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  1. is this tape worms?
  2. My Digestive Disorders..
  3. Lump in stomach
  4. sulphur burps and vomiting cured
  5. My latest stomach biopsy results
  6. Offically diagnosed with H pylori. What do my results mean?!
  7. diagnosed with H pylori. Need opinions. Pls help
  8. Does Gasteroparasis cause upper stomach burning and pressure
  9. Contracted chest pain...
  10. Nausea after eating, no other symptoms
  11. After h pylori eradication
  12. endoscopy concerns
  13. Ultroid System and Hemroid Harry!
  14. GERD and breathing problems??
  15. Lots of appointments- Getting very nervous!
  16. Feeling like i m hungry / blood in vomit
  17. Food Getting Stuck in Throat
  18. Stomach Problems After Giardia
  19. Pyloric Sphincter problems
  20. Could this be gastritis? Ulcer? Something else?
  21. Undigested Medication?... Gross question!
  22. Pancreatitis: Chronic or 2nd acute attack?
  23. Stomach Ulcer Pain
  24. Right upper quadrant abdominal pain, 4 inches above the belly and to the right
  25. Nausea - Is it ZANTAC ?
  26. Meckel's diverticulum
  27. Yellow Stool Causes other than Liver/Celiac
  28. Can't poop for 4 days
  29. Gastroparesis!!!
  30. Lower abdominal pain + high absolute and relative eosinophils
  31. Questions for those who have had ulcers or gastritis
  32. afraid i will not make it to resection surgury
  33. Dilated Bile Duct - Please Help?
  34. Upper abdominal pain with no clear diagnoses
  35. Bile Salt Diarrhea
  36. Flank pain! Severe! Any help?
  37. constant hunger, burning in upper stomach-gastritis?
  38. pain under left ribcage
  39. watery diarrhea/elevated wbc/no cramps
  40. Gutsense.org? I'm so confused...
  41. Gastroenteritis relapse?
  42. Dicetel 100MG
  43. dexilant 60mg?
  44. Months of constant pain, no solution
  45. CT Scan Concern/Bloating-Abdominal Pain
  46. Non-Allergic Eosinophilic Esophagitis?
  47. H pylori and upper stomach pain and lower abdominal pain
  48. Small black balls in poop?
  49. Really Nervous after Taking Digestive Enzymes
  50. Gastritis
  51. Ice cream and bloating
  52. Problems *after* gallbladder removed
  53. Why can't I eat honey and eggs?
  54. what to eat w/large hiatal hernia? everything causes pain
  55. Metronidazole, Omeprazole & Clarithromycin
  56. Propofol or Versad?
  57. Strong stomach/abdominal pain, sour stomach, and sometimes nauseated
  58. Anusitis - PLEASE Help!
  59. Has anyone had the ERCP with Sphincteroonomy?
  60. Could dehydration mimic symptoms of fibromyalgia
  61. Upper Abdominal Pain, Loss of appetite, etc;
  62. Gastroparesis
  63. Bloated no matter what I eat.
  64. lap nissen reversed
  65. Severe stomach pain after eating Quaker rice cakes
  66. Undiagnosed (Digestive?) Disorder
  67. Indigestion immediately after eating
  68. stomach issues for several weeks now
  69. Stomach pain? im freaking out!
  70. Resent gastroscopy results help!
  71. how is fatty liver diagnosed ? ct or mri without contrast can do it ?
  72. Endoscopy problem
  73. Can digestive enzymes give you diarrhea?
  74. Can a stomach ulcer cause rectal bleeding?
  75. Small Diameter/Smelly Stool
  76. 2% gallbladder function=remove?!
  77. I believe my condition is one of few in the world
  78. When antacids don't help gastritis
  79. Stomach side cramps Lactose Intolerance Beef & Pork frustrating.
  80. Lactose intolerance test & gluten intolerance test
  81. I just had a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Question about biopsies...
  82. Low stomach acid treatments?
  83. Gluten Allergy
  84. right rib cage and breast pain with gas
  85. *important* roemheld syndrome (rs)
  86. blood in stool, stomach cramps and feeling light headed
  87. Bloating, Gas, Excessive Saliva, Gurgling.
  88. Endoscopy Upper GI - What to expect
  89. Lap Nissen 9 weeks ago
  90. Chest sore after upper endoscopy
  91. Other options for Bile Reflux?
  92. Severe abdominal pain, diarrhea, losing 11 lbs a month??
  93. Mastic Gum
  94. Oil in urine?? and other symptoms
  95. Nissen Fundoplication - What to expect
  96. sick of feeling nauseous please help
  97. Serious Hunger Burning
  98. How Does Gastritis Feel Like?
  99. excessive belching and chest pains
  100. Bile Reflux Cures/Treatments
  101. Any thoughts on Active Manuka honey??
  102. gastritis and antibiotics
  103. Still losing weight post-Nissen?
  104. HELP...nausea
  105. Chronic nausea workup and treatment
  106. Problems digesting popcorn
  107. Severe Stomach Growling
  108. Deep Belching
  109. Nausea, acid indigestion, candida, ishy upset stomach.
  110. Mystery Stomach Problems
  111. Stomach discomfort/full feeling
  112. Undigested Food
  113. Nissen Fundoplication - Some information please
  114. LPR & asthma
  115. Clonazepam (Klonopin) for nausea?
  116. Diarrhea from Miralax?
  117. Is this just a stomach flu or gluten intolerance?
  118. Addiction to Alka-Seltzer
  119. 1 Attack of Acute Pancreatitis 4 years ago, and still dealing with anxiety from it!!!
  120. Awful nausea from non-ulcer (or functional) dyspepsia
  121. Abdominal area hurts after laying down and expanding stomach
  122. uneasy tummy/burping
  123. For GOD Sake Help Me!
  124. Desperate - been sick for 7 months. Anything.
  125. 0% Ejection Fraction on HIDA Scan
  126. Light stools and mucus?
  127. Bubbling gas under ribs, causing heart palpitations!!
  128. Gastritis caused by H pylori treatment
  129. Stomach pain, vomiting, weight loss. Need your advice!!!
  130. Constipation won't go away. What am I doing wrong?
  131. Eosinophilic Esophagitis and other odd symptoms
  132. Probiotics - Gas/Bloating Side Effects Common ?
  133. GERD/AR or Something Else ? Nausea/Upward Pressure?
  134. 5 year old can not burp, only poots
  135. Indigestion and continuous weight loss
  136. Right side abdominal pain
  137. afib/palpitations caused by stomach!
  138. Back from HIDA scan
  139. slight discomfort and recently burning left of navel
  140. Anyone know of any probiotic pills that are small in size?
  141. Functional Dyspepsia - What to do?
  142. teen boy with morning nausea and vomiting
  143. Leaky Gut Syndrome and Gastropereisis
  144. Prilosec OTC - Side effect?
  145. What in lactose free milk is causing me problems?
  146. correlation between nexium and enlarged abdomen/gas
  147. Ursodiol
  148. Amylase and Lipase levels: Am I in trouble?
  149. My mom's Nissan surgery
  150. what causes back pain after eating
  151. Natural supplements to replace Creon 12
  152. What can cause you to have a hunger feeling in your stomach area just after esting
  153. New Reflux Symptom! Help!
  154. Super Seed for constipation
  155. Acidophilus milk in coffee
  156. couldn't swallow water after eating rice
  157. Gastritis question
  158. What does diverticulitis feel like?
  159. Peptic ulcer and now possibly too little stomach acid?
  160. Eosinophil Allergy with constipation
  161. Excessive gas & Nestle Crunch Bars
  162. Severe Right Abdominal Pain That Comes and goes close to hip area
  163. Spitting Up clear foam with GERD
  164. Referred Pain when Swallowing
  165. Negative ejection fraction on HIDA Scan?
  166. Constipation And Night Time Gerd.
  167. Feeling hot mostly at night and early morning
  168. Painful urination normal after colon surgery?
  169. Efficacy of Abdominal Ultrasound in Detecting Tumors
  170. food gets stuck in esophagus every time i eat
  171. my stomach is not breaking down my food
  172. constipation is making my life a living hell
  173. left side pain when I wear tight bras
  174. Bleeding after bout of constipation and diarrhea
  175. Stopping Digestive Enzyme Supplements
  176. What do these test results mean?
  177. food won't go down my esophagus
  178. bruises either side of the spine
  179. Bright yellow diarrhea, sorry waaaay TMI!!!
  180. Please help! This nausea is driving me crazy!
  181. preparation for EGD one year after fundoplication
  182. Endoscopy Help
  183. I'm so sick and tired of feeling this way... literally!!!
  184. Elevated ejection fraction-HIDA scan
  185. Constipation, Cramping, and Fiber
  186. Five years, Dull Pain after EVERY meal
  187. Diverticulosis/itis - i'm confused and concerned
  188. Lipase, upper right abdominal pain, etc.
  189. endoscopy colonoscopy partial results
  190. Bad taste won't go away!
  191. Weird Symptoms
  192. Nausea after meals-feels like food is just sitting in my stomach
  193. Taste Like a chemical when I breathe
  194. I poop A LOT
  195. Terrible bloating, gas, palpitations. Causes?
  196. Everytime I eat, my stomach bothers me
  197. Hida scan yesterday
  198. Husband diagnosed with Gastritis
  199. Pressure in upper chest
  200. Why does canned salmon come back up my throat?
  201. slightly elevated lipase?
  202. Diagnosed Biliary Dyskinesia, but unsure
  203. Malabsorption, Indigestion and Food Allergies
  204. what is the cause of nonstop gas in my body
  205. diarrhea post colonoscopy
  206. Right side rib pain
  207. Mystery vomiting w/ bile
  208. what causes a high acidic stomach and soreness under the ribs?
  209. Stomach problem and Lightheaded
  210. Endoscopy found nothing...yet symptoms remain.
  211. Fake hunger pains.. please read..
  212. Small intestine inflammation, infection? Bacteria?
  213. Chronic Pancreatitis ?
  214. gastritis
  215. Appendix Story
  216. Barium swallow and CT contrast swallow, yellow stool?
  217. Black & tarry stool has me scared any thoughts
  218. Severe case of malabsorption
  219. Erythromycin Vs Erythromycin Vs My Digestive Tract - Side effects continuing.
  220. I'm too embarrassed to talk to my doctor about this
  221. Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication post surgery questions
  222. Ensure Plus causes constipation?
  223. Biliary Dyskinesia, green constipation and urine
  224. My food runs straight through me
  225. Burning right abdomen anyone cured?
  226. Digestive problems driving me crazy!
  227. HELP!!! Gastro health deteriorating fast
  228. Viral Gastroenteritis: Help?
  229. Excessive burping/waterbrash/HELP???
  230. Right side colon pain when sitting down...PLEASE HELP! :/
  231. Bile Reflux/Alkaline gastritis
  232. Polyps found during endoscopy
  233. burps like rotten eggs, then REALLY tired, then Massive diarrhea.
  234. Can Too Much Magnesius cause PVC's
  235. Slightly elevated lipase
  236. weird digestive problems
  237. Forgive me, but what exactly is gastritis?
  238. chronic unexplained nausea
  239. Unable to burp/UES
  240. burping a lot of air after eating
  241. Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction - Bloodwork
  242. Internal hemmorrhoids or something much worse?
  243. Barium x-ray results: H.Pilory+Gastritis+Duodenum ulcer(s)
  244. diarrhea almost everytime I eat
  245. what is the cause for too much saliva after Nissen fundoplication surgery
  246. Liver and abnormal feeling in left abdomen
  247. Abdominal Discomfort - Where do I go from here?
  248. Trouble swallowing/digesting
  249. My Cholecystectomy Adventure
  250. gastric mucosal abnormality