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  1. Another Lisfranc-er
  2. Subtalar Joint Injury
  3. PTTD - Black Toenails
  4. Anyone 9 months Post Cheilectomy with pain?
  5. Stump Neuroma
  6. 4 months post PTTD surgery
  7. Those darn bunionettes...
  8. 4 weeks post op Lapidus procedure
  9. Been awhile, update on severed nerve (during surgery)
  10. Tightness At Incision Site
  11. PTTD Recovery
  12. New Orthotics
  13. Deciding to have bunion surgery
  14. Has anyone had "Syndactly" done to stabilize a floppy toe?
  15. 4 wks post-op lapidus bunionectomy
  16. 5 weeks post PTTD surgery
  17. Peroneal Tendon Subluxation..Both ankles!
  18. foot pain out of nowhere
  19. red sore toes
  20. Sharp pain in back of heel
  21. Scared and Questioning after Dr. visit
  22. OATS / Talus OCD Recovery
  23. OATS Recovery 2
  24. Has anyone had corrective surgery for a floppy pinky toe?
  25. Gout after toe fusion?
  26. PTTD advice
  27. How do you know your cast is too tight?
  28. MBT shoes and your doctors opinion of them
  29. Ankle instability.. What should I do ?
  30. how long after toe surgery does toe stay numb?
  31. i had bunion surgery 9 month ago and i still have swelling in my foot, why
  32. how are pins removed after hand surgery
  33. k-wire removal
  34. 15 days post PTTD surgery
  35. Weight Bearing after Fusion?
  36. Does anyone have a good cheilectomy story.
  37. "Sprained Ankle"
  38. what is a sharp piercing pain in the foot under the toes and comes and goes
  39. when do i know if surgery is needed in my calluses of my feet
  40. Torn Deltoid Ligament(s)
  41. Hammertoe Surgery on Pinky Toe Gone Wrong
  42. Hallux rigidus surgery on both feet simultaneously??
  43. Tarsal Tunnel any help appreciated!
  44. Treatment Options for OCD Lesion on Talus
  45. 2 1/2 Wk PostOp Flatfoot Reconstruction, Round 2
  46. Plantar fascia release story
  47. May I PLEASE just VENT?!?!
  48. how can i convince a dr i want the hardware removed from my ankle
  49. Keeping Your Exposed Toes Warm
  50. Running Post PTTD- Medial Ankle Soreness
  51. Top of foot pain, 4 months?
  52. Fractured Calcaneous 8
  53. Subtalar fusion
  54. Fractured Sesamoid / Sesamoiditis 2
  55. split posterior tibial tendon
  56. Recovery For Mortons Neuroma Surgery
  57. New to walking boot - question
  58. Foot numbness after Plantar Fasciotomy
  59. repair procedure for posterior tibialis tendon
  60. One year post op bunion surgery - hip issues
  61. heel pain when lying down
  62. why is the heel of my foot very painful and feels like it will explode
  63. calcaneal osteotomy - removal of screws
  64. New here.... questions/support/INFO for 2nd talus surgery
  65. New Ankle-Foot Orthotics?
  66. Osteotomy or fusion for hallux rigidus?? HELP!!
  67. Brostrom Repair
  68. Popliteal nerve block not wearing off
  69. Missing sesamoid in each foot.
  70. pain after PTTD surgery & removal of implant
  71. Lapidus bunionectomy, when does post-op swelling begin to decrease?
  72. Post PTTD surgery Swelling and weight bearing
  73. hardware removal
  74. Driving after ankle surgery
  75. osteotomy screw
  76. fusion after bunion/hammertoe surgery
  77. Peroneal Tendon Surgery Anyone?
  78. Living with severe PTTD, pes planus, hyperpronation
  79. Suggestions for casted foot cleaning?
  80. Recovery questions
  81. repeat surgery for overpronation?
  82. Fractured Calcaneous 7
  83. 8 wks Post PTTD - Crutch Free at last!
  84. Has anyone had ultrasound on the bottom of their feet -PT
  85. Neuroma, orthotics & cortisone...
  86. how to know when a plantar wart is gone
  87. Amputated toe re-growing
  88. Numbness, rough patches?
  89. 28 day till 2nd foot PTTD Surgery
  90. Morton's Neuroma pain back with a vengeance
  91. Muscle spasms when i fall asleep
  92. 4 days Post-Op - Calcaneal Osteotomy, Gastroc. Recession, Lateral Column Lengthening
  93. continued swelling 8 mo. following flat foot reconstruction surgery
  94. need opinions on doing foot surgery on both feet at the same time
  95. botox injection for foot pain
  96. Great Running Shoe Post PTTD Surgery
  97. severe bunion pain with radiating pain??
  98. Alternative to MTP fusion surgery
  99. My chronic ankle instability story
  100. Now I'm Worried - Can't Do Crutches and I'm Going to PWB
  101. Post-bunionectomy, tell me about your hardware removal
  102. Tailor's Bunion surgery update....
  103. PT after PTTD surgery
  104. has anyone ever been diagnosed with freibergs disease?
  105. Osteochondral Autologous Transfer (OATS)
  106. 8 weeks post big toe fusion
  107. Subtalar Arthroereisis
  108. inner left ankle pain
  109. Ankle issues...LONG but please help!
  110. Fractured Calcaneous 6
  111. Waiting Game (Flat Feet Reconstruction Surgery)
  112. double bunion surgery
  113. pain in feet (top of feet) when stand after sitting
  114. Tailor's bunion surgery....
  115. Frustrations of being NWB
  116. cheilectomy and tarsal tunnel surgery????
  117. having "leisons" of the talus dome repaired
  118. Cheilectomy next Friday
  119. left foot still swollen from cosmetic surgery
  120. weird "pulling" on bottom of foot. (7 weeks post big toe fusion)
  121. weight bearing post pttd surgery
  122. Making a case FOR surgery
  123. Bunion Surgery
  124. when can i go back to work after calcaneal fracture
  125. Calcaneous/Heel Injury, do symptoms indicate a bruise or a possible fracture?
  126. 3 weeks post op bunionectomy
  127. Fractured Calcaneous 5
  128. Calf Pain - Blood Clot? Atrophy?
  129. Intermittant Foot Issues - Pain/Popping?
  130. Ingrown toenails advice (plus I need a Dr. in Vancouver, BC)
  131. peroneal nerve damage - need afo/shoe help
  132. PTTD causing Calf pain!! HELP
  133. How soon after the cast is off (PTTD) until you can drive?
  134. Evans Calcaneal Osteotomy, Gastrocnemius Recession, Colton Opening Wedge Osteotomy
  135. Bottom of feet burning-Plantar Faciitis
  136. ankle pain in Lisfranc
  137. Capsulitis in foot
  138. any dancers who've had cheilectomy/osteotomy for Hallux Rigidus?
  139. My outer foot hurts after running
  140. Hello - 12 weeks - post PTTD.
  141. Talipes Valgus and Surgery
  142. Broken fibula
  143. Recovering from a fractured toe - please share your experiences.
  144. My lisfranc injury story (right foot ligamentis dislocation 7mm)
  145. Subtalar Arthroereisis/Accessory Navicular/PT Surgery
  146. Allergy to metal screws
  147. taking those first steps post PTTD surgery
  148. bad feet 51 calling all friends to reply.............
  149. i woke up with a numb toe. what's wrong?
  150. i have a very WIDE foot
  151. Subtalar Joint Fusion
  152. Pain Across The Top Of Foot
  153. Is there a early surgery for flat feet that will help prevent major surgery later?
  154. question about hardware - when does it come out?
  155. Hammertoe After Bunion Surgery?
  156. calcaneal fracture-hardware removal?
  157. calcaneal fracture-hardware removal?
  158. Post PTTD surgery, how long before you could do a single toe rise again
  159. Fractured Calcaneous 4
  160. severe constant pain in both feet. Doctors unable to diagnose
  161. question for folks who have previously broken a bone
  162. Nerve Pain? Post PTTD ad nauseum...
  163. Running following Hammer Toe Surgery
  164. calcaneal osteotomies with tendon transfer
  165. Shoes for overpronation?
  166. Walking on foot with nonunion
  167. Foot pain after ankle fusion
  168. Knee walker question
  169. Plantar Faciitis knot or muscle spasm?
  170. 5weeks post op for 1mtp fusion and i have a shoe question
  171. calcanues fracture
  172. achilles repair and now partial tear
  173. SSI for Lisfranc?
  174. My life on hold for 17years because of Foot spasms!!!!
  175. PTTD Surgery and Ongoing Post-Op Swelling
  176. Orthotics, how should they feel - what should they look like?
  177. Surgery for heel spur?
  178. planters cyst
  179. PTTD in Both Feet important question.....
  180. exercises to do after fractured heel
  181. Cast on - ouch!
  182. Oats/Mosaicplasty, Colville, etc recovery ?
  183. bunionectomy with pin fixation 1 an 1/2 year ago and fin is slowly coming out of the
  184. NWB Foot - Has anyone put foot down when losing balance?
  185. Rachael-subtalar implant removal recovery?
  186. Post-op muscle atrophy?
  187. 7 months following calcaneus fracture and heel sore underneath foot
  188. Returning to Work
  189. post fusion - tingling when I scratch
  190. Yikes I don't have a "good" foot!
  191. How would I know if I tore a tendon in my ankle?
  192. First steps after Lisfranc
  193. Back in the hospital after OATS/Mosaicplasty, colville
  194. Cam boot
  195. Help me! I think I'm having PTT pain, but already had surg. for flat feet
  196. sore sides of feet
  197. Another fusion and much more!
  198. What will my foot look like after PTTD surgery?
  199. Plantar Fasciitis and Insurance Coverage
  200. What cause water bumps to form on the foot?
  201. Severed intermediate dorsal cutaneous nerve during surgery "Pain"
  202. Shoes for narrow heel/wide forefoot?
  203. Titanium screw question
  204. spiral fracture 5th metatarsal not healing
  205. mbt shoes and pttd
  206. Triple Arthrodesis - 34 years later
  207. 1 week Post-op/PTTD (long post)
  208. Lack of toe movement
  209. wearing a cam walker boot
  210. New foot pain 18 months post fasciotomy?
  211. Exterior Pin removal and First Steps after Bunion Surgery
  212. Lisfranc dislocation of 1st met. boot or cast????
  213. Surgery for Bunion (1st metatarsal osteotomy)
  214. pain killers after big toe fusion
  215. Stitches out/Cast on - what to expect?
  216. Nerve cut (severed) during surgery
  217. Foot Surgery shower water protectors
  218. stinging muscle spasms on top of foot
  219. Did I Re-Break My Foot?
  220. broken blood vessles on outside of the side of foot
  221. Nerve Entrapment
  222. Nerves are freaking out in the foot post op
  223. boot before cast - PTTD
  224. Recovered from Lisfranc, still having a lot of pain
  225. Brostrom, 8wks post-op - pain over anchors
  226. How expensive can PTTD get?
  227. Bone Cyst discovered while doing Bunionectomy
  228. Surgical Defect Plantar Fascia
  229. Tendon transfer and now painful big toe
  230. Fractured Calcaneous 3
  231. Evans Procedure
  232. tendonitis posterior tibial tendon AND tendinitis flexor digitorum longus tendon
  233. Ankle Fusion - Still having pain...
  234. Tailor's Bunion????
  235. Discolored, "elephant skin" spot on my left foot
  236. Lapidus Type Bunionectomy 9/4/08
  237. Crooked feet
  238. Triple arthrodesis, updates (new thread)
  239. Hammertoe Surgery
  240. Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC/MAI) in the foot (bone)
  241. 4 year old rolling on ankles
  242. had fusion on big toe 9/9 (accidently put full weight on it)
  243. Has anyone experienced more pain after 6 months with heel fracture?
  244. 2nd metatarsal hammer toe surgery
  245. Removing screws post Lisfranc
  246. Anyone had Subtalar implant removed?...Recovery time pls
  247. PTTD Post Op - A few questions
  248. Ankle Surgery and Pain Medication
  249. Staple removal
  250. PTTD Surgery - Icing