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  1. How bad does the packing hurt when being taken out after sinus surgery?
  2. Sinus Lift?
  3. dietary changes for sinus/allergy problems?
  4. dietary changes for allergies/sinus?
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  6. sinus infection????
  7. what makes your ears pop allergies or sinus
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  11. humidifier or dehumidifier for sinus infection??
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  13. My wall of the maxilary sinus is damaged what can I Do
  14. Multiple Sinuses being formed after surgery
  15. Anesthesia options for sinus surgery
  16. SINUS SURGERY AND ADNEOIDECTOMY- anyone been through both at the same time?
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  18. digestive health and sinuses connection???????????????
  19. Ear clogged from sinuses...or what?
  20. Sinus infection?
  21. Sinus/ear problems & anxiety - Part 2
  22. question about Pre-op for sinus surgery
  23. Severe Sinus Problems
  24. Image guided sinus surgery
  25. Sinus infections
  26. Beware of Sinus CT Scan after ACDF!
  27. Sinus Lift/Eating
  28. Can a blocked sinus cavity cause this?
  29. I have an ear and sinus infection that is causing me to have an uri, what can I do?
  30. Chronic Sinusitis?
  31. hole in sinus cavity
  32. Sinus surgery Minor... or slightly major...?
  33. sinus surgery progress
  34. sinus/stinging nettle
  35. Chronic Sinusitis
  36. Sinus Lift/Implant and wearing a denture question?
  37. Sinusitis or something more?
  38. very bad throat and sinus congestion, some stomach upset pain in upper left abdomen
  39. dizzyness anxiety sinus and chest bone pain
  40. dizzy/lightheaded...sinuses?
  41. Doctor says I need sinus surgery!
  42. sinus jaw pain
  43. Fed up with sinus problems!!!
  44. Abscessed baby tooth causing recurrent chronic sinusitis
  45. Sinus Lift advice?
  46. sinusitis1
  47. Sinus headache without any drip etc?
  48. Is this really sinusitis?Please help!!
  49. SCARED Setoplasy, polop, and sinus cleaning
  50. Good, safe antibiotics for sinusitis?
  51. Sinus Allergies
  52. Recurring mucus in lungs, without cold, sinus, or allergy symptoms
  53. inappropriate sinus tachycardia + chronic fatigue?
  54. Chronic Sinus Infections........
  55. Very Very Sick. Please Help Me. Sinuses/ears
  56. Post endoscopic sinus surgery problems
  57. Sinus and Dizziness
  58. Lump in neck after Sinusitis... HELP!
  59. Sinus Tachycardia???
  60. TMJ and Sinus Drainage
  61. Sinus Infection
  62. Sinus Surgery 3 weeks ago, voice nasaly
  63. Fever of Unidentifiable Origin + sinus pain
  64. Sinus headache every morning
  65. Sinus Infection in May, still have sinus pressure
  66. best otc pain reliever for sinuses
  67. lung or sinus problem
  68. Sinus problems or allergies
  69. Vision Problems/Sinus polyps?
  70. sinus tarsi implants ?? anyone ??
  71. Is it possible to have sinusitis without having nasal discharge?
  72. New Here - Inner Ear or Sinus Infection?
  73. Sinus Polyps Question
  74. sinus and ear pressure
  75. Sinus Rinse???
  76. Sinuses and ear infection?
  77. Sinus infection and high blood pressure
  78. Sinus problem??
  79. Sinus Pain and Pressure
  80. Nothing Works/sinus
  81. chronic sinus headaches
  82. is this sinus related
  83. Sinus vs Teeth
  84. sinus issue, what to take?
  85. Please Help with Sinus and deep throat tickle with cough!
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  87. Sinus infection question!
  88. Sinus Rinse works for everyone?
  89. Question about Sinus headache and decongestants
  90. TMJ or Sinus?
  91. Tylenol Sinus?
  92. Sinus surgery in 3 weeks...advice?
  93. Allergies or Sinus infection?
  94. Allergies or Sinus infection?
  95. sinus headache?
  96. Sinus issue?
  97. sinus pressure = dizziness???
  98. CAT Scan Revealed Mild Sinus Disease-no symptoms? Help
  99. sinus surgery?
  100. Tmj or Sinuses??
  101. Neti Pot vs. Sinus Irrigation Bottle
  102. sinus pressure and ear pressure???
  103. Tonsil & Sinus surgery @ same time- HELP!
  104. can sinus cause vision/eye problems
  105. Sinus infections and PMS?
  106. Terrible Sinus Headaches
  107. sinus trouble
  108. Sinus pain after root canal
  109. Severe fast thin sinus drainage.
  110. Severe Fast drainage of sinuses
  111. Sinus Endoscopy - helpful or not
  112. None stop sinus and throat problems since tonsillectomy
  113. Does a sinus
  114. Sinus preasure and ear pain again
  115. Sinus/Ear infection...is this normal?
  116. Sinus/Ear infection...is this normal?
  117. Sinuses infections after having a bad cold!!
  118. Prednisone Dosage for Chronic Sinusitis
  119. Cold? Allergies? Sinuses?
  120. 24-7 Sinus pressure for 6 months, but NO sinus infection or allergy symptoms
  121. Sinus
  122. Allergic Sinusitis
  123. Crowded teeth causing jaw, teeth, neck, shoulder, head and sinus pain
  124. Sinus and Dizziness Problems for over a year
  125. Tea tree oil cured my fungal sinus infection
  126. sinus infection?
  127. Sinusitus nope allergies
  128. sinus infection? [new to the site]
  129. Have you used this for sinus problems..
  130. Sinuses and Angxiety .. any news on this?
  131. My Sinus Story
  132. Abscessed tooth causing other (sinus, UTI) infections?
  133. Could this be a sinus infection?
  134. is this my sinuses?
  135. Snoring and sinusitis
  136. 4 years with 70 lbs of weight loss and severe sinus problems
  137. Sinus and head pressure
  138. Sinus Infection, ear pain, and headaches
  139. Sinus and allergies cause dizziness???
  140. Sinus Issues
  141. Is pressure in ears from sinuses?
  142. eye pain with sinus headache
  143. Sinus headache or not?
  144. Any suggestions for sinus headache?
  145. Do I have a sinus infection???
  146. Sinuses and Respitory issues
  147. Xanax Ok to take with heart arrhythmia or sinus tachycardia?
  148. Sinus problems - a little help?
  149. allergies, sore throat, sinus inf
  150. Second sinus surgery, should I be hopeful this time?
  151. on going sinus infection and problems with meds
  152. Swollen neck muscles, bunched nerves and sinusitis maxillaris!
  153. sinus bradycardia
  154. Sphenoid Sinus Problem?
  155. Sinuses - Need Suggestions!
  156. inapropriate sinus tachycardia???
  157. Headaches, sinus/ear pressure and weather...
  158. Allergies, Tension, Sinus?
  159. Headaches and eye pressure caused by Sinus?
  160. Headaches and sinus pressure
  161. Need to talk with those that have sinus tachacardia
  162. Need to talk with those that have sinus tachacardia
  163. Urogenital Sinus
  164. Sinus Steroid Sprays
  165. Can Sinus Wash help "sublingual tonsil" problem?
  166. Chronic sinusitis due to allergies - Time to consider sinus surgery?
  167. Help>>I need sinus info
  168. Sinus pain on one side
  169. Levaquin for Sinus Infection
  170. Not sure if it is really sinuses anymore
  171. Major Sinus Problems
  172. Treating sinus infection.. to AB or not AB?
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  174. 2 year old with sinus problelms
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  178. sinus or migraine, help!
  179. Sinus CT Results
  180. Alternative treatments for chronic sinus congestion?
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  182. Anyone used Sinuswars products
  183. clogged ears/sinuses/pressure in head
  184. Sinus Surgery
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  186. Need help....possible sinus issues
  187. sinus infection or tension headache?
  188. Sinus Pressure And Dizziness
  189. Sinus CT Scan and the Cold
  190. Why do I wake up with a headache? Could it be my sinus?
  191. could it be my sinuses?
  192. Headache in top of head-sinus?
  193. Getting my sinus's drained tomorrow...
  194. Sick Sinus Syndrome???
  195. Sinus Infection with antibiotics!
  196. May be Sever Sinus Infection...Very Swollen Cheeks
  197. Dr. diagnosed me with a Sinus Infection ... I now also have a headache... Normal?
  198. TMJ and sinuses
  199. Sinus infection vs. migraine
  200. Cold/Sinus Infection/Allergy worse because of LPR???
  201. Sinus Infection or Not?
  202. Sinus problem...
  203. Does anybody else go through this? (sinus related)
  204. is it really a sinus infection?
  205. sinus headache?
  206. Sinus Problems - Need Advice
  207. Pilonidal Sinus, (I Just Can't Cope Anymore)
  208. Question for those with sinus tachacardia
  209. Sinus problems make BPPV worse?
  210. Anybody here who ever had a pilonidal sinus?
  211. Is anybody here who had a pilonidal sinus?
  212. Anybody here who had a pilonidal sinus?
  213. Sinus Headaches - Blocked Tear Duct?
  214. Anyone know a good sinus / ENT doc in Northeast Ohio
  215. rhinitis chronic sinusitis-hard to breathe
  216. Question About Sinus Infections :confused:
  217. Sinus Infection Help
  218. asthma or residual from sinus infection?
  219. Upcoming sinus surgery
  220. upside down sinus flooding salt..........
  221. sinusitis??
  222. A Sinus Infection From Nitrous Oxide?
  223. Sinus problem??
  224. hot compress for sinus pain
  225. Paging all who have had sinus surgery.
  226. Sinus ruining my life & my marriage
  227. sinus infection
  228. Toothache or sinus pressure?
  229. 2 year old with sinus problems.
  230. Frontal Sinus Obliteration
  231. Can anyone tell me if I've got Sinus / Migrane / Tension headaches??!! :-(
  232. Swollen lower eyelids and sinus allergies
  233. ANOTHER sinus infection! :(:(
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  235. new and have sinusitis
  236. Sinus infection/ Nausea Question...
  237. fdl transfer,calcaneal osteotomy,sinus tarsi inplant
  238. What is sinus surgery?
  239. Sinus Tachycardia - When is too many beats too much?
  240. Could this be a sinus infection?
  241. could this be sinus's or allergies.. HELP
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  245. Sinus pain/pressure over nose bridge
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  247. Sinus infection?
  248. Sinus headache solution? & Gluten question
  249. Chronic otitis externa, no ear wax and a CT scan of sinuses
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