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  2. Need guidance
  3. New to hospice home care
  4. Hospice Care Personal Experiences
  5. Mom in hospice
  6. I'm very confused about the role of Hospice
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  8. Thanks everyone
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  12. Taking a trip while dad is on home hospice
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  14. Hospice and emergency hospitalization
  15. What I learned
  16. What I learned
  17. LBD and hip fracture
  18. Falling apart
  19. death bed visions in hospice
  20. How to best support family and patient in hospice?
  21. Family is falling apart
  22. exhausted!
  23. Rant: Useless paid help
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  25. who determines hospice care?
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  28. Brother-in-law lung, brain cancer - hospice
  29. Hospice wants me to stop feeding my dad
  30. Hospice visits
  31. How did the first visit or two with Hospice there go?
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  40. most caring state or best hospice
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  48. New here, FIL just got hospice - just want to understand things better
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  58. now it's mom's turn for hospice
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  60. Hospice Nurse says it won't be long now
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  62. Does a 24/7 Hospice Watch mean death is near, ie brother Florida