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  1. 5htp
  2. SSRI's, Sex, and "Our" Truths
  3. Dakota Skye - How are you doing?
  4. okay this combination isn't for me
  5. Tramadol for Depression?
  6. wellbutrin and weight loss- am i out of luck
  7. I think im having a nervous breakdown
  8. Xanax and decreased sex drive
  9. sam-e
  10. Cymbalta withdrawal?
  11. Lexapro - Has Anyone Tried This?
  12. Lexapro Withdrawal and it's Killing ME!
  13. Depressed and very irritable father
  14. Wellbutrin SR adding prozac and constipation
  15. Feeling Physical pain from depression?
  16. Heavy legs....
  17. Medication: Paxil/Gabapentin/Prilosec
  18. Repetitive stupid thoughts, sometimes said outloud.
  19. Beets for depression
  20. Anger on Wellbutrin?
  21. Metal Taste in Mouth
  22. lingering colds related to depression
  23. depressed husband making me depressed
  24. Eve of birthday depression
  25. Acute Depression Attacks?
  26. Just switched from Effexor to Wellbutrin
  27. No Libido - Depression?
  28. Depressed new teacher
  29. My Dr is suggesting ECT and I am scared
  30. What do I do about my depressed boyfriend?
  31. Best and Worst medications
  32. Lexapro and Headaches
  33. Can Lexapro Give Side Effects After Years Of Taking???
  34. antidepressants causing urge to drink
  35. How to explain Depression to someone
  36. Generic Wellbutrin XL
  37. first timer
  38. teenage depression
  39. Sexual Side effects?
  40. Anyone take Modafinil
  41. Seroquel
  42. How do you say Goodbye?
  43. SSRIs (Prozac, Zoloft) and Orgasms?
  44. anxiety so bad cant eat
  45. Husbands Depression
  46. antidepressant that doesn't cause anxiety
  47. sensitivity to sounds, noises, lights, and extreme agitation
  48. So I stopped my Lexapro...
  49. pmdd/pms/depakote er
  50. effexor and sleep
  51. My review: TMS treatment
  52. Empty (Please help)
  53. One Struggle after another. I can't deal with much more.
  54. Can people be born with depression?
  55. Depression, Apathy, OCD, WHATTT?
  56. anger and depression
  57. i am in fear
  58. Sick because of switching from Wellbutrin to Celexa?? or some other reason?
  59. How long for Wellbutrin to kick in?
  60. Question about Therapist
  61. New Here, Need Help! Where to turn?
  62. can i join you please??
  63. Lexapro Woes
  64. seasonal affective disorder
  65. Anyone In Uk? Reboxetine/endronax
  66. new and need help (severe dp)
  67. 5htp and SAMe problems
  68. Downward Spiral...Please Help!
  69. Wellbutrin, new years eve party[alcohol]
  70. How long have you been on the same SSRI??
  71. Wellburtin XL.....sore throat?
  72. cymbalta-what do you think?
  73. Non Anti depessant Drug Doing Wonders For My Moods
  74. Just diagnosed with depression.
  75. Reply to "Depression and work" thread
  76. I just dont know what to do anymore
  77. Bad depression and life-choices...
  78. 2 Weeks on Lexapro
  79. Shop Therapy
  80. Stomach pain; new to Wellbutrin XL
  81. Trazodone Hydrochloride
  82. Amantadine?
  83. Dakota Skye - How are you?
  84. Vestra Or Edronax?
  85. Antidepressants and Insomnia
  86. 1 week on Prozac
  87. Are There Any AntiDepressants W/no Sexual Side Effects
  88. Prozac (Fluoxetine) and Stomach Issues
  89. I'm New, and Could Use Advice
  90. celexa and addiction
  91. does effexor xr give energy?
  92. help !! my girlfriend is depressed....
  93. Confused/Backwards emotions?
  94. Buspirone side effects?
  95. Wellbutrin Impatience
  96. Buspar..anyone Tired This For Depression?
  97. Taking a Break From Wellbutrin
  98. Holiday Parties
  99. hi every1 i am married to someone with depression
  100. Whats up with the Lexapro?
  101. Starting Lexapro today
  102. Does anyone just not take their meds?
  103. caffeine must make depression worse
  104. Anybody here who knows how Celexa affects the skin?
  105. Anger and Wellbutrin
  106. I made a HUGE mistake. How is it possible to get over someone?
  107. prozac and heart palpitations
  108. Meds for 11-year old
  109. Lexapro Dosage - Moving Up
  110. Depression and work??
  111. 3 doses into Lexapro..
  112. Anyone have mood "shifts" don't know why?
  113. Depression during pregnancy
  114. Too much stress, too much worrying, too much anxiety, too much of everything!!!
  115. Lexapro "Zombie/Apathy" period?
  116. Anyone taking Cymbalta & Ultram?
  117. depression and lost friends
  118. Loneliness won't leave me alone
  119. Anyone on Citalopram? New to this and scared
  120. Experience with Wellbutrin
  121. meds & alcohol
  122. Does anyone have severe anxiety and depersonalization with depression
  123. Wellbutrin taken with low dose Effexor?
  124. seeking medication help
  125. How long to stay on anti-depressants?
  126. Advice please. Depressed husband. How can i best help ?
  127. My mom...How can she live like this??
  128. Trazodone and Zoloft
  129. Sodium valp. as mood leveller?
  130. Can Zoloft make the skin dry?
  131. alcohol with antidepressants
  132. How do you know if you're REALLY "chemically imbalanced"?
  133. Tired of doctors...medications, medications, medications...
  134. Side effects from Zoloft.
  135. Stress, Depression, and Fatigue from lack of sunlight
  136. pms/pmdd/depakote er
  137. Prozac...
  138. had a great time...now back to reality
  139. Remeron/Mirtazapine - HELP!
  140. Weight gain on AD's
  141. people are so disappointing
  142. Lamictal
  143. Effexor > Dosage Question.....
  144. Lexapro (or even any SSRI) Side Effects Question...
  145. Provigil?
  146. Frustrated with being depressed
  148. Anti-depressants and herbal supplements
  149. UPDATE - going off prozac, starting 5-htp
  150. seeking my dad's approval - anyone had similar?
  151. PLEASE any coping skills?
  152. 1st Celexa, 2nd Zoloft, 3rd Wellbutrin, now SJW
  153. New to Effexor.
  154. Amitriptyline please help!!!
  155. Lessened depression by changing my diet &found out I'm hypothyroid which causes it!!
  156. Can't gain control of my emotions?
  157. what to do? loving a depressed man
  158. help. obsessive, scary thoughts.
  159. Question about Zoloft
  160. Taking liquid prozac (fluoxetine)
  161. celexa with vitamins?
  162. Effexor XR and Effexor XL
  163. First Time Taking Antidepressants/ Weird Felling?
  164. 5-HTP, St. John's Wort, or SAM-e - the good, the bad, and the ugly
  165. wellbutrin 600 mg/day
  166. Need Advice on Effexor XR Tapering!
  167. I want to die but part of me wants to try...again. And move out. very long post.
  168. Lexapro and Acne Breakouts!
  169. Starting 5-htp, going off Prozac
  170. Effexor Dose: Doctor Being a bit "Cautious"?
  171. "Zoloft" Will it work for me?
  172. wellbutrin xl and bupropion
  173. Anybody had problems with terrible headaches from Lexapro?
  174. Wellbutrin stopped working...bad batch?
  175. Wellbutrin XL 300mg to XL 150mg
  176. Wellbutrin for a week-do the side effects go away
  177. Effexor = Overdose
  178. I've stopped living for myself
  179. Feel like the gum on the bottom of everyone's shoe..
  180. Effexor side effect?
  181. Risperdal withdrawal?
  182. Mirtazapine
  183. Interested in nothing
  184. Can't stay awake - depressed about being depressed
  185. Three week headache after missing 2 doses!
  186. Serotonin Questions...
  187. Trazodone Fuzzy Feeling
  188. serotonin syndrome and prozac..
  189. Help! I keep losing eveything
  190. Prozac making me tired?
  191. Celexa and Weight Gain
  192. Getting off Effexor
  193. Depression from things I've done
  194. Abilify for anger
  195. Wellbutrin XL vs. SR?? Am I paranoid?
  196. When it is time to stop Lexapro
  197. Effexor 37.5 as a regular dose?
  198. How do I wean off Wellbutrin SR?
  199. will i get celexa withdrawals?
  200. Celexa users- need your input please
  201. First Visit to Psychiatrist
  202. Effexor Withdrawal - another survivor needs help!
  203. 14 hours sleep- straight through
  204. Dropped off Zoloft. Wow. Help?
  205. The Ugly Truth
  206. does effexor give anyone energy? and did it make u gain weight?
  207. Has any taken Cymbalta?
  208. St. Johns Wort
  209. Starting on Zoloft
  210. Serotonin Level Abnormal?
  211. New treatment? VNS Therapy...FYI
  212. starting Lamictal
  213. I think I trace my depression to being an only child
  214. Wellbutrin vs. Cymbalta
  215. has anybody been on testerone for treatment resistant depression?
  216. citalopram
  217. Elavil for pain
  218. Weaning Wellbutrin and acne?
  219. Wellbutrin XL 300mg and Insomnia
  220. Do Antidepressants Really Work?
  221. Excessive sweating
  222. emotional numbness...please help
  223. Long term effects on endocrine system caused by Effexor XR
  224. Dakota skye?
  225. being depressed and being in love
  226. Depression has anything to do with Promiscious
  227. Effexor XR- Weight Gain? Please respond
  228. When the one you love is severely depressed...please help!
  229. Provigil
  230. sleep deprivation...cure for depression?
  231. Extreme loss of appetite
  232. wellbutrin xl and sleep aid
  233. Feeling overwhelmed.
  234. First day on Wellbutrin...
  235. Cymbalta in Combination with another antidepressant?
  236. I have no strength to fight
  237. started wellbutrin and STILL tired, so sick of it
  238. Why does everyone think im GAY?
  239. Anyone tried Lamictal for Depression?
  240. uncomfortable with touch
  241. Lexapro and Wellbutin XL
  242. Feel like I'm going crazy...
  243. Dry Eyes Due to Prozac, Topamax
  244. Started taking Cymbalta and Zanax!
  245. Are anti-depressants dangerous or safe?
  246. bored, tired, unmotivated..
  247. Effexor xr
  248. My son was cruel and heartless!!
  249. Trying(and failing miserably) to quit cymbalta.
  250. Should I give up trying to find love/companionship?