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  1. My child got injured during an OT session. Insurance question
  2. Medical not paying for meds
  3. Ssdi - cdr
  4. Disability Update Report 2018
  5. Help - Hospice says we must pay
  6. workmans compensation explained
  7. SSDI review
  8. Will dental insurance cover part of cost for dental inlays or onlays, if no cavity?
  9. Seeking Copay Assistance
  10. Employer took reasonable accommodation away
  11. Anyone currently in CO?
  12. Odar
  13. Open Enrollment
  14. Insurance for OATS?
  15. Help with Medication or Medical Costs
  16. US State Insurance Mandates
  17. Pregnant going on mental health disability
  18. Seeing the judge again in March QUESTION?
  19. I need a full mri for my neck and back but have no insurance ...
  20. Can someone Please help me understand this ...
  21. New Medicare opiates limits as of 1/6/17?
  22. I need help and no idea how to start
  23. health insurance question
  24. Ssdi
  25. Are there alternative insurance than medicare/medicaid for people on SSDI?
  26. medicaid and getting an inheritance
  27. Is CDR (SSDI Review) Psych Exam Typical?
  28. Disability hearing
  29. Social Security Disability
  30. Incurance And Dr's Office Parted Company
  31. SSDI Hearing Coming Up
  32. Social security disability with neuropathy?
  33. How do you afford Concerta when your insurance doesn't cover it
  34. Medicaid and Pain Management?
  35. Bipolar/depression help with SSDI
  36. Ssi
  37. Insurance Refuses to Pay for ANY Pain Meds?
  38. Have I lost my Medicare?
  39. Applying for social security
  40. Social Security review ... Anybody??
  41. Denied referral
  42. Physical Therapy - physical limitations test for workman't comp
  43. SSDI & 18 Year old
  44. surgery needed - no money or insurance
  45. update disability report cdr
  46. Metlife LTD fight starting at age 66
  47. Ssdi hearing favorable??
  48. Allowed Amount Greater Than Billed Amount
  49. Metlife and employer will not provide long term disability policy
  50. medical drug list
  51. Being jacked around by Coventry and Medicare
  52. student loan affecting Social Security Disability benefit
  53. US Health Advisors | Premier Choice Plan
  54. Obtaining medical records
  55. Disability skipped a month
  56. Missing SSDI payment, what to do?
  57. Ready to give up
  58. Help ... Insurance company billing more after meeting out of pocket maximum
  59. I got approved
  60. Disabled or not? I'm so confused...
  61. Administrative Law Judge Hearing Next Month
  62. Amended Onset Date
  63. Denial, stuck in the middle
  64. just applied for disability on social securit web site
  65. Determined Medically Disabled but waiting on nonmedical determination
  66. ALJ hearing for bipolar yesterday UGH!!
  67. Why is it taking so long to receive a decision from ALJ
  68. Anyone have any insight Long Term Disability/SSDI
  69. Disability and being confined?
  70. SSDI given to then be taken away by same ALJ!
  71. Initial application "under medical review" Should I send updated medical information?
  72. Medicaid paperwork question
  73. Insurance Coverage for DeNovo Graft for OCD Ankle Lesion
  74. social security disability review
  75. Trying to get SSDI/SSI and multiple issues ... any input appreciated
  76. Funny update for my ssdi
  77. short-term disability with no job
  78. Balance Billing Problem - Dental
  79. SSDI CDR past due
  80. Workers Comp
  81. Social Security Called on Saturday!
  82. Been through the two/three denials, now ALJ
  83. Fully Favorable but they won't pay or deny my request
  84. ssi medically approved?!?! also fully favorable decision
  85. I have filled for SSDI!
  86. ssdi and recreational drug use: can you get kicked off for it?
  87. SSDI Approval Question
  88. Medicare eligibility question
  89. Fibromyalgia, neuropathy and collecting Disability
  90. Congenital Spinal Stenosis and am told I need surgery
  91. Pregnant and denied medicaid/no income
  92. Doctors office using out of network lab
  93. SSD Win in the 2nd Round
  94. Insurance Co denied claim..after surgery
  95. Ssa payment processing center
  96. ALJ Postponed my hearing??????
  97. Direct express card----questions?
  98. Pain Pump Medicine No Longer Covered By Medicare
  99. Had SSI Hearing today... Judge ordered evaluation for further consideration... help
  100. Ssd
  101. Had my alj hearing - please give me feedback
  102. disability back pay
  103. Doctor's note says "Malingering", time to re-apply rather than appeal?
  104. SSI/SSDI? What?!!!!
  105. Had ALJ Hearing... Need feedback
  106. How long does it take to get an OTR Decision ?
  107. Dr. Refuses to fill out rfc form... please help
  108. Person on SSDI marrying someone on SSI
  109. update: Federal Court Remand on ssdi claim
  110. Fibromyalgia and your SSDI award
  111. ssi/ssd backpayments
  112. Questions about SSDI back pay and payments
  113. Advise on applying for disability
  114. Waiting for ALJ hearing
  115. Can SSA's Computer Scan My CDR Form?
  116. social security complication confusion
  117. SSDI Quality Review Board???
  118. Deniel of SSDI widows backpay
  119. Appeals council remand case
  120. Question about SSI approval?
  121. pttd surgery
  122. Fully Favorable the Review?
  123. I need surgery and have no insurance
  124. Fully Favorable but really confused and conflicted...
  125. Fully Favorable
  126. Substantial Gainful Activity = cessation... but they are counting gas reimbursement?
  127. Worried about disability hearing
  128. New here i need help with ssdi hearing
  129. disability update report
  130. cdr review
  131. disability update report
  132. Informal remand
  133. Had my hearing today
  134. Scared to death about disability hearing.
  135. Decision Writer
  136. someone please help,i got letter from ssi and have no clue????
  137. SSDI and Online College Classes
  138. SSA Quality Review branch
  139. Workers Comp Settlement
  140. received ssi back payment
  141. Any idea how to get a Dedicated account?
  142. Denied!!!
  143. Cdr at age 60
  144. ALJ at hearing
  145. Have any of you out there been approved for SSDI using the grid rules?
  146. What happened at my SSDI hearing before an ALJ
  147. Completely stressing CDR
  148. Upcoming Hearing.
  149. The ENTIRE Application to ALJ decision process as WE know it
  150. Fully Favorable Decision
  151. Is our health service REALLY that bad? Or am I just a one off?
  152. Specialist Visit vs Outpatient Facility Charge
  153. SSDI child's benefit, saving the money?
  154. Cyberknife - Insurance payments
  155. Social Security Disability + Neuropathy, etc! (was stage3c)
  156. Just got my noiice of decision letter-fully favorable
  157. ? on Representative Payee
  158. Letter from social security..????
  159. SSA Test Deposit
  160. Unassigned writing
  161. Help!!!!!! Waiting on a decision!!!!!
  162. 1 payment and Backpay
  163. Employer STD and LTD
  164. Words of Encouragement Needed for SSDI ALJ Hearing Date Wait
  165. ssdi dedicated accounts & back pay question
  166. Questions about waiting period
  167. I was just approved for CPP Disability on my first application.
  168. Medicaid Assets
  169. Reevaluation of Rates When Health Improves
  170. SSDI Hearing
  171. Award Letter!!!
  172. All health related financial issues are welcome on this board.
  173. Help filling out Function Report!
  174. ALJ Hearing June 25th for Bipolar I. questions
  175. Bad Doctor Report
  176. Life on the Social Security Disability Roller Coaster
  177. Buying a house while on SSI and SSDI?
  178. Decision Board
  179. Fully Favorable Bench Decision!!!
  180. Approved OTR before hearing
  181. Has anybody sent Certified letter to DDS?
  182. Why do people lose at ALJ hearing with a lawyer?
  183. I Just Need to Vent
  184. Approved OTR before hearing
  185. Sent a Packet of Forms to Fill Out
  186. How long does a CDR take?
  187. The dreaded CDR came
  188. I have questions
  189. Now I need advice...
  190. Applying for SSI With Mental Health Issues?
  191. Questions about OTR?
  192. Guess what happend at the ALJ hearing today!
  193. Worried about loss of Medicare if lose SSDI
  194. What counts towards SGA?
  195. OMG - I'm approved! No hearing!!!!!
  196. Notice of Decision - Fully Favorable!!!
  197. How do you know if your condition can qualify for disability?
  198. SSDI Field Office?
  199. Finally got ALJ Decision
  200. Medically Approved but waiting on the Non-Medical
  201. Those of you seeing the alj
  202. Receiving your approval letter
  203. anyone know how this works?
  204. Why would my psychiatrist want to see my mother?
  205. Meeting a listing
  206. Time line
  207. waiting for ssdi award letter
  208. SSA made a Deposit in my account????????
  209. SSD back pay benefits for my child
  210. Cdr
  211. Results from my first CDR Review
  212. Decision letter today
  213. Direct Deposit Question
  214. Totally Frustrated At Kaiser - Can Anything Be Done?
  215. What is the magic trick to speak to a LIVE person at the Medicaid office?
  216. A special Examination needed for your claim
  217. Auxillary/Dependent SS Benefits
  218. Has anyone been successful in appealing a ...
  219. If approved how often can they review?
  220. Has anyone else had a supplemental hearing for VE testimony before????
  221. anyone started ssdi epe after their trial work period
  222. Medical help and Insurance for bipolar daughter
  223. Sent back from Quality Review
  224. Reconsideration with new evidence Mass
  225. Was my OB/GYN inappropriate?
  226. Why do I need a representative payee?
  227. Unbelievable SSDI/SSI/SNAP/Medicaid
  228. Anyone appealed ALJ decision and won?
  229. Getting approval from doctor for disability
  230. SSDI Review
  231. Provigil - $Co-pay Amount?
  232. ***ssdi back pay and garnishments***
  233. Still Waiting for My Decision Letter
  234. Dr. gets approval, Insurance refuses to pay!
  235. new doctor said i was malingering
  236. SSDI Approved! Well, maybe...
  237. Aflac cancer insurange question.
  238. Health Insurance changed in the middle of a medical treatment
  239. How to get a breast reduction paid by my insurance? Breastfeeding after reduction?
  240. If you meet SSDI Listing
  241. Leftover HSA money vs. FSA reimbursements.
  242. Acute Pancreatitis -Denial of Coverage-Pl help
  243. dedicated account help
  244. Can my employer terminate me while on STD
  245. question about prior authorization and filling script 3 days early each month
  246. Crohn's disease and dental complication coverage??
  247. Where Can I get help for fibroid surgery? I have no insurance
  248. back pain,and need surgery but have no Insurance
  249. Unfavorable after alj hearing. What next?
  250. wisdom teeth need to be removed asap no insurance unemployed