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  33. labyrinthitis/sinusitis and TMJ?
  34. TMJ vs. Allergies vs. Sinusitus How do you know which is which?
  35. Flu - Bronchitis - Sinus Infection
  36. Anyone hear of molar roots grown into sinus?
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  44. Headaches, Sinuses, Ear aches- Oh my!
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  46. horrible sinus presure, headache for a week 1/2, brain fog,cant focus
  47. sinus pressure, brain fog, feels like face is being sucked in by straw
  48. Whats a sinus infection?
  49. do your sinus cavities hurt like someone knocked ya a good one?
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  51. Alligeries, Sinus and the Big A.
  52. symptons of sinus infection
  53. Sinus congestion/Anxiety/Panic
  54. Sinus congestion/Anxiety/Panic
  55. Sinus congestion/Panic/Anxiety
  56. Should I do nasal irrigation while I have a raging sinus infection?
  57. sinus tachycardia!?!?!
  58. post sinus infection tm pain
  59. Are these common symptoms for Sinus Trouble?
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  61. Ear / Sinus Problems - HELP!!
  62. sinus headaches and congestion, but no infection
  63. sinus headaches, but no infection
  64. Neti "pot" Sinus Rinse
  66. Allergic Fungal Sinusitis
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  68. allergic fungal sinusitis
  69. Allergic fungal sinusitis
  70. Allergic Fungal Sinusitis
  71. Sinus scraping or vacuuming?
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  83. Sinus infection from hell!
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  86. Sinus Infection
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  89. sinus blockage and/or sinus surgery
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