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  1. Stomach problems, still undiagnosed
  2. Weird issue concerning epigastric tightness!
  3. Unknown Cause of Regurgitation
  4. digestive disorders
  5. Cured my LPR
  6. loss of appetite/nausea/digestive issue
  7. swelling in my stomach?
  8. What causes my stomach to growl even after i eat?
  9. Woried about stomach Cancer at 21
  10. Nausea, swollen lymph nodes, on/off low grade fever - help?
  11. Weird feeling after eating scrambled eggs but fine with sunny side up
  12. 18 and suffering
  13. Aciphex Allergy / Sulfa Allergy
  14. Questions to ask doctor about stomach?
  15. Belching... HELP!
  16. Gastroparesis anyone?
  17. Abdominal, chest pains, short of breath
  18. gastroparesis
  19. 35 Year Old Male - Sudden Nausea
  20. Perforated Stomach Ulcer?
  21. Psyllium husk, abdominal pain, doctors doesn't know why
  22. Psyllium husk, abdominal pain, doctors doesn't know why
  23. Celiac Disease, IBS, or What?
  24. Very confused and looking up symptoms online
  25. Is this possible ???
  26. Swallowed a piece of plastic straw
  27. stomach ache
  28. Unable to eat cooked food
  29. Digestive Enzymes make me very ill
  30. Can not initiate swallow!!
  31. barretts esophagus bleeding?
  32. Electrolyte level fluctuations: How much is normal?
  33. Gastroparesis, at my wit's end. What else can I try??
  34. Bad stomach again
  35. Stomach feels Broken (Cry for help)
  36. Extreme bloating
  37. Mystery Belching... Cancer?
  38. pain after eating?
  39. Unexplained Burping... worried
  40. Frequent Belching?
  41. Abdominal Pain after eating
  42. Severe nausea, all tests normal
  43. Concerned about Miralax
  44. Gastroparesis, sphincter of oddi dysfunction, etc HELP!
  45. Trouble digesting most foods
  46. Side pain under ribs (left side)
  47. gas and belching
  48. Finally got rid of nausea after more than a year!!!
  49. Probiotics - help!
  50. Gastritis
  51. Sudden sleeping issues, waking up with chills
  52. Not sure what is wrong... Gastritis??
  53. Sick, No Diagnosis, & about to give up, please help.
  54. Stomach problems
  55. Fatty liver??
  56. Doctors can't figure out what's wrong, please, PLEASE help me
  57. H-pylori
  58. Stomach/Digestive Problem
  59. abdomen pain for over a month help!!
  60. Gastritis! :(
  61. How to clean stomach entirely in morning and feel better?
  62. Morning Nausea, Loss of Appetite, Burping, HELP
  63. 17 years old, so many stomach issues..
  64. Scared help please
  65. Gas. help me please.
  66. Gastritis or something else?
  67. chronic diarrhea - need help
  68. So bloated, it feels like I'm going to burst! :(
  69. CSID/Sucrose Intolerance
  70. can this be stomach bug? High white blood cells
  71. Peas and bile?
  72. What could this be?
  73. Very WEIRD case please READ
  74. I've had an upset stomach/ abdominal pain for a week now & it hasn't let up
  75. Unknown Stomach Issues Lasting Over a Month. Please Help
  76. Switching from Nexium to Ranitidine?
  77. Burping- candida or diet?
  78. What were your gall bladder symptoms?
  79. SIBO suferers UNITE
  80. Upper GI/Barium after H Pylori / Celiac?
  81. i burp all the time
  82. Hoping to maybe shed some light on my stomach problems
  83. Gerd and sinus and plugged ears
  84. Severe bloating with hiatal hernia
  85. IBS and Iron Supplements- ER or no ER?
  86. Right Upper Quadrant Pain Into back
  87. so frustrated with my stomach issues, any thoughts?
  88. Left side pain
  89. Sauerkraut making me ill - why ?
  90. Metronidazole/Tetracycline/Pepto Bismol
  91. jittery and trembling from omeprazole anyone?
  92. Gallstones at 17?
  93. Slow transit throughout the GI Tract (please Help)
  94. H-pylori to SIBO???anyone???
  95. Odd Digestive Issues No Doctor Can Diagnose?
  96. Constant nausea
  97. Gastroparesis & Domperidone
  98. Gallstones and constant gnawing burning
  99. Stomach Problems
  100. Mystery Unsolved: The Undigestive Digestive System. Please Read
  101. Gastroparesis???????????? HELP (long post but need help)
  102. Horrible symptoms im scared, docs won't help!!!
  103. Gallbladder Symptoms?
  104. Gastritis 3 years of hell!!!!!
  105. Stomach sunken in
  106. Having trouble keeping food down
  107. Please help, constant burping, rib pain, diarreah...
  108. H pylori and lump under ear
  109. Unresolved Gastrointestinal Issues
  110. Unexplained Weight Loss - digestive disorder?
  111. Abdominal wall colapse
  112. 'Skin crawling' abdomen pain
  113. abdominal migrane?
  114. Is there a cure for Gastritis?
  115. Backed up colon
  116. Scared to eat: Pressure, pain & bloating in upper belly!
  117. Doctor no help so far
  118. Gallbladder?
  119. Erythematous mucosa in the antrum
  120. IBS , intolerance to fat , chicken
  121. Gas Problem After Appendectomy
  122. Has anyone has similar symptoms with abdominal pain
  123. Gastritis & Gallstones
  124. Weird pain after eating for a week
  125. New and just diagnosed with Gastroparesis
  126. Worried about right side pain...help my thoughts are negative
  127. Diarrhea, Pain & Nausea for 10 yrs
  128. H Pylori
  129. can H-Pylori cause SSRI not to work?
  130. Stomach cramp and vomiting, no apparent reason.
  131. gastroparesis
  132. Any theories? Extreme bloating leading to... Other things
  133. Recently diagnosed with stomach ulcers
  134. What's going on? Nobody seems to know
  135. Gastritis
  136. gastroparesis and intestinal dysmotility
  137. colonoscopy and E.G.D while on methadone
  138. Enzyme Defficiency?
  139. Egg Burps - The Cure and what it is!!!
  140. Concentration better on Empty Stomach
  141. Mystery Stomach Problem - please help :(
  142. Gallbladder low ejection??
  143. Pain that feels like your guts are rotting?
  144. Feels like my insides are rotting
  145. BURPING and gurgling stomach...YIKES
  146. Stomach pain to left of belly button
  147. Link Between Gluten Intolerance/Leaky Gut and Blood Sugar Levels
  148. H pylori symptoms?
  149. Worsening symptoms. I'm tired of this. :(
  150. pain and i am tired of this :(
  151. Frustrated & looking for info
  152. Help with functional dyspepsia
  153. Anyone else have all these crazy symptoms with their digestive issues?
  154. Feeling sick every single night at the same time?
  155. Help-does anyone know the answer
  156. Diverticulitius
  157. Abdominal Pain That Goes Away When Lying Down UPDATE
  158. Found digestion relief!
  159. Excess Bile Production - why?!
  160. This cough is driving me crazy... acid reflux?
  161. stomach filled with gas
  162. Help Abdominal Pain
  163. Chronic pancreatitis or something else
  164. Help: Gastritis, peptic ulcer ruined my life.
  165. Is Prevpac the same as Prevacid?
  166. Terrible stomach growling
  167. Constant upper abdomen pain, loss of appetite
  168. Can't find right medication for Barretts
  169. Gastroparesis, maybe?
  170. upset/sensitive/gassy stomach
  171. stomach acid causing burning in armpit, & shoulder pain
  172. Help with stomach issues?
  173. Intestinal parasites?
  174. Had every test in the book and can't figure out what is wrong!!??
  175. Pain in upper stomach where stomach meets rib in the center
  176. Chest burbles/flutters/vibration/?? What is that??!! Help!
  177. Have to do the "Oscopies" next!
  178. Domperidone yuk
  179. At a Complete Loss: Hernia? Something else?
  180. Diverticulitis pain?
  181. Stool color changes on PPI's?
  182. Gastritis and alcohol - Differing Opinions
  183. Unexplained abdominal pain. help!
  184. I wake up with stomach ache
  185. Lots of gas and stomach pain/bloating
  186. Severe and PAINFUL Esophageal Spasms -- Help please!!!
  187. Oooooh, bad tummy! Help!
  188. Not enough stomach enzymes
  189. Does this sound like gastroparesis?
  190. Dizziness & feeling of fainting after eating
  191. Sulfuric Burps during Abdominal Pain, then Vomiting/Diarrhea
  192. Slowing down the "process"
  193. BURPING and no appetite WHAT is it?
  194. Chronic nausea and pain. HELP
  195. My Constipation.
  196. high ejection rate on hida scan
  197. GERD / Acid Reflux, Panic Attacks, Anxiety Attacks, tingles, congestion, indigestion
  198. Struggling to gain weight & having nausea / sickness after eating breakfast
  199. Gastric Emptying Study for nausea?
  200. Please Help! Stomach Ache
  201. Severe bloating/gas/fullness/weight loss
  202. diagnosed with gastritis & h.pylori
  203. 7 years of GI issues, no answers
  204. Lower Abdominal Tenderness
  205. upset stomach and nausea during the winter months?
  206. Throat Gurgles/Bloatedness/Can't Burp/Helicobacter Pylori?
  207. constant Upper left abdomen pain.
  208. Gallstones or ulcer, help!
  209. Roemheld syndrome
  210. Is this Gastritis or Esophageal Spasms?
  211. "Burping/Growling" noise - hiatal hernia?
  212. Mild chronic gastritis with focal Intestinal Metaplasia
  213. What could this be?
  214. Why do I have gastritis?
  215. duodenal (peptic)ulcer
  216. leaky gut syndrome and have been using brown rice protein.
  217. raw feeling just above belly button right up2 throat
  218. My only symptom is burping?
  219. Odd digestion issues (excessive burping)
  220. metamucil paradox
  221. Disgusting wind tonight
  222. Cause of stomach burning? Ulcer??
  223. Cause of my right abdomen/quadrant pain?
  224. Is 90 days of Prilosec OTC a good treatment for possible gastritis?
  225. tortuous colon
  226. 12yr old vomiting for 24 days w/ constipation
  227. B12 injections
  228. Steak made me very sick... why?
  229. Been sick since May!! Need help!!
  230. Upper abdominal bloat, can't pass gas?!
  231. A stuck burp? Lower chest and back pain? Minimal relief after burping.
  232. Entire family very bloated and gassy... please help
  233. Colonoscopy and Upper Endoscopy (EGD) without sedation
  234. Indigestion, but no pain.
  235. Dull, constant pain on right side
  236. Ouch. My right side hurts a lot. :(
  237. Chronic Pancreatitis/ Gallstones/ Its all in my head?
  238. Hiatal Hernia
  239. Trouble Breathing + Stomach issues
  240. Post cholecystectomy... always hungry?
  241. H Pylori Treatment and its side effects
  242. rotting burps resulting eventually in vomiting
  243. Stool examination
  244. Hypochlorhydria , low stomach acid, Achlorhydria
  245. Pleaseeee help. im at the end of my rope :(
  246. Severe GI issues And other things, Please help me
  247. Gastritis
  248. Are these symptoms from my hiatal hernia?
  249. Left side chest pain - indigestion?
  250. H.Pylori infection