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  1. Ear fullness question
  2. Unilateral Vestibular disorder
  3. Labyrinthitis is what they said is wrong with me
  4. Ears/Nose Always Blocked Neck Feels Tight!!!...
  5. dizzy, nausea, can't drive, can't get help
  6. Neurotologist VS ENT
  7. Dizzy, Disoriented, Off Balance, Anxiety
  8. Tinnitus problem and L-Tyrosine
  9. Is this considered tinnitus?
  10. Ear problem, then anxiety, and so on.
  11. MRA and CTA
  12. Evil Mornings (Better Evenings)
  13. Describe your lingering symptoms..Are we coming to the end?
  14. Can someone please help! My ears always itch! ARGHH
  15. Worried about this thumping sensation
  16. does lack of sleep make this worse?
  17. New symptoms
  18. Losing hope and need help...PLEASE
  19. Magnesium
  20. Unilateral Tinnitus & Dizziness
  21. Dizzy vs. Lightheaded/woozy
  22. Visual Trouble...need feedback!
  23. Have ?'s about vestibular disorders
  24. Meniere's?
  25. VNG/And Questions on BPPV
  26. Has anyone ever gotton completely over this dizziness???
  27. How to Cope & ??'s from a Newbie
  28. Neuro-otologist in London?
  29. right ear ringing then odd sensation in head!
  30. Ground moving feeling
  31. Is there anyone who can help my husband?!?!!desperate!!
  32. bilateral vestibulopathy
  33. Big hole in eardrum
  34. Roaring in ear... help...
  35. I just can't take the floresant lights anymore!!!
  36. Static vision
  37. Shooting pain in ear!
  38. HELP!!!!! Constant imbalanced & swaying. Is it whiplash or an inner ear problem???
  39. Sound like labyrinthitis? Please read.
  40. Could this be an inner ear problem?
  41. Subs30 please?
  42. Chronic Ear Infections related to Allergies
  43. marching .......
  44. Technical question about test results
  45. Subs, Scott, Billy..........(anyone).....
  46. Labyrinthitis repair
  47. Compensation Theories
  48. Meniere's Disease?
  49. First day on Amitriptyline...maybe MAV??
  50. The non typical dizzy patient, dizzy forever?
  51. NASA/NIA Strength/Balance Exercises
  52. Numb, Fullness Feeling in Ear
  53. please help anybody!!!!!!!!!!!
  54. do i have an inner ear problem! other symtpoms as well
  55. Can anyone give me some hope ??
  56. Carrying a heavy bag makes the dizziness less noticable
  57. Head Shaking Excersice
  58. Update to trying Birth Control Pill to combat MAV symptoms
  59. Amitriptyline
  60. Subs, Scott, Anyone - Explain This?
  61. Epley getting out of clinical practice..
  62. Hard time going places alone
  63. Pain in the back of your head?
  64. Computer Use & Dizziness
  65. Flourescent lights? Any way to lick this?
  66. Could this be a possible INNER EAR problem?
  67. Colds and its effects on dizziness
  68. anxiety. dizziness? read please.
  69. Mineare's treatments
  70. Five months without being dizzy
  71. Anyone with MAV??
  72. Dealing with Tinnitus when Flying??!!
  73. Two New BPPV Studies
  74. Ruptured Eardrum - anyone experience this?
  75. It never really does......does it?
  76. feeling foggy and detached from the world
  77. Trying birth control pill for MAV
  78. Ear pressure changes???
  79. Has anyone had the rotational chair test?
  80. Dizziness and More
  81. Patulous Eustachian Tube (PET) *cure?
  82. Can anyone relate or help me with question for the ENT?
  83. Constant fluttering/clicking in right ear
  84. Dx vestibular migraine-Means What?
  85. Update - dizzy yet again
  86. Otitis Media, Muffled Hearing
  87. Vestibular Neuritis and MAV
  88. ear Drum throbbing
  89. Vestibular Neuronitis - help!
  90. What is wrong with me???
  91. Dizzy while standing
  92. Does it ever really go away?
  93. Has anybody tried the "Ear Popper"?
  94. recently diagnosed with inner ear sickness and NEED HELP!!
  95. Can certain scents make u dizzier?
  96. Icepick-like ear pain.. anyone else?
  97. Diagnosed with Meniere's
  98. latent virus returns or decompensation event ?
  99. Constant lightheaded/dizziness/mental fog
  100. Ear infection - fed up!
  101. Foggy head, ear popping & clicking
  102. Dizziness, Popping Full Ear!! Help Please!!
  103. myringotomy with tubes
  104. Does anyone feel this......
  105. Ears plugged & lightheaded
  106. ear spasms
  107. labyrinthitis doesnt let me eat anything! help
  108. Labrinthitis
  109. Dizzy all the time...whats wrong with me
  110. Unsure about diagnosis of BPPV
  111. How long does this last???
  112. could impacted wisdom tooth cause eustachian dysfunction?
  113. NTI Progress
  114. [new member] Looking for advice on "viral inner-ear infection"
  115. muted hearing, one ear, Vestibular Migraine, What the heck???
  116. Advice for appt with Ruckenstein?
  117. Had Ear tubes put in yesterday
  118. Visual problems w/ stripes and dots
  119. anyone ever wake up with clogged ear?
  120. Root Canal Horror
  121. BPPV back???
  122. Questions for hbep
  123. Dripping, liquidy feeling inside ear
  124. Labrynthitis
  125. ETD-Allergy related?
  126. ETD....will it ever go away?
  127. Throbbing Around Ear
  128. 3 Weeks at 100%
  129. Vestibular Neuronitis??
  130. Anybody had ear grommits fitted(ENT referred)
  131. is viral inner ear infection the same as viral Labyrinthitis?
  132. anyones start without actual spinning?
  133. Perilymph fistulas
  134. heaviness, ear fluid!?
  135. Update on possible Meniere's
  136. Negative Pressure In Ear
  137. Inner Ear Disorder or Chronic Fatigue?
  138. What's "NORMAL"?
  139. Just Found Out Preg-took Test And Have Been On Xanax!
  140. HASHimoto's hypothyroid/ inner ear fluid
  141. Hi,new and need advice
  142. What causes "them" to come loose?
  143. is it BPV... or MS?
  144. VRT question (For subs)
  145. Is Nasonex Addictive?
  146. MRI results, don't understand
  147. I've got a buzzing in my ears :-(
  148. will this last forever?
  149. anyone need to pop their ears alot?
  150. throbbing in face
  151. does this sound like an inner ear problem?
  152. klonopin
  153. BPV question
  154. Compensation - Prof Halmagyi summary
  155. Loratadine
  156. Visual Symtoms anyone?Subs?
  157. Patul-END?
  158. Just had an ENG test and MRI
  159. PET Sugery and Dr.Poe
  160. VRT/Cold/nausea
  161. Really scared
  162. Okay, I'm really scared
  163. Caloric testing
  164. I need solutions for my inner ear problem
  165. Alcohol and Meniere's disease
  166. how to know if you have perm. damage
  167. Dizziness, ear probs, related to alcohol/drug use?
  168. do your caloric responces go back to normal?
  169. feeling alittle bad after vrt normal?
  170. Meniere's Syndrome Article(interesting)
  171. eng test caloric responce
  172. Breathing Exericses (Qi Gong)
  173. Vestibular Neuritis - new study
  174. balance regained....still dizzy lighthead
  175. results from ECOG TERST
  176. Oscillopsia
  177. Inner ear infection cause rapid heart rate? Help
  178. Now Tingling In Scalp? Please Reply
  179. Thought i was getting better
  180. ear infection with eustachian tube problem
  181. really lightheaded
  182. Few Questions About Tinnitus
  183. off balance please help!
  184. Fluid behind ear drum
  185. could i have damaged my ears?
  186. Pressure in Head Common?
  187. Meniere's symptoms after Myringotomy
  188. Celexa
  189. arent neurotologists just great !
  190. effect of alcohol on the inner ear
  191. AdamW - are you there?
  192. Antibiotics inner ear damage?
  193. Dazed after rapid head-shaking-- can anyone tell me anything?
  194. Extra bone in mastoid cells
  195. Ear popping symptom of tinnitis?
  196. STiff neck?
  197. another thread for us vestibular migraine/M.A.D.-ers
  198. Meniere's Disease? (I'm so scared!!)
  199. Question for Subs (and others) re: "falling"
  200. BPPV follow-up study: 125 patients, 17 years
  201. is repeating the epley manoeuvre a bad thing ?
  202. panic and viral labyrinthitis
  203. BPPV epley/brandt daroff
  204. Bleeding From Inner Ear
  205. Diagnosed with Vestibular Migraines
  206. Wind sound in ears....
  207. Oh yes...Dizzy for 6 Months
  208. Inner ear Weakness?
  209. Ear Blocked/Off Balance/Pressure
  210. squidgy left ear
  211. Does it all comeback
  212. problems sleeping
  213. Harvard Medical School - Great Video Clips!
  214. BPV & Decomp questions
  215. middle-ear plaque problem
  216. Sensitivity to Sound
  217. Just discovered this forum, first post, my story.
  218. ENG TEST today
  219. does anyone know how this thing leaves?
  220. Thyroid problem?
  221. Anyone know anything about cholesterol granulomas, epidermoid cysts of mastoid bone?
  222. Itching Ear
  223. Misdiagnosed and confused??????
  224. Could I have an ear infection?.. =\
  225. cracking ears! annoying!
  226. Anxiety, Panic and Disequilibrium
  227. New to this and Very SCARED!!!
  228. Different symptoms - anxiety or BPPV?
  229. Where can I find a neuro-otologist in my area?
  230. Looking for information about vestibular disorders
  231. Question for Scott re: dealing with the bad days
  232. stop me if youve heard this one...bppv or migraine?
  233. Ear Problem??
  234. MRA Results show arteries okay, but balance, headache, nausea persist
  235. Inner ear Disorder? Anxiety? Im sooo confused......
  236. antibodies cause?
  237. Eyes jumping
  238. mastoid infection
  239. Looking for urgent advice please. Strange Visual Symptoms
  240. Inner Ear Disorder? -- Please Help!--
  241. Pulsating or throbbing in ear that is driving me nuts.....
  242. I feel electric, and not in a good way
  243. Has anyone had tinnitis/dizziness after see a chiropractor?
  244. CSF Leak & Balance
  245. I Think I Cured My Dizziness (part 2)
  246. Balance Test Results - Please Interpret for me
  247. Ringing in ears and inner itching!!!!
  248. Had balance tests today at Univ of Penn - very upset w/question on oscillopsia
  249. Verapamil anyone?
  250. Visual VRT (Subs , Scott, Firechick)