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  1. Been lurking for years, need advice
  2. Ok I got the suboxone and subutex??????
  3. Question on L-Tyrosine
  4. Ultram...How Long to become Addicted physically?
  5. alcohol, ultram and xanax...
  6. OTC Drug Abuse
  7. looking for info about suboxone
  8. 4 days sober. That's the GOOD news....
  9. Hi, I'm new to this board, addicted to Xanax
  10. Detoxing From Methadone
  11. Dayquil/Nyquil and Alcohol
  12. Suboxone Paws Help?!
  13. Ever wonder what goes on in a AA/CA/NA meeting?
  14. long term addiction/help
  15. Has anyone here ever developed an INTOLERANCE to alcohol over time?
  16. Please - need help with a hangover question
  17. Found out BF using cocaine...PLEASE HELP!
  18. cig addiction/chantix new approach
  19. Zombie brain?
  20. Alcohol and fatty liver
  21. Is life really better without pills? I need to know...
  22. Off OXY for 7 days .. and I took 2 pills today :(
  23. For those on pills, never thought I'd be normal again...
  24. Uh, remember I said "PAIN" is in there??
  25. 50 days clean off opiates
  26. Brain damage from alcohol poisoning?
  27. How do I become a less addictive person?
  28. After 9 days sober, I just relapsed
  29. Skelaxin Info. needed
  30. lortab withdrawal
  31. Is mild thirst, dehydration and dry mouth normal with alcohol withdrawal/PAW?
  32. For those in their first week of sobriety
  33. 83 days off the pills!!!! Need to share today.
  34. Delayed Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms?
  35. Signs of Crack Use???
  36. Day Four Sober
  37. The Reality of Staying Sober
  38. Has Anyone Had Rapid Opiate Detox?
  39. Five days sober and I am TERRIFIED!!!
  40. Valium Withdrawal...help please!
  41. Getting off of Ativan
  42. Tramadol - kicked the little devil!!
  43. Vicodin Addiction Questions ~ i need help fast
  44. Mixing Pills and Alcohol - Sick to my Stomach
  45. 30 Days of Pain Pills
  46. Off of the Opiates 11 days
  47. subutex question
  48. What kind of lies and signs to look for?
  49. smoke ice everyday for 3-4 mos. cant quit but scared of heart failure..
  50. Smoking "ice" everyday for 3-4 mos. Scared for our health but too addicted..
  51. Question on Phenabarbatol!
  52. How do I leave a cocaine addict?
  53. pain pill addict-methadone treatment-methadone addict-what the hell is going on?
  54. life without drugs...need to vent
  55. Newbie here and on day 8 opiate free
  56. DF118 (dihydrocodine) & alchohol
  57. Codeine withdrawel help
  58. Datura overdose?
  59. My next week
  60. Hydrocodone addiction - alternatives?
  61. My hell withSubutex (Buprenorphine)
  62. methadone to subutex
  63. Constipation: HELP ME!!
  64. ultram/tramadol addictive properties
  65. Day 10 off opiates, went to doctor yesterday
  66. Uh oh, is my girlfiend becoming addicted to painkillers?
  67. Question about withdrawal aching/pain. Please help.
  68. 8th day off opiates, still no sleep
  69. I Dumped The Boyfriend Whose Shooting Meth
  70. Starting day 6 no opiates
  71. 23 year old vicodin addict...HELP PLEASE
  72. Tramadol Withdrawals and Percocet
  73. Snorting
  74. Fioricet taper....
  75. 8 Days off of Suboxone
  76. Off Methadone day 2, Indocin Question?
  77. Very scared......need advice, please!!!
  78. Binge drinking and the dreaded "day after".
  79. Stay Away From Klonopin......
  80. Still Slow Tapering off Xanax
  81. Anyone else here ever have atrial fibrillation from drinking (alcohol)?
  82. OMG I went OFF THE HOOK on my abusive BF last nite..
  83. Slow-Tapering off Xanax
  84. How long do wd's last?
  85. How can I tell if my man is using Heroin??
  86. Alcohol sent me to the ER last night
  87. Gambling Addiction/Stealing Money
  88. Last day of quick taper, tomorrow ct!
  89. Pethidine addiction?
  90. Pethidine addiction?
  91. Heroin Survivor
  92. Need to Fast Taper off Xanax!!! Advice?
  93. Letter to my ex, who chooses coke...
  94. The Bar Scene-Emptiness
  95. How do I confront someone about their Cocaine addiction?
  96. Xanax and Ativan, 20 to 30mg a day
  97. Does Cocaine make people act really bizare?
  98. Is there such a thing as a professional heroin addict?
  99. Cocaine use - sniffing/sneezing/nose irritation?
  100. Melatonin or Valerian Root?
  101. help needed with ativan withdrawal
  102. Tapering Off Xanax Safely
  103. Health problems after quitting meth, anyone else?
  104. 30+ years of excessive drinking
  105. Parent of Adult Cocaine Addict
  106. 30mg Df118 addiction
  107. How much alcohol can you drink without getting addicted?
  108. Suboxone Question
  109. stopping tramadol need advice..
  110. Body-Wide Aches And Pains From Drinking??
  111. Addicted to ativan?
  112. Naltrexone for Hydrocodone addiction
  113. effects of overdrinking
  114. Pretty sure I'm borderline alcoholic
  115. How long after you quit drinking till you feel better?
  116. Beginning Subutex
  117. Beer more important than family
  118. Ten days sober but I have a question
  119. have drugs made me dumb?
  120. How long does cocaine or crack stay in system...Please help...
  121. Medical detox - Subutex 2mg for 3 days only?
  122. Suboxone side effects
  123. Vicodin 5.500mg and 7.5/700 mg And Morhpine ( blue little 15mg)
  124. "Dry Drunk"/"Untreated Alcoholic" -vs- "cured"/"treated alcoholic"
  125. Anyone tried Lyrica? Wondering about the addiction potential?
  126. Hi guys, 10 years a Heroin addict.
  127. Bloating & Fullness Even After Very Small Meals - (alcohol-related?)
  128. Methadone strength vs hydromorphone stength
  129. New and toradol question
  130. Benzo's 16 years...withdrawal symptoms ?
  131. Need Support Tapering off of Oxycodone
  132. Tussionex use
  133. Butalbital Dependence???
  134. Hydrocodone withdrawls & need advice
  135. Can benzo withdrawal cause trouble walking?
  136. Help me help my friend on Xanax!
  137. Alcohol detox help
  138. Alcohol Binge and 911 call
  139. oxycodone, Soma, Klonopin~anyone ever get off all 3 in a relatively short time?
  140. Ecstasy and Cocain
  141. Alcohol abuse and GI problems (connection?)
  142. Coming off methadone w/hydro..Ugghh
  143. Day 23 Cold Turkey-Oxycontin
  144. day 3 no pain killers
  145. Gambling/Lying
  146. can't stop smoking weed
  147. Suboxone, can you have withdrawals getting off after three weeks
  148. Does Suboxone show up on a drug test?
  149. Please help with advice ~ want to get off meds soooooon!!
  150. preparing to detox from 10-20 bag heroin habit need advice
  151. Crack/cocaine side effects?
  152. Hydro habit - STOPPING, Please help/read/post. W/D info
  153. Hydrocodone and Itching
  154. Coming off of Clonazepam...OMG!!!!!
  155. How long does Ulram withdrawl's last
  156. Day 8 of w/d from pain pills.....there is life!
  157. Neck slightly swollen following IV useage
  158. Lethargy and Anxiety after binge drinking?
  159. I really need help (long post)
  160. Is it Safe to take Sleep Aids while Tapering off of Hydrocodone?
  161. janied13-sample detox info
  162. has anyone tried lunesta?
  163. very scared about ativan/please help
  164. How to help a herion addict
  165. Help tapering off ativan.
  166. Chlonadine info anyone?
  167. It Is Very Painfull!!!!
  168. Dr. gave valium RX for Ashton xanax taper
  169. Alcohol & Social Anxiety
  170. The "self-centered drug user" argument
  171. xanax withdrawal, is dalmane ok vs valium
  172. antabuse anyone?
  173. getting off ambien
  174. ambien for xanax withdrawal?
  175. When will I feel better?
  176. employment drug test
  177. What a Ride!
  178. Alcohol and Ambien... help please
  179. dr gave klonopin for xanax taper
  180. Feeling of "Nothingness"...
  181. xanax long term user and tapering
  182. Heroin And Venlafaxine
  183. Oxycontin Addiction Question
  184. which is worse xanax or dalmane?
  185. Just quit drinking and now TERRIBLE anxiety!!
  186. shooting up
  187. Help! Addicted to Norco bad....
  188. ? xanax withdrawal too fast?
  189. Xanax Comedown Symptoms...info please?
  190. cold turkey off vicodin , i did it!
  191. Life after opiates: 8 months later
  192. Rapid Detox experience
  193. HIV/ Hep Scare?
  194. Tyrosine Helps WDs
  195. Anyone Taking Campral
  196. Ugh, this is so hard (long and rambling)
  197. Sometimes I get hostile when I drink.
  198. Ambien trouble
  199. Told Doc I wanted to quit Xanax, He just cut my dose!
  200. Not sure what to do
  201. Klonopin(Clonazepam) Withdrawl
  202. 5 weeks clean and still skin crawling chills
  203. HELP!!!!Desperatley addicted to Hydrocodone
  204. Fentanyl Patch for Withdrawal?
  205. Ultram addiction
  206. Xanax Withdrawal
  207. Hydro Hell.....
  208. 3 Weeks Later -norco Still Leaving System?
  209. Is this a decent taper plan?
  210. Anxiety problems Tryptophan and L-tyrosine
  211. Help getting off of Remeron
  212. What is this "sick" feeling??
  213. Questions about Benzo's: HELP PLEASE
  214. Immodium AD? and upadate
  215. Benzo withdrawal
  216. Rapid/Ultra-Rapid Detox -- Info?
  217. Just a few questions about alcoholism
  218. from suboxone to ultram?????
  219. Can alcohol/alcoholism cause diarrhea and a low globulin count?
  220. Xanax and anger problems
  221. Severe Leg Cramps -need Help-norco
  222. Percocet Concerta and xanax taper
  223. Been On Norco For 2 Years-need Off
  224. I need to know the harmful effects of hydrocodone gg syrup
  225. Help! Day 7 & 8 and a migraine hit!
  226. Antabuse
  228. Suggestions for Tapering
  229. 25yr old addicted to opiates
  230. Just a suggestion for those looking for a Tapering Regimen>>
  231. coughing and peeing blood
  232. PLEASE Somebody, take sometime to read this and help me
  233. My mom is in Rehab
  234. Question about suboxone/drug testing
  235. I'm Losing my Best Friend
  236. fiorcet
  237. Help-day 2 sober after YEARS of 20+norcos a day
  238. Subutex to Suboxone HELP
  239. zanax wd's-weird smell
  240. way too much, for too long
  241. Relapse, new job, need tapering advice
  242. Does weed effect your sex drive ?
  243. dexedrine: The vodka made me do it
  244. SUBUTEX: My wonder drug...
  245. Sassy asks about Immodium?
  246. 7 days off Opiates -
  247. Trying to quit cocaine
  248. My experience with 12 step support
  249. First time here/Fioricet withdrawl
  250. Newbie -- Percocet weaning/withdrawal?