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  1. Father with PNET (Pancreatic Neuroendrocrine cancer) -Need help!
  2. Multiple myeloma
  3. What was your experience with these methods?
  4. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Any thoughts?
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  9. Secondary Liver cancer fr breast - still going
  10. Prostate cancer with a positive for colon cancer
  11. Sister has liver cancer
  12. prognosis untreated squamous cell in lung stage 4
  13. Trying to help daughter cope with possible cancer diagnosis
  14. Dealing with bad news
  15. Esphageal Cancer spread to stomach and liver
  16. Multiple Myeloma
  17. My Dad Feels GREAT even though he has pancreatic cancer
  18. how long was it killing her
  19. Secondary cancer of the liver
  20. Wedding gift for terminal cancer patient
  21. Pancreas Cancer life expectancy
  22. Spread to bones, what is next?
  23. Waiting on Mom's DX ... questions
  24. End stage lung cancer
  25. How to deal with the terror?
  26. Friend has colon cancer!! Spreaded everywhere!
  27. Is the end close?
  28. stage 3 lung cancer need some q answered by ppl who have gone through it
  29. Stage 4 lung cancer
  30. lung cancer stage iv
  31. What's Going On?
  32. Not coping
  33. Should I tell?
  34. Chemo question
  35. Stage 4 nsclc lung cancer, met. to the brain
  36. Stivarga anyone?
  37. Pancreatic cancer
  38. Dying process liver failure
  39. Pancreatic Cancer, Stage 4!
  40. Lung cancer that spread to brain - Metastatic
  41. Treatment Options
  42. Need Answers About Colon Tumors
  43. Mom
  44. mangosteen juice
  45. Mother has Pancreatic Cancer
  46. Small Cell Cancer
  47. Nodules on Colon & Liver - any advice please?
  48. answers for a 65 year old man
  49. Pancreatic cancer
  50. 3Bnsclc - Help
  51. Bilirubin #'s Won't Go Down
  52. Father-in-law is dying of lung cancer, MIL is acting weird
  53. Is this cancer? Dying in hospital, 5 days now
  54. stage 4 terminal brain cancer?
  55. What to expect with stage 4 colon cancer
  56. Colon cancer with liver mets
  57. Jaw/Oral cancer
  58. Malignant Mass Behind Heart
  59. Stage 4 Small Cell Lung cancer - life expectancy
  60. When end stage PC PT has turned jaundice
  61. daughters need advice!!
  62. Pacreatic/Liver... end stages
  63. Info about Chondrosarcoma
  64. Cancer in Multiple Organs
  65. Mum diagnosed stage 4 lung cancer
  66. My Son Again, with Pancreatic Cancer, Stage 4
  67. Father in Law has stomach cancer
  68. Mom Starts Chemo Tomorrow
  69. acute myeloid leukemia
  70. Xeloda alone - Worried about mom
  71. Stage IV Bladder Cancer
  72. Massive PSA increase
  73. help about anaplastic ependymoma
  74. Dad has pancreatic cancer and spread to his spleen and lung
  75. Shadow on Chest XRay And Terrified
  76. Bone Pain relief?
  77. My dad just got diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer...
  78. literally lying awake
  79. classic symptoms, finally a diagnosis
  80. My 1st post - Just learned that my wife has colon cancer.
  81. Husband with Terminal Liver Cancer
  82. My mom has colon cancer
  83. My dad is dying with lung cancer and being a jerk
  84. atypical cells in the lung but not cancer
  85. Stage 4 End of Life Issues
  86. Wife of Rectal Cancer/Colostomny Patient
  87. is it near the end for him??
  88. Newly diagnosed lung cancer
  89. Small Cell Extensive Lung Cancer
  90. My father died so quick
  91. 8mm lung nodule on x-ray
  92. My dad was diagnosed in Oct with stage 4 lung cancer.
  93. gemzar
  94. Lower Lung removal recovery Please help
  95. boyfriend might have cancer for the second time and is pushing me away
  96. found a mass on my husband's pancreas
  97. Father & son diagnosed with colon cancer
  98. biopsy then collapsed lung - emphysema
  99. what does fluid on the lungs means
  100. How was your cancer diagnosed?
  101. Support for families of the terminally ill
  102. Husband was just Diagnosed.
  104. Update on Husband's Stage 4 Rectal Cancer
  105. ??My Dads psa at 100...help
  106. My Mom was diagnosed with Stage IIIB NSCLC in May of '09 - what is the prognosis?
  107. Back pain after ileostomy
  108. cancer lung, lymph nod, hip bone
  109. how long can my husband survive with small cell lung cancer that has spread to the sp
  110. Uncle was just "Diagnosed"
  111. my husband has stage IV colon & rectum cancer
  112. Spouse w/multiple myeloma
  113. My father has just been diagnosed with terminal colon cancer
  114. Is is Normal to have pain from Chemo - husband has rectal caner
  115. Lung cancer spread to brain
  116. Dad diagnosed with pancreatic cancer
  117. What is a "hot spot" that appears in PET scans and CT scans?
  118. 5mm nodule - new here
  119. Mom is very near the end - what to expect
  120. Mom SCLC 6 months out
  121. My Dad is in stage 4 of his cancer
  122. Lumps in both arms in same place???
  123. my husband has prostate cancer..
  124. my husband has just been diagnosed
  125. husband has stage 4 colon cancer
  126. Why did my Mother have to die from colon cancer
  127. Husband with new Dx stage 4 colon cancer
  128. What to expect next?
  129. How do you know its the end?
  130. My brother is gone.
  131. Mediport horror
  132. My brother's lung cancer has metestasized
  133. Does anyone know about DECADRON / dexamethasone?
  134. Morphine Problems
  135. My brother's lung cancer came back
  136. Involuntary Leg Movements
  137. so scared
  138. probable mets to brain, any experience with radiation?
  139. Pain after right lung lobectomy
  140. Still in pain after having lobectomy in December 1006
  141. Please interpret size of nodules--a 5mm nodule in both lower lobes of lungs!
  142. questions about zometa
  143. The Radiologist -vs- The Oncologist
  144. Tarceva no longer working for my Mom
  145. need to vent....
  146. feeling scared/anxious
  147. Today was the big appointment
  148. Fever That Will Not Go Away
  149. Step-dad diagnosed with liver cancer....how should I be feeling?
  150. My mother has rectal cancer
  151. 1st Round
  152. lump at base of skull
  153. Husband recently diaganosed with small cell
  154. Fear Mother is Losing battle w/Pancreatic Cancer
  155. Wanted to give update on husband 37yrs., stage 3 rectal cancer
  156. Mum has Pancreatic Cancer... help
  157. Question on Chest Pain
  158. Wife with Rectal cancer, surgery questions
  159. Husband 37yrs, just diagnosed, many questions?
  160. daughter post chemo but having problem
  161. my 23 year old daughter is the patient
  162. My 79 yr old mother-in-law...symptoms...
  163. Liver Cancer!
  164. Husband with stage iv colon cancer
  165. My mother just diagnosed Liver Cancer
  166. new here - mother just diagnosed
  167. Wife w/ stage IV nsclc
  168. 79 year old father with colon cancer
  169. Stage IV Small Cell Cancer
  170. Pancreatic Cancer and Whipple Surgery
  171. My wife has NSCLC, stage IV
  172. My father was just diagnosed...
  173. mom who won't go to the doctor
  174. Please help, Dad dying, Liver Cancer
  175. Q:Nausesa,Dizziness,exhaustion continues?
  176. Feels like worms crawling all over inside.....
  177. Primary Liver Cancer
  178. My Mother Just Diagnosed W/ Liver Cancer
  179. My step dad has liver cancer
  180. Mom's cancer is back
  181. Latest News on my Aunt with Pancreatic Cancer
  182. Update on my Aunt with Pancreatic Cancer .....
  183. My 82 year old great aunt with Pancreatic Cancer - More questions - please help.
  184. Pancreatic Cancer - How Long will they Live ??