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  1. Am I am normal 19 year old or am I insane?
  2. My Wife and I are Both Depressed
  3. Wellbutrin (generic) and increased appetite
  4. does wellbutrin make you angry
  5. NEW post and member...taking Buspar and Lamictal..Concerns??
  6. Prozac and vision problems
  7. Poor concentration, Prozac or diet?
  8. Meds w/o insomnia
  9. trazodone use for bruxism
  10. Celexa and Trazodone
  11. pristiq at a lower dose 25 mg
  12. Anyone notice an increase in depression from decongestants?
  13. brutal honesty continued...
  14. Everything coming down all at once...
  15. Boyfriend is depressed, how can I help him??
  16. why is CRYING so exhausting?
  17. Effexor and kidney damage
  18. I am on Effexor, 75 mg for migraines stress and depression. It is no longer working.
  19. 5-HTP supplement for Effexor withdrawal?
  20. getting depressed again even though taking antidepressants?
  21. weird buzzing noise
  22. ?'s about Tyramine diet on Emsam and/or MAOI's?
  23. I hate my life. I am 26, balding, in debt,currently friendless, girless and w/parents
  24. Pristiq
  25. Feel like hiding under a rock
  26. Cant figure out whats wrong with me
  27. Psychiatrist Dumped Me
  28. 20mg prozac.. I don't feel anything so far..?
  29. my parents don't believe im depressed
  30. 25 mg of Zoloft help anybody ?
  31. Wellbutrin XL Versus SR
  32. adding to presique
  33. Celexa And Blood Sugar Levels
  34. Question about Lexapro!!!! Lexapro Users Help
  35. Suicide, depression and how to REALLY help (from a attempted suicide survivor)
  36. Coming off of celexa are these withdrawal symptoms or something else???
  37. Looping thoughts
  38. Prozac and having erection all day long
  39. Serotonin syndrome from Prozac + Whey Protein? help plz
  40. Wellbutrin XL/Topamax
  41. Depakote anyone? I just started. Wanted your feedback. Thanks.
  42. telling people about the "monster under the bed"?
  43. diet pills helped my depression and fatigue, why?
  44. Can you tell me if paxil or prozac works for you?
  45. how long does it take effexor xr to get out of your system
  46. citalopram and brain zaps
  47. tired of always putting on a happy face!
  48. brutal honesty from a friend
  49. Wellbutrin SR and Pristiq
  50. Withdrawal from Pristiq
  51. Reboxetine
  52. Feeling dead
  53. Would a cup of coffee helps Prozac to work more effectively?
  54. I am so depressed - I dont know what to do anymore
  55. Is it true that Antidepressants don't work at all?
  56. Wellbutrin/Bupropion Price?
  57. Should Trazodone and Paxil (or Lexapro) be taken together???
  58. Has Anyone Ever Heard of Going Off Your AD for a Month & It Works Again?
  59. Drowning in a pit of despair... I don't know what to do anymore!
  60. How long do meds stay in your system.
  61. Wellbutrin
  62. to friends who have had side effects from wellbutrin and...
  63. Must there always be a reason?
  64. Low-Dose Wellbutrin Question
  65. Vision Problems caused by Depression?
  66. Did lithium work for you for years, then stopped? Also, anyone stable on low dose?
  67. tiredness with lexapro now to cymbalta??
  68. Re: Nexium and Anxiety / Depression
  69. Would An Antidepressant Help Me?
  70. Zoloft and terrified. Prozac?
  71. Anyone Add Abilify to Lexapro or to Another SSRI as a Booster?
  72. lexapro withdrawals
  73. how long does it take to get cymbalta out of system?
  74. Anyone Had Success With Lamictal, Got Bad Acne, Then Tried Again?
  75. Depression and pain
  76. lamactel
  77. Anyone prefer Prozac over Zoloft??
  78. One way ticket to hell
  79. Would drinking a glass of wine at night hurt if you are taking lexapro?
  80. Quarter life Crises--Cant figure out what job to do, 26 yrs old living with parents!
  81. Zoloft Withdrawl?
  82. Paxil And Arm And Leg Numbness After Awaking?
  83. how long does it take for cymbalta to get out of your system
  84. Wellbutrin And Prozac
  85. Night sweats!
  86. Re: Reboxetine - Amazine
  87. Best Anitidepressant for Chronic Insomnia
  88. generic buproprion sr with cymbalta---does it work?
  89. Celexa Stopped Working
  90. how does depression affect parenting?
  91. Daughter only thing keeping me alive
  92. Wellbutrin Vs. Effexor
  93. lexapro
  94. True Hope
  95. Abilify, Pristiq, Provigil & Trazodone are the meds I'm on.
  96. Effexor XR Sleep Side-effects
  97. Sometimes feel depressed...Needs motivation
  98. I feel dead inside
  99. Can't concentrate...
  100. Afraid my depression is coming back
  101. Abnormal ejaculation
  102. Scare of the Effexor I just started taking
  103. 2 months into Pristiq - can't keep my eyes open.
  104. Zoloft makes me too drowsy to do anything *YAWN*
  105. Paxil and feeling numb
  106. If on Effexor too long, can it have reverse effects?
  107. Anyone successfully discontinued Effexor XR and resumed a normal life?
  108. Depression, Anxiety, Thyroid, Cymbalta??
  109. i think ive been depressed my whole life....
  110. Low concentration and low energy problem
  111. how long for effexor to work
  112. anyone on fluoxetine, advice needed for my husband???
  113. My Boyfriends MOM
  114. 1 More Try, Then I Give Up--Those On Lexapro Or Were On It, Can You Help Me?
  115. Lexapro problems - Can someone chime in?
  116. Bored but Happy
  117. Has anyone here had experience with Abilify?
  118. How do you find happiness without medication?
  119. Feel Empty And A Mistake
  120. celexa...still depressed how long
  121. deppression and diazepam
  122. my head feels tight inside
  123. Depressed - Is it worth my time to apply for Social Security ?
  124. Generic Med Smell
  125. sam-e and light boxes?
  126. depression
  127. Lexapro-Lightheaded!
  128. Horrible Depression
  129. Depression from Prednisone
  130. Has anyone ever taken Deplin (methylfolate) for depression?
  131. Diagnosed with Mild Depression - should I take Lexapro?
  132. Effexor-your experiences?
  133. sectioned
  134. Dealing with work while depressed.
  135. Unhappy and Overthinking
  136. Brain ZAPS and wihdrawal from Effexor XR...help please?
  137. prognosis, will this ever get better?
  138. Topical anti-depressants??
  139. Depressed? Maybe not. Just very messed up.
  140. Perscribed Effexor but given Novo-Venlafaxine??
  141. Depression = Over-thinking?
  142. STABLON has anyone tried it?
  143. I want the old me back
  144. Magnesium - has drastic affect on mood
  145. I think I am losing touch with reality...
  146. cymbalta anyone?
  147. changing antidepressants
  148. I just started prozac what to expect
  149. excitement ever again?
  150. what if I still have a headache after two weeks of taking lexapro 10mg after two week
  151. when will I start feeling better with Zoloft
  152. Severe Fatigue not improving!! On depression meds & Hypo-thyroid
  153. Pristiq and terrible sexual side effects
  154. Lexapro generic?
  155. Zero coping skills
  156. Scared to take Cymbalta... Please Help
  157. Wellbutrin?
  158. Re: Lamictal withdrawal? I'm a wreck.
  159. Former 5-htp users
  160. Some questions about Depression
  161. Questions about side effects.. what should I do???
  162. new here - when do you decide that you need more help?
  163. Is There Any Way I Can Increase Dopamine? Desperate To Get Out Of This Black Hole
  164. Prozac Or Citalopram...
  165. Anyone tried Pristiq??
  166. Lexapro and Irritability
  167. How does a depressed person succeed as a salesman ?
  168. Effexor XR=Mother's Hell On Earth(sort of long post)
  169. Emptiness and Meds
  170. SSRI (lexapro) and no emotion
  171. Does it affect you with your period?
  172. SSRI and add Welbutrin for libido?
  173. successfully gotten off of lexapro (while taking buspar)?
  174. Pristiq
  175. Lonely Empty Nester
  176. switch from effexor to lexapro ""need advice""
  177. wellbuterin side effects? anger?
  178. Immediate deep sleep and dizziness...depression?
  179. Question about Zoloft dosage
  180. Any info on combining remeron with paxil?
  181. Depression and ... bananas?
  182. Lexapro side-effects
  183. Adderall for depression..
  184. I cry myself to sleep everynight
  185. Is my chronic boredom really depression?
  186. Depressed, on and off, but mostly on.
  187. feel bad all the time
  188. Can Hardly Breathe
  189. Depression and Lisinopril
  190. Cymbalta ~ Question about my mother
  191. Prozac..please, Please Read...
  192. Prozac taken with Ionomin (Appetite Suppressant)
  193. anxiety, depression, bipolar or big complainer?
  194. Okay, not sure if I am depressed or just messed up... anyone up for a life story?
  195. Cymbalta withdrawl
  196. I think my story may be one of the worst..please help if you can
  197. Depression/Anxiety Alternative to Lexapro?
  198. Lexapro and RLS?
  199. Body pains and depression
  200. I am totally off anti-depressants!
  201. I stopped Effexor for 2 days--boy do I feel sick!
  202. I am miserable!
  203. If your taking Xanax, can you also take St John's wort or Valerian root
  204. Anybody on MAO Inhibitors?
  205. Tapering off Wellbutrin XL 300
  206. I miss sex with my boyfriend :(
  207. Sexual desire and depression meds
  208. Does Prozac slow your metabolism down
  209. help please? i need some advise. Quick replys?
  210. ending citalopram and woozy moments
  211. Lexapro or Wellbutrin SR for Dysthymia??
  212. How do I not blame my parents?
  213. Depression certificate
  214. Thinking About Edronax
  215. i was taken off xanax in 3 days..had a stroke
  216. From Elavil to Remeron, Seroquel or Trazodone
  217. Depression Before And During My Period
  218. Can sexual side effects from SSRIs subside with time?
  219. Diclofenac and Lexapro
  220. How to deal with depressed wife
  221. Question about beer and lexapro?
  222. Effexor Question
  223. RIVOTRIL (Clozénapam, klopin) need your light
  224. Lamictal and Seroquel
  225. Elavil Help
  226. SAD(seasonal effective disorder) Twice a Year
  227. trazadone during the day?
  228. Rivotril (Clozénapam) experience please !!!!!
  229. 40 mg of Lexapro and 200 mg of lamictal
  230. Reboxetine - Amazine
  231. Going on Disability for Depression?
  232. Having reached the end of my rope long, long ago...
  233. Which antidepressant is the more easy to get off
  234. Positive stories about Antidepressant: help me I don't feel well
  235. Increased Zoloft dosage but have strange mood
  236. Wellbutrin SR side effects
  237. Quit effexor xr cold turkey... how long does this last?
  238. the misuse of steroids
  239. Drugs on the Railway
  240. Celexa and possible weight gain: I'm afraid
  241. Please help me, I want to hear from you !!!
  242. Nauseated Anyone else experienced such? Zoloft, Trileptal & Generic Restoril
  243. Depressed. I am driving myself insane.. [LONG]
  244. gah...nervous energy
  245. Am I depressed or just down in the dumps?
  246. 150 mg of Wellbutrin (Bupropion) SR -- only once a day?
  247. Lexapro + night sweats
  248. feel no joy in life
  249. Lexapro + Wellbutrin for depression/anxiety
  250. An antidepressant with no weight gain