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  1. I think I have Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
  2. Could this be epilepsy?
  3. pregnant and taking Lamictal.
  4. can anyone give me some advice about tegretol ????
  5. New Pregnant Wife of Epileptic Fearing Surgery
  6. illogical sentences--is this a TLE symptom
  7. really strange, please read.
  8. Confused on test results
  9. taking a huge risk by switching medication NEED MORE INFO PLEASe
  10. Another newbie trying to diagnose what the doc can't
  11. awake seizures
  12. what is the remedy of having fits while sleeping
  13. stephens johnsons syndrome
  14. Wife Seizure after 10 Years
  15. Things that cause Dilantin levels to drop?
  16. Just want to say a special message
  17. photosensitive, or is it just "in my head"?
  18. Generalized Primary Epilepsy, now simple partial? eh?
  19. which is better for seizures depakote xr or tegretol ?
  20. What to expect at epilepsy center
  21. Seeing Imprint Images Around Other Images, Head Moving Up And Down
  22. Absence Seizures
  23. having bad muscle spasams need help???
  24. New epileptic and HORRIFIED
  25. New epileptic and HORRIFIED
  26. my 3 year old had possible seizure
  27. food allergies causing absence seizures?and other question.
  28. how come you dont wake up when having a seizure?
  29. New Here, First Seizure, My Story with Questions (long)
  30. Can someone please give me some answers?
  31. Trileptal rash outbreak
  32. enivironmentally induced seizures
  33. Having headaches from stopping Topamax?
  34. Neuropsych Test Results- cognitive disorder
  35. Can Zyrtec (cetirizine) affect seizure activity?
  36. Post temporal lobe dissection...headaches and stabbing pains returned
  37. Marijuana and Epilepsy
  38. Taking meds into a concert
  39. phospha soda colonoscopy prep
  40. Some Questions
  41. Side effects of Zonegran
  42. epilepsy w/o meds
  43. Help? Confused with my seizures.
  44. Neuro spych post surgery
  45. Petit Mal and medication
  46. Temporal Lobe Epilepsy question
  47. new here and need info EEG in the morning
  48. dilantin's long term effects
  49. if your neuro dr got mean and nasty with you would you look elsewhere???
  50. can anyone here tell me what kind of seizures you have ? cause they have all kinds...
  51. Advice about a posible seizure that happened while asleep, never before.
  52. 1 year post-surgery FREE!! but confussed...
  53. can we drive with a seizure disorder if the medication works ???
  54. dr upped my depakote from 1000mgs to 1500 3 times a day ...
  55. librax
  56. Topamax, hairloss, confusion, B12 - related?
  57. New to this EEG thing.
  58. Lamicatal side effects
  59. petite mal.?do they go away?
  60. Rolandic Seizures and Leg pain connection??
  61. 2 year old - night terror or epilepsy???? please help
  62. Epilepsy or Myoclonus?
  63. Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.... Anyone Have This?
  64. Body pain
  65. "slowing" on an eeg.....
  66. ca someone tel me about our levels?? while on medications?
  67. Trileptal allergy?
  68. seizure during sleep
  69. I woke up this morning w/ a rash on the back of my neck (I'm on Lamictal)
  70. hey everyone have something to post???
  71. Depakote vs valporoic acid
  72. Epilepsy and Birth Control Pills
  73. 3 month old diagnosed with periventricular heterotopia
  74. when the neuro dr checks our levels what does this mean??
  75. Does tegretol retard have any affetc on menstruation?
  76. Dont know what i should do?
  77. Not sure if I should get this checked out.
  78. been on 1000 mgs depakote for 5 mos and had 3 seizures this past week why??
  79. Neuropsych Tests??
  80. Surgery and still scared to death
  81. Newbie needing some feedback please
  82. Keppra cause leg pain???
  83. Sleep Seizures
  84. Seizure Disorder
  85. Depakote causing weird side effect!
  86. dry skin
  87. Non-convulsive seizures
  88. a first in 5 years!
  89. Medication changes trigger
  90. blackout? or 'mind switching'??
  91. update and a few questions
  92. simple partial seizure treatment
  93. Generic Paroxetine
  94. Now I'm starting to just wonder...
  95. Lamictil in treating Jme
  96. Seizure? Anyone experienced this?!?
  97. how do i know if i had a seizure while sleeping???
  98. Is extra Folic Acid still necessary ?
  99. epilepsy syndrome
  100. Absence seizures in 5YR old
  101. anyone with a rare syndrome?
  102. 4 weeks today!
  103. depression brought on by epilepsy?
  104. bedroom question
  105. Diagnosis - how easy or difficult?
  106. Medication Problems
  107. seizures
  108. Is this a form of epilepsy?
  109. Any information would be great
  110. Dilantin
  111. temperature
  112. keppra, trileptal and weight
  113. Chances of outgrowing Epilepsy?
  114. Throwing up with a seizure?
  115. seizures & eeg
  116. 1 year siezure free, weighing up pro,s and con,s
  117. can people have seizures without falling down? are there different types of seizures?
  118. Parent looking for support; 2 year old daugter with epilepsy and developmental delay
  119. Eplepsy or ADHD
  120. Alternative treatments for simple partial seizures?
  121. NEWBIE: My 2 year old daughter...
  122. sooooooo sleeepy-- is it the Keppra?
  123. birth control
  124. Numb tongue
  125. Effects of meds & herbal supplements on epilepsy?
  126. long-term EEG
  127. well today i feel good so must not be depakote ,but i have good and bad days .....
  128. Shakey Hand Tremour
  129. seizure or blackout?
  130. i dont like depakote xr 1000 mgs its making me sleep too much .have to vent ...
  131. Should or shouldn't I work?
  132. symptom of seizures when you are asleep
  133. Another GrandMal seizure!
  134. never had this before any experience anyone?
  135. omg i will post tomorrow its not the depakote making me tired its my dumb thyrold .
  136. What Happens during a Seizure
  137. i will post later today....
  138. Switching from Dylantin and Depakote to Keppra
  139. VNS efficacy
  140. Do I have epilepsy? Has anyone else experienced this...
  141. NEWBIE: 6 yr old: Second Seizure in one week. Need opinions.
  142. a first timer who can't keep a job
  143. Lyrica
  144. Side effects on depakote, now what?
  145. when does the tiredness go away on depakote xr 1000 mgs a day?
  146. How long does it take?
  147. 2 Yr old on Topomax Side Effects
  148. Please my I vent
  149. The new Dilantin...question
  150. got diagnosed being epileptic when i was 18
  151. On Lamictal and Keppra and my hair is falling out in chunks...
  152. Are Phospholipids safe with “Lamictal” and “Keppra” ?
  153. ok have a question here about my depakote xr 1000 mgs a day.
  154. Losing Lots of Time
  155. EEG reading
  156. Seizures in sleep/auras??
  157. Tegretol vs. Carbamazepine
  158. learning
  159. Keppra to Lamictial
  160. Can head injuries worsen epilepsy?
  161. FDA Warning re AED's
  162. 1st appt set for UW-Madison
  163. First Timer - Daughter in Need
  164. To all Topamax users
  165. started depakote 500 mgs twice a day on 23rd and im driving again..
  166. i take depakote xr 500mgs one at 10am and one at 10pm can this cause sleepiness????
  167. Keppra and blood pressure
  168. uncommon side effect?
  169. Nuerosurgery tests
  170. Hi From Down Under
  171. Question about Ativan
  172. 2 yr old son showing signs of photosensitive epileptic seizures?
  173. Could these be seizures?
  174. They came back
  175. Impaired Facial Emotion Recognition
  176. seizures
  177. Could it be my heart?
  178. changing meds
  179. hi everyone wanted to say hi and tell you how im doing on my medication.
  180. sleep apnea or seizures???
  181. Conversion From Lamictal To Keppra
  182. Epilepsy meds and cholesterol increase
  183. has anybody traveled extensivley with epilepsy?
  184. Almost count on having on every night in my sleep:-(
  185. Dilantin Level
  186. started depakote 500 mgs 2 times a day has anyone tried this med for seizures ?????
  187. topamax
  188. Drinking and Dilantin
  189. sudo fits
  190. Info. Needed and Appreciated
  191. dont know much
  192. Second brain surgery!!
  193. Help!!!help!!!help!!!!
  194. question about swtching types of depakote
  195. Full of Tears
  196. Need advice/opinions
  197. does weird dreams happen if your having seizures in your sleep???
  198. well tomorrow is my big day having the tilt test done and man am i scared....
  199. Referred to Epilepsy Center at UW-Madison
  200. hi there mum of a 9 year old in need of advice
  201. Is this a seizure???
  202. Epilepsy and tumors
  203. Clobazam side effects?
  204. Auras
  205. New Dilantin
  206. Nocturnal epilepsy-Aura's memory loss
  207. Medication
  208. I'm 29 yrs old/diagnosed a year ago
  209. Zonisamide or Lamotrigine?
  210. Epileptic Auras
  211. new to forum Hi everyone
  212. trouble getting medicine with no insurance
  213. Switching from Tegretol to Keppra
  214. epilum
  215. Sweating and epilepsy??
  216. Medication Blues
  217. Fellow Epileptics: Using our 'power' for good!
  218. what to do with Tegretol xr
  219. Started Keppra today
  220. Daughter with Cataminial Epilepsy We Think Please Help
  221. weight n AEMds....
  222. Lightning Bolt like seizures anyone???
  223. Nocturnal Seizures and Sleep
  224. what the heck are these???
  225. please i need some answers
  226. Question about Surgery
  227. WHY bother changing med???
  228. Eye Twitching?
  229. Need advice!!
  230. Newly diagnosed???
  231. Enough for Testing?
  232. I've been waiting for this day for 3 years.
  233. wife's Keppra side effects (long post)
  234. 4 year old with seizure disorder
  235. Silly questions but need to know if they are related to Partials.
  236. Had another one in my sleep, could not move.
  237. Has anyone seen Control, the Ian Curtis biopic?
  238. Seizure
  239. Six year old with abnormal eeg
  240. please someone tell me does depression come with seizures im so frustrated here .....
  241. Merry Christmas To Everyone!!
  242. well neuro dr is going to start me on seizure meds .appt is jan 8th .
  243. Does a aura show up on an EEG?
  244. why i get seizure everytime
  245. do some neuro drs go by what family members see if all tests come back normal?
  246. What is going to happen to me?
  247. will epilepsy always show up on an eeg
  248. I need help...
  249. Hiccups?!
  250. Behaviour problems and epilepsy anyone?