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  1. MAV and Birth Control Pills
  2. VNG Results can you help?
  3. Does this sounds like Labryinthitis?
  4. The dizziness is back, post c-section!!
  5. Experiences of Caloric Testing
  6. Zoloft???
  7. what is VNG test
  8. what is fluid behind the ear?
  9. Question Inner Ear problems after spinal anesthesia
  10. Vestibular Migraines
  11. Bedridden and need to rid myself of the bed!
  12. Labyrinthitis or BPPV or..?
  13. how do i find an otologist in my area
  14. fluid in the inner ear after flying
  15. How to determine which ear in BPPV?
  16. Does anyone here feel a "on a boat" sensation?
  17. Dizziness and squints
  18. Link Between Recurrent BPPV and MAV?
  19. when i touch my face i get a strange noise in ear
  20. Cured of MAV!
  21. Nortripyline (Pamelor)
  22. Has anyone taken the drug imipramine (Tofranil)?
  23. Dizzy After Flying
  24. Possible Perilymph fistula from blowing nose?
  25. Patulous ET--Doctors in FL???
  26. Gaze Stabilisation using a business card
  27. Treatment of vestibular neuritis 2009
  28. dry flaky itchy skin in ears
  29. Update after many years
  30. Have I permanently damaged my hearing?
  31. why does my ears itch but have no wax
  32. HELP! severe flipping, spinning
  33. MAV Doctor List
  34. MAV Success Stories
  35. Constant Dizziness
  36. Can't lay flat or on right side - sleep elevated
  37. Can't figure out what's wrong. :(
  38. Feeling Spacy...ear issues and lots of questions. HELP!
  39. how long must you wait for bppv to go away
  40. PET: Doctor prescribed Premarin Drops... Pharmacy Gave Estrace Drops.
  41. Novacaine shot & Dizziness?
  42. MAV?? anybody???
  43. help please...its back :( anyone remember me from a couple years ago?
  44. can wisdom teeth cause headache and dizziness
  45. When will it end?
  46. Alfa PXP for MAV
  47. Vitamin B12 Deficiency
  48. how long should i sleep sitting up after epley manoeuvre
  49. Throbbing In Ear
  50. Septoplasty
  51. Labyrinthitis
  52. So Upset, I am sitting her crying...
  53. Update & Amitriptyline
  54. when i look up i get dizzy
  55. Dizzy & Deaf
  56. Ear Pressure/ chronic lightheadness/ BPPV?
  57. PatulEND Expiration Date
  58. brain fog, disconnect, ears popping...help
  59. A year later and still dizzy
  60. Lyrica for MAV's
  62. New Thread for Patulous Eustachian tube Surgery Experiences!
  63. test came back positive for lyme disease?!?!?!
  64. Dr Hain
  65. Rotary Chair Torture......
  66. Ridiculously Frustrated
  67. imbalance/dizziness getting worse
  68. labyrinthitis, FAQ do i go to work?
  69. PET: Why do some people experience Autophony and others not?
  70. 'Heal Your Headache' Diet
  71. abnormal ekg/ heart monitor readings---cause of dizzy vision instead of mav??
  72. Verapamil, week 3
  73. how to heal damaged vestibular
  74. gaba for mav
  75. Post-op Perilymphatic Fistula Surgery - Am I crazy or is this normal?
  76. MAV triggers/how long to provoke an episode?
  77. Anxiety or the condition?
  78. Day 5 on Verapamil
  79. Patulous Eustachian
  80. Nausea Caused by Moving Around
  81. still dizzy, what is the answer?
  82. Question on decompensation
  83. vestibular hypofunction/BPPV
  84. limit to decompensation?
  85. Could this be proof ?
  86. Sensitive to medications
  87. labyrinthitis
  88. VRT or Verapamil?
  89. Help needed with Inner Ear problem
  90. optical migraines
  91. Topamax causing Kidney Failure!!!
  92. dizzy when I blow my nose
  93. I have been slightly better while on Epilim
  94. Sooooo Sick....Anyone??
  95. St Johns, 5HTP and just feeling weird
  96. Surgery costs for cholesteatoma
  97. update 3 years
  98. Question for the migraine sufferers
  99. falling to the left sensation
  100. My appt. with Dr Hain...
  101. More info from * super * vestibular therapist :)
  102. ENG Caloric test result
  103. yogurt as a migraine trigger?
  104. I did it with this Junk....
  105. anyone refuse the caloric test?
  106. Dizziness--and pregnancy?
  107. Effexor dose?
  108. Glasses or contact lenses?
  109. how to get rid of fluid buildup in ears
  110. Chewing Gum and "Head Symptoms"
  111. Cognition as it related to my "head symptoms"
  112. Could this be my eyes all along??
  113. Benadryl
  114. Is there pain associated with Menieres disease?
  115. Bending Over and inner ear??
  116. How did you tolerate the caloric test?
  117. inner ear problem and spasmotic torticollis
  118. symptoms of Cholesteatoma?
  119. topomax for meneire's?
  120. Psychogenic dizziness
  121. Flu shot / dizzy connection?
  122. Where do symptoms come from?
  123. Pizotifen?
  124. heart flutters or high heart rate when relaxing?
  125. Uncompensated VN
  126. Connection between loud noises and off-balance (former BPPV sufferer)
  127. Anti-Nausea Wristbands
  128. Anyone been diagnoised with brain tumour?
  129. Sudden nausia, and deafness, lasting 30 seconds
  130. Sudden nausia, and deafness, lasting 30 seconds
  131. Cymbalta?
  132. Swaying when standing
  133. Persistent migraine aura - do you have? Is it part of MAV?
  134. Loosing Hope...can't Cope...
  135. Has anyone used chiropractic help?
  136. For all Patulous Eustacian Tube Sufferers
  137. side effects of nortriptyline...
  138. Question for those who experience anxiety
  139. Bouncing sensation
  140. Nortriptyline and blurred vision - will it go?
  141. squishy ear
  142. Acupuncture
  143. Vascular Loop Hereditary?
  144. Prozac
  145. Ear plugged for weeks, 4 doctors and no answers please help...
  146. Which one am I?? Primary Anxiety or Primary Migraine?? MARD??
  147. Finally Official Diagnosis
  148. Anyone take a Beta Blocker for MAV
  149. need help interpreting ENG results
  150. perilymphatic Fistula - Autophony & Symptoms
  151. New nori prescription--advice?
  152. Help, is the BPPV back?
  153. Weakness
  154. 2.5 years of left ear pain-undiagnosed
  155. Biofeedback-how?
  156. To All The Dizzy Posters
  157. Dr. Ruckinstein appointment FAQ = what questions about MAV/Inner ear would u ask??
  158. Vestibular Damage & Vision (jbean)
  159. Side effects for Inderal(propranolol)/Amitriptyline for MAV?
  160. Angry, frustrated, sad
  161. DR. Ruckenstein, U Penn! Appointment Next week. Any experience??
  162. Ear Feels like It Has Water in It
  163. VN/MAV/Periods
  164. Mard
  165. Topamax, Effexor or Inderal?
  166. valsalva-induced dizziness = MAV?? Anyone?? please??
  167. Saw the doctor
  168. Is it still MAV or something else??
  169. hmmm....??
  170. Migraine/MAV diet
  171. Nortriptyline Users
  172. so perhaps it was MAV?
  173. Magnesium, Calcium, Tingling Lips
  174. Lexapro
  175. Roller Coaster
  176. Scotsman and others,...please read my Mal De debarquement thread!!!
  177. Mal De Debarquement?? please Nooooooooooooo!!
  178. Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy???
  179. Uncompensated Labyrinthitis Question
  180. MAV or menieres disease, or anyone please respond
  181. Depersonalisation/ Derealisation disorder
  182. Suddenly Tired All the time on top of the foggy feeling
  183. For JoniMichelle - "the world moves" (others welcome too)
  184. Brain related or inner ear related?
  185. concerta/ritalin
  186. Pain in left ear ONLy when blowing nose.....
  187. At my wits' end, please help me
  188. idea for weaning off Effexor, Zoloft, Paxil
  189. New Approach, New Med....
  190. Does anyone hear a constant ticking noise in their ear?
  191. Sudden Onset - single condition or multiple conditions??
  192. Dizziness....what's moving, you or the environment???
  193. Seen similar stories realized some were fairly old.
  194. how to relieve ear pain from elevation
  195. Ringing in Ears & Timolol
  196. Finally: Meeting with Super Vest. Therapist...Some answers
  197. UPDATE: On me, and my last post (Vitamin B and Magnesium)
  198. Inner ear pressure and fullness with pain
  199. Richard - Effexor
  200. Food Triggers
  201. New Clues about Chronic Dizziness...
  202. For Scotsman/Howie - SSRI's/MAV
  203. VRT, Vestibular Neuritis & Success Stories
  204. Things do get better Don't lose hope!
  205. Feel awful
  206. Ear Pressure with MAV?? (No need to respond if you have an actual inner ear disorder)
  207. Migraine Meds: Can they become ineffective?
  208. 20 years old and suffering from a lifetime of dizziness
  209. Vitamin B and Magnesium (if you are taking these for your head symptoms)
  210. New and suffering continuous dizziness
  211. CALLING ALL MAV'rs - "shifting vision" symptoms!
  212. Update & 30sec lightheadneness sensation!!??
  213. Update month 22
  214. Off Balance Getting Out of Bed
  215. EXTREME MAV - what helps?
  216. Case of Labyrinthitis?
  217. Tingling Lips
  218. Question re: VRTs
  219. what is cholosteatoma?
  220. so down
  221. Relapse
  222. Zoloft Making me worse?
  223. when outside cold ears i get a headache why is that
  224. Really struggling this time round.....
  225. VRTs?
  226. oscillopsia
  227. I'm going on Short Term Disability - Finally :(
  228. Vestibular Neuritis -- Looking for suggestionas and advice
  229. MAV Relapse Anyone??
  230. Popping during soft noises in OPPOSITE ear?
  231. Can I have menieres, even if I'm not dizzy???
  232. Endocrinologist Issue
  233. Inner ear problem
  234. my right ear hurts when i burp
  235. Going NUTS
  236. Cervical Dystonia and "Head Symptoms"
  237. Wet ears in mornings
  238. Whooshing noise in right ear
  239. throbbing eardrum
  240. BPPV Advice Needed(subs?, fchick?)
  241. Can Slight jittery Vision be Inner Ear Related?
  242. Can't get out of my 'blip' - advise please guys!
  243. Weird New Symptom: Light Flash / Hearing Muffled ??
  244. can a chiropractor help me? need feedback please
  245. New to Board - Endolymphatic Hydrops
  246. Nortriptyline & The Sun
  247. always dizzy totally unbalanced help
  248. motion sickness
  249. Pulsing tinnitus NOT at rate of heart beat
  250. New MRI = More questions...hydrocephalus?!?