my brain
  163. Can vestibular neuritis make you feel weak?
  164. question about ct scan finding
  165. Feel like somethong abnormal in the brain
  166. Dissection in Carotid Artery Questions
  167. i get them all the time!
  168. Vagal nerve problems...need help
  169. Myoclonic jerking and tics, please help!
  170. help with my mri
  171. Two year long mystery. Maybe someone can shed some light.
  172. Head twitching?
  173. Brain Aneurysm
  174. Help Please :(
  175. MRI results
  176. White matter disease
  177. encephalitis
  178. whats wrong with me??
  179. My insurance denied my brain MRI
  180. Intermittent pains in different parts of my brain/skull for 3 weeks now.
  181. Need some help
  182. Nerves in Neck Seem Messed Up
  183. symptoms appear to be returning after 3yrs
  184. nervous system going out of wack ang getting worse!can someone relate?D;
  185. strange brain problem
  186. I need answers!
  187. Eyes and nervous system... ????
  188. Doing my head in
  189. I can't go on - Head Pressure/Rush spells with palls
  190. Right thalamic AVM
  191. numb tongue after a seizure
  192. body twitches like hypnic jerks while awake
  193. My grandfather cerebral hemorrhage,please help me
  194. PLEASE HELP. Enlarged root nerves of spine
  195. Strong/ unbearable vibrations in head
  196. Is this Chiari? My brain MRI
  197. 5 HTP or l-tryptophan for depression
  198. Brain Fog
  199. What now? I'm confused....
  200. Brain, cervical & thoracic MRI result, help!
  201. Possible CFS leak?
  202. Suffering for 7 months [Dizziness/Hotflashes/Hunger/Fatigue] Possible Dysautonomia?
  203. Right Frontal Lobe sliding down?
  204. Strange sharp sensation in head , had Syncope fainting 45 days before
  205. Daughter had brain abscess and edema
  206. Blank Mind/Devastating Cognitive Lethargy
  207. Strange Tingling/Twitches/Tremors...
  208. Thinning of the brain?
  209. Strange eye and muscle symptoms!!
  210. undiagnosed: dr"s say might be fibro
  211. Car Accident now constipation and itching
  212. Body vibtration while at rest
  213. Dizziness on right side of head
  214. MRI: Cannot Rule Out Low Grade Glioma
  215. Could I have a seizure in my sleep?
  216. MRI report on Brain... Means?
  217. i need help for cerebral atropy in infants
  218. Is this CADASIL?
  219. TWO Mentally Retarded Cousins
  220. Burning Sensation everywhere among other things
  221. Confussed and scared: 36y female MRI revealed Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
  222. Please Help!!! Doctors Do Not Know What is Wrong w/Me!!!
  223. How do I convince myself that it's not brain tumor?
  224. What could this be?
  225. Pain on the entire right side of body
  226. Sudden pressure, headache, aphasia
  227. Lack of focus, light sensitivity, zoning out...
  228. Whole body nerve pain
  229. Concentration problems
  230. Eye exam will reveal HIGH pressure cerebral fluid
  231. I'm so confused. Numbness in head, twitching, pressure in the roof of my mouth.
  232. Dizziness and imbalance
  233. Pressure in one side of head and arms
  234. Neurologist won't take me seriously
  235. Head presure
  236. Madstroid bones.
  237. Can't adjust to tempeture
  238. Lightheaded, dizzy, unable to concentrate, weird vision
  239. shivery sensation from temple to the top of my head
  240. Dural avm fistula
  241. Burning itching pain
  242. Presure in head
  243. All my senses alterd
  244. Severe pain can't sleep
  245. Please help
  246. Head presure
  247. Loss of equilibrium
  248. Now difficulty swallowing
  249. Do I have Chiari? Plz help
  250. Brain damage due to low sodium