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  1. time line
  2. second alj hearing on June 30th
  3. After you go to their doctors...
  4. SSDI Does each child get half of the amount as parent?
  5. Moving w/ WC - New Dr?
  6. Please make sure your address is right
  7. 4 Months waiting on ALJ decision
  8. STILL waiting on SSDI backpay!!!!
  9. Quick Approval on SSD........
  10. please explain FMLA
  11. Bittersweet Victory
  12. If I get retro SSDI how will this effect my medicaid
  13. Stamp me surprised! I'm approved!!
  14. Just about gone
  15. Too Fast
  16. legally blind, looking into furture social security disability, no medical records!
  17. How fast do things happen with hearing?
  18. Anyone's opinion on this?
  19. mothers disability help
  20. I need answers from those in the know!!!
  21. Going to another doctor the 24th
  22. just curious
  23. Anyone on Long tem disability with SSDI?
  24. sitting on judges desk?
  25. I requested my medical file
  26. What to do now?
  27. closed period is hard to get info on.
  28. Need Some Advice
  29. can I work on disability?
  30. Not enough points!
  31. Back pay question.
  32. In process in payment center??
  33. Local office called today
  34. Going to the Doctors this morning...
  35. Anyone with simular case?
  36. how long does it take to get back pay ssi
  37. Backpay
  38. ssdi back pay
  39. Going to doctors thursday...
  40. When to expect payment?
  41. dedicated account
  42. Approved medically
  43. I think this is good....
  44. Is backpay always broken up?
  45. Working while waiting for SSDI decision...
  46. Got our 1st SSDI payment!!!!!!!!!!!!
  47. Please help
  48. Local Lawyers too swamped to take my case......
  49. No one cares
  50. 800# do they know anything!
  51. Called Social Security
  52. What happens if you file then get cancer or something else?
  53. Court Date 400 days away.........
  54. New with questions
  55. Add me to the "Shaking and Waiting" List
  56. Just a word of encouragment and a THANK YOU!!
  57. Childrens Benefits
  58. if disabled, does one qualify for medicaid?
  59. Got some MORE SSI backpay!!!
  60. One More Round.......
  61. Time Frame?
  62. Have court hearing date...
  63. Anyway to speed up a quality review?
  64. New DR, how do I tell him I'm need his help for SSD approval...
  65. Tired of waiting
  66. Anyone have a hearing in New Jersey?
  67. Anyone Please!!!!!
  68. tell me what workmenscomp is
  69. How do I see a doctor?
  70. Question Please?????
  71. my disability doctors appt was cancelled???
  72. What are the reasons for Approval.....
  73. Do all cases have a Physchiatric report?
  74. SSD 3 year medical review of existing claim
  75. My decision from ALj
  76. Got my backpay!
  77. Could I get SSI?
  78. The waiting.......
  79. how to collect disability
  80. Joining the denial party..........
  81. How to get a copy of your file the SS office has....
  82. SSD webside claim status
  83. Need Help - Just rec'd denial letter
  84. It's Official...I Lost Again
  85. Medical Coverage
  86. goldyfm you out there??
  87. I recieved my SSI backpay today
  88. Questions?
  89. Disabilities Act
  90. Almost 3 months since hearing no decision yet
  91. Is this good or bad?
  92. Federal W/C
  93. Struggling and need support!
  94. Can i work part time and wait for a answer ?
  95. Ok..This Is A New One!!!
  96. Disablity benefits and qualifying for foodstamps at the same time.
  97. Got the award letter today...
  98. Medicare and other insurance experiences SSDI
  99. Who actually makes the decision?
  100. Hearing Monday
  101. Hosting an event for disabled staff, need activity ideas
  102. Can anyone help me??
  103. SS tells me to file a complaint and report Fraud
  104. Just one more question....
  105. medical records
  106. Does Anyone Know
  107. Going to be rejected again?
  108. Waiting for hearing date...
  109. Had CE exam yesterday...SSD said now it is in medical review...
  110. How long does it take to get letter
  111. still waiting for first check and back pay
  112. What A Wonderful World
  113. Here's a good laugh
  114. A decision has been made
  115. Does this sound like I have been approved?
  116. please help so confused
  117. CE exam tomorrow....this is the last thing needed
  118. Not a Surprise!! Got My Denial Letter Today
  119. Getting SSI & SSDI
  120. Permanent impairments with W/C
  121. Social Security Disability
  122. discriminated against
  123. Ssi Backpay!!!!!
  124. Payment Processing
  125. Heard from the SS office today
  126. Average wait time for decision afte Alj hearing?
  127. processing center!
  128. Got My Backpay!!!!yoo Hoo!!!
  129. Still waiting..and hoping
  130. Approved first time SSD 3mos
  131. SSDI in the bank account
  132. SSDI & SSI Question
  133. Light at the End of this Tunnel!!!!
  134. Waiting on payment
  135. SSI Check!!!!
  136. got approved for Permanent Disability
  137. short term disability forms & irate Dr.
  138. APPROVED 1st time applying
  139. Blue Atlas
  140. Wrong Onset Date?? PLEASE HELP
  141. I recieved my SSI letter today
  142. What the
  143. You signed up to wait!
  144. I recieved my SSDI letter today
  145. My SSI Hearing and the Vocational Expert Questian
  146. Question about SSD
  147. Maybe not much longer now!!!!
  148. Mental Status Exam by SSD doctor
  149. Still waiting on my hearing after yet another delay, need advice!
  150. SSDI Quality Review question
  151. can anyone help me?
  152. Hi everyone New and just starting the journey
  153. question on ltd
  154. Just wanted to let you guys know some news
  155. What would this mean after 2 months after ALJ judge wants more info from voc expert?
  156. workman's comp hearing
  157. SSA told friend her son can't collect on dads ssd claim
  158. Can anybody explain this
  159. Mandatory settlement hearing
  160. If childs father is recieving ssi do they withhold child support from it?
  161. I have an odd question and need help please
  162. ssdi questions
  163. Health insuranance and disability
  164. My story / Denied - Looking for help
  165. how do I get on ssd?
  166. Ssi
  167. Just got laid off and doc put me on disability
  168. My appeal is still alive???
  169. Disability
  170. Received my Federal Retirement Disability
  171. Dated Decision!!!
  172. Back pay held hostage
  173. My Steps Filing Disability
  174. Anyone want to share what they have written?
  175. Psychologist lied
  176. Does anyone Know how long it takes to get a decision after ALJ in Texas?
  177. It makes me laugh!!
  178. I wish I had never called my Congressman
  179. American with Disabilities Act
  180. 24 to young for disability???
  181. BackPay!!!!!!!!
  182. SSD Law firm head called me about denial
  183. OMG!!You Guys Have to Read This..It Came From My Lawyer!!
  184. Social Security Approval And Apology!!!!!
  185. Letter of denial
  186. Fianlly,my Letter Of Award!!!!!
  187. Review and edit
  188. I recieved a call from SSA today.
  189. I Got It!!!! Fully Favorable!!!!!!
  190. ** FULLY FAVORABLE in Alabama **
  191. Denial VS Approval
  192. Has it always been this way and can the president
  193. Back pay Check from Social Security
  194. Great news everybody I recieved my decision in the mail!
  195. Review date?
  196. Finally Some Hope
  197. congressman's letter
  198. decision writers
  199. Inconsistancy on approval.
  200. A pleasant surprise!
  201. Leg Discomfort/Pain
  202. Working while waiting for SSD
  203. IF the vocational expert wasn't ask testify. Is that good.
  204. Lump sum payments
  205. disability insurance
  206. YES you can collect SSD and Workers Comp At The Same Time
  207. Hi--new here and just declined for disability
  208. can you still collect medicaid and disability the same time?
  209. Went to alj hearing today
  210. Notice of hearing
  211. How long does the alj hearing last?
  212. Allsup Anyone???
  213. ssd
  214. coping with a disabled husband
  215. SSDI and Medicare
  216. SSD and minor children
  217. lupus and ssi
  218. Well, I guess I gotta go over there.
  219. Approved!!!!!!!
  220. ALJ hearing next week
  221. Workman's Comp/spine surgery and ....
  222. From SSI to SSDI?
  223. Underwriter Question?
  224. 2nd application denied
  225. alcohol abuse & SSI
  226. SSDI retroactive payment?
  227. Medicare Advantage won't pay for Psychologist
  228. I am still in shock... SSD granted
  229. SSDI dates for disability
  230. Please explain "permanent and stationary"
  231. WC mileage
  232. The 55th day
  233. Running out of Patience, Money & Sanity!!!!
  234. Dropped from SSI told I can't get SDI I worked for
  235. Back pay ?
  236. YAY! Social Security says I'm not disabled!
  237. My head is spinning dealing with SSD
  238. How do you get back pay before you get approved!!
  239. Disability Roller Coaster
  240. Assets
  241. Multiple disabilities and getting ssd
  242. How long to get a decision from the Houston Texas office?
  243. Can a spouse come into court room at hearing and can they be a witness?
  244. Veteran program for disabled
  245. Can Dr force me off medication?
  246. Fully Favorable to You
  247. Waiting time after alj hearing?
  248. Some Questions
  249. disabled elderly
  250. The Psychological Exam...