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  1. What can I expect from cognital behavioural therapy?
  2. SSRI's and Melatonin...?
  3. Wellbutrin and Celexa... Anyone?
  4. MTHFR/Deplin
  5. hungry all the time on Viibryd
  6. Delayed Withdrawal from Wellbutrin XL 150
  7. "Brain fog"
  8. Dopamine agonists for treating depression
  9. Pristiq, Effexor, Prozac, or Virvird??????
  10. After 4 years, Pristiq on bad list
  11. Weaning/tapering Off Celexa/lamictal
  12. Sad and no one to talk to
  13. Turn 30 in 2 weeks, havent accomplished anything.
  14. Minocycline Helped Me!!
  15. me and my wellbutrin
  16. Pristiq
  17. Can't afford my antidepressants
  18. Did you lose your job due to depression/axiety?
  19. question about Wellbutrin
  20. Anyone know of Medications that help Depression other than Antidepressants?
  21. my depression
  22. Help for dysthymia
  23. Wellbutrin 150 mg, Making Me Worse?
  24. Can this really be depression?
  25. Brother has a SEVERE addiction to Nyquil
  26. Vitamin/Supplements for Depression
  27. ADD, anxiety, depression all coincided?
  28. Stopped Prozac but Still Have Tremors?
  29. Adderall for depression? Seeking advice
  30. Dark Cloud
  31. Wellbutrin & Tics
  32. Pristiq... not motivated?
  33. Prozac/ritalin
  34. Solutions for Wellbutrin induced vivid dreams...
  35. Effects of stopping anti-depressants
  36. Brain zaps
  37. wellbutrin and stomach pains
  38. Pristiq?????
  39. Wellbutrin XL Thoughts
  40. Citalopram
  41. scopolamine or ketamine
  42. Meds stop working. Poop-Out/tachyphylaxix
  43. Pattern in Depression Flare-up Days - Question's
  44. Pristiq/Effexor, burning throat & stomach pain?
  45. Lexapro. Does a lower dose help shift weight?
  46. anybody else thinking of going off Effexor Xr?
  47. Celexa and Ativan, NO appetite
  48. Exhausted (tired) from depression
  49. Does anyone besides me have severe PMS (PMDD)?
  50. Prozac, Lamictal,xanax weight gain
  51. Cymbalta and terribe sweating...
  52. Feeling So unlucky
  53. Trazadone 50mg & Xanax 0.5mg, Valerian Root
  54. Advil for depression
  55. Am I Depressed or Just HeartBroken
  56. Depression Taking Over My Life
  57. Venlafaxine, please help
  58. lonely, bored, dont know how to change?
  59. St. John's Wort and Vitamin B Complex taken together for depression
  60. I don't see a way to fix my life. Severely depressed. Long read.
  61. Disenchanted with life. University and social life are hopeless.
  62. Food Matter documentary: Niacin + Depression
  63. When Should I Take Zoloft [Sertraline]? Mornings Or Night? Empty Stomach Or Not?
  64. I need help. Any Residential treatment centers in New York State?
  65. frightened...:(
  66. Have been depressed for who I am for 10 years!
  67. Seritol?
  68. Wellbutrin Topamax Prozac
  69. Anyone taking Viibryd?
  70. paxile to prosac
  71. Just can't be happy anymore, what can I do?
  72. I need some support (Citalopram/Celexa) - :-(
  73. Cold Turkey from Pristiq & Brown Spotting almost 2 weeks after Period has ended???
  74. How do I stop this downward spiral...
  75. MONTHS OFF Pristiq and STILL
  76. How hard is it to get a voluntary admission for depression and anxiety?
  77. Stopping Prozac...
  78. no friends in college and feel like a loser (long)
  79. My depression is worsening & no one will listen
  80. I'm so sad it hurts so bad
  81. My never ending range of self loathing,sorrow anger
  82. How long for Effexor to work?
  83. In a slump
  84. New drug interaction warnings for Celaxa
  85. how can i sort myself out
  86. Best Type of Counseling for Self Defeating Behavior
  87. Pristiq and blurred vision, trouble focusing...
  88. Cipralex - need help
  89. Tofranil? Anyone taken it for depression/Anxiety?
  90. Switching from Zoloft to Lexapro...is this the right way to do it?
  91. Zoloft making me tired?
  92. Feel like my spirit is gone
  93. Anhedonia and.....
  94. My life will not change.
  95. beyond help :(
  96. Mirtazapine
  97. Citalopram - Help & Advice Needed
  98. deported alone missing family and friends
  99. Nardil imported!!!
  100. dizziness?? is it a side effect of Abilify?
  101. Changing meds again. Wellbutrin SR feel better but bad side effects.
  102. Celexa After Zoloft....Questions
  103. Late bloomer; I feel like im spending my entire life catching up
  104. Viibryd? Anyone Try this?
  105. Effexor, Wellbutrin, Buspar and Vision Problems
  106. Why do I need to constantly talk to someone
  107. nortriptyline for depression
  108. Depressed or Bored or Lonely
  109. Prozac vs Wellbutrin XL
  110. Anyone Added Small Amount of Abilify to Lexapro & WB?
  111. Depression/fatigue - need help!
  112. Celexa vs. Prozac
  113. verbally abusive parents
  114. Do you have many friends in real life? I have no friends.. ;(
  115. i accidentally doubled my prozac dose
  116. Weaning off Pristiq
  117. Who did you see for meds? PCP or Psychiatrist?
  118. Deplin Help
  119. pristiq & no sleep n trazodone?
  120. Am I depressed? Or just stuck in a rut?!
  121. Pristiq withdrawal - horrid nightmares
  122. Vilazodone or Viibryd
  123. Buspar & Pristiq?
  124. Scared and ready to give up.....(Social Security Disability mentioned)
  125. Prozac is making me cry
  126. Cymbalta with Abilify and Zanaflex
  127. Loving Relationship but so many doubts
  128. Did Generic Effexor Help Your Depression & Anxiety?
  129. Terrible rages after (and during) coming off Zoloft!!
  130. Don't Feel Like Myself Anymore
  131. Does Anyone Believe That 40mg Lexapro Is Really No Different Than 20mg?
  132. Do You Take Your Lexapro Morning or Night?
  133. Is There Anything Similar To Abilify Now?
  134. switching from Effexor to Celexa
  135. Deplin
  136. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)
  137. Speech problems on lexapro? Desperate to know I'm not alone with this.
  138. Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms?
  139. What is it like to not be depressed? Are you happy when you wake up?
  140. New to Abilify. Question and comments
  141. Evening primrose oil and depression?
  142. Why can't I be normal.
  143. Experiences with Emsam patch
  144. Wellbutrin & Energy Level
  145. Re: Pristiq - withdrawal symptoms
  146. Day 5 effexor....
  147. Postpartum Depression
  148. I didn't talk to anyone this week, starting to become unhinged
  149. Lamictal for Depression and Anxiety
  150. Coming off Pristiq
  151. Pristiq OR Effexor??
  152. Depression due to loneliness and personal failure? is that okay to talk about?
  153. Cymbalta Side Effects Rearing Their Ugly Heads Again!
  154. Depression Coming In Waves?
  155. If I take seroquel at night will it have benefits during the day
  156. Is there any good generic Wellbutrin xl?
  157. I just can't seem to get my mind right.
  158. Cymbalta for depression, pain...etc..???'s
  159. Fired.. on my second day
  160. just want to hide under the covers...
  161. Bad Gas & bowel movements from Lexapro?
  162. Doc prescribed Wellbutrin and its too expensive
  163. Klonopin, Wellbutrin and Lamictal...I have had it!!
  164. Mother in denial
  165. Amitripylin
  166. Life isn't worth it
  167. Crippling Loneliness
  168. Is there an antidepressant that does not cause dry mouth?
  169. my mom brings me down
  170. Effexor withdrawal symptoms despite no missed dose
  171. Can effexor help me?
  172. I'm not sure if I can make it.
  173. It feels like running into a brick wall
  174. Deplin and Depression
  175. My family is just too much
  176. Feel like I'm wasting my potential, and resources
  177. Overwhelmed, Can't get anything done - what's going on in my head?
  178. What is counseling like?
  179. Adding Celexa to Wellbutrin--please help!
  180. My wife thinks i'm evil and wants to separate
  181. Will My Doctor Prescribe Me Meds For Depression/Anxiety If I Ask Him To?
  182. Pristiq Withdrawal - Hell On Earth!!
  183. Night Sweats from antidepressants
  184. Feel like no one understands
  185. Wellbutrin brings the tears.....
  186. Pristiq Withdrawal
  187. Can Lexapro stop working?
  188. Meds and decreased breast size
  189. Effexor XR
  190. First, I am sorry for so many questions ...seeing a therapist. Will this help......?
  191. in a tailspin
  192. can circumstances cause depression
  193. Paxil vs Cipralax
  194. ECT for Depression
  195. Twice a day........Prozac
  196. Hate waking up
  197. Is this normal??????? PROZAC
  198. When am I going to feel better on Prozac
  199. Looking young is going to end me.
  200. Got fired--dealing with anger and depression
  201. what if an ssri max dose is not good enough
  202. Cymbalta and Methadone Question
  203. Is there such a thing as circumstantial depression?
  204. Cymbalta with Abilify
  205. Cymbalta questions...UGH!!
  206. When is the best time to take Celexa?
  207. Effexor XR 75mg to Cymbalta 30 mg...is this OK?
  208. A good antidepressant for depression and PMS, PMDD?
  209. Can I switch from Celexa to Zoloft?
  210. Finally a new depression med
  211. wellbutrin i cant stop crying now !!
  212. Wife in denial--family sees depression
  213. Citalopram & Clonazepam Together
  214. very low dose celexa
  215. Exercise Intolerance
  216. 13 days off Effexor (please help me).
  217. Celexa, making me way to tired.
  218. Fluoxetin/prozac and kidney pain + resulting back problems?
  219. Klonopin and back pain?
  220. Depressed feel like im slipping away is it depression or lazyness ?
  221. I have been depressed for years, im sick of it
  222. Late afternoon depression
  223. Anyone taken Wellbutrin and Celexa/Citalopram together?
  224. Dysthymia Long Term Depression. Help?
  225. Depression and feeling alone
  226. Zoloft/Dexedrine Issues
  227. CELEXA USERS 10+ YEARS.................
  228. Depressed and Deployed
  229. Off Effexor for one week
  230. Depression Worsened By Nicotine Patch?
  231. Extreme restlessness with Celexa?
  232. Switching zoloft to celexa
  233. Nardil experiences?
  234. New here and can't function on Lexapro..
  235. Lamictal Side Effects?
  236. IS there a antidepresssant that does not ???
  237. What is your daily schedule / routine?
  238. Prozac and sweating?! Help!
  239. The doctor doesn't take me seriously
  240. "it's all about attitude" or "think positive" or "no don't be negative"
  241. how come some people seem to have such easy lives?
  242. Celexa & Abilify
  243. I have been depressed my whole life, i want it to end
  244. I think I just screwed up my future.
  245. Seroquel vs Abilify for depression
  246. Paxil
  247. Depression deepening
  248. Reduce emotions
  249. Tics resulting from bupropion - any advice?
  250. Demotivation.