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  1. Sinus CT Scan and the Cold
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  17. Anyone know a good sinus / ENT doc in Northeast Ohio
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  21. asthma or residual from sinus infection?
  22. upside down sinus flooding salt..........
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  33. Sinus pain/pressure over nose bridge
  34. Sinus headache solution? & Gluten question
  35. Chronic otitis externa, no ear wax and a CT scan of sinuses
  36. Tonsillectomy/Sinus Surgery Woes...help
  37. Need Support Tonsillectomy/Sinus Surgery
  38. First sinus infection since being on Protonix
  39. Anxiety Relapse/Anxiety Over Allergies/Sinus
  40. Sinus infection, do I need to take a Z-pak?
  41. Sinus infections
  42. Septoplasty, turbinectomy, cartilage spreader graft, and endoscopic sinus surgery
  43. anyone have droopy eyelids due to allergies/sinuses?
  44. chronic sinusitis-aching tight jaw?
  45. Problems Focusing Eyes with Sinus Problems??
  46. Sinus rinse
  47. Sinus Bradycardia
  48. SINUS problems and bad breath
  49. SINUS problems n Bad breath.
  50. partial or implant/sinus lift/bone graft
  51. Sinus trouble or MAV
  52. Can visit to Dentist cause sinusitis
  53. are my sinus headaches really migranes?
  54. Sinusitis ?? Please help
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  56. Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia
  57. myofacial pain over the sinuses only?
  58. Sinus Infection
  59. I had endoscopic sinus surgery..
  60. Sinus Cancer
  61. Sinus Suffers does this happen to you??
  62. Chronic sinus problems along with dizziness
  63. bone infection after wisdom tooth extraction that punctured sinuses?
  64. Has anyone here had sinus surgery?
  65. Sinus surgery but still having problems
  66. Sinus "cleanse"
  67. GERD: stomach problem off and on due to sinus issues
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  72. Constant Sinus infections
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  80. questions about sinus rinse by Neilmed, any long term effects, etc?
  81. I had my frontal sinuses removed 2 weeks ago
  82. Sinus headaches really migraines???
  83. Diagnose and treatment of allergic sinusitis?
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  85. Sinuses or toothache
  86. I have Tinnitus, ear infections, TMJ, neck pain, chronic sinusitus, tonsil infections
  87. Sinusitis question.Please please help me!
  88. sinus infection won't go away!
  89. Sinusitis, PLEASE help.
  90. humidifiers for sinus problems
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  94. chronic hives/sinusitis
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  97. sinuses why arnt antibiotics working?
  98. I have grown an extra frontal sinus
  99. Sinus problems
  100. Acid reflux + sinus trouble
  101. Does anyone else feel depressed from sinus allergies
  102. Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia
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  104. Packed sinuses
  105. Sinus problems causing front tooth pain?!? Possible?!?
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  107. Sinus problems causing front tooth pain?!? Possible?!?
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  109. my sinuses are driving me insane
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  111. Advil Cold and Sinus
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  113. Cyst on the sinuses
  114. Bone Graft Sinus Lift bad reactions?
  115. Ear/Sinus problems after Scuba diving
  116. Ear/Sinus problems after Scuba diving
  117. sinus pressure,malaise,swollen lymph nodes
  118. Anyone else discover sinusitis when having MRI done for MS reasons?
  119. chronic non-allergic sinus rhinitis
  120. Sinus Tachycardia effects on pregnancy?
  121. Sore thorats with ear/inner ear/sinus problem
  122. Fed up with chronic sinusitis
  123. I have a Cyst in my Sinus cavity.. Questions
  124. Boss doesn't feel sinusitis is a valid reason to miss work
  125. Pregnant and Sinus Cyst/Nasal Problems?
  126. Sinus problems driving me crazy!!
  127. dizziness/brain fog, but clear sinuses?
  128. Sinus arrhythmia
  129. Sinus Bellowing -- Is it safe??
  130. Metallic Taste in Mouth - Sinus?
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  133. Sinus infections & fevers
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  135. Recovery from Sinus Surgery
  136. Sinus surgery
  137. Sinus problems
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  139. Monthly Sinus Infections
  140. Question about sinus surgery
  141. Can BPPV be linked to sinus infection?
  142. Sinus sufferers- alternative to Augmentin XR?
  143. Sinus Infection?
  144. Sinus Problems and Thyroid/Adrenals?
  145. Adrenals/ Sinus Issues?
  146. Sinusits & Prednisone
  147. Allergies or sinus?
  148. GERD & Sinus Problems - PLS HELP!!
  149. For everyone who has contacts and a sinus infection
  150. Sinus Flow Mister
  151. Sinus infection-how long??
  152. Can this be a sinus infection need ADVICE please
  153. spinal headache or sinus' / severe
  154. spinal headache or sinus' / severe
  155. How soon after baby do your SINUS clear up??
  156. Anyone have severe nasal/sinus congestion due to meds?
  157. chronic sinusitis
  158. I can't get rid of my sinus infection! :mad:
  159. cat scan of sinuses
  160. sinus xray clear
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  169. Is there a way to clear Sinuses without Meds?
  170. Bad sinuses
  171. Congested (Sinuses?)
  172. Goldenseal For SInus Headaches (Someone posted this before, and I Cannot Find It)
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  177. Migraine +Sinus +Inner Ear connection +Dr. David Bucholz
  178. Sinusitis and Neck Pain
  179. Acid Reflux & Sinus & Anxiety
  180. extra beats = sinus tachycardia and now I can't take decongestants?!
  181. Pregnant with severe allergies and sinus
  182. Persistent maxillary sinusitis and bronchitis for 38 days despite Levaquin&Augmenti
  183. Recurrent sinusitis w/pharyngitis & bronchitis every two months (38 days this time)
  184. Can pnd alone indicate allergy or sinus problems?
  185. Repeat Sinus Infections - Fungal?
  186. Sinus Infections driving Me Crazy
  187. can enlarged tonsil cause ear and sinus pressure
  188. Have pressure in ears & pains in arms is it sinuses?
  189. Gatifloxacin (Tequin) for sinusitis and bronchitis?
  190. jaw popping and horrible "sinus" headaches
  191. Pain caused by Sinus Infection?
  192. Life of a sinus infection
  193. Chronis Sinus Infections and Graves???
  194. Sinus infection and Asthma?
  195. sinus tachycardia
  196. Continuous Sinus problem
  197. leaking spinal flui through whole in sinuses
  198. Allergic fungal sinusitis testing?
  199. Sinus Infection or Tooth Decay (Absessed Tooth)
  200. Sinus Infection, with jaw and tooth pains..
  201. SinusWars - Homeopathic remedy
  202. Amphotericin-B Sinus Rinse for Sinus Infection
  203. Sinus pressure or is my forehead falling?!
  204. irrigation recipe for sinuses
  205. Super bad Sinus Headache
  206. Simultaneous SVT's and sinus bradycardias
  207. Fungal sinusitis
  208. one clogged ear/ sinus and ear infection
  209. I have a question, sinuses and crying
  210. High BP and cold and sinus meds.
  211. black specks when irrigating sinuses
  212. Sinus headaches -- really migraines?
  213. wisdom extraction causing sinus infection
  214. Lupus/Headaches/Opaque Maxillary Sinus
  215. Lupus/Headaches/Opaque Maxillary Sinus
  216. Sinus Problems and Rain/Storm headaches!
  217. Just tried to irrigate my sinuses, BUT my ears went crazy...what the..
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  219. Asymptomatic Sinusitis +natural treatments
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  221. - How To Promote Sinus Drainage -
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  229. TMJ? Sinus? Meds? What is causing this head pain?
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  231. What is a PVC, APC, RYTHUM SINUS?
  232. eye feels puffy, but looks fine. an allergy/sinus thing?
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  234. Interpret Sinus CT?
  235. jaw,teeth, sinus and ear pain
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  246. My sinuses/throat is driving me crazy!
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  248. Anyone have sinus surgery?
  249. Sinus Headache with jaw/teeth pain?
  250. The achilles tendon of sinusitis!!! Amazing