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  1. I need helpful advice on how to control my anger. Help!
  2. Iím sabotaging myself with anger.
  3. Why is my anger getting so bad?
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  6. Can't stop picking fights with my girlfriend
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  8. Why am I so MEAN?!
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  10. Anger issues
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  12. Anger managements help!
  13. Zoloft and Anger
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  15. Has my depression caused my anger or vice versa
  16. Boyfriend who gets angry too easy
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  18. Can't control my Anger
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  20. The Story Thus Far
  21. Angry wife _ is there an answer?
  22. Anger
  23. Scared to be diagnosed
  24. Uncontrollable anger.
  25. out of control anger
  26. What is wrong with me?
  27. Does anyone else burp a lot when they get angry?
  28. I'm dying.
  29. anger management issues
  30. I'm in a bad situation, and making it worse
  31. I need help. I'm ruining everything and for what?
  32. The cost of not controlling your emotions...
  33. Grumpy Old Man
  34. constantly irritated or angry and moody
  35. Uncontrollable Anger
  36. Anger Caused by Video Games.
  37. Why am I always angry? Im 16
  38. I'm feeling unusualy aggressive lately
  39. Can't control my angry tantrums/ outbursts.
  40. Why am I so angry and in a bad mood all the time?
  41. am i going mad????
  42. Angry, Bitter, and Resentful
  43. anger towards women i date
  44. My nephew died of SIDS 3 weeks ago, my boyfriend left me; someone needs to pay.
  45. I'm going to lose my boyfriend
  46. I'm angry at my boyfriend all the time, and it's getting more often
  47. I take all my anger out on my boyfriend, feel like im losing him
  48. Anger is ruining our lives
  49. I'm ruining my own life.
  50. Is anger genetic?
  51. Caffeine and Anger
  52. Not Comfortable in my Own Skin! :-(
  53. Anger and Custody
  54. Anger Management is about learning to control one's own self
  55. How do i get rid of hate and anger in my heart?
  56. I hate myself after I explode
  57. Implosive Anger Type
  58. Any tips would be welcome (even 2x4's)
  59. Angry and bitter all the time.
  60. I take out my frustration on loved ones.
  61. Need to calm down; want to hit people
  62. Please help, I'm losing my boyfriend
  63. my boyfriend gets angry too easily
  64. Am I angry or is depression back?
  65. Pregnant and scared of my husband anger.
  66. I bottle up my anger so much, but when I explode its BAD
  67. Anyone quick to anger with complete strangers rather than friends/family?
  68. my husband has anger built up and i dont know how to help him....
  69. normal level of anger or problem?
  70. Extreme Anger, Need Help.
  71. I yell at my girlfriend
  72. Im scaring my wife and family. HELP?
  73. uncontrollable yelling and screaming.
  74. got to the point where my anger is dangerous, please help?
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  80. WHAT MED IS GOOD FOR anger?
  81. Anger Issues
  82. Video Game Induced Anger.
  83. what type of yoga is used to control anger
  84. Share medication that worked for YOU to control rage/anger
  85. Bitter and cynical - how to handle
  86. Uncontrollable anger out of no where
  87. Psychopath
  88. Anger at how my life has turned out
  89. My uncontrollable Anger Life... (long)
  90. I don't get no respect
  91. What to do when my wife gets me angry?
  92. My boyfriend and anger
  93. Angry for the past 6 months and need help
  94. This board is NOT for those dealing with angry people...
  95. I think there is something wrong with me
  96. Uncontrollable anger
  97. Desperately seeking free anger management sessions
  98. HATE My Boss
  99. Uncontrolable anger/hatred towards drinkers/alcohol
  100. Anger eruption turns violent, can't control it
  101. i need advise about anger managment.
  102. My Anger is Tearing my Family Apart.
  103. I'm ruining my own life
  104. Mom who yells all the time
  105. i am angry all the time why
  106. Young, Stressed, Angry, Tired, Aggitated... Whats up with me?
  107. what does it mean to constantly have a lot of anger in you?
  108. Why cant I control my anger!!!!!!
  109. spontaneous anger and crying--------Neurontin????????
  110. Work Stress & Being Spoken down at and Oversensitive Emotions
  111. Flashes of rage
  112. Why so angry??
  113. I'm a horrible person :(
  114. Do your own unmanaged anger recovery work.
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  118. A small woman with a HUGE anger problem
  119. Having read Tizzy's thread I am tempted to put one up of my own.
  120. Angry and don't know how to handle it.
  121. I hate living with this anger, i dont no how to but i no i have to!
  122. Anger and blacking out
  123. Revenge - Anger consuming my thoughts constantly
  124. How To Control My Boyfriends Anger
  125. does my boyfriend need anger management?
  126. 5yr old cutting and food hoarding
  127. "anger Illness Is Real"
  128. Just screamed and cursed at customer service...Help!!
  129. Has anyone every tried EMDR and did it work?
  130. I think I may have a real bad anger problem
  131. Feeling guilty after arguing
  132. Issues of anger/frustration/esteem with 9 yr old boy
  133. cant seem to control my anger
  134. How can I hold in all my hate and anger?
  135. head trauma and anger
  136. is zoloft a cure?
  137. I'm ruining my marriage - help !!!
  138. Can't control what flies out of my mouth
  139. Strong anger at injustice and pettiness
  140. boyfriend past anger problems
  141. my boyfriend has anger problem
  142. Is My Husband a Psychopath Maybe?
  143. Anger over hearing people chew
  144. Anger issues
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  146. Would you be angry for this?
  147. husband with anger problem
  148. A question regarding anxiety, depression and anger
  149. Rage in the workplace
  150. Anger/Being Ignored
  151. Teen daughter abusive to dog--advice???
  152. Repressed childhood anger
  153. WHY am I always angry at him?
  154. 4 year old that can't calm down
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  156. Im going to go off the deep end! Please Help me!?!?
  157. Never thought I would be in this position..
  158. Boyfriend "Snaps" alot
  159. A thing my girlfriend does....
  160. Anger Taking Out On Loved Ones
  161. a ticking time bomb
  162. i am so angry right now i am dizzy & shaking
  163. Urges to throw/break/smash things....
  164. Angry...PMS...Kids
  165. Brother has anger issues...
  166. I Enjoy My Anger
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  169. So Angry at obnoxious Stepdaughter
  170. angry boyfriend - always has to be right
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  173. angry with my 5 year old son
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  176. Extreme Rage, Violence Towards Parents
  177. No patience with the kids
  178. The hate is so bad
  179. My 16yr old daughter - HUGE anger issues - HELP
  180. Anger & Irritability
  181. Angry People of the World, Unite!!
  182. I am worried about my friend's abusive relationship
  183. Difficulty expressing anger
  184. Chemical Rage
  185. sometimes i just explode.
  186. I Hate Everyone, Everything!!!!!!
  187. What's best way to deal with boyfriend's anger?
  188. New, scary anger problems....feel like I've become a monster!
  189. Implosive Anger.....
  190. Anger issues
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  192. Addiction to Fighting?
  193. I just can't stand being around people anymore
  194. Can't stand my ex!!!!!!!!!!!
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  197. How do you stop being angry?
  198. Is this abuse??
  199. angry about everything
  200. Angry about stupid things
  201. Why am I snapping at my wife without even realizing it?
  202. Medication for anger control?
  203. uncontrollable anger towards fathers baby need help and advice
  204. Anger Prevailing in PMS
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  206. need help dealing with ex-gf who cheated...
  207. anger and chocolate
  208. Can Someone Push Buttons to Make Me Angry?
  209. boyfriend with anger issues
  210. Husband tired of my high strung personality
  211. Having trouble controlling my anger
  212. So angry, I holler and swear a lot
  213. Quitting jobs from anger
  214. Angry at coworker
  215. Boiling Over With Anger About The Little Things
  216. boyfriend with supressed anger taking it out on me
  217. Soon to be 3 year old with Severe Anger issues
  218. Hitting walls... hitting self...
  219. angry at boyfriend
  220. Looks like everyone but me got raise -- again
  221. Afraid I'm going to lose my family
  222. Feeling Isolated at work
  223. What is wrong with me?
  224. I am so mad I am never consulted about my life
  225. anger from panic attacks
  226. Response from an Angry Husband.
  227. Angry Husband!
  228. People who poo-poo my ideas make me angry!
  229. To Release Anger...
  230. When anger is a problem
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  236. Working the 12 steps for ADHD/Anger
  237. Lithium for conduct disorder???
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  239. Anger hereditary or a learned behavior? Hmmmm
  240. Board Guidelines - Please Read
  241. I've never been so angry in my life! How do I stop obssessing?
  242. Need tips for controlling angry outbursts at my children
  243. how does one control the anger inside u?