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  1. Methylphenidate/Daytrana Troubling Reaction
  2. Guafecine for a 4 year old
  3. My Son Needs A Treatment
  4. Started on Ritalin but I feel it makes my memory worse! Help
  5. New here 16th day ritalin - few questions re other meds
  6. Adderall & Zoloft
  7. Young child with ADHD?
  8. unwanted medication changes - hurting or helping?
  9. Adderall
  10. Essential Oils
  11. Hyper 16 year old
  12. add help?
  13. New on Concerta
  14. So tired sleepy
  15. how to talk to my doctor about ADD
  16. First day of Ritalin: really unpleasant side effects
  17. Should I medicate my daughter?
  18. ADHD messed up my life ... (advice is appreciated)
  19. very hyper
  20. Need feedback on strattera
  21. Confused about MTHFR Mutation
  22. Strattera and Medication questions
  23. Do I have any mental disorder? Should I worry?
  24. How should I pursue this with a doctor?
  25. Strattera.....????
  26. Adderall and Insomnia
  27. Can't remember anything!
  28. Weird symptoms on Concerta
  29. Strattera at 3 weeks ...
  30. Now what?
  31. Can't find the right concoction....
  32. Help!! I'm out of patience and energy.!!!
  33. ADHD meds make her tired
  34. Adult diagnosis and family
  35. 12 year old obviously has ADD....
  36. AA and stimulants
  37. Anger issues with 12-year-old
  38. Noah's Story
  39. How to make sure you eat while on adderall
  40. Taking strattera working nights
  41. Am I a jerk because of my ADD
  42. diagnosed with add
  43. Concerta & Wellbutrin
  44. Am I making this feeling up, or is it real?
  45. Strattera - insomnia!!
  46. Adult diagnosis in UK?
  47. End of the day side effects Adderall XR
  48. Tennis/Strattera/tiredness
  49. Adderall Pain/Sensitivity
  50. Is there any other stimulants that would be better?
  51. Dual Diagnosis
  52. adhd drs in okc
  53. Feeling stuck and don't know where to find help
  54. Possible side effect from Adderall?
  55. Vitamins & Supplements for ADHD?
  56. Using Adderall for ADHD and It hasn't worked.
  57. Desperate for help: "hormonal" AD(h)D
  58. My son developed tics after taking stimulants ...
  59. ADD but not sure?
  60. Is this too much?
  61. Ritalin/Dexamphetamine Side Effects.
  62. Losing the love of my life to adderall
  63. Stop taking Daytrana?
  64. ADD, hormones and sleep deprivatíon
  65. Ritalin not improving my concentration anymore?
  66. Can ADHD get worse as you get older?
  67. Severe Tics!
  68. What RX
  69. Recently diagnosed ADHD and medication doesn't seem to be working
  70. Adderall fears
  71. How to help my son with social problems related to ADHD
  72. How bad are you without your med, compared to before?
  73. Do I have ADHD? I don't meet all the symptoms...
  74. Aderall -- how high (dose) have you gone?
  75. What is the process for diagnosis?
  76. New diagnosis
  77. Stopping Adderall
  78. Somewhat new to adderall and questioning my dosage. Help
  79. health anxiety so bad please help
  80. Just got fired
  81. Intuniv for Adulits
  82. 13 year old refuses to take medication
  83. Concerta(prescribed)/Adderall in hair drug test
  84. toprol xl and adhd
  85. ADD in Adults
  86. Going off meds...advice?
  87. generic dexedrine
  88. Javita to help ADHD
  89. Im so lost.
  90. Does this sound right - RE: Medication?
  91. New to strattera
  92. Supplements?
  93. Searching for Doc or Psych
  94. ADHD 120mg Orange County, CA
  95. Adhd mum with adhd daughter from Holland
  96. Helping daughter to take her medicine
  97. Weight loss Side Effect of Adderall
  98. Longer acting = bad news!
  99. Adderall XR vs other XR stimulants and how to get perscribed
  100. Where do I start to get help for my daughter?
  101. How long to see benefits of Adderall?
  102. Adderall causing stomach issues
  103. Adderall vs. Ritalin
  104. How do you experience church with ADD/ADHD?
  105. Aderall - 30mg xr
  106. is this a side effect from concerta?
  107. 23 with ADHD
  108. ADD Diet?
  109. Oppositional Defiant Disorder: say what?
  110. ADHD nutritonal supplements - Piracetam vs. Pycnogenol
  111. Vyvanse and Adderall on alternating days?
  112. How do you deal with a spouse who is in denial of a child's (probable) ADHD?
  113. Concerta & Urine tests ***Please Help***
  114. Insurance no longer covers son's Adderall, need some help
  115. First time concerta user, need advice!
  116. I think I have ADD. Do you have similar issues?
  117. New to Vyvanse and could use your help
  118. Ritalin and sex drive... embarassing but is anyone else going thru this??
  119. Effects of Concerta on ADD?
  120. Can someone help me sort out my thoughts? Does anyone else feel like this?
  121. coffee with concerta
  122. Adderall - Results
  123. Angry Son
  124. How can I get it to last longer?
  125. Feedback on Vyvanse?
  126. Strattera for 7 year old boy: your experiences?
  127. Are my symptoms common?
  128. do i need to ask my doctor for a higher dose
  129. Advice, please - how to talk to DR: current med doesn't work, want to switch
  130. Max dose of adderall
  131. Need Urgent advice with adult ADD.
  132. Add Meds
  133. ADHD treatment with Concerta
  134. Booster in the afternoon
  135. Adderall help!
  136. Adderall XR- not kicking in?
  137. Figuring out Adderall
  138. ADHD and Strattera
  139. long term effects of Concerta?
  140. Adderall and Xanax
  141. Vyvanse and Adderall Dilemma
  142. Adderall 20 mg xr v adderall 10mg ir (3-4 a day)
  143. 16-Year-Old Can't Get Out Of Bed For School!
  144. Our Experience With Adderall
  145. Aggressiveness- adderall?
  146. i think i have add, i'm in college
  147. What prescription medicine should adult ADD/ADHDers avoid?
  148. Husband-OCD/ADHD & Depression -Anti Depressants Possibly Fed His ADHD
  149. ADHD-ODD-Concerta-Anger+
  150. concerta vs adderal - dependency, mood swings, etc.
  151. ADD and relationships or marriage
  152. Vyvanse Side Effects
  153. Needing A little help.
  154. ADD- Nightshift worker med advice?
  155. ADD, Adderall, Strattera, & Wellbutrin
  156. adderall STILL making me feel weird
  157. ADHD meds suggestions
  158. ADHD, PTSD, Anxiety, and Depression. Help?
  159. Managing ADHD during pregnancy?
  160. Newly diagnosed adult add issues
  161. Adderall (xr and ir)- super tired after it wears off. Any suggestions??
  162. So frustrated-desperate for any tips!
  163. ADHD and Concerta questions
  164. Adderall and Nighttime Bingeing
  165. Anyone know a doctor in OKC who Prescribes Adderall?
  166. Effects after Adderall withdrawal
  167. Long Term Adderall Use Affects on Development?
  168. Tolerance break from adderal did not help
  169. Mood change when Adderall wears off
  170. Adderall dose? Too much/not enough?
  171. Does Wellbutrin help with the irritable side effects of Adderall?
  172. Adderall & "lie bumps" or swollen taste buds?
  173. Guinea Pig
  174. Adderall dosage?
  175. Guanfacine experience from stimulant users?
  176. Adderall XR and blurred vision?
  177. adderall xr or ir how to ask doc
  178. Son with adhd and now nervous tics?
  179. Metabolizing meds after gastric bypass surgery
  180. Adderall
  181. Intuniv, causing urine leakage
  182. Ambien, Adderall & Citalopram for ADD
  183. Adderall vs Ritalin vs Vyvanse
  184. From Concerta to Adderall XR 4 days ago - feel like a space cadet!
  185. Newly diagnosed with Adult ADD/fired from job
  186. Adderall
  187. Wellbutrin XR 450 mg
  188. Worried my dr will stop prescribing me my adderall
  189. Adderall XR: Reducing Hyperfocus & Anxiety...?
  190. 7 year old adhd/stealing
  191. Adult ADHD progress report
  192. Long Term Reaction to Adderall and Similiar Meds
  193. Brain Fog and Head Pressure ?
  194. Concerta
  195. NEWBIE and How do you know the ADDERAL XR works?
  196. Concerns about Adderall
  197. Emotional volatility?
  198. ADHD and irregular sleep patterns
  199. Pre-employment DOT drug test and ADHD medication Adderall
  200. Please I need HELP!!
  201. DAYTRANA Experiences and Side effects
  202. Ritalin LA
  203. Experiences with Wellbutrin and Adderall?
  204. Adderall to Vyvanse to Concerta...help!
  205. Is it the vyvanse or my back???
  206. Adderall and lack of motivation
  207. Intuniv Question
  208. NSAIDS & Adderall Q ...
  209. Huge improvement in how to titrate ADHD meds
  210. Strattera - Gasping for air?
  211. aderrall,wellbutrin, prozac???
  212. Adderal wearing off and feeling tired
  213. Sinus Issues with Adderall/Wellbutrin?
  214. Testosterone for ADD
  215. my insurance refuses to cover my adderall!
  216. Vyvanse
  217. Addrall dosage w/ Tegretol, too much?
  218. does abilify help?
  219. Painful vaginal ulcer?!
  220. Insurance for Strattera
  221. Adderall Alternatives
  222. ADD or ASD?
  223. Vyvanse side effects
  224. What could cause a 2-3 hour delayed onset of effects from Adderall or Restoril? or an
  225. Accidental overdose on Adderall
  226. ADHD or just plain rudeness?
  227. My son stole my Adderall
  228. Experimenting With Meds/Dosage
  229. I took 40mg adderall generic and it did nothing
  230. Wellbutrin and uncontrollable irritbility/anger??????????
  231. Adderall and Hypersexuality
  232. adderall IR vs XR? Bipolar diagnosis.
  233. Focalin xr
  234. Question about stimulant effects
  235. Bored out of my mind
  236. Ritalin LA
  237. Concerta and Fatigue
  238. The Wellbutrin train
  239. Vyvanse and weight loss
  240. Dextroamphetamine Discontinued?
  241. I started taking Methylphenidate ER (Concerta) 18mg today
  242. New To Board Concerta Question
  243. I've just been prescribed Ritalin today
  244. Amphetamines-methylphenidate-but mainly alcohol have messed my hormones up!
  245. Adderall vs. Ritalin
  246. Questions about Adderall
  247. Strattera negativity
  248. adderall and ringing in ears
  249. Ritalin/Concerta and Low WBC count?
  250. When meds aren't working