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  1. Has anyone noticed link btw chronic sinusitis and thyroid problems?
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  16. Looking for advice/suggestions for my chronic sinusitis
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  19. Can sinus with thin (about 1mm) floor be bone grafted for implant in one procedure?
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  25. Mild Mucosal Thickening Ethmoid and Maxillary Sinuses
  26. Unable to wear glasses due to pain.
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  29. Have sinus and ear issues with weird body sensations
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  34. One sided sinus pressure without congestion
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  36. Post Balloon Sinuplasty Issues
  37. No End In Sight
  38. How long?
  39. Severe Sinus Inflammation for 9 months
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  43. post nasal drip constantly
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  46. HELP, bad nasal odor in warm weather
  47. Sinus issues after surgery
  48. Constant Sinus Issues for almost 10 Years
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  50. Empty Nose Syndrome or other issue?
  51. Post nasal drip and dull headache
  52. neti pot
  53. ct scan results
  54. Sinus viral infection and cough
  55. CT Sinus Scan Results
  56. Advice Please
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  58. septoplasty
  59. Longest Sinus infection possible?!
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  61. mucus draining again .... sheesh
  62. Hair turning white, falling - Is this a sinus problem ?
  63. sinusitis
  64. Chronis Sphenoid Sinusitis
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  66. Sinus Infection from Hell, please help!
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  68. Sinus pressure ?
  69. Could I have chronic sinus infection?
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  71. Quitting Flonase
  72. Contact headaches. Sinus problem?
  73. Congestion, headaches etc, negative test, exhaust smell
  74. Sinus Problems
  75. Nasal polyps
  76. Sinus/Allergy Problems and Visual Disturbances/Dizziness
  77. I'm sure it is Chronic Sinusitis
  78. Sinuses - possibly allergies
  79. afrin addiction recovery
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  83. Sinus sugery
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  85. Levaquin
  86. Pressure left side of head
  87. So tired of feeling this way!
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  90. Sinus infection
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  94. Second septoplasty
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  96. Please help me.
  97. Persistent headache after sinus surgery
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  99. Sinus ct scan
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  105. Sinus Atelectasis
  106. Sinusitis
  107. Sinusitis Tooth Pain
  108. scared ... fuzzy head with sinus and temple pain for 3 days please help
  109. Desperate for Answers
  110. Constant face and head pain
  111. Sinus pressure, one side, clear nose, eye pain.
  112. Sinus Headache, please help
  113. Tingling in head and face
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  116. Frontal Drillout
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  119. CT scan PNS report
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  123. Anyone in UK suffering?
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  125. No smell or taste
  126. turbinate reduction
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  129. Any Quick solution to a blocked nose.
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  133. Balloon dilation surgery of eustachian tube blockage
  134. night time rhinitis
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  136. Is this Sinus?
  137. Dry Sinus Infection? Mystery, can you help?
  138. sinus infection, could I have been hospitalized?
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  140. Persistent Light sensitivity
  141. polyps or?
  142. Vasoconstrictor Herbs for sinus congestion?
  143. Could My Symptoms be Just Allergies?
  144. Vasomotor rhinitis
  145. Sinus problems, what doctor to see?
  146. Called back the same day for a 2nd CT scan???
  147. Sinus
  148. Head pressure, foggy head after flu - sinusitis infection??
  149. Chronic Sinus problems affecting sleep
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  151. Lifelong sinus issues/anti-inflammatories
  152. strange feeling in head after waking
  153. Question about chronic Sinus Infections! New to the board!
  154. Never-ending postnasal drip/drainage!
  155. Persistent rhinitis or something else?
  156. 9 yo daughter with Chronic sinusitis
  157. Is low grade fever common with sinus infection?
  158. Balloon Sinuplasty
  159. Sinus Pressure
  160. Deviated Septum inflammation meds
  161. Does Silver Biotics work?
  162. sinus issue
  163. Went to a 2nd Doctor
  164. To All
  165. Sinus Allergies all my life need some advice
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  173. Chronic sinusitus
  174. Sinus issues,VERY CONFUSED .
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  176. make it stop
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  178. CT scan results
  179. Are these caused by my chronic sinusitus? PICS
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  184. Anyone moved states?
  185. Neck cat scan
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  187. Have you tried any unconvential treatments for a deviated symptom?
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  193. Sinusitis
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  197. not sure if this is sinus problems
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  199. cough
  200. chronic sinus problems
  201. Help me decide if I should have surgery
  202. REALLY need advice about my chronic sinus infections
  203. What is NeilMed doing to me?
  204. Forehead feels full of mud. Can anyone relate?
  205. Upper Throat Problem
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  210. How long is it gonna take???
  211. Weirdest Nose Question ever, I promise.
  212. Saw ent today. Anyone ever take augmentin?
  213. Sinus Polyp?
  214. Question for those who had ct scan!
  215. Taste and Smell Disorder
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  217. Heavy head feeling
  218. Balloon Sinuplasty - can anyone share experience?
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  220. Am I just being crazy here?
  221. fatigue, pain, spacey, depression
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  223. Advice or relate?
  224. I feel like I am insane...
  225. chronic sinus infection
  226. Frontal Sinus Obliteration
  227. Nasal irrigation query
  228. nonstop drainage, drip, mucus production
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  230. sinusitis? Check your tongue.
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  237. Hoping some expert sinus person can shed some light?
  238. Nasal irrigation additives
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  240. Any other Sinus sufferers out there?
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