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  1. Need Pttd surgery but ankle has improved.
  2. 9 weeks post subtalar fusion
  3. Bunion operation on both feet
  4. 15 Weeks Post PTTD Surgery & Can't Find Shoes
  5. Ankle Sprain won't go away!
  6. Ingrown toenail - granuloma and infection conundrum
  7. Recovery Time After Screw Put In - 5th Met??
  8. Screw removal?
  9. The Foot-Tuck Fat Pad Augmentation™
  10. lisfranc injury and recovery
  11. questions about fat pad atrophy after cortizone or any injections
  12. arthroscopy recovery time after a triple fusion
  13. calcaneal osteotomy and achiles length- recovery and numbness?a
  14. Can fat pad atrophy be caused by nerve damage?
  15. Modified Brostrom and nerve damage
  16. broken heel
  17. I am finally getting my life back
  18. Toe pain
  19. Foot Callus Caused by Blastocystis
  20. Rash around incision?
  21. PTT???
  22. Started physical therapy after Brostrom
  23. Hammer Toe surgery
  24. Pttd surgery recovery
  25. PT for foot with subtalar fusion, walking with a shoe?
  26. Question..my sister got a scarf bunionectomy and she came out with a walking boot...
  27. fat pad atrophy symptoms ball of foot
  28. Fat pad atrophy? ball of foot due to injections?
  29. Nervous about ankle surgery
  30. Brostrom Procedure and toe nail polish
  31. Foot pain (sesamoid?)
  32. Alcohol injection cause fat pad atrophy ball of foot or any complications?
  33. UK NHS PTTD (stg 2)Surgery due 17th Jan 11
  34. Bunion surgery wasn't so bad
  35. Hardware Removal
  36. Need advice on PTTD surgery
  37. Bunion surgery and depression
  38. Blood rushing to foot
  39. Partial weight bearing walking aid?
  40. Driving After Bunion Surgery?
  41. orthotics after flat foot surgery
  42. My Foot Surgery Experience:)
  43. Upcoming bunionectomy, osteotomy and cheilectomy
  44. Merrel Sandals after bunion surgery
  45. Worried about upcoming foot surgery
  46. Transition from hard cast to walking boot
  47. feels metatarsal head, pain and shrinking feeling third and fourth toe
  48. anyone else with foot feeling numb and weird when accidentally step flat footed...
  49. Cryosurgery, Radiofrequency ablation for neuroma
  50. looking for best surgeon for neuroma in Washington DC area.
  51. Peroneal Tendons - 5th met break
  52. Swelling and pain 3 months after bunion surgery
  53. Triple Arthrodesis recovery
  54. Transitioning out of a cast ... process? and stiffness?
  55. Just had surgery...hope I didn't ruin it. :(
  56. Horse stepped on foot
  57. Brostrom Procedure Recovery
  58. Pros and cons using Aircast vs. velcro boot post osteotomy
  59. 8 weeks in a cast -- any ankle exercises?
  60. Ankle Microfracture 7 days ago - I FELL!
  61. Back from hospital for screw removal
  62. chronic pain 7 years after having r-foot crushed in a car crash
  63. recovery from tendon lenghting/Calcaneal osteotomy/midfoot arthrodesis
  64. Help? About Hyprocure...
  65. Base 5th Met Fracture - non-healing common?
  66. Calcaneus fracture
  67. Toes swelling 5 days post cheilectomy
  68. My Lisfranc injury
  69. Question about a cast
  70. Stood on a broken glass on Friday
  71. Question about toe fusion
  72. Distance runner: Cyst & ATFL Chronic Tear & High arches
  73. who is weightbearing within a month who had scarf bunionectomy?
  74. Pain with walking, post PTTD surgery, crutch techiques
  75. Weight bearing immediately following Brostrom
  76. Peroneal Tendonitis vs Peroneal Tears?
  77. evans osteotomy...huh???
  78. ok ladies a question:) weird feeling in big toe normal and the tugging feeling at the
  79. Final X-Ray -- cast on or off?
  80. Bunion surgery 3 wks post op - pressure between big toe? help
  81. Do PTTD Stage 2'ers Always need surgery?
  82. Gym exercises following bunion surgery
  83. 5 wks 5th Met Break - still painful?
  84. Pain when walking after bunion surgery.
  85. Keller arthroplasty success stories???
  86. What to expect when cast comes off?
  87. Accessory Navicular is getting bigger! Help!
  88. Had scarf bunionectomy yesterday..
  89. Fractured BOTH heels
  90. Post Hallux Limitus surgery expectations?
  91. Bilateral Bunionectomy & Hammertoe Correction
  92. Bunion surgery has anyone had the pin left in?
  93. line drive softball to shin bone
  94. possible accessory navicular surgery
  95. Itching Under Cast
  96. Long recovery after ankle sprain?
  97. Bunion surgery post op OUCH OMG
  98. Peroneal Tendons - did I re-tear?
  99. my foot surgery is Dec 1 and what types of anesthesia is there? and...
  100. LIsFranc Success
  101. cheilectomy--any road cyclists out there?
  102. Facing "Sub-Talor Joint Fusion" Surgery
  103. calcaneus fracture sharp tingling sensation
  104. Ankle, inner front pain ? no idea whats wrong
  105. Triple Arthrodesis
  106. flat foot - arch reconstruction surgery
  107. biopsy of bone came back negative
  108. Swollen left foot
  109. Cramp in metatarsal pad
  110. Why do my toenails point upwards?
  111. 6 Months Post PTTD op, Osteotomy site pain, Cortisone shot & plate removal
  112. ankle fusion or replacement????
  113. Walking after Calcaneus Fracture
  114. PTTD surgery scheduled for 21 December
  115. PTTD Surgery - throbbing! pain near screw
  116. Bunion Surgery in Dubai, UAE or London, UK
  117. Toe Fusion
  118. Overlapping toes - Surgery?
  119. Brostrom Procedure (first ankle surgery) pain, rehab, recovery
  120. Ludloff Osteo. Bunionectomy - what is recovery like?
  121. Swollen Right Foot post Bunion Surgery
  122. How long should pain persist after lapidus procedure?
  123. ? Custom Ankle Brace: weird ankle history
  124. Lapidus McBride for bunion
  125. Reconstruction of spring ligament for flat foot
  126. I can't move my right ankle from side to side
  127. Brostrom / Lateral Ligament Repair
  128. New here, broken 5th metatarsal, crutches HURT!
  129. Why is my recovery period expected to be so short?
  130. Really wishing I never had this done!
  131. lapidus McBride procedure on my foot
  132. Implant Bunionectomy
  133. Weird feeling
  134. Toe joint fusion surgery--anyone had?
  135. Calcaneous Fracture 12
  136. Whats the best knee walker?
  137. microfracture surgery on left ankle- OCD
  138. Help! How long to elevate?
  139. Nerve Pain 8 months Post Bunionectomy
  140. can't raise toes on left foot
  141. lapidus McBride procedure
  142. Flat foot and bunion surgery recovery
  143. Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction
  144. OCD surgery and PTTD update
  145. fractured heel spur
  146. Posterior tibial tendon problems
  147. Few questions about ingrown toenail
  148. "Sprained" ankle just getting worse! Please help.
  149. PTTD Complications
  150. Peroneal Tendon Surgery Looking for Tips!!!
  151. PTT surgery in teenage hockey player
  152. please help... having a lot of pain post surgery
  153. Requesting Advice for 6yr old having a Cotton osteotomy & MBA implant
  154. I can't figure out this itch!!
  155. Wow!
  156. incorrect healing after ankle sprain ???
  157. big toe moving in again 6 week after bunion surgery
  158. 16 weeks post flatfoot surgery doing very well - minimalist surgical approach!
  159. Walking Boot Usage and Care Questions
  160. What can I do to make a severe foot strain heal faster?
  161. Heel paresthesia
  162. return to work after ligament reconstruction
  163. Peroneus Brevis Tendon/Ankle Surgery
  164. Calcaneus fracture, gel heel pads pads or orthotics in
  165. 8 weeks post-op
  166. Ankle bone on outside of foot/ankle Popping out repeatedly
  167. Metatarsal knuckle removal surgery
  168. Navicular/Cuneiform Fusion questions
  169. Lubrication Injections for Ankle
  170. Anthem denied OATS procedure - Advice on Appeal
  171. Please explain these results
  172. Will toe go down with Budin Splint?
  173. Big toe fusion a year later
  174. Sprained ankles
  175. 7 wks post-op bunionectomy - feet look the same!?
  176. Pain and discomfort from wearing boot
  177. Burning pain & sleepless nights after double bunionectomy
  178. Calcaneus aftercare
  179. 5 months post-op PTT transfer, need your advice, help
  180. Shoes for AFO braces?
  181. 1st MTP fusion- Now 2nd MTP Pain
  182. Frustrated flat foot reconstruction surgery
  183. Pain associated with weather change and hardwear
  184. Hallux Rigidus two implants and NO HELP
  185. triple arthrodesis recovery/17 years old
  186. Anthem denies OATS for daughter, now what?
  187. 1 month post op subtalar fusion
  188. Inner ankle pain, nothing showed up on x-ray or MRI
  189. Bursa under ball of left foot - surgery or something else?
  190. Foot Lump
  191. Severely communited calcaneus fracture
  192. Has calcaneus surgery caused insomnia?
  193. ankle sprain was really a calcaneal fracture
  194. no one knows whats on the bottom of my foot causing pain
  195. Tarsal Coalition
  196. physio after calacaneal osteotomy and pttd surgery
  197. Peroneal tendon pain after Brostrom Repair
  198. Peroneus Quartus Muscle: Rare form of Chronic Lateral Ankle Pain
  199. Dark spot under big toe
  200. partial weight baring in aircast? problems!
  201. Post-surgical anxiety?
  202. Screw Removal - Healing Time
  203. AZafo for PTTD, collapsed arch, achilles pain;
  204. 2nd metatarsal acute fracture. airboot - can I sleep in it?
  205. Peroneal Tendon Surgery...What to expect
  206. Intraosseous hemangioma of the heel (calcaneous)
  207. Plantar Fasciitis!?
  208. Dead Toes
  209. calf pain after foot surgery
  210. broken ankle= broken spirit
  211. 10 weeks post flat foot reconstruction
  212. Right Foot ongoing problems
  213. Itchy swollen instep
  214. Peroneus Brevis Tendon Transfer for drop foot
  215. 14 year old - OCD Stage II - immobilization or surgery?
  216. Anyone Have a Postive Outcome??
  217. Exactly 4 months post op, PTT transfer, Osteotomy(lateral column lengthening)
  218. Kidner surgery already walking?
  219. Now I'm partial weight bearing
  220. Jones fracture screw causing problems
  221. External fixator removal questions
  222. Fiberglass cast issues, has this happened to anyone?
  223. Post Op Depression - Feeling Powerless
  224. Fat pad atrophy
  225. Please help, foot injury, need to know what's injured in my foot
  226. Pttd surgery
  227. Gastroc slide surgery for flat foot?
  228. Help...What Can I Expect From Posterior Tibial Tendon Surgery?
  229. Big Toe Fusion - Does the long recovery time help fusion?
  230. 9 weeks post foot surgery, is this normal?
  231. One foot colder than the other
  232. Soft Lump on Sole of Foot?
  233. abnormal bone growth after ankle surgery
  234. 5th metatarsal stress fracture-Help, please!
  235. Swelling, Pain and Cramping in Foot
  236. Tell Me About Your Flat Feet Please
  237. Red spot on the bottom of feet
  238. 2 Years post ankle scope...lots of pain
  239. when can you wear heels after bunion surgery?
  240. how do you get dead skin off your legs after having on a cast
  241. hallux rigidus
  242. When is a stress fracture healed
  243. Toenail lifted, red bump at cuticle
  244. Question about calcaneus and calf atrophy
  245. bio pro great toehemi implant
  246. Knee walker wanted (cheap) :)
  247. broken fibula in 2 places/dislocated ankle ecovery process and time
  248. 2 year old sprain - still have problems and a negative MRI
  249. Bow Legged but want to roller blade
  250. Falling While NWB!!!