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  1. Ex boyfriend won’t leave me alone
  2. My mum has it all, and not in a good way!
  3. My boyfriend is depressed
  4. My boyfriend suffering with depression
  5. Anger and heart surgery
  6. Fictitious disorder?????
  7. My younger brother has anger and mental health issues and it's ruining our family.
  8. bipolar girlfriend
  9. Help for my mother
  10. I believe my brother is mentally unstable
  11. Schizophrenic dating anxiety
  12. Does paranoid personality disorder ever get better?
  13. Difficult Break-Up with BP Ex
  14. Is cymbalta safe for my depressed 18 year old?
  15. Need advice for my 11 year old
  16. Not sure if its depression
  17. Teen with significant OCD
  18. I am really worried about dads mental state of mind. Please,help.:(
  19. 18yr old daughter is desparately depressed and I suspect cutting
  20. Hopeless situation
  21. My friend is so self absorbed I'm tired of it.
  22. Bipolar 2 girlfriend
  23. Need relationship advice re: bipolar partner
  24. Problems with my elderly mother
  25. Unsure if my daughter is exhibiting bipolar symptoms?
  26. I'm Afraid for My Marriage
  27. Afraid of 26yo Son with Schizophrenia
  28. Bipolar relationship
  29. My boyfriend is a germaphobe, unsure how to help..
  30. getting rid of a sociopath - how to do?
  31. Need help with bipolar teenage daughter
  32. Undiagnosed mentally ill MIL
  33. Help.
  34. My boyfriend gets angry at little things and I can't bear it
  35. I need help for my wife.
  36. Housing for mentally ill brother
  37. Depression
  38. Am I overreacting?!?!
  39. My mother has OCD, worse after death in the family
  40. HOW do spouses cope? I'm ready to divorce!
  41. How can I help her?
  42. Mother in law Possibly Bipolar & Husband has highs & lows
  43. Mental disorder due to torture
  44. Huge weight gain - on drugs for depression
  45. Help my kids are stressful
  46. Please help im inlove with a schizophrenic man!
  47. Relationship and schizophrenia ? Can it work together ?
  48. Boyfriend with possible BP -
  49. Bpd spouse
  50. 73 year old mother
  51. Need some advice please please
  52. Bipolar I daughter, 20 years old
  53. Respite Care for Adult Sister that doesnt want help
  54. schizophrenia and hallucinations
  55. Help with an Autistic neighbor
  56. Dating a guy with schizophrenia (advice please)
  57. Jealousy based delusional disorder
  58. Do you ever wish your family member would just die?
  59. Help. Daughter on xanax and nodding
  60. Are there symptoms to determine if it's bipolar or ADHD?
  61. Please help me with my BP boyfriend
  62. My daughter and her narcissistic father
  63. Help...i think my boyfriend has asbergers
  64. Brother thinks he is a hermaphrodite
  65. Geodon: Abnormal EKG's
  66. Wait for a specialist is 2-3 months?!?
  67. New to Bipolar
  68. Is it schizophrenia?
  69. Family crisis
  70. Schizoaffective Disorder relationship problems
  71. Need advice: controlling and guilt-tripping Mother (Narcissistic?)
  72. my friend with schizophrenia is extremely seflish!!!!!
  73. Just a few questions . ..
  74. Dating someone with dysthymia
  75. adult child of bipolar 2 Dad with a question
  76. Is my boyfriend suffering from depression/anxiety/bi-polar? PLEASE HELP
  77. Had to call the cops on my bipolar girlfriend
  78. what are my rights
  79. My girlfriend will NOT stop talking to herself
  80. Am I a victim of a sociopath? Please help
  81. New here. Abilify Nightmare.
  82. My relationship is in shambles because of depression
  83. Girlfriend bipolar
  84. Pushed away from a Mental Illness... Heart Broken painfully
  85. Friend with Depression ... when to walk away?
  86. friend changed after gastric bypass surgery
  87. Forgiving Depressed Partner
  88. Ocd son's life is being wasted!
  89. Scared for the future with my schizophrenic boyfriend
  90. 12 yr old bi-polar daughter
  91. I break up with my bf who has PDST/BPD
  92. worried about my son hearing voices
  93. Paranoid delusions and Bipolar disorder
  94. No one ever responds but not sure I can continue doing this
  95. Beyond fed up.
  96. Depression and the silent retreat
  97. How can i deal with guilt --hoarder in my life-- when i am at the end of my rope?
  98. Could it be bipolar?
  99. I am a Victim of Mental Health abuse
  100. Sociopath.
  101. brother is mentally ill and coming home
  102. The Medicine Talk For A Loved One
  103. Affair leads to BP diagnosis
  104. Desperate Mom
  105. Mother-in-law with bipolar
  106. Want to Be there for my Anorexic Niece
  107. Girlfriend is depressed after coming home from school - Am I reading too much into it
  108. Is my ex partner Bipolar ?
  109. How to love someone with depression and gain their trust back?
  110. my issues with daughter's issues
  111. Not sure what to do???
  112. My son's best friend is bullying him
  113. Boyfriend with Combat PTSD
  114. Hurting after break-up with Manic Bipolar Ex
  115. Looking for help understanding Bipolar disorder
  116. caring for mentally ill mother in law... and drowning
  117. HIPPA problem... please help
  118. How do you get them in to see the doctor?
  119. After 10 years - he's getting well from schizophrenia
  120. 14 year old son with intrusive thoughts! Please help!!!
  121. My husband was just diagnosed with Type II Bipolar
  122. Dramatic change in husband
  123. I'm scared of a family member with a mental illness...
  124. OCD and Hypnotherapy a Waste of Time
  125. Does my mother have Bipolar Disorder?
  126. Help please, things are the worst ever.
  127. morgellons and dementia/hallucinations
  128. anxiety disorder in my 10 year old daughter
  129. Bipolar caretaker
  130. Depression and Obsession with Conspiracy Theories
  131. My spouse is paranoid schizophrenic and bi-polar
  132. bipolar or a pervert?
  133. Running Away
  134. Anorexic friend's strange behaviour?
  135. Problems with spouse
  136. In love with a mentally ill guy.
  137. Friendship Fail: BPD withdrawal; now what?
  138. Heart Broken: Bipolar Relationship
  139. Indecisive Sister.
  140. My husband is negative
  141. My daugher has intrusive thoughts... need help
  142. Personality and other changes after gastric bypass surgery?
  143. Confused with Bipolar Boyfriend
  144. Strong OCD's and anxiety, which is destroying family. Please read.
  145. My Boyfriend Has Bipolar and I Need Advice
  146. Dating someone with Bipolar and Borderline Disorder
  147. My husband is Bipolar and I'm exhausted
  148. My husband has ROCD... Help!!
  149. my wife is bypolar
  150. confabulation
  151. How my family handles Social Anxiety Disorder - we need some tips
  152. how to help paranoid girlfriend
  153. I Am Pregnant and My Husband is Bipolar
  154. Dealing with BiPolar
  155. Family Member coming home from hospital stay
  156. Does everyone with Bipolar change their mind on huge decisions on a DAILY basis??!!!
  157. 19 Year Old Daughter With Bulimia
  158. Daughter has Borderline Personality Disorder
  159. Lost in Love with BPD boyfriend
  160. Dating a Schizophrenic and need help!
  161. My husband is ADD... he drives me crazy
  162. How to Deal with Older Sister Bully
  163. Older sister with Borderline Personality Disorder
  164. 21 yr old Bipolar stepdaughter just came to live with us. Help please?!
  165. Bipolar and Employment
  166. manipulative and controlling mother
  167. My husband has trust issues
  168. New here, looking for some bipolar info
  169. Problems with Boyfriend who has Aspergers
  170. daughter of narcissistic father and mother
  171. Getting my girlfriend to talk about past trauma?
  172. munchausen by proxy help
  173. Think that my partner may have Borderline Perosonality Disorder
  174. I think my stepdaughter is passive aggressive
  175. I can't deal with my BPD sister anymore..
  176. Borderline personality disorder: how to talk to someone suffering from BPD
  177. My mom has depression
  178. Think boyfriend may be schizophrenic
  179. Helping my boyfriend cope and recover
  180. My Boyfriend Has BPD
  181. Please help daughter with severe depression
  182. aggressive behavior from mentally retarded brother
  183. Daughters of Narcisstic fathers...
  184. Omega 3 Fatty Acids and Borderline Personality
  185. I think I hit the nail!!
  186. My 20 yr old son has a mental illness
  187. My adult daughter's mental illness is killing me
  188. Wife with acute psychosis in early 50s
  189. Question about manic episodes and infidelity...sorry kinda long.
  190. Does anyone's spouse have issues with anger and rage?
  191. Coping with a depressed boyfriend/ex boyfriend...
  192. my fiancee was molested as a child. still having issues.
  193. Dealing with husband with mood disorder / manic episode
  194. Mid-life psychosis
  195. husband refuses to see that he is depressed... pls help
  196. Borderline Personality Disorder Advice
  197. how do you raise or broach the subject of BPD for the first time?
  198. Smoking and BPD
  199. Son won't take meds
  200. found out i was pregnant but my boyfriend's schizophrenic! HELP!
  201. Commitment Phobic or Personality Disorder
  202. Need Support in Breaking off relationship with AS boyfriend
  203. need help with my bipolar wife...PLEASE!
  204. Girlfriend on Fluoxetine - Mood always up and down just wanting some advice assurance
  205. paranoia and manipulation
  206. just found out my bf has bipolar and need advice
  207. help i think my brother has a mental illness
  208. sudden psychosis 64 year old male
  209. Girlfriend victim of SRA and sexual abuse. Need someone to talk to BADLY.
  210. girlfriend has DID (aka multiple personalities) and a slew of other things.
  211. Help Depressed 12 year old daughter
  212. Is she sociopathic or BPD?
  213. Trying to support depressed boyfriend - first post so bear with me. :)
  214. my 23 yr old son is angry & depressed
  215. Does my boyfriend have NPD?
  216. Can a Narcissist truly mourn the death of a spouse they abused?
  217. Homicidal Schizophrenia
  218. New Boyfriend with Manic Depression
  219. Help - I think my sister is Bipolar and is homeless
  220. Meth addict brother, heart broken sister
  221. Losing My Mind with bipolar teen
  222. NPD or just afraid of responsibility?
  223. Can you put a mental hygiene warrant on a kid that is not yours?
  224. treatment in france
  225. Please advise me on a sociopath boyfriend issue.
  226. I'm worried about my brother
  227. Depressed husband wants to divorce me!
  228. my boyfriend suffers from Dysthymia should i stay?
  229. Bipolar Brother, getting sick of this.
  230. How to survive my husband's depression
  231. My brother is hearing voices....
  232. Parents won't control my Bipolar sister - will she get worse?
  233. Bipolar boyfriend wants his space, not breaking up with me
  234. My boyfriend is acting strange, more than normal
  235. girlfriend was raped and has low self esteem
  236. Is it OCD or Bipolar?
  237. advice for partner of bipolar sufferer?
  238. Dating a man with childhood trauma...
  239. my mother is schizophrenic-- looking for support
  240. Husband blames depression problems on me? Not sure what to do help please
  241. Married to Bipolar Wife
  242. Does he have a mood disorder?
  243. need advice on dealing with bipolar neighbor
  244. Depressive Wife - Unable to forgive her for the hurt.
  245. Can a bi-polar person be trusted.
  246. Advice needed: having an mentally/emotionally unstable boyfriend
  247. Boyfriend has Bipolar and Paranoid Schizophrenia
  248. What do I say to badly depressed friend?
  249. Please help me to help my mom... I am 43!
  250. Help please- step daughter diagnosed with schizophrenia