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  1. For those with constant chronic headaches/pressure please read
  2. worried
  3. Headache
  4. Not sure whats going on with my chronic migraines.Can you help me other suffers?
  5. 24/7 headache and I'm only aged 14...iv had it for 11 years... Help
  6. Moving head ache pain
  7. Left temple pain before orgasm, during coughing and bending over?
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  10. migraine hqngover? or more?
  11. Intermittent headaches
  12. Constant lightheadedness/ head pressure
  13. Sharp stabbing pains in left temple
  14. Fluttery Vision
  15. Midrin & Imitrex
  16. Pain in right side of head and behind right eye?
  17. Migraines & Sinuses
  18. terrible head ache
  19. Constant dull headache after illness
  20. Topamax Problems Need advice
  21. Head Issues - Please read
  22. Zonisamide to prevent migraines
  23. Back head pain
  24. Hello everyone.. Need some advice ?
  25. Excruciating head pain when urinating or defecating
  26. Head ache
  27. Headache and bruised feeling in eyes
  28. Stabbing pain top of head
  29. numbness after headackes
  30. Arteritis/Ice pick headaches
  31. Hit my head and now...
  32. Headaches
  33. HELP PLEASE, I'm really concerned.
  34. what type of foods are good to eat for a migraine
  35. New headaches
  36. Throbbing Head!
  37. Atenolol and Nortriptylin combo
  38. Really bad head pain during and after a weight lifting workout.
  39. Migraines/Topamax Question
  40. head pain
  41. Need immediate help!!
  42. Newbie -- Silent Migraines? ECT?
  43. Really worried about my migraines..
  44. do you have migraines like this?
  45. pain in lower right side of my head
  46. Headaches at all times, help.
  47. Migraines and ringing in the ear Topiramate
  48. Lower skull headaches/neck pain.
  49. What to do when the meds don't work
  50. What are your Food Triggers
  51. Pressure/Tension in upper left side of forehead
  52. Migraine Associated Vertigo
  53. Migraines/Aneurysm
  54. Migraines -Topamax/Side Effects
  55. Introductions
  56. HELP!!! Migraine or Something Else?
  57. Anyone lose their marriage over migraines?
  58. Chronic headache since SAH in January
  59. headaches
  60. Reccuring Headache / Migraine? Smelling burning?
  61. constant pressure and dizziness
  62. vertigo and headache
  63. May be migraine
  64. Magnesium and low dose aspirin
  65. Terrifying head pressure
  66. Burning sensation in back of head
  67. Sharp pain inside skull
  68. Anyone try Atenolol and Nortriptyline? or Botox
  69. Headache above right eyebrow and localised on right forehead just above the eye
  70. I need some advice!
  71. shifting headache
  72. New with migraine aura questions
  73. chronic migraines
  74. chronic migraine
  75. Sore spot on back of head
  76. someone please help!! severe headaches (what an understatement!!)
  77. Dull Pain on Upper Back/Neck/Back Part of the Head. Consistent and Mysterious.
  78. Daily Headaches, knot in neck muscle, severe anxiety
  79. New here had a question...
  80. Tension Headache/Migraine?
  81. Sharp stabbing pain in middle of right side of head
  82. Confusing Migraine situations
  83. Top of head burning and brain buzzing
  84. Headaches, new symptoms... No answers needing some advice
  85. Headaches
  86. New here, hallucinations, unsupportive partner
  87. Back of Head Pain, Nausea, Feeling Intoxicated
  88. Strange pain when I bend forward
  89. New Here - Gluten Question
  90. 8 year old son with chronic headaches
  91. After hitting my head I'm still having pains months later
  92. Central Vision Loss at 17 with NO diagnosis....
  93. Constant Burning Sensation behind forehead
  94. Daily headaches tha seem to radiate from the neck
  95. headache in back of head on right side
  96. headache in back of head on right side
  97. Severe Headache if I wake up "EARLY in the MORNING ONLY"
  98. More frequent migraine auras???
  99. No pain migraine with constant 24/7 blind spots and flashes? Anyone else have this?
  100. lexotanil or Xanax for Migraines?
  101. Recent Headaches & Fatigue
  102. Tight muscles in forehead causing headaches & dizziness
  103. Vertigo / Dizziness
  104. Migraine aura
  105. Occipital Neuralgia
  106. Headache for a couple weeks!
  107. Migraine sufferer starting Topomax
  108. Is this an ocular migraine?
  109. Seeking advice/help.. constant daily HA for 4 months
  110. Headache and droopy eye
  111. 24/7 headache all the time
  112. My headaches are really scaring me.
  113. Possiable Mingraines or something serious.
  114. Charlie-horse pain in head
  115. Does this sound like a migraine variant?
  116. Dizzy and lightheaded, headaches
  117. 'Silent' migraine
  118. Migraine and bad headache for a week. HELP!
  119. Ocular Migraine and Sinus Polyps
  120. Iím so scared!! Are CT scans even accurate??
  121. A-typical migranes
  122. Barometric Headaches
  123. Is this possible?
  124. Problems Decreasing Topamax
  125. 9 mo headache, neck arm shoulder pain. I'm losing it! Help
  126. Headache and Facepain
  127. Desperate for anything
  128. Recovering from Chonic Migraine?
  129. Another day of headpain
  130. Localized sharp piercing pain in head lasting a few seconds
  131. Head banger
  132. Headache virus?
  133. Frustration - daily life impaired by recurring migraines
  134. 6 months of chronic muscle tension headaches (apex of the head)
  135. Week long headache and spaciness
  136. Recurring/relapsing migraine
  137. Insomnia and migraines
  138. chronic daily migraine 24/7
  139. Migraines
  140. Treximet for Sudden Onset Migraine
  141. Chronic headache in back of head please help!
  142. Headache, nausea and vomiting 3 weeks and counting?
  143. seizures, headaches, and memory problems
  144. Migraine or something worse!?!
  145. mild gerd?
  146. CSF? Cerebrospinal fluid? Please help
  147. Headaches every day please help
  148. Menopause Migraines
  149. SAnother headache
  150. Daily persistent agonizing headaches after 3 craniotomies
  151. Headaches daily that are worse then migraines
  152. Ocular Migraine
  153. Headaches, Blurred Vision, Neck pain
  154. Child has Severe Headaches
  155. Major Headache/Hangover after 1 or 2 drinks?!
  156. Elavil/amiltriptyline Sore Throat
  157. Periodic headaches on right side
  158. Constant 4 month headache
  159. Constant ocular migraines?
  160. Imitrex and muscle weakness
  161. Constant Headache and Head Pressure for 2 months
  162. Pain in back of head when sleeping & waking up with headache?
  163. Irritated nerve in right side of neck behind ear that causes migraines!!!
  164. Headache... every minute of every day
  165. Lamictal for migraine prevention
  166. headaches with numbness in my face
  167. sudden sharp pain in random temples
  168. 12 years and still no diagnosis.. Please help...!!
  169. Strange headaches and dizziness
  170. Meds for High Altitudes
  171. Help - Topamax Side Effects
  172. Head, Face, Back and Neck Pain...HELP!
  173. left side face/head pain
  174. Preventative Meds For Migraines
  175. Severe headache after BP diagnosis
  176. Headache and temple pressure.....HELP
  177. headaches nausea and gum pain?help please!
  178. Right eye pain!!!
  179. Very strange migraine experience...please help.
  180. Varicose Vein behind the left ear
  181. Treatments in hospital to prevent headaches
  182. weather changes and migraines
  183. Chronic head pressure & nausea
  184. Constant headaches since i was little
  185. Headaches and thyroid
  186. Migraine Headaches/Amitryptiline.
  187. Heachached Everyday Since last July Help?
  188. anyone still uses excedrin after the recall ?
  189. Constant Headache
  190. Chronic, constant headache for several years
  191. Migraine treatment options?? there must be something that will help!
  192. Help- I am frantic with worry!
  193. Follow-up on an ooold post, migraines and strokes
  194. Long-term headache
  195. Topamax causing weight gain?!
  196. Headache for a year
  197. Neck headaches
  198. Migraines and Lamictal
  199. cant get rid of migrain
  200. 4 month headache (pressure) on right side above ear. Worse at night.
  201. Burning,pinching,squeezing (head in a vice)tingling sensations in head
  202. Questions concerning atypical migraines
  203. First Migraine ever
  204. Constant Pressure in Back of Head?
  205. Waking up in the middle of the night with a headache
  206. Headache with slurred speech?!
  207. please help with my headache!!
  208. Headache, neck/face/scalp pain, *** is wrong with me?
  209. headaches and blurred vision
  210. Employment and Migraines
  211. Happy New Year.....
  212. HELP - Addicted to Goody's Headache Powders and can't stand it...
  213. Frontal Headache causing fogginess and disconnect!
  214. Pain above right eyebrow
  215. Is acupuncture worth it?
  216. migraine or tension headache
  217. Omg
  218. Baffled... So sick of this pain.
  219. migraine vs. aneurysm
  220. Headache for over 2 years!
  221. How should I handle the head pain? Could it be serious?
  222. Migraines...wrong boards I guess
  223. Migraines...wrong boards I guess
  224. What do you make of these MRI shots?
  225. Migraines...MRI results...Ongoing...what spteps would you take???
  226. Sudden headache for over a month...
  227. Motion-sensitive strong headache and prolonged on/off fever
  228. Headaches in the back of my head
  229. I am at the diamond clinic st joseph
  230. Is there a migraine medication that really helps??
  231. Depakote ER and Depression, anyone else?
  232. Headaches and upper kneck pain and with back pain, hope some can help please...
  233. Headache with painful lump
  234. Goodbye Cluster Headache Pain
  235. Is it side effects from propranolol (for migraine) or something else?
  236. Is it side effects from propranolol (for migraine) or something else?
  237. Migraine when Sleeping and Also After Sex
  238. Diamond Clinic and Facial Pain
  239. Constant Headaches , Need Help!!
  240. Magnesium for migraines?
  241. Head, neck and chest pressure when I bend
  242. headache with stiff neck and bunged up nasal passages
  243. Migraine for 3 months
  244. sharp pain in the brain
  245. unknown ongoing illness
  246. 8 day headache
  247. First my eye gets blurry, then....
  248. Frequent Headache
  249. what this could be
  250. Michigan Headache clinic Ann Arbor