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  1. Lamictal titration
  2. Lamotrigine (Lamictal) and Eye Movement Side Effec
  3. Meltdown while in hospital
  4. lamotrigine for biplar type 2
  5. Bipolar at Times?
  6. New to forum, hopeless, over sensitive to meds
  7. BPad Med Question
  8. High Blood Pressure Medication
  9. My feelings are so off and I feel so guilty
  10. Trileptal = Mood Stabilizer?
  11. Bipolar is on my skin. Anyone else?
  12. Support Needed for Bipolar
  13. New Member, need some support
  14. Lamictal rash ...
  15. Cyclothymic Disorder & Prozac?
  16. Could Adderal cause mania?
  17. what can I do?
  18. I really need help explaining bipolar illness to my boyfriend.
  19. How to explain what taking medication is like?
  20. Ive kinda lost me!
  21. bipolar and me gemma louise
  22. Has anyone heard of this?
  23. Lamictal
  24. Possible Lamotrigine overdose, or what?
  25. Very Strange Experience
  26. Employer not making needed concessions so I can be more productive
  27. it comes & goes like contractions
  28. when no one thinks your bipolar is real
  29. trying to put myself back together
  30. im weaning myself off abilify
  31. Has anyone had their medicine to quit working?
  32. Natural/holistic treatment?
  33. Forgot lemotragine - am I going mad?
  34. morning motivation
  35. thought projecting
  36. on lithium
  37. whats wrong with me? extreme mood changes
  38. i need help i need friends
  39. Using generic meds for Bipolar: Geodon and Depakote
  40. Bipolar for over 20 years
  41. Bipolar Mixed Moderate Current Episode - What does it mean?
  42. Insight Into A Bi-polar Mind
  43. Severe Anxiety
  44. therapeutic level ?
  45. Venting: Fake it 'til you make it?
  46. seeking help
  47. lithium level - therapeutic??
  48. panic attack reaction to sereqoul + lamictal + xanax?
  49. what helped me
  50. Does anyone know anyone who has been cured
  51. Getting too old for this
  52. Please Help (What's Wrong With Me)
  53. Wanting to try Zonegran
  54. Bipolar Disorder?
  55. Depression and Psychomotor Retardation
  56. totally screwed up my life
  57. Experiencing terrifying sleep related hallucinations
  58. Way too manic
  59. Good medication for rapid cycling bi polar
  60. bipolar I for 25 years but just accepted my diagnosis
  61. Bipolar ramblings
  62. antidepressants in non-pill form?
  63. Does Remeron cause weight gain?
  64. Question about Bipolar?
  65. How Do I Get Motivated in the Mornings?
  66. what does Hypomania in BP II look like?
  67. Bipolar
  68. Medications and Creativity?
  69. Friendships and Low Tolerance
  70. Pdoc problem? Opinions please
  71. Weaning off Trileptal
  72. Anyone experience "delusions of reference?"
  73. Brintellix
  74. Questions about lithium
  75. Diagnostic testing/mri
  76. different goals all the time
  77. mood swings
  78. mixing lithium with lexipro for bipolar condition
  79. Question About Lithium
  80. Being BiPolar
  81. So BP II, who invited you into my life?
  82. Seroquel Hunger
  83. what a rollercoaster
  84. Help stopping rapid cycling?
  85. Husband thinks BP diagnosis is an excuse
  86. just diagnosed
  87. I might be admitted
  88. Feeling frustrated
  89. Lonely - My Bi Polar has Helped Me Ruin All My Friendships
  90. Anxiety and BPII MEDS?
  91. New To Lithium
  92. How long does Zyprexa withdrawal last?
  93. Mood stabilisers and weight gain - Help!
  94. Bipolar and disability
  95. When should I go to the hospital?
  96. I don't know what is wrong with me
  97. Newly diagnosed - not sure if I'll survive
  98. Balancing bipolar and stopping tramodol please I need advice
  99. Getting there
  100. Manic... so busted and embarassed!!!
  101. bipolar
  102. Sleep disorder or Bi-polar Mania?
  103. Anyone have mixed states?
  104. Am I Bipolar? Please help
  105. Who can tell me of a better alternative to seroquel?
  106. Combining two anti-depressants with a mood stabiliser
  107. Lamictmal
  108. Come off lithium
  109. Bipolar and Weird Conditions
  110. Have lithium and depakote made you a zombie too?
  111. Just been diagnosed with bipolar...
  112. One bipolar mommy in need of advice
  113. Depakote
  114. Newbie. Question about meds.
  115. Long term disability - Ontario resident
  116. Living day to day in the life of somebody with bipolar disorder
  117. Hello. Just venting about my life.
  118. Feeling very messed up
  119. New medication addition
  120. mania taking over... topimax and geodon...
  121. How do you get your spouse to accept you have a disorder
  122. Seroquel
  123. Weaning off Saphris
  124. out of ICU
  125. Newly Dianosed with Bipolar 2
  126. Eating is out of control
  127. Cogentin
  128. False sense of being in control
  129. Adding Cymbalta for fibromyalgia?
  130. For those who treat with medication...
  131. Bi-Polar Disorder- are the side effects worth treatment?
  132. Tms... transcranial magnetic stimulation anyone??
  133. Social hangover?
  134. Un-medicated by choice.
  135. Abilify anyone?
  136. I need to induce mania
  137. Geodon withdrawals
  138. meds
  139. How are your Manic Episodes?
  140. lithium switch saved my life
  141. Nightmares and Bi-Polar
  142. For Those Recently Diagnosed
  143. Bipolar II and medications
  144. why is it so hard if not impossible to find love with bipolar
  145. My bipolar is ruining my relationship
  146. Lithium and Lamictal SO sleepy!
  147. Depression and bi-polar meds
  148. What is wrong with me? PTSD or Bipolar getting worse/becoming more obvious. Help!
  149. brain zaps /:
  150. Looking for advice please
  151. Coming down off of a hypomanic high
  152. Was recently diagnosed. Was not surprised.
  153. Medication advice
  154. BP has ruined my marriage
  155. How do you know you can trust a therapist?
  156. Seroquel XR
  157. Considering lexapro only for MILD bp2 rapid cycling
  158. Wound up tight- mania.
  159. Gained so Much Weight
  160. Constantly changing his mind!
  161. I can't tell if I'm borderline or bipolar...
  162. Combination of drugs prescribed - Question?
  163. Brand new Suspected Diagnosis of Bipolar II ("Soft" Bipolar)
  164. I'm so angry at my depression!
  165. Trileptal and Geodon exp?
  166. Bipolar and weight gain
  167. Possible misdiagnosis-help with switch from lamictal to ssri?
  168. Bipolar Misdiagnosis? Help with changing from Lamictal to an SSRI, please?
  169. Trileptal, klondopin, and seroquel
  170. bipolar1
  171. Bipolar II
  172. Need some kind of NON Pharmocological mood stabilizer
  173. Lexapro, Trazadone, Depakote
  174. OMG, Could all this be due to Lamictal???
  175. Effexor Xr drowiness help.
  176. Weight gain
  177. scared of new med??
  178. Am I truly hypomanic?
  179. Missing the old me
  180. What is a good medication...
  181. Am I crazy?
  182. Working full time with bipolar feeling very overwhelmed
  183. Bipolar or just normal mood swings?
  184. Bipolar I in Active Manic Phase
  185. Not sure if psychiatrist diagnosed my properly. He says I have bipolar disorder II?
  186. How progressive is Bipolar
  187. I am NOT Bipolar, I HAVE Bipolar.
  188. how long between episodes?
  189. Lamictal heartburn and stomach pain?
  190. Anyone taking vitamin supplements along with Medication
  191. How do you provide structure to your days?
  192. Saphris..
  193. Weight Gain on Geodon + Lamictal for Bipolar Type II
  194. Lamictal Help :(
  195. Lithium and Alcohol?
  196. Lamictal screwed me up!
  197. Abilify, Celexa, and now Topimax - Advice?
  198. I'm on Lithobid, Lamictal and Seroquel..anyone else?
  199. Fixations and Bipolar
  200. new here, needing support
  201. What are your symptoms?
  202. lamictal and flattening out
  203. Lithium - mood swings - PLEASE ADVISE
  204. Lithium - Im new to it.
  205. Self Destruction
  206. Switching from Lithium to Trileptal
  207. plasma and lithium
  208. Seroquel XR and weight gain
  209. Trileptal problems - memory??
  210. Bipolar disorder causing problems with relationships/friendships.
  211. Flashbacks
  212. Donating plasma/blood
  213. Starting Abilify, What Should I Expect?
  214. Losing everyone I care about due to bipolar
  215. missed Lithium dose-had a really bad day:(
  216. Does irritable mood go away with MORE Abilify?
  217. What has Seroquel XR done for you?
  218. Lamictal+Seroquel+Lexapro+Wellbutrin
  219. Shunned by my family for being bipolar!!!
  220. Coming of Lithium after 20 years
  221. Psychiatrist vs DR. Psychologist regarding BP Diagnosis
  222. Need input on taking Lithium
  223. Bipolar II and denial, acceptance, and general difficulties
  224. New... Latuda instead of seroquel
  225. Hormone Warning for Bipolar Women
  226. Can a Bipolar person split personalities suddenly?
  227. Concerns about Ziprasidone
  228. kidney problems on Lithium
  229. Bipolar I, Lithium, Side Effects, & Life
  230. topamax and hair loss - help
  231. Being around other people irritates me
  232. Sundowner?
  233. What is wrong with me? 12-month bipolar cycles
  234. Cymbalta
  235. struggling with bipolar diagnosis
  236. Flat Mood
  237. What type of Bipolar do I have?
  238. 20 years of depression
  239. Hangover-induced mania
  240. My Therapist Died
  241. My Mental Breakdown And the Ensuing Life On Antipsychotics (Please Read)
  242. Meds making me sick?
  243. New to the board - Depakote vs. Lithium
  244. Bipolar Meds and Weight Gain
  245. Free floating anger... must be mania
  246. Is being antisocial part of being BP?
  247. celexa and lithium
  248. Lithium and Concerta
  249. lexapro and lithium
  250. Acne caused by Lithium