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  1. Follicular Lymphoma - Duodenal Type
  2. DH lung ca met suspected but Sarcoma instead
  3. 18 months to live
  4. 107 stomach polyps
  5. Left supraclavicular lymph node
  6. What to eat during chemo?
  7. mgus test results
  8. PICC line and armpit pain
  9. Feeling so overwhelmed
  10. Should I be concerned or not?? Doc wants more testing
  11. Painful lump, very fast growing (3 days), now at 2 ish cm, PLEASE HELP I'm scared
  12. Can lumps come and go?
  13. Cancer Progress Report 2017
  14. Ovarian or endocrine problem?
  15. Blood Cancer?
  16. What should I do next?
  17. Asbestos
  18. Trouble diagnosing, maybe a blood cancer?
  19. Gemcitabine Side Effects.
  20. Deviated septum or cancerous
  21. Node found between abdominal wall - thoughts?
  22. Gerson Therapy Center
  23. Should I be worried?
  24. Help reading MRI of Neck
  25. Extremely worried about lump in upper abdomen
  26. Should I be concerned
  27. Mildy enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes
  28. Nodule : What type of doctor do I go to?
  29. Trace of Tiny Paraprotein
  30. Could this be cancer?
  31. Scared, anxious for results
  32. Worried about palpable supracalvicular lymph nodes
  33. Am I out of line?
  34. ESR Sed Rate
  35. Total protein high
  36. What to expect on my first Dermatologist appointment ?
  37. 5CM Mass Upper Extremity
  38. worried
  39. Does longer than normal wait times for a Bone marrow biopsy mean something?
  40. Parotid gland lesion
  41. CT scan diagnosis tumor
  42. Small pea sized lump along perenium crease
  43. M Protein
  44. Hard immovable lump for 4 years and swollen lymph nodes
  45. Can a cancerous tumour stay the same size for years?
  46. If a lump doesn't grow in 4 years can it still be cancerous?
  47. Concerned about reoccurring cancer
  48. New and scared
  49. Can enlarged lymph nodes be benign???
  50. Cancer thoughts .. very concerned
  51. Dermoid cyst with cancer cell
  52. Lymph nodes everywhere and stomach pains?
  53. Do cancer survivers sometimes become paranoid about getting it again?
  54. Cyst on ear
  55. Nasal Cancer?
  56. Thyroid Cancer (papillary carcinoma)
  57. Radiation treatments in 1950s
  58. Myeloma Treatments
  59. Mouth not opening wide
  60. Carcinoid/NeuroEndocrine Tumor. Advice.
  61. What could this mean?
  62. World upside down maybe cancer too?
  63. lucencies in bones are these indices of early Myeloma
  64. High CgA, Could this be an answer?
  65. Post radiation for head and neck
  66. kidney cancer?
  67. Why cant chemo cure stage 4 cancers?
  68. Atypical cells
  69. rare case??
  70. Husband's health - right to know?
  71. Lowgrade fever for 3 months = cancer?
  72. AIDS test common before bone marrow biopsy?
  73. weight loss, swollen lymph nodes and more
  74. Worried
  75. Hard immovable lump on the side of my neck that won't go away
  76. Small lump behind jaw line
  77. Scared .. Help :(
  78. invasive squamous cell carcinoma of lip
  79. I have a lump
  80. pheochromocytoma cancer
  81. Help, I found a lump!
  82. Tumor Markers?
  83. Help undrstanding my biopsy report
  84. Should I be worried or am I thinking too much
  85. Am I the only one left?
  86. Oral Cancer worry need insight
  87. Melanoma scare
  88. Carcinoid Tumor
  89. CT scan result help!!
  90. Hematologist Appt May 13th
  91. Do you have to get a specific blood test to see if you have cancer?
  92. I'm very concerned!
  93. Size of Swollen Lymph node very scared
  94. Do I have cancer?
  95. Poss Liposarcoma?
  96. Anyone have similar symptoms...
  97. Please Help ME!!!
  98. Ovarian Cancer Not yet diagnosed or pancreatic, or none of the above
  99. Melanoma+High Neutrophils+Low Lymphs=Cancer?
  100. New here... Liposarcoma help please
  101. Vulvar Cancer at 17??
  102. head and neck cancer
  103. Cancer scare! Any suggestions?
  104. Pet scan results
  105. squamouse cell poorly differentiated unknown primary left inguinal node
  106. Swollen Lymph Node-Collarbone
  107. doctor feels softball size lump, CT scan shows nothing
  108. Bump on neck
  109. Endometrial cancer?
  110. Concerned about blood tests & symptoms
  111. My last 9 months story and im still clear! New Member
  112. Thalamic (brain) tumor (in friend) and its sensory impact
  113. Black spot under toenail, Melinoma???
  114. Foamy Urine started it all...
  115. skin leisons & bleeding pores
  116. double whammy
  117. new here - possible sarcoma???
  118. 5th time fighting cancer...I am 21...
  119. Cancer or Not? Worried as Hell! (neck and collorbone)
  120. please answer... just had ultrasound!
  121. Can this be cancer?
  122. Desmoid Fibromitosis Tumor
  123. Unexplained lumps and disturbing symptoms. cancer?
  124. Liposarcoma diagnosis
  125. use of DCA in fight against cancer
  126. need advice please
  127. lipoma or worse???
  128. In this alone...
  129. Sarcoma in lower back
  130. two lumps in trapezius muscle?
  131. pain in abdomen
  132. supraclavicular lymph nodes.
  133. 6 days post op... possible Desmoid Tumor
  134. Myeloma question
  135. mediastinal mass
  136. Chances of cancer
  137. swollen lymph node..
  138. Groin nodes, squamous cell cup need support
  139. Mass in Neck with Pain
  140. *liver* high white blood cell count! milk thistle!
  141. elevated wbc and bone pain
  142. pretty large lump on thigh.
  143. ultrasound of neck lymph nodes
  144. Mgus
  145. CEA of 20.3
  146. Cancer
  147. Swollen Lymphnodes in Groin Area
  148. Strange happenings with my tonsil (Cancer?) With photos!
  149. Throat Cancer?
  150. Cancer, carcinomatosis of peritoneal cavity..
  151. Hole in Right Tonsil. Could it be cancer??? [PICTURES INCLUDED]
  152. Multiple Myeloma question?
  153. Hard fixed lump on collar bone.
  154. Could this be nodular melanoma? Pictures.
  155. Lipoma or Liposarcoma: From a very worried young adult
  156. Wish to share info on Multiple Myeloma
  157. Very High White Blood Cell Count...Honest Advice Required
  158. I hate my oncologist
  159. what are the general symptoms of cancer
  160. Mass in Pelvis
  161. Curettage and Electrodesiccation -Healing ??
  162. Growing and multiplying lumps behind BOTH knees - Synovial Sarcoma?
  163. 2 hard lumps in lower leg not visible pls help
  164. Squamous cell carcinoma
  165. lipoma?
  166. Does anyone have alot of splinter hemorrhages?
  167. living with this fatty lump is it limpoma ??
  168. CEA levels at 4500 - is there hope it's not cancer
  169. Lipoma's that turn into Liposarcoma's
  170. Lumps on my neck
  171. neuroendocrine cancer
  172. Multiple Myeloma Pain
  173. Bleeding gums while brushing
  174. Bowel issues and NHS waiting lists
  175. presumed small cyst at right kidney!!!
  176. Constant Nausea!
  177. cancer to death progression?
  178. Worried about spep test and serum immunofixation test
  179. Gist
  180. What is going on with my Mommy? Cyst or cancer?
  181. stage 4 cancer, no treatment...what to expect
  182. I think I have cancer, breaking out in moles!
  183. Does Anyone Have This Cancer?
  184. Tiny black dot under the skin next to my lip
  185. nodules, night sweats, etc.
  186. opinions on what this might be.
  187. Enlarged lymph node in neck
  188. Carcinoid Cancer
  189. brain ct scan for my son please i dont want to lose my son
  190. Cancer detected by high CRP level?
  191. Can it be cancer???!
  192. ultrasound vs CT with contrast.
  193. scared i have lymphoma
  194. Heterogeneous lymph node
  195. Lymphoma
  196. My younger cousin has a spreading mole on his penis head...
  197. Neuroendocrine Tumor
  198. Distal Bile Duct Cancer
  199. Soft tissue sarcoma?
  200. Enlarged node in neck after 6 months
  201. Going for CT guided biopsy Lymphadenopathy iliac inguinal and Retroperitoneal.
  202. Fibromatosis/Desmoid tumor
  203. Chewing on paper -> cancer
  204. 7 year old wbc 24.6 no blasts-suggestions
  205. Could a lump on collar bone be Lymphoma?
  206. My father has pancreatic cancer
  207. Cancer everywhere
  208. how long will you live with pancreatitis cancer
  209. Really worried about Lymphoma :-(
  210. Tonsil Cancer?
  211. Cancer: nasopharyngeal carcinoma
  212. Soft tissue sarcoma
  213. Carcinoid syndrome? Please help
  214. Lower abdominal pain both sides. ovarian cyst/cancer? any advice?
  215. Possible Pancreas Problem
  216. hard lymph nodes and rubbery ones? i am worried about cancer...
  217. Penile Cancer
  218. Breast cancer with Lymph node involvement?
  219. Natural/Alternative successes?
  220. I've self-diagnosed myself to have leukemia and/or lymphoma...
  221. Care required after stem cell transplant?
  222. Dichloroacetate
  223. Suspicious moles
  224. melanoma skin cancer
  225. Fluid Build Up In Neck Lymph Node.
  226. Chromogranin A Test
  227. I'm a little worried!
  228. How long does it take to get cancer screening results back?
  229. Parotid Gland Cancer(Salivary Gland)
  230. terminal cancer
  231. Cancer not detected by MRI of Brain?
  232. Mesenteric Lymph Nodes - Cancer risk
  233. Retropectoral Desmoid Tumor
  234. how fast do sarcoma grow and spread
  235. Portacath no longer accessable for flushing
  236. cancer in shoulder i have been told it is inoperable?
  237. Orthopaedic oncologist
  238. Lymphoma or mass Pelvic Crease Inguinal Node
  239. recurring extremely painful to palpation right front side of neck
  240. radio active iodine treatment
  241. Number of Lumps increasing and becoming Vascular
  242. Carcinoid Syndrome? New - Please help!
  243. Freezing cold one minute and drenched in sweat the next
  244. blood clots while take Warfarin
  245. Could it be Insulinoma
  246. Penile Cancer
  247. Worried about mass along left costal margin.
  248. High reticulocyte count but rest of blood test ok
  249. thickening of the womb
  250. Recently found birth mother and siblings...cancer rampant in family!