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  1. ANyone had roux en y surgery for sphincter of oddi?
  2. (graphic) Clear white substance in stool?
  3. Gallbladder stones and sludge
  4. trying to wean off nexium
  5. Digestive issues for a month
  6. Left Side Ab Throb
  7. Stomach biopsy revealed "intestinal metaplasia". Is this serious?
  8. Discomfort/pressure in the upper right abdomen
  9. Undiagnosed and Scared
  10. Stomach cramps and aching (and frequent urination)
  11. Undiagnosed digestive problems
  12. Undiagnosed issues
  13. Episodes of burning throat and/or upper chest discomfort
  14. Worried about Gallbladder
  15. Gallbladder Pain - No Gallbladder
  16. Just had Gallbladder out! Alot of issues!
  17. Bloated and Spitting Up Food - Don't know cause for sure
  18. Never been able to burp, constant reflux symptoms.
  19. Dysphagia and Esinophilic Esophagitis (EOE)
  20. Gallbladder polyps + left side discomfort
  21. Reglan
  22. !!! Pancreas and sugar level strange problems !!!
  23. Feeling sick for almost a year but doctors canít figure out why
  24. Post-Infectious IBS
  25. Regurgitation everyday...
  26. Food feeling like it is getting stuck behind breastbone constantly. Any suggestions?
  27. Scared - tummy issues
  28. Opinion appreciated
  29. Serious digestive problems ... been to 5+ doctors
  30. loose lower esophageal sphincter
  31. Bloating for just under a week
  32. Stomach issues
  33. Please help! :( my stomach does NOT empty sometimes after 8 hours- GES came back norm
  34. Gallbladder questions/advice wanted
  35. Globus sensation in throat after h pylori treatmet
  36. Need Help!! Stomach Issues
  37. Diffuse loss of colon haustral markings
  38. Questions about Candida die off symptoms
  39. How to stomach the barium contrast?
  40. Not sure what is wrong with my stomach.
  41. Nausea for 6 years
  42. stomach motility
  43. Almost NO Appetite
  44. Severe pain after eating and other issues
  45. I am 23 and im very scared that I may have stomach cancer
  46. Virtual colonoscopy
  47. Colonoscopy problem after diverticulitis
  48. Help with colonoscopy interpretation
  49. Digestive or bowel issue
  50. Sedation free colonoscopy
  51. Help needed, father continuous painful hiccups for over a year
  52. Constantly feel the need to Burp And Constantly Burping?
  53. Hiatal Hernia and Intussusception?
  54. 5 year old w/chronic stomach ache and nausea
  55. Digestion issues that I canít figure out
  56. Lansoprazole withdrawl
  57. Relentless life hindering burping.
  58. coffee vs aspirin
  59. Nausea digestion discomfort
  60. Help with Severe Bloating
  61. Question about Ranitidine
  62. Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy. Post one week , External Skin Tag. Banding suggested.
  63. inflammation
  64. Liver or gallbladder (and can it be both hyper and hypokinetic?)
  65. Stomach pain
  66. Child nauseous feeling for months
  67. Gallbladder removed 3 yrs ago ...
  68. No Gallbladder, Digestion Issues
  69. Strange tingle and slight pain in nose with certain supplements and foods
  70. What on Earth is wrong with me?
  71. Weird mucus reaction to steak
  72. What does it mean if a bile supplement helps digestion?
  73. Digestive problems? need advice please!
  74. Hello
  75. Gerd but more ... gastrointestinal issues
  76. Struggling with gastroparesis
  77. Need guidance/doc (SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)
  78. Why a fast heart rate decreases after bulping?
  79. question
  80. Upper Stomach Pain, H.Pylori Antibiotics reaction?
  81. Mild inflammation of stomach one year back now multiple erosive gastritis
  82. Esophagitis and Gastritis with no follow-up?
  83. GI issues ... help
  84. aloe vera juice
  85. Possible Esophagus issue?
  86. Anyone with similar stomach issues??
  87. Extremely ill for 3 months, please help!
  88. What does this sound like to you?
  89. Choking after eating/Bile Acid Malabsorption
  90. This is a long one but I really need opinions
  91. Severe Bloating Regardless of What I Consume
  92. Constant belly problems for months, doctors just blow me off. Help!
  93. Pyloroplasy
  94. H. Pylori positive but Tapeworms in stool?
  95. Mystery Pain
  96. Gassiness - particularly at night
  97. Digestive issues for almost a year. Help!
  98. Digestive Gastro Issues
  99. Feeling like throwing up after eating?
  100. Unknown GI issue (help please)
  101. Esophageal Motility
  102. Help to understand endoscopy biopsy results
  103. Poop/nutrients issues
  104. Just had colonoscopy diverticular x 2
  105. Chronic nausea, dizziness and hot flashes
  106. Evening dizzy spells
  107. Abdominal pain and back pain
  108. gastritis and loss of appetite
  109. Nausea after eating
  110. H. Pylori Negative Ulcer that won't go away
  111. Upsetting Stomach problems
  112. Neurolgical/Muscular digestive disorder
  113. Gas won't come out!
  114. Dilated common bile and hepatic duct
  115. Please help! Sulfur issues and I can't get any answers!!
  116. Antacid Gave Me Heartburn
  117. Unexplained Digestive Problems/Hemmorhoids
  118. Stomach burning
  119. Vomiting daily for 11 years
  120. 7 days post- hemorrhoidectomy
  121. Missed liver biopsy
  122. Gallbladder attack seems to have moved to include my kidneys
  123. symptoms of no appetite, pain, nausea, please help!
  124. Possible diagnosis?
  125. Not able to clear my bowl motion at once
  126. Been sick for over a year now. Please help.
  127. Unexplained Enlarged Spleen & Pain
  128. H Pylori treatment help? Advice needed
  129. Blocked gas
  130. A digestive issue, need help!
  131. Digestive problems, help!!
  132. Mystery illness w/elevated lipase & amylase
  133. Pain and Lump in upper left abdomen. Help!! :(
  134. Chronic pain, nausea, and more
  135. Sharp stomach pain on every movement + slow stomach emptying
  136. Gastroparesis and weight gain
  137. Green poop from ingesting blueberries?
  138. Constant discomfort
  139. Severe Stomach/Hunger Type Pains
  140. Is this the flu or am I dying
  141. Sweating from the Buttocks before a bowel movement. Hate this.
  142. Why do I have severe abdominal distention after eating and floating stools?
  143. Confused, Your Opinion Please!
  144. Been 6 months and I still can't figure out what's wrong :(
  145. stomach problems
  146. coffee
  147. Gluten intolerance/celiac disease?
  148. Oh my goodness so much burping
  149. Gallbladder pain or something else?
  150. Gastroparesis
  151. oesophageal dismotility
  152. constant nausea for 5 months now
  153. Stomach help plz !!!
  154. Stomach Issues for a week
  155. Help
  156. Food Intolerances?
  157. Some blood in mucus on toilet paper after going to the bathroom
  158. Right abdominal bloating/gastritis/sticky stool
  159. Which one most likely causing severe nausea ?
  160. Any ideas?
  161. I think it's my Gallbladder
  162. Stomach Flu - Or??
  163. Scared.
  164. Microscopic Collageneous Colitis
  165. Natural remedy for gastritis?
  166. Gastritis
  167. Diverticular Disease
  168. Unusual Digestive Symptoms ... Docs have no clue!
  169. Need Advice, Please Help, Stomach Issues
  170. Tortuous esophagus
  171. Gastritis - Burping
  172. Don't know what to do!!
  173. Stomach Pain and Shortness of Breath
  174. Please tell me what could be wrong with me?
  175. Need Help Don't Know What I Have
  176. There is hope for some getting off PPIs.
  177. 24/7 indigestion no heart burn
  178. high eosinophils count and unexplained intense pain
  179. PART-Irectal intussusception constipation-any success from ventral rectopexy in US?
  180. right abdomen dull twisting pain
  181. Constant Flatulence
  182. ulcer? ibs?
  183. gastritis or ulcer?
  184. Chronic digestive issues that have been undiagnosed
  185. Iliostomy reversal
  186. Stomach pain and nausea
  187. How Looong does it take to completely heal from esophagitis?
  188. FODMAP VS Elimination Diet
  189. Fgp?
  190. Do these symptoms sound familiar to anyone?
  191. Does these symptoms sound familiar to anyone?
  192. CONSTANT Tightness/cramping in upper abdomen for over a week
  193. Any ideas?
  194. Pain in upper left abdomen near ribs
  195. Burning is Back
  196. What's the difference between gastritis & pancreatitis?
  197. Does anyone's butt sweat a little before urge to have bowel movement?
  198. Please desperately need help with gastritis!
  199. Long term stomach issues.
  200. campylobactor!!
  201. Various Stomach Issues - Unable to Eat Healthy
  202. Esophageal and Stomach Spasms
  203. Loose narrow yellow stools ... feeling scared!!
  204. Have very bad digestive problems, help if you cage gallstone
  205. Stomach problems
  206. should Pepzin gi taken before food or after food?
  207. Barrett osophagus, hiatus hernia and Nexium
  208. gastroparesis
  209. child feeling unwell for 9 months.
  210. Doctors dont know what's wrong
  211. hyper-saliva, vomiting
  212. Diverticulosis Supplements Works Great For Me
  213. Could it be gastritis/GERD if there's no pain or burning?
  214. Full Fast after eating small portions
  215. campylobactor!!
  216. Is this a Gluten reaction or Candida?
  217. Suddenly got a lot of gas
  218. Stomach always bloated, nothing helps
  219. rotten feeling, what can it be?
  220. Lower left intestinal pain (large intestine)
  221. Grandpa throwing up everything he eats
  222. I don't know what is wrong??
  223. Probiotics - Good or Bad?
  224. Upper left quadrant abdominal pain
  225. digestive problems gi dr not much help
  226. Problems with toilet time!!!
  227. Concerning pain
  228. stomach cramps.
  229. Stomach gas for years without reflux, is this reflux?
  230. Endoscopy results
  231. Duodenal Polyps & Weird Test Results (Long)
  232. Three weeks of nausea and vomiting
  233. New and Rapidly Progressing Food Intolerances
  234. Digestive Disorders
  235. Is this acid rebound?
  236. Another painful attack ... help
  237. Stomach issues
  238. Excessive gas in classroom
  239. chronic Gastritis
  240. Could inguinal pain be gastrointestinal related?
  241. Mystery diagnosis! Help!
  242. Having digestive problems all my life
  243. Undiagnosed stomach and esophageal issues
  244. Does this sound like a bad gallbadder
  245. Odd assortment of chronic symptoms: food intolerance?
  246. Finally a diagnosis? (diverticulitis)
  247. Abdominal Pain and Discomfort, Nausea, Fatigue
  248. Anxiety induced stomach noises?
  249. Severe gastritis pain
  250. Weird on and off digestive stuff?