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  20. PVCs and eye?
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  23. clogged ears with uneasy feeling
  24. Proper ear cleaning
  25. They say my hearing loss is due to loud music. But I think it's something else.
  26. Pressure when breathing through Nose
  27. Aspirin ==> ear ringing
  28. Burst eardrum
  29. water stuck in eustation tubes
  30. Please, Desparately Need Help, Can't Take Much More!!
  31. Nasopharyngeal mass
  32. sounds like a helicopter in my ear
  33. Glue ear in adults/hearing loss
  34. pulsatile tinnitus - nusance or serious problem?
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  36. chronic ear clicking\popping but no fullness or dizziness
  37. ear ringing
  38. Hearing sensitivity
  39. Concerts Post-Tinnitus and ear plugs
  40. Need To Get A Hearing Aid
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  42. Fluid in the ears
  43. eardrum ruptured, now a blood clot
  44. Sudden Hearing Loss, And I'm Terrified!
  45. Low pitch humming/ringing in ears..driving me insane ! HELP !!
  46. Hearing Distortion
  47. Question About Loud Music.....
  48. WPW and roller coasters, anyone?
  49. ETD and dehydration
  50. vibrations in left ear
  51. Ear Candling: pros and cons??!
  52. Strange sounds in left ear
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  56. 3 Years Post Stapendectomy..
  57. Venous Hum Tinnitus - Dangerous?
  58. PE Tube Clogged by Ear Wax
  59. Ears Ringing
  60. What kind of sounds do YOU hear?
  61. I have a problem with my left ear. Problems are as follows.
  62. Recommend some herbal remedies for barotrauma and sensiorneural loss please.
  63. feels like wind or air blowing out of ear
  64. Post-surgical experience for a Stapedectomy operation
  65. Discovered that niacin causes tinnitus in me
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  67. Constant Ringing in Ears
  68. Ear drum spasms to music at low levels
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  72. Atresia help please
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  74. earache
  75. heart beating in ears
  76. static sound in ear from shooting gun
  77. mastoiditis? SO much pain!
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  80. I have a very very weird hearing problem.
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  83. Zyrtec?
  84. feel like ear will burst!
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  86. Tinnitus for no reason
  87. "Itching" in left ear
  88. Ear Fluttering!!
  89. My father won't get a hearing aid
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  91. Cholesteatoma?
  92. Mastoidectomy
  93. left ear feels clogged. right hear is cracking
  94. Plugged Ears
  95. Anyone know why my right ear constantly feels like I have it underwater?
  96. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
  97. Help! Dull ear pain
  98. A strange combination of symptoms...
  99. Tobradex drops
  100. Tinnitus
  101. Inner Ear Infection Questions
  102. otosclerosis
  103. Crack when I swallow...ETD?
  104. parched ears or blocked eustachian tubes
  105. Eustachian Tube Muscle Spasms (Thumping)
  106. How to safely remove ear wax?
  107. Otosclerosis & Ipriflavone supplement?
  108. hearing distortion please help
  109. Ruptured ear drum again?
  110. earwax is moist and red/orange and bitter..
  111. Otosclerosis- 9 yr old son
  112. Help please :( Ear popping noises after loud sounds?
  113. does anyone get these symptoms with patulous eustachian tubes
  114. Are there surgeries for the deaf to hear?
  115. nathan are you out there?
  116. Please Help!! Dizzy and confused !
  117. pin size hole on outer ears...
  118. "ringing" ears after loud rock concert
  119. Burnt Ruptured Ear Drum Help Advice Plz
  120. Anyone with only high frquency loss who uses a digital hearing aid
  121. Fluctuating hearing - Please read to see if can help
  122. ringing,pulse rate,crackling......
  123. Tinnitus tip from new book
  124. Help! Tinnitus driving me crazy
  125. Ear Tubes put in, but still can't hear in one ear.
  126. exercise & right ear clog!
  127. Hearing Loss in left ear....HELP
  128. Crackling in ear....
  129. Idiopathic Hearing loss in 8yo
  130. anyone with patulous eustachian tubes ?
  131. Opaque Eardrum??
  132. Tinnitus/Ear plugged
  133. my ears keep poping
  134. Undertreated ETD causing fluid in ears?
  135. If you get tinnitus, what conditions should be ruled out first?
  136. diagnosed with menieres
  137. Weepy Ear Canals
  138. If a drug were causing tinnitus...
  139. Decibel Level
  140. can u disconnect hearing on one ear?
  141. Nose Picking/Ear Problems
  142. help.permanent hearing loss with added screeching when noise comes in to the ear
  143. Sudden blocked ear!!!
  144. Fullness/pressure in ears - loud noises/cold weather worsen it - why?
  145. masking noise for tinnitus
  146. ultra sensitive to high pitched sounds?
  147. Eustachian tube dysfunction
  148. Cauterisation of ET for PET
  149. Meniere's Disease coming back?
  150. suddenly going irreparably deaf
  151. unexplained hearing loss
  152. my ears are clogged but no wax in ears they say.
  153. allergies and tinnitus
  154. Blowing in the ear!!!
  155. Help-Eustachian Tube Blockage
  156. Ear tube left hole in ear drum...(m)
  157. Tinnitus & long flights on plane ??
  158. Clicking inside ear when flexing
  159. feedback in ear
  160. what type of jobs can hard of hearing people do?
  161. Can't hear through background noise
  162. vestibule migraine's vs meinier disease
  163. Etd gone after 6 months Woohoo
  164. Cogan's Syndrome
  165. Hearing Problem Help!!
  166. parched eustachian tubes...
  167. Eustacian tubes clog at night; and high register hearing loss
  168. Just diagnosed with Autoimmune hearing loss
  169. Ringing in my ears
  170. annoying noises
  171. Hearing loss after cleaning wax buildup
  172. Anyone have selective distortion?
  173. Best way to get rid of fluid in the ear...
  174. more cholesteatoma
  175. can't stand high pitch noises
  176. Pounding sound in ear
  177. collapsed eardrum
  178. pain and leaking ears, followed by deafness
  179. q-tip - perforated eardrum
  180. Am I suffering from hearing loss?
  181. Audiogram interpretation help?
  182. ear pain and bad smell
  183. Help for ETD sufferers - I had ETD for 2 years
  184. Tubes? At My Age??!!
  185. stapedectomy
  186. strange popping and crackling/scratching in left ear
  187. Three humming noises not in ears, but brain....
  188. heartbeat sound in right ear???
  189. Stapedectomy
  190. Tinnitus changes with head movement - possible answer
  191. Hearing Problems
  192. Clogged ears caused by exercise?
  193. Clogged Ear....ugggg
  194. Ringing in Right Ear
  195. Humming in head continues
  196. Low humming in head???
  197. Clogged feeling and hearing aid
  198. Blocked ear/pain/water/clicking
  199. Otosclerosis and Facial Discomfort
  200. If I go touch my inner ear, like plug it or just itch around it, a really sharp pain
  201. nerve damage and infections
  202. Ear fluttering sensation
  203. Ringing In Ears From Concert
  204. Why is Valsalva benefit temporary???
  205. Sound of Breathing in Ear
  206. Anyone experience ear problems after taking antibiotics or other meds?
  207. Labrynthitis
  208. Tinnitus and radiation
  209. I have a sensitivity to the letter "S"
  210. Thumping In Ears Destroying My LIfe
  211. CIC vs. BTE
  212. Hearing - depression issue.. what should i do?
  213. Hollow noise in the ears
  214. problems after wax removal
  215. Ear Pressure and Heat
  217. Ear popping, numbness and tinnitus
  218. Lost Hearing After Seizure
  219. Ventilation Tube Removal
  220. Have otosclerosis, can't have stapedectomy??
  221. Blocked Ear- Help!
  222. Ears blocked due to a cold.
  223. scratched ear and now cannot hear :(
  224. Pneumonia Caused Hearing Problem
  225. Distortion/buzzing in one ear. Please help!
  226. Tinnitus and eustachian problems?
  227. Weird ear problem started today, can anyone help me figure it out?
  228. Melatonin for tinnitus?
  229. Profound hearing loss
  232. Eustachian tube cleaning
  233. Ringing in ear after party!
  234. Will I go deaf with loud music?
  235. Eustation Tube Dysfunction
  236. Perfect audiograms, bad hearing?
  237. Stopped Up ear
  238. Do I have a hole in my ear drum?
  240. ENT and Audiologist (difference??)
  241. 4 year old with hearing problems
  242. ear clicking
  243. I Just WANT to MAKE the THUMPING STOP!
  244. Steroid side effects?
  245. Closed Ear Canals
  246. pulse sound in left ear that correlates w/heartbeat
  247. tonsil or lump
  248. deafness one ear
  249. Clicking & Static
  250. Betahistine (SERC) for Meniere's