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  1. Cochlear implant story!
  2. flying
  3. can caffiene and others effect inner ear?
  4. strange 1st visit w/new ENT
  5. thunderstorms?
  6. Inner Ear Problem for Four years
  7. Inner Ear Problem for Four years
  8. Amitriptyline
  9. Self-treatment of BPPV: Semont vs Epley maneuver
  10. Inner ear damage affects the hippocampus - study
  11. Ringing in Left Ear 10 days after diving
  12. New dizzy member
  13. going to the ENT for 1st time, nervous!
  14. Contact lens
  15. “Losing your head” while in Deep Thought/Daydreaming
  16. Lightheadedness/Disequilibrium
  17. Excruceating right ear ache/ Cant sleep
  18. odd white bump/cyst on left tonsil, right forum?
  19. odd white bump/cyst on left tonsil, right forum?
  20. CRACK when I swallow! ETD???
  21. vestibular neuronitis
  22. Smoking and Dizzy
  23. Herpes arrives, dizziness increases again!
  24. Having Visual Problems with fullnes.pain in ear
  25. Moisture in ears
  26. Anxiety Challenge :)
  27. constant wetness in ear
  28. Mathis Inflation Bulb??
  29. Does MAV cause balance problems?
  30. Emsy, question about rocking
  31. Who else developed dizziness in the summer?
  32. Over one year!!!
  33. New med is causing lots of problems! Ugghhhh!
  34. Is VRT suppoesed to make your symptoms worse at first?
  35. Gans Manuever Anyone Try It
  36. Toxic Mold and Ear Infections
  37. Rediagnosed with Palatal Myoclonus
  38. for the undiagnosed dont forget these things as most drs dont bother
  39. is there hope for people with meniere's disease?
  40. do i have palatal myoclonus or ETD???
  41. Fluid in ear
  42. Anybody Else Feel Like They Are Sorta Stuck At a Level?
  43. Labrynthitis
  44. Internal tremors
  45. Perilymphatic fistula and Meniere's disease
  46. Pathology of BPPV revisited...
  47. Whats wrong with my head?
  48. SUBS? Rocking vs. Spinning
  49. ENG says 30 percent left ear
  50. Ear flutter
  51. CT scan of ears
  52. Vestibular migraine treatment
  53. Question - Illusion of Movement or Actual Physical Movement?
  54. Mucous Behind Eardrum
  55. Help! Good neurotologist in UK??
  56. Two separate inner ear problems?
  57. Its amazing how we look so normal when we feel so abnormal!
  58. Constant rocking
  59. dizziness induced by eye movements?
  60. Motion induced dizziness.
  61. vestibular migraine
  62. Feelin much much better!
  63. ? on Meniere's
  64. Sensation of "loss of pressure" inside the ear
  65. joints/muscles aching
  66. Consider lymes!!!!
  67. Anyone Relate?
  68. blood on Qtip when i was cleanin ear???
  69. Balance problem walking to the right
  70. diarrhea
  71. Fluid in Ear and Chest Pain
  72. Ear popping and other things
  73. inner ear disorder
  74. Lump behind ear. Related?
  75. I've been dizzy for 11 months
  76. Ever consider lymes disease?
  77. Dizziness and unbalance for four months
  78. My flight (there & back) from NY to Las Vegas last week!
  79. Head pressure, dizziness, detached feeling
  80. Fluid in Ear
  81. Chronic Vestibular Disorder and Medication Progress Report
  82. Inner ear problem/dizziness and depression
  83. Off Balance, Woozy, Fatigued
  84. Hey Subs, cerebellar clamp question
  85. I got test results and I am so frustrated!
  86. Strange Inner Ear Problem...Need Advice?
  87. balance problems
  88. Ringing in ears
  89. Myringotomy ?'s
  90. Meniere's questions
  91. What about head fullness?
  92. Hearing/feeling vibrations in left ear.
  93. Test for dizziness created by anxiety
  94. ANXIETY Chicken Or Egg ??
  95. Does anyone know about the Caloric Test
  96. Gosh some of you are so young-and to have this!
  97. Shooting Pain In Ear And Head
  98. Ear Crackling and Stress
  99. anyone ever try arjuna?
  100. Meniere's Disease
  101. Question for those who have been dizzy 7/24 for a long time and recovering
  102. fluid in ears?
  103. Is this BPPV? - feeling scared!
  104. Ear Pressure
  105. The Weather
  106. To all who have had or have the stiff neck!
  107. 2 months and my official Klonopin verdict..helpful or not?
  108. More ENG test questions
  109. inner ear crackling
  110. Anxiety, Panic & Disequilibrium **PART ONE & PART TWO**
  111. Agitation - Extreme Tension
  112. Dr. Dominic Hughes - Epley Clinic Portland
  113. Recurring Labyrinthitis?
  114. Headaches, ear pain, neck pain with slight dizziness
  115. BPPV People In Portland, Oregon Epley Clinic
  116. Rocking, swaying, heavy head 24/7 - 5months
  117. Sleeping Horizontal after Epley
  118. rocking dizziness 24/7. Inner ear disorder?
  119. Central Vestibular nerve damage?
  120. Inner ear dizziness - in a league of its own.
  121. How to find a neurotologist in SC
  122. After Epley Sickness
  123. Balance tests results.
  124. Exploding Head and Brandt-Daroff
  125. fatigue?
  126. Questions... pls participate!!
  127. To the the people with dizziness/lightheadedness 24/7
  128. Have had ear infection for months
  129. For Nathan and all who have seen Dr. Poe
  130. BPPV Maneuvers/Exercises
  131. Does exercise make you feel worse?
  132. Help! dizziness/light headedness with other symptoms
  133. Ginkgo Bilobo
  134. Such a thing as "minor" Labyrinthitis???
  135. 2 quick things to add
  136. Finally Went For Eng etc., Only To Be Sent Home
  137. Anxiety and vestibular dysfunction - a review
  138. anxiety pills - good or bad?
  139. Treating labyrinthitis with steroids??
  140. Sounds seem to vibrate in my ears
  141. what I call a wooshing sound?
  142. Questions regarding inner ear problems
  143. anyone tried prednisone or decadron with GOOD results???
  144. Mystery ear "infection"
  145. help .hearing loss with screeching in every noise i hear
  146. Horrible Tinnitus, hearing loss....
  147. Who Does Exercise Despite A Vestibular Problem
  148. Head related problems
  149. Tilt Table Test
  150. Subs, Ilia, anyone? Vestibular disorders and stress
  151. Safe to come off betahistine? & eek balance tests!
  152. Whats your dizzyness feel like?
  153. Viral Labyrinthitis nightmare
  154. Question For Those With Labs Symptoms
  155. Dizziness & Middle Ear infection
  156. BPPV Treatment
  157. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction & HAVE to fly...
  158. Psychological aspects + weird feelings...
  159. Lightheadedness and Migraine Meds
  160. constant dizziness problems along with vision/fatigue/confusion/balance problems
  161. Subs - any ideas here?
  162. Tingling hands...swollen ankles and feet
  163. Anyone else diagnosed with no permanent damage?
  164. dizziness/lightheadedness
  165. Anyone taking Klonopin and having good results?
  166. Symptoms other than dizziness
  167. saline spray 4ear congestion! does it work?
  168. Anyone Else Have Trouble Driving?
  169. how long does SUDAFED take 2work 4ear congestion? help!
  170. Question for those using Klonopin
  171. Eustachian Tube plugged up what helps?
  172. inner ear congestion! anything else but sudafed? help!! :(
  173. Fuzzy Feeling - Anyone else?
  174. An unexpected phone conversation with my Neuro otologist and Some New Insight
  175. morning dizziness
  176. A Light head but not "Lightheaded".
  177. Loud "Boom" Woke Me Up - Is this Common??
  178. Cause of Tinnitus??
  179. Lightheaded for weeks...please help
  180. What could this be?? please help....
  181. Why are some doctors such jerks? I'm losing it!
  182. Now I know why Noone Says they are better
  183. Does anyone else here worry about direction?
  184. What triggers a panic attack ???
  185. Anyone tried rollerblading with good outcome?
  186. Ear pressure and hearing loss questions
  187. Type of low-frequency Tinnitus with Meniere's?
  188. Menieres/Lab? Difference in symptoms
  189. Pulsatile Dizziness???
  190. Anxiety/Alcohol and Lab Symptoms
  191. Tinnitus & long flights??
  192. Just had balance test done
  193. Lightheaded, foggy, tired - ugh!
  194. Fluid behind the eardrum
  195. really sore ear and in a foreign country
  196. Room spinning when sleeping???
  197. Could I have Labrythitis?
  198. What is the cause of fluid in the ear?
  199. It cant be anxiety!
  200. Inner Ear fluid why me?
  201. Inner Ear Damage and Mobile Phones.
  202. General Anaesthesia and Decompensation.
  203. Could this have anything to do w/my ears? Please help.
  204. Diamox for shopping cart syndrome?
  205. Inner ear problem causing seizure?
  206. Just Got Home From London - Lots To Share
  207. Questions for anyone with knowledge of or diagnosed Meniere's
  208. Dizziness Possibly Related to Blood Sugar? Any ideas?
  209. ear congestion/achs
  210. Imbalance for 1 year - walked like I was drunk!
  211. Mal de debarquement syndrome (MdDS) anyone?
  212. ET Tubes for TMJ & ear fullness?
  213. how do they diagnose edt?
  214. Eustachian Tube Dysfunction- Allergy induced!
  215. The intense "Dizzy in head" Feeling...
  216. Cogan's Syndrome
  217. Vision and Dizziness
  218. Accupunture may help inner ear problems
  219. Cognitive Problems and Inner Ear Disorders.
  220. "White Marks" on MRI
  221. Going for my ENG (vestibular) test today im nervous...
  222. squishy noises
  223. subs! what now?
  224. everything sounds metallic in one ear?!?
  225. Red Hot Ears
  226. could this be fluid in the ear?
  227. Psychogenic dizziness - your opinion?
  228. Tetanus Shots and disequilibrium symptoms
  229. Subs - decompensation??
  230. Alcohol and compensation?
  231. PMS and worse symptoms?
  232. Dizziness in the Dark.
  233. How About These Symptoms.
  234. Lasting effects of nystgmus?
  235. Anyone else with super sensitive ears?
  236. noise
  237. Canal Paresis
  238. Ear Fullness...
  239. Need More CSF Leak Info...
  240. warmth in ear
  241. Hydroxyzine?
  242. Hey Jen - neck questions!
  243. what do there test results mean? please help!
  244. hbep!! thank you
  245. Hey, Hbep!
  246. More Whining as symptoms increase again
  247. sweating at night
  248. help! i was just diagnosed with hydrops!
  249. Waxy Ear Problem
  250. Subs and Dizzies - Is This NOrmal??????