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  1. Terrified, dealing with this crap at 23 LVH
  2. T Inversions on ecg, doc has referred me to specialist asap, what does it mean?
  3. Trying hard to wean off Atenolol
  4. Sharp Stabbing Pain through my heart
  5. help very very worried!!!
  6. PVCs and cardiomyopathy
  7. heart disease at 29?
  8. supraventricular tachycardia? Ventricular Tachycardia? Or what? HELP ME PLEASE
  9. 19 y/o diagnosed with irbb
  10. verapamil side effects?
  11. More Frequent PVCs post SVT Ablation Procedure
  12. Insignificant CAD - Minor blockage in Artery
  13. Living with PVC's
  14. Paroxymal tachycardia
  15. Is it POTS, HF or what?
  16. New blood thiners pradaxa and xarelto
  17. Heart Palpitations, Toprol & Alprazalom (Xanax)
  18. PVC's. Please help!
  19. Ventricular Ectopics
  20. Chronic Chest Pain, at my wits end
  21. 62 yr old with LVH should I not be worried?
  22. Atenolol..BP drop and psychological state. Withdrawal off a heart pill??!!
  23. Heart Palpitations and more.
  24. Ejection Fraction and BNP
  25. CT Coronary Angiography questions and concerns.
  26. Inappropriate Sinus Tach Questions
  27. Pressure on left side of chest, left middle back, and others
  28. How do I get my aging overweight father to stop eating himself to death?
  29. Ventricular tachycardia and gasping for air - middle of the night
  30. myocarditis help please
  31. Am i getting Cardiomyopathy too?
  32. Coming off Atenolol
  33. Undertanding my meds
  34. ecg results abnormal need clarification
  35. Strange sensation in left chest
  36. Drains feely and chest pain
  37. Arm pain post CABG Artery Harvest
  38. Chest pain
  39. Congestive Heart Failure
  40. Pacemaker Necessary At Only 18 Years Old??
  41. Scary symptoms in 23 year old
  42. dyostolic disfunction
  43. PVCs, Anxiety Attacks, Thyroid Issues
  44. Some kindly answer me.
  45. What's the connection between my PVCs/PACs & cardiac arrest? Please answer
  46. Six Flags Theme Park
  47. A mass in the heart
  48. Flunked the stress test... Off Atenolol prior ?
  49. Bradycardia
  50. Waking up with racing heart after falling asleep
  51. coming off Atenolol and bad stress test
  52. PVC's and very irregular pulse
  53. Heart Disease??
  54. EKG result questions??
  55. Tachycardia or heart failure
  56. AFib and Pradaxa (Dabigatran)
  57. Wisdom tooth removal at Guys hospital
  58. 1st/2nd degree heart block?
  59. Two abn EKGs (2010 & 2012), chest pain, arm numbness
  60. Possible tachycardia?
  61. Wierd "heart?" problem
  62. Pvc, pacs and lvh
  63. Fluctuating Heart Rate
  64. eco report diagonosis
  65. Heart failure? I don't understand it all
  66. Difference between atrial fibrillation and PAC/PVC
  67. Anesthesia with irregular heartbeat - risks?
  68. plavix after a stroke
  69. ended up havig a cardiac arrest and had a triple bypass
  70. A slightly enlarged heart.
  71. 36yo with a 39mm Aortic Root
  72. L-Arginine and Taurine for PVC's
  73. 29 Year old with aortic valve replacement - please help!
  74. Chest tightness, constricted breathing, strong pounding palpitations day to night.
  75. Tachycardia problem that won't go away
  76. Mid Sternum Pain 2.5 yrs post op - Open Heart Surgery
  77. heart palpitations during exercise
  78. Confused on ECG/EKG result
  79. heart skips a beat during exercise?
  80. mitral regurgitation & tricuspid regurgitation
  81. SVT and Anxiety
  82. Can Long QT be wrong on ecg?
  83. Non-sustained ventricular tachycardia
  84. Coffee and PVC's
  85. Supraventricular Ectopy
  86. Sinus Tachycardia
  87. Heart Beating Faster When Lay on Stomach?
  88. pain after angioplasty
  89. Reversible Ischemia
  90. low heart rate
  91. Calcium Score of 8 - Do I need to worry?
  92. Loud Heart Murmur
  93. CK-MB levels
  94. getting the Ablation
  95. Mild Aortic Stenosis...!!!!!!!!
  96. Chest X-ray Upper lobe blood Diversion?
  97. PVC's and dizzy Spells
  98. Stopping Plavix
  99. ECG short pr interval
  100. Mitral Valve Thickening
  101. Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (Hypertension)
  102. I have been having light left chest pain, should I see a doctor about this?
  103. Heart problem or something else?
  104. Heart issues/sinus tachy
  105. idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy
  106. Vibrating feeling in my chest
  107. Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia - 12 year old
  108. Does anyone know how to raise the heart ejection fraction?
  109. Sudde death w/ no symptoms or warning, really heart attack?
  110. question on ekg results
  111. What do 2 pvcs in a row feel like to you?
  112. Thallium Stress Test and Cancer
  113. My Holter Monitor Results
  114. Mitral Valve Proplapse - Anyone who knows about this - please help!
  115. Do I have a Heart Disorder? PLEASE HELP
  116. Unsure about EDG results
  117. Heart Palpitations PAC's PVC's
  118. possible dodgy ticker...
  119. Worried about my mom
  120. Holter Results - Can You Help?
  121. Left side chest pains that come and go
  122. Symptoms of Mild mitral valve leak?
  123. All Tests Negative - Over a month of chest pain
  124. Angiogram Test next week am nervous
  125. Heart Monitor Results Unsettling
  126. Should I be going to the ER
  127. Just got two stents-pain continues, help
  128. Increase in PVCs/PACs...Advice?
  129. A.S.D. (heart) patients' who have had a D.V.T. ...
  130. Back pain and strong pulse in abdomen??
  131. Irregular Heartbeats
  132. what is shoulder/arm/back pain from the heart like?
  133. Has anyone been diagnosed with Lvh (Left Ventrical Hyprotrophy)
  134. Stomach Problems and Heart Palpitations
  135. Rapid Heartbeat Upon Awakening
  136. Please READ THIS if you have unexplained chest discomfort or pain
  137. Chest Pains
  138. Extremely high calcium score 1400
  139. Random but frequent Chest pains
  140. Cardiac arrest. On ventilator. Has movement in the eyes. Is there any hope?
  141. Taking Plavix should not drink green tea or use saw palmetto
  142. echo results
  143. fainting spells
  144. Can Abnormal EKG be normal for an individual?
  145. Rapid pulse upon standing, chest pain, SOB, weakness several weeks
  146. V-8 juice and Palpitations
  147. Beta Blocker Withdrawal and Epsisodes of Sinus Tach
  148. Just started propranolol, side effects?
  149. A-Fib, Labyrinthitis?, and A lot of Question Marks... Please Help
  150. 21 year old with a heart problem? Please help, please!
  151. left side chest pain? anxiety or heart related?
  152. Engiogram Results
  153. Long time atenolol user - suddenly experiencing slow heart rate
  154. catheter Ablation for heart problems - is it possible to have a general anaesthetic?
  155. Heart skip beats/flutters
  156. Demanding exercise. A remedy for Beta Blocker weakness and fatigue?
  157. Anyone know of a good heart Dr. in Dallas?
  158. Regular pulse, but lots of dropped heartbeats.
  159. Stress test
  160. Borderline Normal EKG
  161. Ventricular Tachycardia
  162. Hard time adjusting to Meds
  163. Chronic sinus tachycardia?
  164. Sharp pain in chest and down left arm
  165. Probable old anteroseptal infarction
  166. Anything more than harmless PVCs?
  167. heart valve surgery
  168. Weird chest pain?....Very weird, please help
  169. Scared about taking a stress echo :(
  170. palpitations every day for 7 years
  171. abnormal ekg
  172. SVT or nothing at all?
  173. Chest Pain, Sickly Pain in my shoulder blades
  174. Left Ventricular Hypertrophy but low blood pressure
  175. Heart palpitations
  176. Preserved left ventricular systolic function???
  177. "Fluttering" after eating
  178. Zero Calcium score, minor soft Plaque
  179. Bradycardia caused by CCB
  180. PVC's ?
  181. when to remove ventilator... cardiac arrest survivor
  182. Chest Pain when running on treadmill
  183. ASD Closure
  184. Very low Heart rate.
  185. Does Inderal or Inderal LA Cause Weight Gain?
  186. Chest pain what do you thin? Scared.
  187. Decongestants , antihistimines causing pvcs?
  188. Widow Maker Block
  189. Stress test PVC's
  190. ECG-Marked Sinus Bradycardia & Abnormal ECG
  191. anyone gone off Plavix after a year with a DES
  192. Angiogram fears
  193. Chronic dry cough with pain and numbness in my right hand/arm
  194. False EKG results and slightly enlarged heart?
  195. help does normal egk rule out heart problems?
  196. RFA for 65 yrs old having SVT, should or should not?
  197. Sinus Pause, Help Greatly Appreciated
  198. Symptoms LAD Blockage
  199. reflux or hiatas hernia and or anxiety?
  200. Am I deconditioned or do I have a heart problem?
  201. palpitations- tachycardia
  202. Aortic Regurgitation & Heart Failure
  203. Heart pressure
  204. Svt
  205. low blood pressure and fatigue after ablation
  206. bothersome pvc's and shortness of breath
  207. bad palpitations for over 24 hours
  208. 34 yr old male, heart rate consistently 40-50bpm... a little worried
  209. Young Woman with Cardiac Symptoms?
  210. Is this ECHOcardiogram report serious?
  211. Chest and Arm Pain only when lying on stomach
  212. Stree Echo Abnormal - Angiogram Negative
  213. PVCs/palpitations: iron deficiency.
  214. Heart rate and menstrual cycle?
  215. PVC's & PAC's
  216. Rapid heart rate with little or no exertion and dizziness when climbing stairs
  217. sudden fast heart beat and sudden shortness of breath
  218. Heart ticking sound
  219. Short arrhythmia precursor to diarrhea
  220. 28 y/o female-CHF? Need help with Echo results
  221. Very out of shape, dizzy, and scared....
  222. Echocardiogram - Help
  223. Stress Echo and scared
  224. fatal arrhythmia ? scared
  225. IST or SVT Patients and Surgery??
  226. PACs,stomach,asthma,acid reflux...any connection?
  227. Weird pvcs last night
  228. Long Qt Syndrom scared
  229. Bradycardie/Atrial Fibulation
  230. Yellow lines in vision
  231. Ectopic/Skipping/PVCs Getting Worse
  232. Post Angiogram complications for my father
  233. Tikosyn?
  234. SVT (Atrial Tachyardia)
  235. Open Heart Surgery - How painful will it be?
  236. Perimembraneous VSD
  237. High pulse low b/p
  238. could this be an arrhythmia
  239. Triggers for the PVCs I experiance...
  240. Can a man die without immediate warning, suddenly of heart attack
  241. Heart attack: early warning signs
  242. RBBB and being very out of shape...
  243. hypothyroid and bradycardia
  244. ECG figures
  245. ST Depression in exercise
  246. PVC's are driving me crazy
  247. severe windedness and shortness of breath when walking up stairs
  248. Recurring problems after ablation
  249. Have you had a Holter monitor show something after a normal ekg?
  250. Cardiac Angiogram - nervous about!