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  1. Quick Q
  2. weird stool problem
  3. Please ANY idea's are welcome!!!!!!
  4. Desperate - been sick for 7 months. Anything.
  5. 0% Ejection Fraction on HIDA Scan
  6. Folks! Who cured gastritis - reply!
  7. Questions about Intestinal Parasites
  8. Light stools and mucus?
  9. Bubbling gas under ribs, causing heart palpitations!!
  10. Good Ol' Stress
  11. Gastritis caused by H pylori treatment
  12. Food and pain
  13. Stomach pain, vomiting, weight loss. Need your advice!!!
  14. Does this sound like a digestive disorder?
  15. Heartburn getting me down.
  16. Continuous Diarrhea
  17. can diverticulitis (or -osis) come on over a period of months?
  18. Not sure which and I'm to freaked out to go in.
  19. please help! ibs? or candida?
  20. Constipation won't go away. What am I doing wrong?
  21. Eosinophilic Esophagitis and other odd symptoms
  22. Probiotics - Gas/Bloating Side Effects Common ?
  23. GERD/AR or Something Else ? Nausea/Upward Pressure?
  24. 29yo want diverticulosis to stop affecting my life!!!
  25. Worried?
  26. Need help understanding biopsy report
  27. how good is green tea for bloating
  28. Started having aches in my body, a headache, and a massive stomachache all at once!
  29. side affects after fundoplication
  30. Digestion (or lack thereof) Abnormalities
  31. Ok, I scheduled surgery...Now, I'm nervous!
  32. Advice re: 72 hour fat abroption test
  33. Help me please
  34. pain in upper stomach - lollie
  35. Question about stomach ulcers.
  36. Could this be related to problem in my digestive system?
  37. 5 year old can not burp, only poots
  38. Help!!!
  39. Indigestion and continuous weight loss
  40. Calling to schedule surgery
  41. Right side abdominal pain
  42. Severe Abdominal Pain
  43. Yeast problem..Dr doesn't know what to do.
  44. positve hemo test
  45. afib/palpitations caused by stomach!
  46. Back from HIDA scan
  47. slight discomfort and recently burning left of navel
  48. Anyone know of any probiotic pills that are small in size?
  49. Digestive
  50. Question about Diarhea
  51. Visit with Dr.
  52. Functional Dyspepsia - What to do?
  53. Any ideas?
  54. teen boy with morning nausea and vomiting
  55. frustration with digestion 1 1/2 years later...thyroid?
  56. Test normal
  57. Leaky Gut Syndrome and Gastropereisis
  58. pylori bug advice
  59. Prilosec OTC - Side effect?
  60. Gluten intolerance or just reaction from new high fibre diet? Confused and going mad!
  61. Desperately Ill
  62. What in lactose free milk is causing me problems?
  63. tired of this feeling
  64. correlation between nexium and enlarged abdomen/gas
  65. Stomach
  66. Constant Nausea
  67. Ursodiol
  68. Binge Eating Disorder?
  69. Stomach pain
  70. Amylase and Lipase levels: Am I in trouble?
  71. Bloating and distended stomach BEFORE I eat
  72. I have no where to go
  73. Please help with ongoing gas, bloating, constipation
  74. My mom's Nissan surgery
  75. why does my stomach jump
  76. what causes back pain after eating
  77. Natural supplements to replace Creon 12
  78. What can cause you to have a hunger feeling in your stomach area just after esting
  79. New Reflux Symptom! Help!
  80. Super Seed for constipation
  81. Acidophilus milk in coffee
  82. abdominal discomfort & high BP
  83. Strange Bowel Movements no matter what i eat
  84. couldn't swallow water after eating rice
  85. Gastritis question
  86. I thought I had this pinned down!
  87. Please help..desparate for a diagnoses...
  88. Digestive / Functional Problems Wreaking Havoc
  89. What does diverticulitis feel like?
  90. How long should I expect this to last?
  91. bicarbonate of soda
  92. Peptic ulcer and now possibly too little stomach acid?
  93. Eosinophil Allergy with constipation
  94. terrible abdominal pain...
  95. Burning Pain right of belly button
  96. pancreatic calcification/stone
  97. Excessive gas & Nestle Crunch Bars
  98. Stomach ulcers.HELP
  99. Severe Right Abdominal Pain That Comes and goes close to hip area
  100. Spitting Up clear foam with GERD
  101. Referred Pain when Swallowing
  102. Negative ejection fraction on HIDA Scan?
  103. Constipation And Night Time Gerd.
  104. Feeling hot mostly at night and early morning
  105. Painful urination normal after colon surgery?
  106. Several abdominal pain
  107. I can't eat enough...
  108. Efficacy of Abdominal Ultrasound in Detecting Tumors
  109. food gets stuck in esophagus every time i eat
  110. Hida
  111. my stomach is not breaking down my food
  112. stomach is distressed always
  113. Help!
  114. I have chronic abdominal pain and nausea after eating
  115. constipation is making my life a living hell
  116. left side pain when I wear tight bras
  117. pain under left rib cage
  118. my stomach is hurting when i eat
  119. constipation
  120. Significance of ct scan???
  121. Bleeding after bout of constipation and diarrhea
  122. acid reflux
  123. chest crampy pain
  124. Stopping Digestive Enzyme Supplements
  125. What do these test results mean?
  126. food won't go down my esophagus
  127. So tired of this pain
  128. post fundoplication sydrome
  129. bruises either side of the spine
  130. Bright yellow diarrhea, sorry waaaay TMI!!!
  131. endoscopy after effects
  132. Please help! This nausea is driving me crazy!
  133. preparation for EGD one year after fundoplication
  134. undiagnosed appendicitis
  135. what causes too much burping
  136. Endoscopy Help
  137. Started using Domperidone!
  138. hackin up lugies !
  139. i am, 52 years old female i am having pain in my lower side of left breast what is th
  140. Hard stools are normal for me, should i be worried?
  141. Sick for almost 3 months.
  142. I'm so sick and tired of feeling this way... literally!!!
  143. specks of blood in vomit
  144. Elevated ejection fraction-HIDA scan
  145. upper abdominal bloating after surgery
  146. Not even sure this is where i post:) re having strange stomach problems
  147. Stomach Cramping and pain
  148. digestive problems
  149. Constipation, Cramping, and Fiber
  150. why does it take longer for some people to digest food
  151. I'll just keep posting
  152. Five years, Dull Pain after EVERY meal
  153. Severe nausea, diagnosed with Non-Ulcer Dyspepsia
  154. another diverticulum question?
  155. Any advice welcome
  156. Diverticulosis/itis - i'm confused and concerned
  157. stomach issue
  158. Barium Swallow- Feel Sick
  159. Lipase, upper right abdominal pain, etc.
  160. endoscopy colonoscopy partial results
  161. Re: What would happen if someone didn't have a bowel movement for 8 years???
  162. I'm looking for a good book on gluten sensitivity
  163. Bloated and Burping
  164. Bad taste won't go away!
  165. My Stomach
  166. What is matter with stomach food don't digest
  167. Weird Symptoms
  168. Nausea after meals-feels like food is just sitting in my stomach
  169. Taste Like a chemical when I breathe
  170. I poop A LOT
  171. Terrible bloating, gas, palpitations. Causes?
  172. Please Please Help desperate!!! Suffering from undiagnosable chronic nausea
  173. My stool is soft why
  174. why my food comes back to my mouth even after swallowing
  175. Please help - Cannot eat anything with a drop of fat in it
  176. Everytime I eat, my stomach bothers me
  177. bacterial overgrowth
  178. Is It Liver Pain...?
  179. elevated amylose enzyme
  180. Esophogus/Food poisoning or heat?
  181. Domperidone Help
  182. small amount of blood in vomit
  183. My new scan result!!!
  184. Hida scan yesterday
  185. carcinoid?
  186. Digestive Upset - Help me Stop Worrying
  187. Husband diagnosed with Gastritis
  188. Malabsorption question..y/n?
  189. Pressure in upper chest
  190. Cook books
  191. Why does canned salmon come back up my throat?
  192. 5 months after GB removel and still have problem?s
  193. One last question
  194. extreme reaction to alcohol?
  195. slightly elevated lipase?
  196. Diagnosed Biliary Dyskinesia, but unsure
  197. Malabsorption, Indigestion and Food Allergies
  198. Endoscopy question
  199. Near Constant Hunger Pain
  200. what is the cause of nonstop gas in my body
  201. Gastric issues..could this be gastroparesis?
  202. does Larygopharyngela Reflux cause dry mouth
  203. sharp pain in center top of stomach
  204. anyone else with ibs coming off ppis?
  205. Nausea
  206. I don't give a darn!!!!!!
  207. Bloated ribs anyone??
  208. What could the Dr have found during endoscopy?
  209. diarrhea post colonoscopy
  210. Worried for my little brother 9yrs old
  211. Right side rib pain
  212. Problem with throat,stomach, & nose.
  213. Sick and need to talk to someone
  214. Please, I need help!!
  215. Colonoscopy with 2 polyps found...
  216. Mystery vomiting w/ bile
  217. distended painful stomach in alcoholic
  218. what causes a high acidic stomach and soreness under the ribs?
  219. What is going on
  220. Stomach problem and Lightheaded
  221. Endoscopy found nothing...yet symptoms remain.
  222. hemoorhoids?
  223. Recent digestive issues: Please advise
  224. can oral yeast cause you to be unable to produce a cough?
  225. Gastroparesis
  226. Please help me!
  227. pain
  228. endoscopic test Regarding
  229. Fake hunger pains.. please read..
  230. why do i need to poo after eating
  231. Gastro problems! Would really appreciate some advice!!!
  232. Small intestine inflammation, infection? Bacteria?
  233. Chronic Pancreatitis ?
  234. gastritis
  235. Never hungry and cannot gain weight
  236. Appendix Story
  237. Barium swallow and CT contrast swallow, yellow stool?
  238. Digestive Problem
  239. Question?
  240. Black & tarry stool has me scared any thoughts
  241. Severe case of malabsorption
  242. Erythromycin Vs Erythromycin Vs My Digestive Tract - Side effects continuing.
  243. Worried About Symptoms
  244. Is it me!!!!
  245. I'm too embarrassed to talk to my doctor about this
  246. stomach problem really making me nervous
  247. Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication post surgery questions
  248. things that make you wonder??
  249. Ensure Plus causes constipation?
  250. Lactose Intolerance