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  1. Zyprexa withdrawal and rebound insomnia
  2. Day 3 of Hydro W/D & I want 1 BAD
  3. Ambien Help
  4. Started my taper yesterday... Have a question
  5. My Addiction Story
  6. Tapering Norco help
  7. Provigil/Modafinil- any experiences? Just started
  8. 16 days clean can't sleep HELP
  9. 8 days and counting !?!?!?
  10. Asha's Tramadol Journey
  11. URGENT: Cold turkey off alcohol
  12. alcohol blackout
  13. Benzo Withdrawal
  14. Suboxone - Need very simple plan - please read
  15. Ramblings of an opioid addict.
  16. norco withdrawal question
  17. how i quit crack
  18. Crack Addiction
  19. Endone Withdrawals
  20. how do I taper off hydrocodone? help
  21. Questions I'm Going Threw Financial Detox at Methadone Clinic
  22. 25 yrs on Methadone home detoxing
  23. 16 weeks oxy free! and my story
  24. I'm very scared of Lortab withdrawal
  25. Taking opiates while on suboxone
  26. alcoholism
  27. Morphine detox
  28. Back Again
  29. meth
  30. Reducing my high Diazepam intake?
  31. benzo question.
  32. New to Suboxone/have question
  33. 29 hours off norco... Trigeminal neuralgia full swing help please
  34. About My Tramadol Addiction
  35. Tapering trazadone 25 mgs
  36. Lorzepram and Clonazepam
  37. Low dose xanax. Don't want addiction
  38. Trying to come of methadone after 8 yrs. Help!
  39. Changing old behaviors
  40. Failed the home detox miserably...
  41. Day 4 of cold turkey from oxycodone and oxycontin question
  42. My very first confession.
  43. I'm having alcohol withdrawal symptoms, but I still drink
  44. pregnant & addicted to Lortabs.
  45. First Post: Coming to terms with my cocaine addiction
  46. Physical addiction to pain meds
  47. Seeking some Insight, Please!
  48. I'm a severe addict, may need help.
  49. Pregnant and addicted to opiates NEW
  50. Relapsed, thinking suboxone is my only hope.
  51. I just want to be sober
  52. Tapering off Ativan,need help,please!
  53. suboxone and surgery in 6 days
  54. Niacin for alcohol cravings
  55. Advice please... 3 Vic a day withrawal??
  56. Need help and Opinions on how to deal with this demon METHADONE
  57. Methadone detox
  58. For Mommaoftwins on taper
  59. Could I really feel such small changes in Oxy
  60. Thomas recipe questions
  61. cant stop the diarrhea! HELP!
  62. Best meds to deal with alcohol withdrawl...
  63. 33 hours
  64. Subutex Doctor - Need to Locate One
  65. methadone/ohio area
  66. Tramadol Detox With Opiates
  67. Tramadol for suboxone withdrawal
  68. Norco Withdrawl... not quite a addict yet...
  69. hello all, hydro withdrawl... first 24 hours
  70. Really really want and NEED to quit drinking, but scared
  71. Vicodin/Percocet patient - should I worry about this new symptom?
  72. oxyneo abuse warning
  73. Pharmacist Refuses to Refill Valid Suboxone RX-Please help!
  74. Addiction/anger combo
  75. 4 months free of the opiate shackles
  76. Does detox cause body pain
  77. Am I still addicted to Df118
  78. When will this end? Opiate withdrawl
  79. Overcoming Morphine dependency
  80. how to get through those moments of weakness?
  81. Need adivce--detoxing off Herion tomorrow and dont want my wife and kids upset
  82. more of my detox
  83. lies
  84. been on subutex 2 days how much longer?
  85. Coming off Methadone at 5 mg
  86. Severe Drug Addiction
  87. I dont understand some things about methadone... anyone know?
  88. Subutex... miracle drug!
  89. Quit Ativan cold turkey
  90. Bizzare alcohol blackout
  91. Do not post about using meds for legitimate pain on this board!
  92. New to Methadone, Please help... Panic attack
  93. Here I go, Detox and scared
  94. Butrans for withdrawal?
  95. sleeping pill addiction--will it ever stop? :(
  96. Vicodin and Ativan
  97. Alcohol Withdrawal Help
  98. Depression during Detox
  99. Quick detox from Methadone?
  100. Oxycodone and joint pain
  101. Disgusting and embarrassing.
  102. lortab stopped cold turkey
  103. Anyone had Suboxone covered by Kaiser Ins in PDX? Oxy addict in need of help!
  104. withdrawal following surgery, please help can I talk to dr?
  105. 14 day REHAB?
  106. Subutex-Need a Physician-Someone help?!
  107. Oxycodone WDs. First full WD starting now
  108. Vicodin to Tylenol 3 to freedom?
  109. just finished valium taper, now on fioricet
  110. How many pills (narcotics) a day make an addict?
  111. Xanax Withdrawal
  112. i beat ativan!
  113. New to Ativan Tapering, Some Guidance?
  114. lasting symptoms after cocaine
  115. Five days sober and still having withdrawal.
  116. Need Adderall advice
  117. Day 9 of opiate (oxy/methadone/hydro) withdrawl
  118. percocet withdrawal and personality
  119. live free or die
  120. Questions about Suboxone
  121. Subutex and High Blood Pressure
  122. ativan withdrawal suggestions
  123. Cold turkey off Norco, need help please!
  124. Never have caffeine again?
  125. Help, need to get off vicodin!
  126. Ashamed, stupid, and in pain
  127. Opiates / zoloft
  128. Quitting codeine today
  129. What should I expect from stopping vicodin?
  130. What changes did you notice after being sober?
  131. Hydro vs Tram
  132. Tapering off Clonazepam
  133. Tapering off Clonazepam
  134. Question on Suboxone withdrawals-Please help me!
  135. Sugar pills
  136. Withdrawal after longterm benzodiazepines
  137. Clean for 3 weeks, but still fatigued?
  138. Addicted to Metoprolol and coming off..help!!
  139. The answer - Naltrexone
  140. Weaning myself off opiates
  141. I am addicted to Norco. I don't want to be. I hate this.
  142. HELP started Suboxone today and SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  143. Time to quit pain meds but how to deal with pain without
  144. going in to day 5 of no vicodin...
  145. suboxone, headaches and sleepiness
  146. Kadian to Suboxone
  147. Coma 12 days into detox
  148. Suboxone Taper Program that worked for me
  149. Klonopin
  150. Why do only a certain percentage of us LOVE the feeling Vicodin gives us?
  151. 10 days off percocet
  152. coming off oxycodone...
  153. track marks
  154. Methadone off for 14 days
  155. Suboxone Question...Sleepiness
  156. What is the best way to taper off Lorazepam?
  157. Alcoholic father/Self-destructive
  158. Alcohol, Ativan, Norco, and Librium
  159. Starting alcohol detox
  160. Caught Writing Fake Prescriptions
  161. Taking 700mg Oxycodone - Will Suboxone helps with 650mg a day habit
  162. Need help with fioricet addiction im new here please help me
  163. Please help! Terrible nose and throat pain from snorting lortabs and trying to stop
  164. Lost my klonopin
  165. 3 1/2 Months off of Oxycodone....
  166. 15 mgs. hydrocodone a day
  167. MS Contin Withdrawal
  168. Meth
  169. Addicted to DXM/ cough syrup
  170. whats in your relapse prevention toolbox?
  171. Is Butrans as addicting as suboxone
  172. Xanax loves me!
  173. Benzo Wean off and the Ashton Method
  174. immodium for withdrawals??
  175. Am I Suffering from Alcohol Withdrawal?
  176. What has become of my life?
  177. I'm out of pills!
  178. suboxone
  179. Stay away from long term suboxone use
  180. Gratitude list helps me stay clean
  181. Adderall withdrawal or something else?
  182. Starting naltrexone tomorrow
  183. First Time Post-Addicted to pain pills
  184. Syndol addiction of 10 years :(
  185. Losing track of time
  186. At my wit's end. I need some help or addvice PLZ!
  187. Are these normal Lorcet addiction/withdrawal symptoms and am I even addicted?
  188. Dizziness and Weird Feeling in My Head: a postponed reaction to Ambien W/D?
  189. Can xanax cause depression?
  190. I cannot control my drinking and it's ruining my life
  191. Help me.. I think I'm addicted to cocaine.
  192. hate 12 step-programs
  193. Suboxone drug testing (hair follicle)
  194. 10 days off suboxone
  195. can i repair damage done from alcohol
  196. Opiates/Herion Vs Alcohol? Same damage?
  197. Can't Get Rid of Sleep Meds, esp. Ambien
  198. Please help me properly taper tramadol
  199. How much Xanax use puts you at risk for future dangerous withdrawal symptoms?
  200. Bye bye...opiates......hello vodka and bud light
  201. Why would someone choose to taper vs cold turkey?
  202. Heelo New to Boards..42 days clean from Opiate Theraphy and have RSD/CRPS
  203. Need a Taper-Off Schedule Please
  204. fioricet/opiate help
  205. taking xanax for 3 consecutive days
  206. Painkiller Addiction - going it alone.
  207. how long AFTER LAST OXY??
  208. Second Go
  209. Hydrocodone & oxycodone withdrawal
  210. Tramadol withdrawal headache
  211. Graphic story about oxycodone addiction...
  212. My FULL Taper from Methadone 135MG's to CURRENT and eventual 0. DO NOT GO ON METHADON
  213. Addicted to endone
  214. Vivitrol and venting
  215. L-Tyrosine daily dosage for withdrawal?
  216. Savella withdrawals
  217. Is Tramadol considered an opiate? I've heard different opinions...
  218. ran out of suboxone early
  219. Help with Norco Withdrawal's
  220. How do I taper my Vicoprofen?
  221. does suboxone kill sex drive
  222. My Story and the Start of My Suboxone
  223. how long sobxin stays in your system
  224. 125 days clean...oh hell!
  225. how long does it take to become physically addicted to klonopin?
  226. Will I Have Methadone Withdrawal?
  227. Relapse Advice - Heroin
  228. New here & need help with vicodin taper getting off them!
  229. alcoholic liver disease
  230. 1 month clean oxycodone
  231. Does Clonidine help with sub/opiate withdrawals....
  232. tramadol and opiate detox
  233. how long after taking soboxone can I take percocet
  234. 18 months clean!
  235. Oxycodone/Oxycontin dependence help please
  236. don't know how to stop drinking past my limit
  237. insomnia...expected to last from dropping Tramadol
  238. I take zopiclone during the day
  239. Clonazepam detox & a bad surprise (Restoril)
  240. Recovery and Pregnancy
  241. Sudden Methadone Withdrawal - Help Please
  242. 1.25 mg hydrocodone
  243. does suboxone lower sex drive
  244. I am completely and utterly lost and have no where to turn. Can anyone help me?
  245. Methamphetamine withdrawals...sensory receptors are overloaded
  246. Need info on suboxone
  247. Day #1 no vicodin. HELP!
  248. PLZ help:: Rivotril withdrawal revcovery
  249. Opana Dependence - Weaning Off, need advice
  250. My Suboxone & My Recovery