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  1. Tiny Plantar Wart. Should I go to the doctor?
  2. Surgery today 9/25
  3. Sharp stabbing pain in my ankle?
  4. Torn ATFL & AITFL - Questions to Ask Surgeon
  5. Lisfrance fracture - long term recovery update, former marathon runner
  6. Bilateral Bunion Surgery
  7. Anyone with PTTD able to avoid surgery??
  8. Had ankle surgery yesterday
  9. My Brostrom-gould procedure coming up My first upcoming brostrum-gould procedure
  10. Cuboid fracture recovery
  11. wish me luck
  12. limping after heel fracture
  13. bone graft on big toe
  14. Post Op numbness
  15. Orthotics after PTTD surgery
  16. Reconstruction of the flat foot of an athlete?
  17. nerve pain after pttd surgery
  18. broken heel/calcaneus 23 years ago
  19. Foot pain after navicular bone has been removed
  20. Driving after heel fracture
  21. OATs vs DeNovoNT for osteochondral defect in talus 17x8x8mm
  22. Reinjured heel?
  23. Surgery over
  24. I need advice please.
  25. Recurring Ankle Problems
  26. Exercise After a Modified Brostrom
  27. Fracture Blister Treatment
  28. Is a knee walker helpful after ankle arthrascopy?
  29. Exercise After a Modified Brostrom
  30. Posterior Tibial Tendonitis won't go away
  31. Cramps in Cast
  32. Torn Plantar Fascia Question
  33. Hallux Limitus from Lapidus procedure
  34. Just Diagnosed With OCD of Talus
  35. PTTD surgery four month mark - VERY discouraged
  36. Beating Synovitis
  37. OATS with Allograft One Year Later
  38. Implant Rejection (non-mechanical) - Hallux Rigidus
  39. Activity first weeks after surgery?
  40. Walking difficulty following surgery
  41. Fifth metatarsal Fracture week 8 Questions/Concerns
  42. broken calcanus will it NEVER recover
  43. Walking after a broken ankle
  44. Nerve block for PTTD surgery... yes or no?
  45. Subtalar Fusion success!
  46. Flexor tenosynovitis and injections? Do they work?
  47. My Calcaneus Fracture Recovery
  48. Big Toe Failed Fusion
  49. Subtalar Fusion
  50. post-op PTTD, anticipating transition from cast to boot
  51. 5 weeks post ankle surgery - questions
  52. Pantalar Fusion/Arthrodesis
  53. post op ankle swell
  54. Experience with a Tenogram?
  55. Four & a half months post-op Dr. visit for Flat Foot Reconstruction
  56. PTTD Surgery - 12 days post-op!!
  57. Ankle Surgery - Syndesmosis Repair - What to Expect?
  58. Severe Plantar fasciitis and plantar finbromatosis
  59. 5 1/2 Months post PTTD surgery, having allot of pain.
  60. What is normal after a cast comes off ankle? And what to expect from bone stumulator?
  61. foot/ankle pain, knee problems, back and neck pain all connected?
  62. Ankle Lateral Ligament Reconstruction Over Tightening?
  63. Surgery in a month for Osseous Equinus
  64. Burning after Morton's Neuroma surgery
  65. updates on oats surgery from 8-13
  66. accidentally put slight weight on ankle
  67. Calcaneal osteotomy-2 yrs post op- still in severe pain
  68. High ankle sprain, MRI in 1 week, scheduling surgery in 2.
  69. Transition from boot to shoe, ankle feels like it's popping in place
  70. Socks for walking cam boots
  71. still cant walk after bronsom procedure
  72. Shoes after cheilectomy
  73. Start your own New thread to discuss your own issues.
  74. tarsal coalition in both feet
  75. Pain in bridge of left foot
  76. Freedom Leg or I Walk Hands Free Crutch
  77. Cavernous foot- Pain
  78. Sesamoid fracture?
  79. Mortons Neuroma Post Op Question...
  80. My PTTD Surgery is Scheduled
  81. Help!!!! Reaction to bandages?
  82. Mortons Neuroma
  83. Ankle Sprain Cont.
  84. Broken 5th metatarsal and driving
  85. Transition from boot to shoe - question
  86. Success rate for microfracture surgery for OCD of talus
  87. Question about nerves growing into scar tissue after tendon repair
  88. ankle surgery rehab questions & advice?
  89. Help with questions to ask foot and ankle surgeon re: ankle dorsiflexion block
  90. Misdiagnosed again...
  91. Onecrutch or knee attachment for standard crutch?
  92. total foot reconstruction
  93. My feet are killing me
  94. Questions...PTTD, Adult Acquired Flatfoot, Spring Ligament Tear, Arizona Brace
  95. PTTD surgery 8/14/12
  96. My UPDATED experience with Toe Fusion Surgery (8th week and counting)
  97. 12 year old daughter Bunion Surgery
  98. Is a cane needed after coming out of the cam walker?
  99. Plantar Wart/Verruca surgery
  100. Anterior Ankle Impingement Syndrome
  101. 2 weeks post-op bunionectomy... bunion still there or swelling?
  102. 16 weeks post-Brostrom, R ankle: peroneal tendons still get inflamed w/ pain
  103. Stitches out of hardware removal post lisfranc.
  104. Five months post calcaneal osteotomy and OCD drilling... now have tendonitis
  105. No insurance and need advice
  106. OCD Ankle Surgery Question for the ladies...
  107. Bunion surgery-- when/how back to work?
  108. Pain walking after triple arthrodesis surgery
  109. OCD - Nervous
  110. icing after bunion surgery question
  111. Lapidus Procedure 6 weeks ago
  112. lapidus procedure 8 weeks post op
  113. Random foot pain and feeling
  114. Hallux rigidus live with it or surgery???
  115. oats ankle surgery
  116. activity after big toe fusion
  117. Great Toe Fusion
  118. "Cliff Note" version of a shattered heel...
  119. pain from physical therapy ankle fusion
  120. How long hospital stay?
  121. Issues 2 months after Brostrom procedure and clean up
  122. Foot surgery outcomes
  123. PT after brostrom procedure?
  124. Modified kinder procedure- do it or not?
  125. Post PTT debridement pain
  126. Calcaneus Fracture with Surgery
  127. dry needling in feet hoping no surgery
  128. stump neuroma
  129. large knot on side of foot
  130. really down!
  131. After repairing a fractured 5th Metatarsal bone
  132. Poor dorsiflexion after ankle arthroscopy
  133. Post Op Ankle Replacement
  134. Cortisone (steriod injection) into ankle
  135. Nerve Block "Happy Problem"?
  136. some numbness from cam boot?
  137. Looking for Physical Therapy Protocol for PTTD surgery/Flat foot Reconstruction
  138. 14 weeks post-op flat foot reconstruction: problem extending big toe/tendonitis
  139. Driver charged with misdemeanor VMS for driving in boot
  140. Surgery Gone Wrong!!
  141. DeNovo Bone Graft???
  142. Getting ready for ankle reconstruction
  143. LIsfranc Hardware removal surgery
  144. Talus crush injury, 19 years later
  145. exercise while in a cam boot?
  146. Failed STAR ankle replacement
  147. Okie doke, guys. Last chance to fix this janked up foot.
  148. Broken Toe from months ago is healed but won't bend
  149. Hallux rigidus surgical options
  150. Knot on top of incision 8 weeks after bunionette surgery Tailor's Bunion surgery?
  151. Recovery time for arthroscopy of ankle for OCD
  152. Pttd question-tingling
  153. 7 weeks post op from bunion and hammertoe correction... foot hurts where bunion was
  154. Anyone else had a kidner's procedure (reattachment of the tib posterior tendon)
  155. Bunion Surgery
  156. OCD Ankle Surgery
  157. Should I get subtalar fusion?
  158. major problems years after bunion surgery
  159. Tarsal coalition hardware removal
  160. Need advice; three weeks P/O left calcaneus ORIF
  161. My experience with Toe Fusion Surgery (4th week and counting)
  162. What to do about tenosynovitis of the toe?
  163. My feet hurt when walking and unable to stand to long
  164. Wheelchair for double amputee dementia patient
  165. Broken foot and ankle after a fall
  166. Grinding feeling and pain in top of foot
  167. Soft spot on the heel of my cast?
  168. Taping overlapping toes
  169. Swelling under cast
  170. MRI on ankle - need help : should I get a second opinion
  171. Foot Reconstruction Surgery: Experiences?
  172. Accessory Navicular bone injury
  173. Annoying bruise inside ankle not going away
  174. Post Double Bunionectomy
  175. Knee pain 2 weeks after fall
  176. Calcaneus Fracture Recovery?
  177. high arches, torn tendon=calcaneal osteotomy
  178. Lapidus bunionectomy with external screw fixation
  179. Help!! Nerve pain in big toe following scarf osteotomy for bunion on right foot.
  180. Pain from Moonboot?
  181. Scar Tissue Months after Flat Foot Reconstruction
  182. Did I ruin my ankle microfracture surgery ???
  183. Painful Accessory Navicular in a 10-yo gymnast
  184. Talus OATS procedure - long term
  185. Lapidus Procedure/Bone Graft Will I EVER Be Normal Again?
  186. 1 week post op scarf osteotomy with bone graft
  187. Calcaneus Fracture
  188. 12 weeks post op OCD micro fracture surgery
  189. bilateral MTP fusion
  190. Pain After 2 Years.....Please Help!
  191. Lateral ankle stabilization
  192. Walking After Ankle Surgery
  193. 17 and Needing Bunion Surgery
  194. Sprained ankle 11 weeks ago....
  195. pins in toes, ? about bearing too much weight and bending them :/
  196. Dorsal Bunion?
  197. breaking up foot scar tissue after Morton; surgery
  198. achilles heel pain
  199. Abnormal toenail growth?
  200. Top of foot hurts and 'squeaks' when I bend my big toe?
  201. chronic ankle pain, desperate for answers!
  202. Post PTTD surgery transition to shoes
  203. Severe Throbbing after Ankle Arthroscopy and debridment
  204. Post bunion surgery - orthotics
  205. Permanent toe nail removal, can it be reversed?
  206. Calcaneal Osteotomy
  207. Disadvantages to ankle syndesmosis via double tightrope
  208. Flying Overseas After Brostrom
  209. Top of foot hurts and 'squeaks' when I bend my big toe?
  210. Mid Foot Fusion/Gout and walking
  211. Big Toes don't bend...
  212. Post-Op PTTD ankle support brace - any opinions?
  213. morton's neuroma surgery and scar tissue
  214. OCD of the Talus
  215. Bad Cellulitis
  216. electric shock pain in foot
  217. Mri report... help :)
  218. Foot fusion failure
  219. Broken foot
  220. Ankle replacement vs debridement, spur removal & peroneal tendon surgery
  221. I fell in the hallway 1 week post op :(
  222. Injections for Plantar Facicitis
  223. big toe injury
  224. Black spot next to incision
  225. 8 weeks post op OATS ankle questions
  226. Cheilectomy for Hallux Rigidus
  227. Pain from PWB
  228. Stepped on possible glass feel worried
  229. Peroneal Tendon Problems after PTTD surgerey
  230. 3 week post bunion surgery questions
  231. Back from OS visit, new tendinitis
  232. Brostrom procedure earlier today
  233. Ankle arthroscopy/calcaneal ostectomy
  234. Cheilectomy, 2nd & 3rd metatarsal osteotomy
  235. Total tendon release in toe
  236. One Week Post-op Brostrom
  237. Transition to boot & PWB
  238. Peroneal Tendon Subluxation ?
  239. Brostrom (Ligament reconstruction) - Return to Work
  240. One week post pttd surgery!
  241. How should my cast fit?
  242. Recovery time for decompressive osteotomy
  243. Possible PTTD and Adult Aquired Flatfoot surgery
  244. Calcaneal Osteotomy 6 week post-op visit: X-Ray and non-union questions
  245. Hit my foot against the floor after brostrom
  246. One foot swollen
  247. Wear the cam boot 24 hours per day???
  248. Burning pain day 2 after brostrom
  249. Endoscopic Gastroc Recession
  250. Mid foot fusion/surgery and falling