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  21. Plssssssssssss suggest me
  22. Basilar Type Migraines
  23. topamax for migranes?? or dangerous?
  24. the process of being diagnosed and the stress it causes!
  25. Doc said my neck/head ache is due to muscle spasm
  26. Lifelong Headache
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  30. tenderness
  31. Feeling of not having slept even though I did.
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  36. chroni headache with toothache
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  39. Any input is SO appreciated -- New to Migraines, Struggling with Meds
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  42. Many symptoms over 3 years, MRI in 2008 was clear but could I still have brain tumour
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  46. Completely freaked out
  47. could a chiropractor cause my headaches
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  49. Help! Sudden pain on top of head???
  50. help
  51. Amitriptyline
  52. Migraine and vomiting
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  54. Menstrual Migraines
  55. Migraines & Hospitals, etc.
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  58. Headache for 8 months, please help (im 21)
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  63. Unilateral Daily Headache
  64. head ache on left side around ear
  65. Prolotherapy Reviews/Results ?
  66. stabbing pain left side of hesd
  67. Rebound headaches
  68. right temple pain with effort
  69. Pressure in the back if my head, weird slow vision for 5 weeks now.
  70. I don't know what's happening?
  71. Headache with bend over, sneeze or coughing
  72. Do I have a brain tumor?
  73. seeking advice and opinions from those who understand
  74. When to return to the doctor?
  75. if my gpa is a 1.7 how do i get it to a 2.0?
  76. Migraines return/change after treatment
  77. stomach migraine drug
  78. I am having chest pains and my jaw twitches feels num
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  81. severe pain base of skull
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  87. Monday migraines
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  90. Does this sound like migraines?
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  92. Help please, persistent pressure in head
  93. I need help! Almost daily headaches that get worse at night.
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  95. Black outs
  96. hit head on Saturday
  97. What Is This?
  98. Does anybody else have trouble concentrating?
  99. What is the type of headache that feels like a bass drum is beating?
  100. arthritis-related migraine?
  101. Head tingling when straining on toilet?
  102. left side
  103. Need suggestion-long term med for chronic migraines
  104. Best way to relieve a tension headache?
  105. preasure in head
  106. Permanent pressure like headache since I started lifting weights.
  107. Headaches
  108. Vitamin B 6 and Migraine
  109. Odd Migraine Symptoms
  110. headache
  111. Charley Horse in the Head???
  112. headache around the forehead
  113. Dizziness & Fainted..!!
  114. what does it mean when your head is sore in a one spot
  115. Neck & eye pain with vomiting
  116. Helicopter sound in the top of my head
  117. Headache\wierd sensation in my head plz help!
  118. could a dizzyness be migraine?
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  120. Constant head pressure
  121. how many days we should take Amitriptyline?
  122. Having Headaches but on left side and there pressure behind the eye?
  123. Migraines
  124. If a headache comes on after hitting the head...
  125. Jabbing pain on left side of my head
  126. new here, need help with migraine issues
  127. Please someone help me!
  128. head ache
  129. what to do if first 2 test showed i have a aneuryms but angiogram test showed i didn'
  130. what could be causing a pounding pain in back of the head
  131. headaches
  132. Recovery time after Blood Clot
  133. pressure in the back of the head
  134. Pressure above right eye
  135. base of head, headache
  136. Found the cause
  137. Head Pain
  138. please anyone help
  139. How I eliminated many a headache
  140. Head condition that occurs only by the night
  141. what to do for the top of your head when it is very sore/
  142. what if i am having pain suddenly in the left side of head
  143. pressure on top of head
  144. Right sided headache with pain in the right eye
  145. Bad Headache.
  146. Loss of consciousness when I stop/start suddenly!
  147. Contact pain in temporal regions of the head
  148. Midrin and Advil
  149. Noise-sensitive temple headache that is worse in the morning
  150. what causes a pain in the right side of the head where the ear is located
  151. HeadAches
  152. Head Hurts To The Touch
  153. Are There Any New Meds People Are Taking To Prevent Migraines?
  154. Daily headaches
  155. Anyone Take Topamax To Prevent Headaches (Migraines)?
  156. 13 year old with constant migraines - advice please
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  158. pain when i touch the side of my head
  159. Still having headaches
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  161. headache medicine for tension headaches
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  163. Helpp! In pain!
  164. Migrane help please.
  165. Headaches
  166. OK, i have been suffering progressively bad eye/headaches. I'm crying as i write this
  167. Improper breathing can cause bad headaches
  168. Cold Sensation on top of head
  169. Migrain/Headache
  170. constant headaches and pressure
  171. Weaning off of topamax
  172. headaches on left side
  173. What does this sound like?
  174. A different way of coping with Migraine...
  175. headaches when coughing, bending sneezing
  176. Severe Headace for a week
  177. Headache and Dizziness
  178. migraine everyday
  179. Headaches on one side .
  180. Topamax vs Zonegran
  181. Headache After Skydiving
  182. bad headaches
  183. Migraines / Butterbur
  184. why is my son having memory problems with when he gets a headache
  185. headaches after bacterial sinal mengitis that get worse with motion
  186. Bad headaches
  187. Headache When Bending Over
  188. Migraines/severe neck tension
  189. Pressure Headache
  190. Pressure on top left side of head, and frequent headaches
  191. headache while doing push ups
  192. Pain in head
  193. Headaches after missing meal and after exercise
  194. Why am i getting so many migraines?
  195. Strange headaches
  196. headache in the centre of my head
  197. Pineal Cyst
  198. whats the matter with me
  199. shaky vision???
  200. heavy headache
  201. Has anyone tried magnesium citrate powder for migraine?
  202. Need help figuring out headache
  203. Unusual headache
  204. periods
  205. don't know what it is?
  206. Headaches
  207. Daily Headaches & Occasional Dizziness?
  208. Labyrinthitis
  209. Headache pain - general question, need ur input
  210. headaches
  211. Head ache in my left side
  212. Increase in migraines
  213. migraines and sleep sad ):
  214. PLEASE HELP- Headaches/ can't exercise!
  215. what kind of headache starts in morning and goes away in late afternoon
  216. Dr. says Cluster Headaches? I don't think so...
  217. head aches on left side
  218. dull headache lower part of head and down just left side of neck
  219. Is this normal?
  220. Chronic right-sided headache, after teeth extraction. . .
  221. Headaches, blurred vision, slight numbness on right side of the head and face
  222. hermicrania continua chronic migraine
  223. Late migraine developer
  224. throbbing
  225. headache for 7 days
  226. headaches with intence facial pain?
  227. Lifting Headache
  228. Migraines and Pressure Drops?
  229. Topamax and weight loss
  230. horrible migraine with strange auras
  231. Several odd sensations
  232. Depakote experiences?
  233. headache when lying on back
  234. pain behine left eye
  235. brain fog
  236. severe headaches after a sneeze or cough?
  237. severe head pain and continues vomiting
  238. headache with dizzyness
  239. releaf of sharp throbbing pain in left side of head
  240. Throbbing by Eyes- is it headache?
  241. Pain in the back of head
  242. Pain in the back of my head
  243. i have suffered 38 years
  244. sugar headaches
  245. head pain
  246. is any one else on tizanidine for migraine?
  247. Headache on top of head
  248. Right side migranes that last from 2-3 days, 2 times a mnth
  249. Please Please Help!!! I have
  250. Migraines