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  1. Help! ?'s on cymbalta withdraw
  2. From Paxil to Effexor
  3. Celexa & Withdrawal & Sex
  4. What can I do to feel happy again (newbie)?
  5. Drinking and Cymbalta
  6. Luvox with night sweats and not sleeping!
  7. How do you get your spouse to understand?
  8. Help! How do I know if it's Effexor withdrawal or Wellbutrin side effects?
  9. Paxil CR Withdrawal....
  10. Lexapro - Alcohol + Pot
  11. side effects of fluoxetine
  12. Clonazepam (or Klonopin) for anxiety/insomnia -- Has anyone tried this?
  13. Has anyone ever REALLY beat depression?
  14. Can't beat depression - don't know what to do
  15. zoloft withdrawal/muscle pain
  16. Zoloft- Effexor Help!!
  17. How is everyone on Cymbalta?
  18. uncontrollable appetite, SSRIs and antipsychotics...
  19. Where have all my "feel good" brain chemicals gone?
  20. **Stopping Effexor, starting Wellbutrin--in need of moral support (and some answers)!
  21. Help for my mother who is clearly mentally ill but takes no help!
  22. Can't stop crying
  23. My mother is clearly mentally ill but wants no help!
  24. Remeron anyone?
  25. alone and depressed
  26. All out of coping mechanisms. What's left to live for?
  27. Can Inderal La (propanolol) Be Taken With An Ssri
  28. Too much sleeping?
  29. zoloft and alcohol??
  30. what does tweking mean?
  31. Can't wait for Christmas to be over
  32. Wellbutrin Question???
  33. Difference Between SSRI'S And SNRI'S????
  34. Inderal for Anxiety
  35. Ibuprofen Boosts Mood?
  36. Do AD's just make you "not care"?
  37. Desperately trying to defeat anxiety... Please help
  38. Anyone else have tremor caused by Effexor XR?
  39. Lexapro - trouble sleeping / mood swings?
  40. Do SSRIs cause acne/ breakouts as a side effect?
  41. Should not have told my husband is depressed!
  42. Why is life so hard lately?
  43. How testosterone fixed my depression
  44. What has been your Wellbutrin XL experience, good or bad?
  45. LEXAPRO -adhd/anxiety/depression
  46. Has anyone tried Ativan?
  47. Dreams and depression. Is it known now that it's not caused by a chemical imbalance?
  48. Prozac and dreams
  49. i am very, very worried: is this a side effect of the SSRI setraline?
  50. Zoloft & Prozac together. Can you do this?
  51. Hard to Focus, Feeling ''unreal'' ?
  52. wellbutrin and lexapro together??
  53. Has anyone tried "Cymbalta" ? It's very new but suppose to work great..
  54. Celexa and tingling testicles???
  55. Had a HOrrible experience on Effexor and want to know why?? HELP PLEASE with this
  56. Positive Experiences with Lexapro?
  57. Nonsensical ranting
  58. Zoloft - anything positive?
  59. How long for prozac to leave system?
  60. Are you weepy with your depression?
  61. Am I just totally buggared??
  62. i wake up sad everyday do you?
  63. paxil vs the generic paroxetine
  64. Has anyone experienced ringing in their ears with Cymbalta?
  65. Extremely depressed about college and my grades...
  66. 19 year old seeks help for depression
  67. prozac withdrawal side effects
  68. Spouses of people with depression/anxiety...HELP!!
  69. What does this dream mean?
  70. Questions For Those Who Have Tried Cymbalta...
  71. Just need to talk to someone (advice on med's)
  72. Depression without being depressed???
  73. Skipping out of work
  74. Socialization vs. Isolation
  75. Wellbutrin 400mg per day
  76. I need to vent, I'm exhausted.
  77. SSRIs and compulsive eating
  78. tryed to take myself off paxil
  79. Self-defeating actions and how to overcome?
  80. Has anyone lost the weight gained from Lexapro?
  81. Cymbalta...
  82. Chemical Imbalance
  83. Need advice to sort my mess of a life out ..
  84. Weened myself off Lexapro--anyone else do this? Reactions?
  85. Strange question about Effexor withdrawal
  86. Lexapro and weight gain
  87. Wellbutrin SR. compared to Immediate release wellbutrin
  88. When does counseling start helping?
  89. Dysthymia,Depression & Addiction
  90. Depression due to cronic pain
  91. Side Effects of Cymbalta
  92. new to lexapro
  93. how do you cope with hurtful comments?
  94. Wellbutrin XL, Anyone have same side effects?
  95. Life Story to Date - How can I change?
  96. "Stressed" spelled backwards
  97. Anyone tried Topamax for depression?
  98. Anti-Depressants that can help with fatigue and tiredness?
  99. I hear it's hard to come off of Effexor...
  100. Depakote for depression?
  101. paxil and chest pain
  102. Paxil CR dosage vs. regular paxil?
  103. anyone taking cymbalta & phentermine (adipex)
  104. What NOT to say to a depressed person
  105. Going off of Effexor XR to Cymbalta
  106. Does depression really go away? -rant alert-
  107. Waking up exhausted?
  108. Wellbutrin Experiences Anyone? Questions on Side Effects?!
  109. Prozac
  110. boyfriend's parents are controlling and depressed about it
  111. Need some advice....
  112. Lorazepam 1mg
  113. Nine days on Effexor...it's hell!!
  114. Any Experiences With Cymbalta??
  115. My Wife, Depression and Prozac
  116. Anyone using Wellbutrin with a mood stabilizer?
  117. Duloxetine for Depression Anyone??
  118. i always feel so alone
  119. SAM-e for depression?
  120. Do you ever get over being molested
  121. Wellbutrin
  122. Paxil/Wellbutrin combo?
  123. Group Therapy vs. Individual Therapy
  124. Pamelor vs Elavil
  125. Wellbutrin/ Pros & Cons
  126. Empty Heart syndrome
  127. ssri's vs. tricyclics
  128. For Jeremy Matte
  129. Anti Depressant, Easy way out?
  130. Effexor XR & Phentermine
  131. Alcohol, Sleeping Tablets and Valium
  132. ZOLOFT & PAXIL -Are They Working 4 You?
  133. ST JOHN'S WORT for Depression Instead
  134. I'm not sure what I can do.
  135. Need help: Anyone else feel like this?
  136. Lexapro? Anyone even heard of this drug?
  137. Do People Abuse Tricyclic Antidepressants?
  138. Just started on Prozac
  139. So confused, I know someone here can help
  140. I like Effexor XL--am I the only one???
  141. My 'friend' cut his wrist
  142. Effexor - experiences
  143. bored to death, stupid life. (vent)
  144. anyone still on imipramine?
  145. Anyone have luck with wellbutrin?
  146. Please recommend a good A/D that helps anxiety and doesn't kill your libido
  147. Wellbutrin XL
  148. did anyone else get this from zoloft?
  149. Another question about Lexapro
  150. People who have taken prozac.....
  151. Effectiveness of taking 2 meds
  152. Effexor and no sex drive?
  153. lightheaded from lexapro withdrawal
  154. Trying life without ADs, losing weight gained while on ADs... fighting depression...
  155. citalpram to escitalopram
  156. Question for Prozac users???
  157. Anyone have trouble getting off of Elavil? Weight gain?
  158. Went off seroquel cold turkey for a month and did damage
  159. Experiences on Cipralex
  160. cymbalta confusion
  161. Prozac??????weight Gain?????
  162. Trouble letting go of the past..
  163. So so sad, to the point its even hard to breath
  164. may sound crazy, but has anyone's appearance changed being on ssris?
  165. WHO here has had "success" being off meds
  166. Is it really a chemical imbalance or is it situational depression?
  167. Fun with Wellbutrin
  168. Remeron (US)/Zispin(UK) Experiences
  169. Starting Lexapro...weight gain?
  170. No libido at all!
  171. Would Paxil help me?BuSpar problem. Depressed and havin anxiety attacks.
  172. How do I stop wanting someone?
  173. From Effexor XR to Wellbutrin - Nausea??
  174. effexor vs wellbutrin?
  175. Lexapro dosing?
  176. Any meds that don't affect sex drive! Please tell me there's at least one.
  177. The whole world just hates me!!!
  178. Hives From Wellbutrin!
  179. Serzone withdrawal - input and help requested
  180. Do you ever have NO emotions left to give?
  181. Celexa:my first day :-( [feel like crap!!]
  182. Pamelor + zoloft, or pamelor+ wellbutrin?
  183. zoloft-done with it
  184. Anxious at bedtime - how do you cope?
  185. Fed up with meds
  186. Feeling Invisible and Hopeless
  187. Prozac And Tiredness
  188. Wellbutrin SR dosing
  189. ok to take two 12.5 mg paxil cr?
  190. "Head Zaps" - how long?
  191. Switched from Celexa to Lexapro with no benefit
  192. Lexapro - Sensitive to light .. changing meds.
  193. "Squirrelly" Stomach from Lexapro?
  194. Zoloft Side Effects
  195. what is the best antidepressant without weight gain/acne side effects?
  196. Antidepressants and Weight Gain -- Need your stories
  197. Side Effects with Celexa 10mg???
  198. Seroquil Side Effects
  199. AD's and methadone..very depressed
  200. How much Wellbutrin?
  201. Back On Meds...question???
  202. Can Zoloft Affect Sleep?
  203. why i am depressed
  204. Link between depression & Immune system?
  205. Zoloft vs. Wellbrutrin
  206. My Dr. said I need to take Wellbrutin, but it seems that everyone on here is having
  207. smoking myself towards an early death
  208. Re: Can't ejaculate during sex? Now on Zoloft (Lustral) ie. Sertraline
  209. Please help! Effexor xr=weight gain?!?!
  210. SICK of being depressed!
  211. Lexapro - sexual side effects - options?
  212. Remeron - how long to work
  213. Buspar anyone?
  214. new here and 1st day on wellbutrin XL
  215. Anti Depressants for people with Liver Problems.. PLS HELP
  216. Am I depressed or going crazy or what PLEASE READ
  217. Anybody had real annoying therapists before?
  218. anyone taking nortriptyline (pamelor) ???
  219. libido and Effexor XR
  220. THAT'S IT ! No more Lexapro for me
  221. I'm depressed and don't now what to do tell me what u think of this.
  222. How am i supposed to carry on?
  223. I need to vent!
  224. Using Elavil without grogginess
  225. switch from lezapro to serzone
  226. Effexor XR + tiredness
  227. wellbutrin questions...
  228. Celexa side effects
  229. Paxil CR or Lexapro?
  230. Lexapro and nightmares anyone?? help please
  231. Anyone ever take (clomipramine) (anafranil)
  232. lithium for severe depression/axiety (no Bipolar disorder)
  233. I'm worthless!
  234. remeron/zispin - can it really work this quickly
  235. tafronil - I have IBS & should i take this? Anti-depressants scare me
  236. Feeling ugly and 'thin'
  237. does lexapro cause weight gain?
  238. Prozac Weekly 90mg?
  239. Natural Ways to Help Depression :)
  240. sore throat for 3 weeks now
  241. Effexor not working
  242. Topamax and Pamelor
  243. zyprexa???????
  244. Is is still withdrawals or am I messed up. Help!
  245. coming off citalopram/cipramil
  246. alcohol and depression
  247. Sinequan (doxepin) and weight gain
  248. Can one be clinically depressed and not have the crying ???
  249. Depressed Primarily Because I hate My Job
  250. zopicolne for sleep with depression